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Shrews Counseling and Therapy Center

Rogers, Arkansas - USA (Benton County)

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The Shrews Counseling and Therapy Center Specializes In Counseling Services for Addicts and Their Families. At the Shrews Counseling and Therapy Center located on 210 West Olrich Ste. F in Rogers Arkansas, they offer a wide variety of counseling services for individuals and families suffering from the effects of drug and alcohol addiction. They focus on giving the residents of Rogers Arkansas mental and emotional support through extensive group therapy as well as individualized counseling based on each patient's specific needs. Their services can help identify the behavorial health problems a patient with a drug or alcohol addiction may have such as depression, anxiety, family conflicts, and adjusting to difficult life situations during their recovery.

An addict in recovery may have the need for therapy; they offer many different services beginning with an individual's primary assesment. This include individual and/or family therapy and group sessions for self management of their addiction. They also offer in-home training skills to learn how to cope with their addction at home from a theraputic counseling setting and outpatient skills training too. At Shrews Counseling, services by a highly-renowned staff of medical therapists is available. Some of the treatment options available may even include psychiatric medication prescribing with education on how a patient can manage their lives on a medical treatment. The staff at the Shrews Counseling and Therapy Center will also keep a close watch on a patient's recovery by monitoring the progress made by the medications given. This allows for any changes that need be made to their treatment readily available and quickly administered.

At the Shrews Counseling and Therapy Center, they believe that addiction counceling is by no means a fix-all solution, but see it as having the ability to help the larger overall picture of addiction treatment and drug rehab. Talk therapy comes into play during the rehabilitation phase after the patient goes through their initial detoxification process; this mean the patient is now clear in mind and can make decisions and speak coherently. This may often involve many open-ended questions to get the patient involved in the process. During the addiction counseling process, many patients will experience words of comfort, comapassion and encouragement for the very first time in their lives. Addiction counseling at the Shrews Counseling and Therapy Center offers residents of Rogers, Arkansas a means of re-building their life from the ground up. With this counseling, the patient can identify the root causes for their negative life choices and ultimately, their addiction. They will also learn about the addiction cycle and positive methods to overcome it.

If you know someone in need of addiction counseling or you yourself are struggling through your own recovery from drugs and alcohol, please contact the Shrews Counseling and Therapy Center located on 210 West Olrich Ste. F in Rogers Arkansas or call 479-616-1610 right away. The help you seek is close at hand.

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