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Many times when a person has any type of addiction, whether it be substance abuse or gambling to just name a couple, it can be very difficult to get on the road to sobriety. Often a person dealing with an addiction has mental health problems and they may not even realize it. Many times a person has never even been diagnosed and they do not know that their mental health problem can lead to some type of addiction. St. Paul Dual Diagnosis Facility can help people get a diagnosis for their mental health to discover it that has anything to do with their addiction issue.

A Duel Diagnosis is also called a co-occurring disorder is made whenever someone has an issue with their mental health and substance abuse problem. The St. Paul Dual Diagnosis Facility in Loveland will make this diagnosis so it is easier for them to deal with and overcome their addiction issue.

All of the patients at the St. Paul Dual Diagnosis Facility will be given a full and comprehensive assessment to discover if they have some type of mental health issue. Professionals will do these assessments in a safe and discreet manner. When a patient receives a diagnosis they can then get the proper treatment. It is vital that the mental health of a person as well as their addiction problem is taken care of congruently.

At the St. Paul Dual Diagnosis Facility there are individually tailored programs that will use Cognitive behavioral therapy as well as one-one-one counseling, group counseling, family counseling, and duel diagnosis treatment. The patient will also receive addiction education and relapse prevention education. It is never easy for a person to deal with any type of addiction and it makes it even more difficult if a person suffers from some sort of mental health problem.

The St. Paul Dual Diagnosis Facility has helped many people deal and overcome their addiction issues and the first step is to get a diagnosis. Once that is done it can make getting sober and staying sober much easier to deal with. Don't wait to get a diagnosis, as you should contact St. Paul Dual Diagnosis Facility now at 970-323-4339 or 1-888-565-6401 and visit them at 5420 North Taft Avenue Suite C Larimer County - Loveland, Colorado 80538.

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