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It's hard to talk face to face sometimes about addiction and substance abuse. This section provides the privacy a person sometimes needs to ask questions without being judged or ridiculed. It's also very important and comforting to know that there are others going through what you're going through. Many people have overcome their addictions and offer wonderful and helpful advice to those in need.

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Addiction and Dependency is never easy to admit and even harder to overcome. Our trained counselors are available for assistance at 1-800-807-0951 24 Hours a day. Take the first step today, and don't delay the life you deserve. Drug and Alcohol rehabilitiation is waiting for you to make the call.

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Information and knowledge is extremely important when living with substance abuse and addiction. There are so many things in life we all would do over if we “knew then what we know now”. Our article section covers illicit drug use, prescription drug abuse, alcohol dependency, understanding addictions and dependency, the physical and emotional effects of all drugs that are abused, withdrawal symptoms and treatment and recovery.

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    Our Addiction Topic section provides current and up to date information on Party Drugs like Ecstasy and Methamphetamine. Important information pertaining to Prescription Drug abuse such as Vicodin, OxyContin and Percocet is available. Learn the dangers when abusing illicit drugs including Heroin, Cocaine and other drugs.

    We discuss Alcohol Dependency, Binge Drinking and the dangers in mixing Drugs with Alcohol. You will also get a better understanding of Behavioral Addictions such as gambling, food addictions and understanding of how Lifestyle can affect drug use and recovery. Browse Topics

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    The Recovery Blog is not only a helpful section to find answers to hard to ask questions, but a way to reach out and help others who are going similar addiction fears and dependency issues. Helpful advice is also given from those who have overcome addictions like drug and alcohol abuse, it's comforting to know that there is ‘Life after Addiction’.

    Feel free to talk about concerns you may have regarding treatment and rehabilitation. Encouragement is very important for anyone dealing with recovery from an addiction. Your words of encouragement can mean recovery to someone else. Discuss Your Recovery

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    There are Treatment Centers and Recovery Programs in every state. Finding the right facility to meet your needs isn't easy. provides you with a huge resource database with Drug Rehabilitation, Alcohol Rehabilitation, Addiction & Drug Treatment and Recovery Programs to choose from.

    If you're looking for a specific resource, program or Treatment Center and it's not on list, let us know and we will find it for you. If you have a Treatment Center or resource and it's not in our listing, please feel free to submit your own recovery facility. Find Drug Rehab, Drug Detox and Treatment Programs. Find a Treatment Center

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Addiction Search is your source for addiction related research on drug rehabilitation and alcohol treatment programs, treatment centers and addiction recovery information. Our resources provide comprehensive drug addiction treatment, drug and alcohol rehabs and substance abuse research resources. We have counserlors available 24 hours a day to help you get started and stay on the road to recovery. Take the first step now and call our Toll-Free Recovery Hotline at 1-800-807-0951 to discuss the best treatment options tailored for you.

Our goal is provide Alcohol and Drug Treatment programs and information and assist with Detox Programs and solutions for dealing with Drug Withdrawal from Substance Addictions. Finding the right Treatment Program is critical in a successful recovery plan.

If you are looking to stop using drug, looking to quit drinking, need assistance finding a Court Ordered Rehabilitation Program we are here to help with addiction and treatment with Drug and Alcohol Rehab.

Methylin Abuse and Addiction

Latest Addiction Treatment Resource

Methylin is another drug that can be used to treat ADHD and other conditions. It comes in tablets of 5 mg, 10 mg, and 20 mg strength. It also comes in an extended-release form. These are also tablets and are available in strengths of 10 mg and 20 mg. The tablets can be swallowed whole or chewed.
In addition, Methylin comes in a liquid form. This makes it easy for young children or adults who have problems swallowing tablets, even chewable ones, to take the medication. It also comes in capsule form; this form provides an extended-release dosage, as does an extended-release tablet. Methylin is the brand name for Methylphenidate Hydrochloride. This drug is classed in the Stimulants category, and works on the central nervous system. Why Is Methylin Prescribed? Methylin is prescribed for...

read more on Methylin Abuse and Addiction

FAQ: Anorexia Nervosa

Addiction Facts and Reference

Anorexia Nervosa is an eating disorder; the distinguishing signs of this disorder are excessive weight loss by starving oneself. Anorexia Nervosa is extremely dangerous, due to the severe weight loss, often times this leads to major health problems and death.

Anorexia is defined as ‘loss of appetite’. In this case, many times the individual just refuses to eat. The extreme fear of being over-weight consumes this person. No matter how small and slender they are, they still see themselves as fat and over-weight. Many decrease their food intake and tend to exercise in excess.

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  • Prescription drugs or any drug for that matter will effect different people differently. The most common behavior I've seen of those abusing prescription drugs is that they're the ugliest when they're not on the drug. Very moody and short tempered.

    Valley Recovery @
    Mental Effects of Prescription Drug Abuse

  • hi can anyone tell me how to deal with withdrawl symptoms from fent while i am getting started on methadone without using my drug of choice? the doctor started me on 20 ml two days ago it does nothing!! please...any advice would be appreciated! doc wants to see me on day 7 to up dose by 10 or 15 ml if he waits a week every time to up my dosage it is going to take too long to get to the 60 ml that he thinks i will probably stabilize at! from what i have read from so many people it is unusual...

    Wendy @
    Sublimaze Addiction

  • I'm so glad this comments are filled with people like you. Kratom literally saved my life after being addicted to oxycodone then suboxone. I was on suboxone for 4 years before I found kratom. The w/ds from suboxone was worse than the oxys! Kratom allowed me to taper down easier due to requiring you to take grams instead of milligrams. It's so hard to taper when .1mg is active. You are always over or under dosing. I hope these prohibitionazis will gtfo kratom case.

    Brdman @
    Kratom, Psychotic Symptoms Aren't Worth the Legal High

  • I have been to many sites trying to find some advise on what to do, My mother is 64 yrs old and been on the methadone clinic for 10 yrs. She is also on xanax this is horrible because she is never awake i have not had my mom in so long. she has agreed to go to detox and the rehab but i have heard terrible things about coming off both of them at the same time i dont want that to kill her but she is so bad i have to check to make sure she is still breathing everyday. Can anybody give me some...

    Sadgirl @
    The Downside of Methadone Addiction and Treatment

  • I am 35 weeks pregnant here sober for about 4 months and am scared to death that cps will take my daughter. The question of merconium being tested and showing up positive for past use and cps still taking away the child even if you are actively sober when delivering has not been really addressed. I know with using heroin even only a month into the 2nd trimaster will cause a positive in opiates in the merconium, but just wanted to know if current sobering counts for anything. I haven't...

    Sarbear @
    Drug Addiction and Pregnancy

  • This shit makes me so angry or atom saved my life I had severe pain and severe depression with ptsd WITHIN A MONTH kratom got me off pain medication and my narcotics such a valium for ptsd I now take no medication none at all I have never felt better in my life and I know hundreds if not thousands who it has helped also this site is a joke I've never seen any psychotic problems due to kratom use however I have seen psychotic problems due to anti depressants narcotics and pain...

    Kevin @
    Kratom, Psychotic Symptoms Aren't Worth the Legal High

  • My daughter has been using Heroin for almost 2 years . She is in jail at the time and will be released in December. We don't have a lot of money and she will only have state aid insurance what can we do? I can not lose my daughter to the drug.

    Tina Groves Ruble @
    First Drug Addiction will take money, mind, family and then possibly your life

  • Can you get high from inhaling breath spray in a plastic baggie and what are the effects. of inhaling ether and cloraform in a paint mask

    Valerie @
    Huffing Addiction!! Don't Let That Inhalant Be the Last Breath You Inhale

  • Can inhaling breath spray in a baggie plastic make you high and what are the effects of inhaling ether and cloraform in a paint mask to get high

    Valerie Travis @
    Huffing Addiction!! Don't Let That Inhalant Be the Last Breath You Inhale

  • Can you get high on inhaling breath spray and what are the effects of inhaling ether and cloraform to get high

    Valerie @
    Huffing Addiction!! Don't Let That Inhalant Be the Last Breath You Inhale

  • Question: My Very Soon to be ex-significant other has become Severley Dependant on Pain Pills & has been for quite awhile I've realized very recently:: He's been taking 4-5 30 mg time release Morphine & 2-4 10mg Perkecet & 10mg Hydrocodone $600 from 1st-Current to My Knowledge he's having people buy them on the streets. WHAT ARE DT SIGNS/SYMPTOMS especially w/Morphine?

    Michelle Urff @
    The Symptoms of Addiction Withdrawal - Different Drugs, Different Dangers

  • I have a brother who is addicted to alcohol, so you're article is incredibly helpful for me. If alcoholism in family members is a risk factor for alcoholism in members born down the line, that would suggest that it's something genetic. I haven't read anything that correlates a specific genome to alcoholism, so I think it's important to realize that it's mostly addictive in a psychological and physiological sense. Unless you can point me to a research article that says...

    Alex Jennings @
    What is Alcohol Addiction

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