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  • Meth - Extremely Addictive

    Meth - Extremely Addictive

    Meth is More Addictive than 'First Time Users' may think! If chronic meth addicts only realized what their life was going to be like someday after trying the highly addictive and destructive drug for the first time, I'm sure they would have had second thoughts before they used. Just being aware of the side effects alone associated with the abuse of meth would stop most people from trying the...

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  • Potential Dangers of Fentanyl Misuse

    Potential Dangers of Fentanyl Misuse

    Fentanyl may not be one of the more commonly abused prescription drugs today but it's definitely a powerful pain medication that's misused for nonmedical reasons and has been linked to many fatal overdoses. Fentanyl is up to a hundred times more powerful than morphine and when abused can lead to a lethal overdose very fast. Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid pain reliever and medically used for...

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  • Marijuana and Prescription Drug Use Among Twelfth Graders

    Marijuana and Prescription Drug Use Among Twelfth Graders

    Various types of drugs are used among our youth but some are more commonly abused than others. Every year a Monitoring the Future (MTF) survey is done among almost fifty thousand students in the eighth, ninth and twelfth grades. Results from the 2012 survey among high school students in the 12th grade show prescription medications and marijuana to be the most prevalently used.

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  • Prescription Opioid Abuse Can Lead to Heroin Addiction

    Prescription Opioid Abuse Can Lead to Heroin Addiction

    All drugs of abuse have a negative impact on a person's life when they're abused, especially once a person develops addiction to one of them. Some drugs like heroin are very powerful and addictive and can lead to physical dependence very quickly with frequent use. Throughout the United States alone thousands of people have overdosed on heroin and sadly many have not survived.
    Some people...

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  • Drinking Responsible - The Facts About Alcohol

    Drinking Responsible - The Facts About Alcohol

    Most people that consume alcohol drink responsibly and in moderation but unfortunately not everyone does. Alcohol is one of the most commonly used substances in the world but it's also one of the most abused substances in the United States and not only by legal aged adults, underage drinking is a major concern nationwide.
    Alcohol is a depressant and when consumed gets absorbed into the...

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  • Dealing with Substance Abuse Withdrawals

    Dealing with Substance Abuse Withdrawals

    When a substance is abused, especially over a long period of time, the body becomes tolerant to the substance, requiring more and more in order to get the same effect as before. When the person abusing the substance does eventually decide to quit for whatever reason, or lets too long a period of time pass between dosages, the result is what is known as drug withdrawal.
    Substance abuse...

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  • Anesthetic Drug Abuse

    Anesthetic Drug Abuse

    Propofol is an anesthetic drug that's administered to patients undergoing surgery and other medical procedures because the medication promotes sedation, sleep and loss of consciousness. When Propofol is administered by intravenous injection, the medication works very fast and in less than a minute, the patient is put to sleep.
    Propofol is the generic form of Diprivan and is administered by...

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  • PCP Is Still A Drug Of Abuse In The U.S.

    PCP Is Still A Drug Of Abuse In The U.S.

    Even though we haven't heard much about the hallucinogenic drug called PCP circulating on the streets, it's still a synthetic drug that some people are using today. It's common for certain drugs like PCP to stop being popular among drug users for a while, especially when other synthetic drugs are constantly being illegally produced. Last year though, KMOX reported that substance abuse counselors...

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  • Shopping Addiction and Impulsive Spending

    Shopping Addiction and Impulsive Spending

    Shopping is a necessity and also a favorite past time for many of us but for some, it's an impulsive addictive behavior that's taken over their lives. There are times when we've all gone on shopping sprees and maybe even spent more money than we should have but some people, are unable to control their spending and shop much too often because it makes them feel better.
    It doesn't matter if...

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  • Dangerous Ways Young People are Consuming Alcohol Today

    Dangerous Ways Young People are Consuming Alcohol Today

    It doesn't take long for a new fad to catch on today especially if the behavior is risky. These days' social media sites like You Tube make it very easy for a new fad to get started and before you know it, the risky behavior takes off. Often fads, old and new, include the use of alcohol, drugs and other dangerous behaviors and there's always going to be a portion of young people that are going to...

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