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Somerset Food Addiction Counseling & Group Support

Anderson, South Carolina - USA (Anderson County)

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Somerset Food Addiction Counseling & Group Support Offers Counseling for Women with Food Addiction.

Somerset Food Addiction Counseling & Group Support, located at 313 North Main Street, Anderson, South Carolina 29625, helps women who suffer from food addiction to find out what the underlying issues relating to this condition might be and treat the symptoms as well as help to unravel the mystery of why they are addicted in the first place. They work closely with clients on a one on one basis they are able to develop a plan of action to help treat the urges that are felt in the addiction with food. They also offer an great group support system for other women in the Anderson South Carolina area giving the women a chance to meet with women in similar situations.

Through counseling and group therapy Somerset Food Addiction Counseling & Group Support gives the clients the ability to learn how to spot potential pitfalls and triggers that could cause them to go back to their old addictive behavior that started the process. Spotting these triggers is the key to keeping on top of the potential destruction that could await a women addicted to food. It also affords them the tools they will need when faced with stress and pressure that might otherwise send them running back to food as a source of comfort or medication for what bothers them.

Through the use of positive feedback in group therapy the clients find feelings of success that carry through to their daily lives and give them the confidence to approach every day circumstances with a great deal of positive thought. This can ultimately create a sense of accomplishment on the part of the client and give them a heightened sense of strength to get through what comes along. Learning how to live a healthy life and learning to accept food in a healthy way is a big step to long term success in conquering addiction. It can really go far in keeping an individual from going back to their addictive behaviors.

If you or someone you know uses food to treat their emotional state such as depression it might be time to ask for help. The professionals at Somerset Food Addiction Counseling & Group Support are ready and willing to help you pick a path to regaining control of your life and your addiction. They can be reached easily by telephone at 864-642-2458 or 1-888-565-6401. Do not hesitate to contact them at the first sign of addiction to food.

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