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The Picture of Drug Addiction.

The Picture of Drug Addiction

When you think of drug addiction, what kind of picture do you get in your mind? Do you see a person dressed in tattered clothes sitting in a rain soaked alley with a needle in hand? Do you picture addiction in terms of a person begging on the street for money to buy just one more hit? The picture...

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How Substance Abuse Happens.

How Substance Abuse Happens

Substance abuse occurs when a person uses a substance, which in time the body comes to rely on. When a drug, obtained either legally or illegally, is used regularly, the brain becomes used to its presence and normal functioning may occur. When the amount of the substance in the body is depleted as...

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The Risk of Alcoholism in Early Drinkers.

The Risk of Alcoholism in Early Drinkers

A recent study conducted by the National Institute of Health (NIH) looked into the association between teenage drinking and alcoholism. The study took into account such factors as history of alcoholism in the family, smoking, childhood antisocial behavior, and drug use. All of these factors are...

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Prescription Drug Abuse and Addiction.

Prescription Drug Abuse and Addiction

Prescription drug addiction differs from other forms of drug abuse and addiction in that the abuse develops very subtly and the addiction, gradually. In many cases prescription drug use will start with a medical need. Those who use painkillers – one of the most common prescription drugs...

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Readiness To Change Questionnaire-Alcoholism.

Readiness To Change Questionnaire-Alcoholism

National Library of Medicine (NLM): Readiness To Change Questionnaire The following questionnaire is designed to identify how you personally feel about your drinking right now. Please think about your current situation and drinking habits, even if you have given up drinking completely. Read each...

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Stages of Change for Addiction, Treatment and Rehabilitation.

Stages of Change for Addiction, Treatment and Rehabilitation

Prochaska & DiClemente developed a stages of change model that identifies 5 progressive stages of change as they specifically apply to overcoming addictions. Precontemplation The stage where the inpidual is not contemplating changing any of their addictive behaviors. This stage is often...

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Stages of Addiction.

Stages of Addiction

Stages of Addiction While genetics and neurochemistry assuredly play important roles in addiction the experience of addiction from the addict’s perspective is not at the genetic or neurochemical level. The experience of addiction is progressive.
At first the inpidual may just be ...

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The Experiences of Addiction.

The Experiences of Addiction

The experiences of addiction While current research shows that genetics (see the mu-opioid blog entry) and brain physiology (see the amygdala blog entry) play an important role in addiction none of these third order factors are experienced by the inpidual's whom is addicted.
The inpidual's...

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