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  • Teenage Substance Abuse

    Teenage Substance Abuse

    Whether parents have talked with their children about alcohol and drug use or not, many teenagers will try tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs or other substances. Some teenagers will try one or more of them once or even a few times then stop but others like the way the substance makes them feel and are unable to control the urge to use them again.
    Not only is the use of alcohol and abuse of...

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  • Curiosity and Addiction

    Curiosity and Addiction

    Even though sometimes our curiosity can get us into trouble when we act on it, curiosity in itself isn't necessarily a bad thing. Through curiosity we can find answers to difficult problems and it can even lead to the discovery of cures for illness and disease. But it's true there are situations where being curious about something can be a negative thing, especially when it's about something that...

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  • Ambien Misuse, Abuse and Addiction Information

    Ambien Misuse, Abuse and Addiction Information

    Ambien (generic form Zolpidem), is a sedative hypnotic drug that's used to treat insomnia. Ambien belongs to a category of drugs known as central nervous system depressants. CNS depressants slow down the nervous system and when a person has trouble sleeping due to insomnia, Ambien slows brain activity down allowing an individual to fall asleep. Ambien not only helps a person with insomnia fall...

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  • Muscle Relaxant Use and Abuse

    Muscle Relaxant Use and Abuse

    Muscle relaxants are commonly prescribed to patients along with plenty of rest and physical therapy. There are several different types of muscle relaxants but the type that completely blocks transmission of nervous signals to the muscles are called 'neuromuscular-blockers'. Muscle relaxers are very effective medications because they work by blocking the pain which allows the muscle to heal. Read Full Article

  • An Effective Approach for Treating Drug Addiction

    An Effective Approach for Treating Drug Addiction

    Drug addiction is a very complex disease and is very difficult to treat, and once detoxification is completed (if needed), additional treatment is necessary because detox is just the first step phase of recovery. An effective treatment approach should include an individualized recovery plan that utilizes various effective treatment components to help a person reach and maintain abstinence for the...

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  • To Effectively Help an Addict, You Have to Obtain Help for Yourself First

    To Effectively Help an Addict, You Have to Obtain Help for Yourself First

    We don't realize that the way we react to a loved one's addiction can actually make things worse in the long run for them as well as ourselves. When someone we love or care about is struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, the best way to help them is to obtain guidance and support for ourselves first.
    Addiction doesn't just affect the individual that abuses drugs or alcohol, their...

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  • Mistaken Beliefs Adolescents Have About Substance Abuse

    Mistaken Beliefs Adolescents Have About Substance Abuse

    Kids are starting to use drugs in their early teens or even younger anymore and parents are having to talk with their children about the dangers involved with substance abuse at a much earlier age then they use to. Certain types of drugs are more commonly used among young people today when they're experimenting with substance use prescription drugs and alcohol are both high on the list. Read Full Article

  • Marijuana and Prescription Drug Use Among Twelfth Graders

    Marijuana and Prescription Drug Use Among Twelfth Graders

    Various types of drugs are used among our youth but some are more commonly abused than others. Every year a Monitoring the Future (MTF) survey is done among almost fifty thousand students in the eighth, ninth and twelfth grades. Results from the 2012 survey among high school students in the 12th grade show prescription medications and marijuana to be the most prevalently used.

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  • Dealing with Substance Abuse Withdrawals

    Dealing with Substance Abuse Withdrawals

    When a substance is abused, especially over a long period of time, the body becomes tolerant to the substance, requiring more and more in order to get the same effect as before. When the person abusing the substance does eventually decide to quit for whatever reason, or lets too long a period of time pass between dosages, the result is what is known as drug withdrawal.
    Substance abuse...

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  • Mental and Physical Abuse Can Cause Substance Abuse

    Mental and Physical Abuse Can Cause Substance Abuse

    There are actually a wide variety of different causes for substance abuse and drug addiction problems. What leads one person to addiction is going to be completely unique to what leads another person - Each person is unique, and the individual "demons" that lead them to substance abuse are just as distinct.
    When a person has an experience with either mental or physical abuse, this can and...

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