Librium Use Side Effect Details.

Librium Use Side Effect Details

Librium is an addictive Benzodiazepine medication. Librium is used to treat anxiety disorders and alcohol withdrawal agitation symptoms. The generic version of Librium is called Chlordiazepoxide.
Librium Use Side Effects Below are a list of common side effects of Librium and generic versions...

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OxyContin Use Side Effect Details.

OxyContin Use Side Effect Details

OxyContin is an addictive opioid pain medication. OxyContin is very powerful opioid (also referred to as a narcotic) is used to treat ongoing moderate to severe pain that's expected to last for a prolonged period of time. The generic version of OxyContin is called Oxycodone.
OxyContin Use...

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Ativan Use Side Effect Details.

Ativan Use Side Effect Details

Ativan is an addictive benzodiazepine medication that's prescribed to treat anxiety, seizure activity, alcohol withdrawal problems and insomnia. The generic version of Ativan is called Lorazepam Injectable and Lorazepam Tablet.
Ativan Use Side Effects Below are a list of common side effects...

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Adderall Use Side Effect Details.

Adderall Use Side Effect Details

Adderall is a prescription stimulant medication that contains amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. Adderall is a combination of 2 CNS stimulants and is used to manage ADHD and Narcolepsy. Adderall helps increase concentration and alertness. When abused Adderall and Adderall XR can be addictive. Join the Conversation

Dilaudid an Addictive Opioid Pain Medication.

Dilaudid an Addictive Opioid Pain Medication

Dilaudid, a powerful potent opioid (also referred to as a narcotic) is used to treat moderate to severe ongoing pain. Dilaudid like other prescription opioid pain medications is habit-forming and even at a prescribed dose can lead to dependence. The generic version of Dilaudid is called...

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Ritalin Use Side Effect Details.

Ritalin Use Side Effect Details

Ritalin, an addictive medication that is used to treat Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Narcolepsy. Ritalin works by affecting certain chemicals in the brain and nerves that contribute to hyperactivity and impulse control. The use of Ritalin for...

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Vicodin Side Effects.

Vicodin Side Effects

Vicodin, a powerful addictive prescription opiate (also referred to as a narcotic) is used to treat ongoing moderate to severe pain. Vicodin contains a combination of acetaminophen and hydrocodone. Misuse and abuse of Vicodin and generic versions of the painkiller can have numerous harmful health...

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Valium (Addictive Benzodiazepine Medication).

Valium (Addictive Benzodiazepine Medication)

Valium is used in treating anxiety disorders and acute alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Valium may also be prescribed for the treatment of muscle spasms, tremors, irritable bowel syndrome, panic attacks, seizures, and delirium. Diazepam is the generic versions of Valium.
Valium Side...

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Xanax (Addictive Benzodiazepine Medication).

Xanax (Addictive Benzodiazepine Medication)

Xanax is used in treating anxiety disorders, panic disorders and anxiety resulting from depression. The generic version of Xanax is Alprazolam Xanax Use Side Effects Common side effects of Xanax and generic versions when taken as prescribed include:
Drowsiness Insomnia Changes in...

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How AA Meetings Help with Recovery.

How AA Meetings Help with Recovery

Alcoholics Anonymous is the original 12-step program. Because of their long history and success rates, 12-step groups have become a very popular form of treatment. This model works because of the social support offered by peer discussion, which assists in promoting and sustaining drug and alcohol...

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