Crisis Intervention Services in Huntsville, Alabama
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Local Addiction, Rehab and Detox Hotlines in Alabama

Hunter's Hotline

Dial (800) 591-6474 For Intake

Huntsville, Alabama - USA (Madison)

A 100% confidential school-specific, voicemail-based system, Hunter's Hotline is a resource for students to help save lives by reporting suspicious or unsafe activity including bullying, drug abuse, alcohol abuse or other issues weighing heavily on teens. Since the system doesn't require identification and is only accessible by school resource officers, callers can be assured of complete confidentiality. Hunter's Hotline is NOT an emergency number, rather an important, relevant resource we wish for every student to have on their mobile phone's speed dial.

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Contact A Substance Abuse Counselor

We help people take the first steps toward getting help for their drug and alcohol usage and having drug-free lifestyles. To contact an alcohol/drug abuse counselor, please call 1-800-591-6474 or have a Counselor Contact You

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