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Opiate Recovery Can Be Achieved at Gulls Opiate Recovery Rehab in Herber Springs, AR. Opiate addiction in Herber Springs, Arkansas, can be caused by the use of morphine or any of its derivatives, including heroin. It can also occur as a result of abuse of prescription drugs such as Hydrocodone (Vicodin) Oxycodone, and Codeine, which are widely-prescribed painkillers, as well as Laudanum or Paregoric (these also contain opiates, but are not prescribed as much as they once were.) Fortunately, there are opiate recovery treatment options available at Gulls Opiate Recovery Rehab, 577 Riverbend Road, Ste. 1, in Herber Springs, AR.

Heroin is considered a "street" drug; no legal drugs contain heroin. It is produced as a result of synthesizing morphine. Heroin is usually sold to users in Herber Springs, in a powder form. This can be especially dangerous for users, because they do not know how much pure heroin is in the amount of powder they have purchased. In addition, because heroin is usually mixed (or "cut") with other substances, users may not know what substances were used. Some of these may not even be intended for human consumption, but even those that are can be dangerous because of the method used to introduce heroin into the body.

Herber Springs, Arkansas, users of heroin can either "snort" (breathe in through the nose) or inject heroin into their bodies. When injection occurs, it usually is done directly into a vein. Both routes of administration can be dangerous. Snorting heroin means that the user will take in not only the heroin powder, but also whatever substance was added to it.

Injecting heroin introduces both the heroin and the added substance into the body.

For many Herber Springs residents (as well as those living around this region), opiate addiction occurs as a result of abusing prescribed painkillers such as those mentioned above. Addiction occurs when a person either takes more than is needed to achieve pain relief, or continues to use the drug after pain has disappeared or lessened to a point that it can be controlled by non-narcotic medications.

No matter what type of opiate addiction exists, recovery is possible at Gulls Opiate Recovery Rehab. As one can see by the facility's name, the focus is on opiate recovery. This means Arkansas residents who suffer from this specific addiction will receive treatment that is designed to treat this particular issue. Taking advantage of Gulls Opiate Recovery Rehab in Herber Springs, Arkansas, means that patients will be with others who share their particular addiction. This may help them respond better in group counseling sessions.

Individual counseling sessions will occur with staff members who are specifically trained in opiate addiction and recovery. The patient does not have to worry about the counselor having to "shift gears" from dealing with a person recovering from alcoholism or another drug addiction to dealing with opiate addiction.

For more information on opiate addiction and recovery, visit or write to Gulls Opiate Recovery Rehab, 577 Riverbend Road, Ste. 1, in Herber Springs, AR. Information can also be obtained by calling 501-205-1895.

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