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Landown Center for Addiction

Fayetteville, Arkansas - USA (Washington County)

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Landown Center for Addiction, Powerful AK Treatment Center for Drug or Alcohol Addicts. The Landown Center for Addiction located on 724 West Sycamore Ste. 1 in Fayetteville Arkansas is a treatment agency specializing in offering freedom from the dangerous bondage of alcohol and drug addiction. Their professional staff offers comprehensive treatment services that include both inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment care. These treatment options offer solutions to the deadly disease that is drug and alcohol addiction. The Landown Center for Addiction treatment facility offers a safe and healthy beginning to the process of recovery from drugs and alcohol. Their individualized focus on treatment for Fayetteville, Arkansas residents are some of the most effective treatment facilities in the state of Arkansas.

At the Landown Center for Addiction, treatment begins with a thorough assessment and evaluation process where an individualized treatment plan for each patient is drafted. The treatments consists of many different structured activities designed to implement healing. These activities include individual counseling as well as group counseling, behavioral therapy and medical care to address each individual's specific needs and conditions. It also includes relapse prevention and exercise therapy, appropriate nutrition, and help with re-entering society with sobriety. They also offer 12-step introduction and meetings, and out-patient therapy for those who cannot stay at the facility.

The Landown Center for Addiction believes that recovery happens on an emotional physical and spiritual level and cannot happen overnight. They also believe that if the residents of Fayetteville Arkansas with severe addiction problems to drugs and alcohol go untreated, the addiction itself will typically kill the individual . Everyone suffers when it comes to a person with a substance abuse problem. Addiction is an illness, a disease,and the only way to fully recover from it to come to complete sobriety is to learn or relearn how to live life on life's terms in a healthy and productive way. The Landown Center for Addiction has several treatment packages available, from 30 days to six months, as well as an outpatient program, that offers patients the most realistic, comprehensive treatment option.

Drug and alcohol addiction impacts the lives of 63% of all Americans and there are more deaths reported each year in the U.S. from substance abuse than from any other cause. Most alcoholics and addicts cannot achieve long-term sobriety by themselves, That is why the The Landown Center for Addiction located on 724 West Sycamore Ste. 1 in Fayetteville Arkansas can help. Please call 479-439-8040 to schedule your evaluation now. Over 90% of addicts will die from this disease. We are here to help.

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