Arkansas Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation

Perrystone Residential Facility

Conway, Arkansas - USA (Faulkner County)

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The Perrystone Residential Facility Helping Residents of Conway Arkansas to Restart Their Lives After Addiction. At the Perrystone Residential Facility located on 1116 Gum Street Ste. 5 in Conway Arkansas, they are highly dedicated to helping the residents of Conway Arkansas get off and stay off drugs and alcohol. Their specifically-designed residential program will help you to overcome your addiction. This specific residential program is based on years of research concerning the process required to provide a safe and long term recovery. They have also studied the key principles needed to provide exceptional residential care. At the Perrystone Residential Facility, you or a loved one or family member will benefit from the positive results they will achieve from their drug and alcohol addiction treatment program.

Some of the benefits of the program at the Perrystone Residential Facility include a custom drug and alcohol treatment plan including counseling and detox services. This plan will be tailored to your own specific needs as an individual. The residential facility is small and has a caring and highly-trained staff who are knowledgeable about both drug and alcohol addictions. Some even through their own personal experiences. The staff there includes registered nurses as well as medical doctors who are on staff all day everyday. At the Perrystone Residential Facility, residents of Conway Arkansas will get one on one attention by their licensed drug and alcohol addiction therapists as well as group therapy with fellow residents. The facility also maintains a clean, neat and comfortable environment conducive for recovery.

In addition to the extensive counseling offered at the Perrystone Residential Facility, they also offer numerous activities designed to enhance the body mind and spirit of the patient. These activities includeexercise, meditation, 12 step recovery meetings and daily recreational activities. This particular part of the program works to help the strength and composition of the recovering addict. This will give the patient more power and confidence to move forward toward a life of sobriety.

Few individuals living in Conway Arkansas truly realize the benefits that a residential rehab has to offer. Whether you are suffering from a heroin addiction, alcoholism, marijuana addiction or even an addiction to prescription drugs, residential rehabilitation can be your ticket to a healthy long life of sobriety. From physical relief from withdrawal symptoms to extensive aftercare services and a packed schedule of treatment and therapy in between, the list of benefits that one receives from residential rehab goes on and on. If you know someone suffering from a dangerous drug and alcohol addiction and residential rehabilitation program sounds right for you, please contact the the Perrystone Residential Facility located on 1116 Gum Street Ste. 5 in Conway Arkansas or call us at 501-205-1499. Get on the road to recovery now.

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