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  • Motivation: What Is It Exactly?

    Motivation: What Is It Exactly?

    Motivation is defined as the reason(s) for a person to act or behave a certain way. In other words, motivation is the reason we do what we do. A common myth is motivation is tied to one achieving grand things or accomplishing some big task. Every person has motivation to do something, whether that is to lose weight or start a business.
    On the other side some are motivated to drop out of...

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  • Addiction Treatment - Trusting in a Higher Power

    Addiction Treatment - Trusting in a Higher Power

    While many people focus on the abuse of illicit drugs like heroin and alcohol, the abuse of alcohol is just as serious and far more widespread. The fact that alcohol is both totally legal and easily accessible only exacerbates the damage the drug can do. The fact that alcohol is both physically and psychologically addictive only adds to the dangers the drug poses for men and women of all ages,...

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  • Abilify Abuse and Addiction

    Abilify Abuse and Addiction

    The drug Abilify is a type of drug that works by affecting the brain chemicals serotonin and dopamine which are used by the brain to regulate the rational thought process, depression and anxiety. These drugs that help these symptoms are called atypical antipsychotics. Atypical antipsychotics drugs are less likely to cause side effects such as slurred speech, tremors and slowed thinking. Read Full Article

  • Dangerous Weight Loss Products

    Dangerous Weight Loss Products

    Stay Away From Harmful Weight Loss Products. Once the holidays are over and the New Year begins, many of us start focusing on losing weight and getting into shape. For some people, taking off the 5 to 10 pounds gained during the holidays which started with Thanksgiving, is a New Year's resolution top on their list. Many of us though, have accumulated extra pounds throughout the years and are...

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  • Festive Highs and Risky Challenges Kids Are Trying Today

    Festive Highs and Risky Challenges Kids Are Trying Today

    This time of the year, most of us look forward to spending time with family and friends enjoying good company, reminiscing and savoring all of the wonderful foods that go along with the holiday season. There's nothing better than the smell of homemade fresh baked pies, cookies and candies with the scent of cinnamon and nutmeg in the air.
    Times have changed though, spices such as nutmeg and...

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  • Drug Abuse Terminology and Catchphrases Explained

    Drug Abuse Terminology and Catchphrases Explained

    Some of the terms that are associated with drug use can be confusing to people and many teens are misguided about the use of prescription drugs and over the counter medications. For example a lot of people think that detox means recovery and that substance abuse treatment is a cure for addiction.
    Prescription drugs aren't illegal so a lot of teens and young people think they're safer than...

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  • Addictions, Disorders and Obsessions

    Addictions, Disorders and Obsessions

    When the average person thinks about addiction, we think about drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and maybe shopping. I never realized that there were so many forms of addiction that people suffer from. There are also disorders that people suffer from that I was unaware of. These addictions and disorders may seem odd to us but they are very real to those that suffer from them.   Chemical...

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  • Can the Stress of Life and the Economy Lead to Alcohol and Stimulant Abuse?

    Can the Stress of Life and the Economy Lead to Alcohol and Stimulant Abuse?

    Stress and Stimulant or Alcohol Use Stimulants are psychoactive drugs that are prescribed in the medical profession for the treatment of ADHD and sometimes depression. By increasing chemical activity in the brain, the individual is able to be more alert, focus, have more energy, and also helps to elevate a person's mood.
    Stimulants increase dopamine (chemical) levels in the brain which...

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  • The Good Kids Drug - The Choking Game

    The Good Kids Drug - The Choking Game

    Some children are Addicted to The Choking Game I'm sure most people have heard of the 'choking game' that's played by some adolescents and older children. This is a game some young people play in order to get a momentary high before they pass out, some kids refer to it as 'blacking out'.
    Young kids either choke themselves or choke each other just long enough to be able achieve a short high....

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  • The Vicious Cycle of Chronic Addiction, Where Does It Start and When Does It End?

    The Vicious Cycle of Chronic Addiction, Where Does It Start and When Does It End?

    The Sad truth about Chronic Addiction It's probably very hard for most people to grasp how anyone could let themselves become dependent on alcohol or drugs if they have never experienced drug addiction personally or through someone they know.
    Many people who have never experienced addiction first hand don't understand how someone could let this happen to them self. It's hard for some people...

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