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  • Understanding the Connection Between Drug Addiction and Bipolar Disorder

    Understanding the Connection Between Drug Addiction and Bipolar Disorder

    Drug Addiction, Substance Abuse & Bipolar Disorder are a very common Trio I think at one time or another, we have all experienced feelings of sadness, hopelessness, fatigue, guilt and irritability. I think we could all agree that we also have had times that we experienced euphoria, poor judgment, and racing thoughts, had problems with concentration and been agitated or irritated. Just through...

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  • Crisis Intervention

    Crisis Intervention

    Crisis Intervention A crisis intervention is designed to help families, a family member, loved one or friend receive the urgent need for psychological counseling, therapy or treatment that's necessary to the individual (s) who are in urgent need of help. The main goal for a crisis intervention is to help everyone involved in a critical setting and do whatever it takes to stabilize the situation...

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  • BE AWARE! You May Think You Know What's In Your Alcoholic Beverage

    BE AWARE! You May Think You Know What's In Your Alcoholic Beverage

    If you think 'Date Rape' drugs are a thing of the past, think again! In the past several years all the information that's been brought to our attention in the news about date rape drugs like Rohypnol, you would only hope that women would be more aware and much less trust-worthy. That doesn't seem to be the case for some women.
    Slipping drugs into women's drinks at parties, concerts, raves...

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  • Huffing Addiction!! Don't Let That Inhalant Be the Last Breath You Inhale

    Huffing Addiction!! Don't Let That Inhalant Be the Last Breath You Inhale

    Still Huffing Chemicals, Toxic Gasses and Fumes? The Risks You Could Expect Next! It's scary to think in 2010 we still have young people abusing inhalants. For many adolescents and young people today, inhaling or 'huffing' fumes to get buzzed or high is their dangerous drug of choice. They're easily found, cheap and they produce the euphoric high that they're looking for.
    Young people...

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  • Stimulant Drug Abuse Just Isn't Worth The Risk!

    Stimulant Drug Abuse Just Isn't Worth The Risk!

    Stimulant Drug Abuse; The Good, The Abused, And The Deadly Stimulants are a type of drug that elevates a person's mood, makes them more alert and sharp and gives them increased energy levels. They also elevate blood pressure and increase heart rates and respiration (breathing). At one time, stimulants were used for the treatment of asthma and other breathing problems as well as other medical...

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  • The Grim Results of Teen Alcohol Abuse

    The Grim Results of Teen Alcohol Abuse

    Parents and Teens need to take Alcohol Abuse serious, sadly in today’s world more than ever! It’s no wonder that young people experiment and abuse alcohol today, it’s everywhere. How can we expect adolescents and teens to understand and grasp the seriousness of alcohol abuse, binge drinking, driving under the influence and irresponsible alcohol related behavior when adults...

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  • Eliminating Fear from Alcohol and Drug Treatment

    Eliminating Fear from Alcohol and Drug Treatment

    For anyone who has never experimented with alcohol and drugs or abused them, it would be hard for them to understand the fears an alcoholic or drug addict would have regarding detoxification and substance abuse treatment. For them, the fear of abusing drugs or addiction would keep them from ever needing treatment in the first place.
    The benefits associated with drug treatment therapy are...

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  • Methadone Addiction Overdose

    Methadone Addiction Overdose

    Is Methadone Killing More Than Just Pain? For anyone that isn't familiar with methadone, this article will help you get a better understanding of how useful this drug can be as a prescribed methadone treatment and just how dangerous and lethal it can be when methadone is abused.
    Methadone is a man-made synthetic narcotic that's prescribed to treat severe pain and also medically prescribed...

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  • Drug Use and Abuse 'Full Impact'

    Drug Use and Abuse 'Full Impact'

    There are definite consequences that affect us all due to illegal drug use. Drug use and abuse most definitely has a major impact on a user's health. Most times leading to sickness and diseases. The impact of drug use in this country as well as all over the world affects every walk of life. So many times, the user dies prematurely from a drug overdose or other illnesses associated with drug...

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  • Food Addiction and the Brain

    Food Addiction and the Brain

    Food Addiction, why are some people addicted to food and others aren’t? The definition of Food Addiction is pretty straight forward and no different than an addiction to illicit drugs really. This term (food addiction) simply means compulsive, impulsive, loss of control, secretive, binge eating and cravings for food. No matter what the negative consequence or result may be. The only...

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