Alcohol And Drug Abuse Information And Treatment in Mobile, Alabama
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Insight Treatment Program, Inc.

Dial (800) 591-6474 For Intake

Mobile, Alabama - USA (Baldwin)

ITP was founded in 1993 as a private non-profit agency providing court referral/jail diversion programs to Mobile and Baldwin Counties. ITP employs professional managers, counselors, facilitators, court personnel, and staff specifically skilled in human behavior and the criminal justice system. Programs and Services include: Intensive Outpatient Program - An intensive twenty-eight week Level III program designed to enable individuals eighteen years and older with drug and alcohol dependencies to overcome the debilitating effects of these addictions. The goal of the program is total sobriety and development of a lifestyle that will support effective long-range freedom from chemical dependency.

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Alcohol and Drug Abuse Information and Treatment

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We help people take the first steps toward getting help for their drug and alcohol usage and having drug-free lifestyles. To contact an alcohol/drug abuse counselor, please call 1-800-591-6474 or have a Counselor Contact You

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