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Drug Treatment Available in Jonesboro, Arkansas For Chemical Dependency. The term "chemical dependency" can be used to describe either alcohol or drug addiction (no matter the type of substance). Treatment for chemical dependency is available at CumberLake Services for Chemical Dependency, 108 West Huntington Avenue, Ste. 1, Jonesboro, AR.

Since alcohol and drug addiction do have some differences, it is important for a person to make sure that the treatment for his particular chemical dependency is received properly in order to ensure their success in becoming sober. Not only does alcohol affect the body differently than drugs (whether "recreational" or prescription) do, but many people who have an alcohol addiction may not consider themselves as the same as someone in Jonesboro, Arkansas, with a drug addiction.

It is not unusual for a person who is addicted to alcohol to believe that his problem isn't as bad as a person who has a drug addiction. Some people may even "look down" on those with drug addictions, and do not feel comfortable being in group counseling or other situations with them. That is why it's so important for a facility to determine the exact type of treatment a person needs; CumberLake Services for Chemical Dependency does just that.

No matter what type of chemical dependency exists, treatment methods can consist of individual and group counseling sessions (again, the group counseling sessions will most likely include those with similar addictions). The treatment can be offered to Jonesboro and surrounding area residents on an inpatient or outpatient basis.

Inpatient treatment means that a person remains at CumberLake Services for Chemical Dependency, without leaving, for a specific amount of time. During this time, family members in or around the Jonesboro area may be allowed to have some contact or this may be a "privilege" that must be earned through successful completion of treatment protocols.

Inpatient treatment may be the best option when it is felt that this is the only way a person can be prevented from obtaining alcohol or drugs. Sometimes, inpatient treatment is ordered, either by a court or by one's physician in Jonesboro, so that the chances for success can be heightened.

Outpatient treatment at the Jonesboro, AR, CumberLake Services for Chemical Dependency facility allows a person to leave the facility, although he will, of course, return for regularly scheduled counseling and treatment sessions. A person who can commit to remaining alcohol or drug free while undergoing outpatient treatment can often choose this option.

If you need more information on CumberLake Services for Chemical Dependency, their address is 108 West Huntington Avenue, Ste. 1, Jonesboro, AR. You can contact them by mail or by calling 870-277-4308. You can ask questions or schedule an appointment when you tour the facility.

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