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Facility Discussion

  1. Addict

    This place ended up in the end being a joke for me. I drank for 2 1/2 years, ended up in the hospital to detox on my own free will. The counselor at the hospital was afraid if I went home, I would end up picking up a drink again and I agreed. I was ready to be sober every day again. I came to the addition crisis center in order to stay sober until I could get the proper treatment. On a day out for personal reasons, I came back and the staff gave me a breathalyzer and drug test. My drug test came up positive for benzo's. Mind you, I was on Librium since leaving the hospital. The crisis center was also giving me the Librium every day. The day after I was called into a meeting with the director, Rebecca, assistant director, Marie, My counselor, Liz and the three other counselors whom I never had spoken to. The director accused me of taking "something" while I was out or taking someone else's prescription while I was in there. Swearing on my children's life and swearing to God that I didn't, they did not believe me. They advised me that there would be consequences...24 hour lock down in my room or that I would be kicked out. I told them that was fine, that I would be leaving because I was so upset that they were accusing me of doing something I didn't do. When my mother showed up, the director was in the lobby with us. She looked at me and told me she had to apologize, that my med that I was taking would show up as a benzo, which I knew in the meeting. I told them that and the director said she had been doing her job for years and knew that my meds would not show up as a benzo. At that point, I could not walk back into that place, knowing I would be angry and hateful at the staff. Not one of any of the others in the meeting apologized to me, even when I went back in to get my stuff. I got nothing but dirty looks. They embarrassed me in front of everyone, including people that I never talked to. It was totally uncalled for and unprofessional. They should have looked up that information prior to blaming me. Nonetheless, I came home and am still sober : ) I refuse to look back and am only looking ahead! I met a lot of people in the crisis center that I know are wonderful people, but need help. It's too bad that this place doesn't help them like they say they do and promise the patients. Don't get me wrong, I met some of the staff that were wonderful! I'd like to thank them for making my time there go more smoothly. Would I ever go back though? Nope.

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