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Carlyle Womens Alcohol Center

Hot Springs, Arkansas - USA (Garland County)

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The Carlyle Women's Alcohol Center Specializing in the Needs of Woman Suffering From Alcohol Addiction. The Carlyle Women's Alcohol Center located at 210 Hobson Avenue Ste. F in Hot Springs Arkansas is an alcohol treatment center specially designed for the specific needs of women suffering from alcohol addiction. This program helps the woman of Hot Springs Arkansas by starting a safe and healthy road to recovery for their lives. The program is based on the specific needs of a woman's body, mind and spirit. The center aims to stop the cycle of addiction so these woman can begin to enjoy and appreciate a much more productive lifestyle.

The Carlyle Women's Alcohol Center was created because a woman suffering from alcoholism has different needs than a man suffering from alcoholism. Physically, a woman's body differs greatly than that of a man's. She has a different hormonal balance and because of these differences drugs and alcohol have a different effect on them. The difference in the hormonal balance can also affect a woman's recovery and determine what the best and most effective approach for treatment may be. Because drugs and alcohol put such a strain on a woman's body, it can affect her digestive system and many of her vital organs. One of the first things this center does in helping a woman in recovery is to make sure her body is equipped with the proper nutrition to help strengthen and repair damage doe by her drug or alcohol addiction. A woman may experience drops or spike in blood sugar which can trigger her cravings for alcohol or drugs. These specific needs pertaining to woman are all carefully monitored by the highly trained medical staff at the Carlyle Women's Alcohol Center.

One of the main concerns in for a woman suffering from alcohol or drug addiction is that she began this addiction because of a traumatic experience that may have greatly affected her life in a negative way. Women also have may social and cultural pressures that men don't understand or ever experience. With the intensive therapeutic benefit given at the Carlyle Women's Alcohol Center, they encourage woman to explore the issues and traumas that may have caused their addiction.

The counseling offered to these women is given in groups as well as individually in an environment of trust and safety . Here they can express their fears from the traumatic situations they may have experienced and their voices will be heard and respected. Often these woman have experienced accounts of sexual emotional and physical abuse; these types of traumas are very common amongst female addicts. A successful road to recovery cannot be established until this trauma is effectively addressed . Only when a woman is fully healed, and all of the issues concerning her emotional pain are addressed, will she then be able to finally quit her addictions and lead a normal and productive life.

If you are a woman suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction and you live in the Hot Springs Arkansas area please contact the The Carlyle Women's Alcohol Center located at 210 Hobson Avenue Ste. F in Hot Springs Arkansas. Or if you know some one who needs help please call 501-205-1766. Save a life today.

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