What Is Roxanol?

What Is Roxanol?

Roxanol is a type of Morphine, but it is designed specifically to be taken rectally rather than orally as most other forms of Morphine are meant to be taken. Rectal Morphine is primarily used for the treatment of moderate levels and severe levels of pain. All forms of Morphine fall into the same classification of drugs, known as opiate anagelsics or narcotic pain relievers. The way that these medications work is by changing how your body senses the pain you are experiencing.

Rectal Morphine is available as a suppository that is meant to be inserted directly into the rectum, typically within every four hours. It is important that people follow a routine or a schedule when using this medication and that they follow the prescription requirements closely in order to make sure that this medication is used properly and safely at all times and never abused.

Roxanol Abuse

Roxanol is a specific type of morphine that has a high potential for abuse simply because of the manner in which it is taken. Roxanol is Rectal Morphine, and it is designed to be taken anally so that the feelings of effect can be experienced quickly for someone who is suffering from moderate to severe pain. This type of Morphine is easily taken as an anal suppository, and because it is not swallowed, the potential for abuse is much greater. Many people believe that you can feel the effects of a medication much more quickly if you take it anally, and so this is a highly desired form of Morphine that many people attempt to abuse for illicit purposes.

Abuse of Roxanol can be perceived as any use that goes against the recommendations by a physician. Buying this prescription medication on the street and using it for recreational purposes or using it without a prescription are two examples of abusing this medication. People that are taking it for a legal and legitimate purpose can also fall into the physical dependency trap. They may take more of this medication than they are meant to, take more dosages than they are supposed to in a day, or may otherwise use the medication in a contraindicated manner in order to feel its effects more quickly or more powerfully, and these are all potentially harmful forms of abuse that must be stopped.

Roxanol Abuse Withdrawal Symptoms

The withdrawal process involved in detoxing off of Roxanol can be a truly painful process when you decide to go through it alone with any assistance. If you are using Roxanol on a heavy basis and then you stop taking it suddenly or if you step your dosage down significantly, then the odds are good that you are going to experience the withdrawal process. There are a number of withdrawal symptoms that are experienced when you are detoxing from Roxanol, and these include:

  • Cardiac Arrest
  • Coma
  • Increased Blood Pressure
  • Clammy or Cold Skin
  • Sneezing or Runny Nose
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Dehydration
  • Weakness Throughout the Body
  • Increased Sweating
  • Widened Pupils
  • Convulsions

There are many uncomfortable symptoms associated with Roxanol withdrawal, and so it should make sense why you might like to get professional help when coming down from your Roxanol use rather than attempting to go through the detox process all on your own.

Roxanol Addiction Treatment Options

Because the withdrawal process involving Roxanol can be so overwhelming, uncomfortable and even deadly, it is a wise idea for you to consider getting real professional medical help when you decide that you want to stop taking this medication. If you stop taking the medication cold turkey or if you step your dosage down too quickly, you can cause yourself a lot of harm and unnecessary stress. A drug detox center can help you overcome your problem the right way by surrounding you by the care that you need to finally overcome this problem once and for all. You should be aware that a drug rehab program is going to treat both the physical and the emotional dependency, which is going to allow you to move on with your life without any side effects lingering after the fact.

Choosing the right drug rehab program can go a long way in ensuring that you are able to remove the Roxanol from your system once and for all without any lingering side effects. Why would you want to go through the lengthy and overwhelming detox and withdrawal process all alone knowing that there is real, legitimate medical help out there for you to take advantage of?

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