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It's hard to talk face to face sometimes about addiction and substance abuse. This section provides the privacy a person sometimes needs to ask questions without being judged or ridiculed. It's also very important and comforting to know that there are others going through what you're going through. Many people have overcome their addictions and offer wonderful and helpful advice to those in need.

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If you are looking to get on the road to recovery, or if you have family members or friends you love and care about that are struggling with addiction, get help now. Take control of your life today and call one of our trained counselors for assistance. 1-800-807-0951, Make a change today!

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Addiction and Dependency is never easy to admit and even harder to overcome. Our trained counselors are available for assistance at 1-800-807-0951 24 Hours a day. Take the first step today, and don't delay the life you deserve. Drug and Alcohol rehabilitiation is waiting for you to make the call.

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Information and knowledge is extremely important when living with substance abuse and addiction. There are so many things in life we all would do over if we “knew then what we know now”. Our article section covers illicit drug use, prescription drug abuse, alcohol dependency, understanding addictions and dependency, the physical and emotional effects of all drugs that are abused, withdrawal symptoms and treatment and recovery.

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    Our Addiction Topic section provides current and up to date information on Party Drugs like Ecstasy and Methamphetamine. Important information pertaining to Prescription Drug abuse such as Vicodin, OxyContin and Percocet is available. Learn the dangers when abusing illicit drugs including Heroin, Cocaine and other drugs.

    We discuss Alcohol Dependency, Binge Drinking and the dangers in mixing Drugs with Alcohol. You will also get a better understanding of Behavioral Addictions such as gambling, food addictions and understanding of how Lifestyle can affect drug use and recovery. Browse Topics

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    The Recovery Blog is not only a helpful section to find answers to hard to ask questions, but a way to reach out and help others who are going similar addiction fears and dependency issues. Helpful advice is also given from those who have overcome addictions like drug and alcohol abuse, it's comforting to know that there is ‘Life after Addiction’.

    Feel free to talk about concerns you may have regarding treatment and rehabilitation. Encouragement is very important for anyone dealing with recovery from an addiction. Your words of encouragement can mean recovery to someone else. Discuss Your Recovery

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    There are Treatment Centers and Recovery Programs in every state. Finding the right facility to meet your needs isn't easy. provides you with a huge resource database with Drug Rehabilitation, Alcohol Rehabilitation, Addiction & Drug Treatment and Recovery Programs to choose from.

    If you're looking for a specific resource, program or Treatment Center and it's not on list, let us know and we will find it for you. If you have a Treatment Center or resource and it's not in our listing, please feel free to submit your own recovery facility. Find Drug Rehab, Drug Detox and Treatment Programs. Find a Treatment Center

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Addiction Search is your source for addiction related research on drug rehabilitation and alcohol treatment programs, treatment centers and addiction recovery information. Our resources provide comprehensive drug addiction treatment, drug and alcohol rehabs and substance abuse research resources. We have counserlors available 24 hours a day to help you get started and stay on the road to recovery. Take the first step now and call our Toll-Free Recovery Hotline at 1-800-807-0951 to discuss the best treatment options tailored for you.

Our goal is provide Alcohol and Drug Treatment programs and information and assist with Detox Programs and solutions for dealing with Drug Withdrawal from Substance Addictions. Finding the right Treatment Program is critical in a successful recovery plan.

If you are looking to stop using drug, looking to quit drinking, need assistance finding a Court Ordered Rehabilitation Program we are here to help with addiction and treatment with Drug and Alcohol Rehab.

Ritalin Abuse and Addiction

Latest Addiction Treatment Resource

Ritalin is a mild central nervous system stimulant; it works by changing the amounts of certain natural substances in the brain. Ritalin or more commonly known by its generic name, Methylphenidate or MPH, is a psychostimulant drug prescribed for the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder mainly in children, teens and young adults over 6 years of age. As a stimulant drug, Ritalin belongs to the class of medications called Piperdine and increases the levels of dopamine and Norepinephrine inside the brain.
Ritalin has a structural similarity to Amphetamines and its effects are similar to those of Cocaine, although much less potent then it. Ritalin is commonly prescribed and works by increasing the activity of the central nervous system. Its effects include increased...

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FAQ: Suboxone Detox

Addiction Facts and Reference

Suboxone is manufactured by Reckitt-Benckiser and contains the active ingredient buprenorphine hydrochloride. Suboxone has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of opioid addiction by qualified physicians who are authorized under the Drug Addiction Treatment Act of 2000 (DATA 2000).

Suboxone treatment works by both tricking the brain into experiencing the use of Suboxone as an opiate while at the same time blocking the neural receptors that are specific to opiates such that if a patient uses opiates while undergoing Suboxone Treatment he or she will not get the narcotic high. Suboxone detox treatment along with counseling and group support has been shown to be an effective means for treating addictions to opiates and may help many addicts to recover from their addiction.

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  • I have been to many sites trying to find some advise on what to do, My mother is 64 yrs old and been on the methadone clinic for 10 yrs. She is also on xanax this is horrible because she is never awake i have not had my mom in so long. she has agreed to go to detox and the rehab but i have heard terrible things about coming off both of them at the same time i dont want that to kill her but she is so bad i have to check to make sure she is still breathing everyday. Can anybody give me some...

    Sadgirl @
    The Downside of Methadone Addiction and Treatment

  • I am 35 weeks pregnant here sober for about 4 months and am scared to death that cps will take my daughter. The question of merconium being tested and showing up positive for past use and cps still taking away the child even if you are actively sober when delivering has not been really addressed. I know with using heroin even only a month into the 2nd trimaster will cause a positive in opiates in the merconium, but just wanted to know if current sobering counts for anything. I haven't...

    Sarbear @
    Drug Addiction and Pregnancy

  • This shit makes me so angry or atom saved my life I had severe pain and severe depression with ptsd WITHIN A MONTH kratom got me off pain medication and my narcotics such a valium for ptsd I now take no medication none at all I have never felt better in my life and I know hundreds if not thousands who it has helped also this site is a joke I've never seen any psychotic problems due to kratom use however I have seen psychotic problems due to anti depressants narcotics and pain...

    Kevin @
    Kratom, Psychotic Symptoms Aren't Worth the Legal High

  • My brother and his bm are on their 2nd child. Their 1st got taken away by cps a year ago! Theyve dealt with heroin addiction for a couple years now... The problem is shes at the end of her 2nd trimester and although her stomach is growing big... Tonight was the 1st time the baby moved since the whole pregnancy!!!! The touch is so faint u cant tell whether its a hand, arm, foot, whatever. Many mothers have told me u should beable to tell the difference already? They lie and say they go to the...

    Taydoe @
    Drug Addiction and Pregnancy

  • A lot of people automatically assume that all drug treatment centers will accept their insurance, but that actually isn't the case. I like the fact you've pointed out some of the facts the stimulants and depressions. Stimulants can be abused in so many ways.

    Kevin Davids @
    What are Stimulants?

  • i have been scanning thru the posts on here. i sincerely hope no one is using any of the information or oppinions on here to guide them through a pregnancy. there is some very good information , but alot of the 'medical advise is totally inaccurate. although i havent ever used marijuana i can tell you without a doubt that a baby born to a mother who has smoked pot throughout her entire pregnany WILL NOT suffer withdrawl symptoms. Marijuana is not any more addictive as a matter of fact it...

    Derrick Atwood @
    Drug Addiction and Pregnancy

  • Well, where to start? Ok ive been addicted to codeine now for almost 2 years, maybe longer. It started off just taking 1 or two but rapidly went right up to 40 ish! When I started taking these tablets I had just had a massive breakdown, and I guess I was looking for a way to numb the pain...wrong bought me here..I just had another depressed episode last week and now I am determined to get off these evil tablets within a few currently on 5, its just so hard, it takes...

    Hayley Ball @
    Codeine Addiction, Effects and Treatment

  • First off naltrexone isnt for withdrawels.i know i used it.secondly its used to stop addicts from using drugs or alcohol,and first was used just for alcoholics only til they find out it also used on heroin addicts like me. Whom is on methadone which sux. U get fat sweaty tired. Lazy. Its just a replacement for other drug being it does same dam thing. U think ur clean cause u get doses daily and are not sick. The reason ppl dont use is cause methadone and suboxone. Bupernorphines suboxen also. U...

    Kerry @
    Medication Assisted Treatment for Substance Abuse

  • This story goes back 25 yrs. My ex husband was a down in the ditch drunk. He got sober and stayed that way for 25 yrs. During that time we split up and I was ok with our 2 boys living with him. In 1998, he started smoking crack. In 2007, he went into a 3 month rehab program and got clean. He coughs, wheezes, moans and groans all night long when sleeping. He's a smoker. He has Hep C and has for years. I suspect from sharing needles in his younger years. This year he has...

    Brenda @
    Crack Cocaine Addiction, Abuse and Treatment

  • Valium users describe the intense feelings of relaxation induced by the usage of this prescription drug long after the drug was intended to be used.

    Rehab Cell @
    Valium Addiction and Abuse

  • I want to write from personal experience how utterly painful and exhausting it is to be in the position of seeing the co-dependency of your close relatives and being so unable to do much, because, and it sounds banal, but a person really wants to have to change in order to change, and trying to GET the codependents to change can also put you in the position of being one of them! Treatment centers always want the family involved but not everybody is open to doing the work they need to. Too easy...

    Jane @
    Codependency and Enabling Substance Abuse Behavior

  • I just learned about Ibogaine and also read the comment you left regarding finding a clinic and being clean and doing great. Where is the clinic that you found? I am a single mom and I have been off pain pills for ten years now but have been prescribed suboxone from my physician which was so great initially, but now I am dependent on it and I am just tired of it being a burden and crutch in my life. All of this has changed and basically stopped me from really being me and living a full...

    Lisa @
    Ibogaine Detox and Treatment

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