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  • Facts About Sleeping Pills

    Facts About Sleeping Pills

    Why Doctors Prescribe Sleeping Pills Sleeping pills are a type of prescription or over the counter medicine usually used to treat the symptoms of insomnia in patients. Insomnia is a sleep disorder that occurs when a person has difficulty falling asleep and/or staying asleep throughout the entire night. People with insomnia usually have symptoms of difficulty falling asleep, waking up many times...

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  • Ambien Addiction - The Addiction That Began While Sleeping

    Ambien Addiction - The Addiction That Began While Sleeping

    It usually starts out as someone just wanting to get a good night’s sleep. Innocently enough, they start out trying warm milk or tea before heading to bed. Nothing works. So, they’re left with a choice: continue not getting rest, which can affect daily activities, or taking a pill that guarantees a night of quiet comfort and bliss. Yes, they go for the pill. The drug in question here...

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