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MH/MR of Tarrant County Pine Street Resid/Billy Gregory Detox

Fort Worth, Texas - USA (Tarrant County)

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Pine Street Resid/Billy Gregory Detox

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Facility Discussion

  1. Addict

    Pine street saved my husbands life for addiction.. We were at the bottom of the line and there kindness and real people skills were a blessing to us. They treated my husband with respect and love. They understand that real people have problems too. They were able to teach us both how to live a sober life. They even had class I took to help myself help my husband when he got out. So all and all Pine street is a wonderful place to go if you are truly ready for a new life. Thanks Paine street.

    • Addict

      I was at pinestreet at that time what was your husbands name is he still doing well?

  2. Addict

    My boyfriend has a serious alcohol problem. He has been drinking a large amount of vodka habitually for about 3 years. We have been to the doctor recently and began the detox process about 2 weeks ago. I know that he is continuing to drink secretly. I have found several empty bottles hidden around the house. I am very concerned because the doctor prescribed many medications to help aid in the detox and I know that they are extremely harmful when combined with alcohol. He has two little boys and I am not able to help him stop drinking alone. We need help if it is available. Please aid us in his recovery process any way possible. Your help and consideration is greatly appreciated. My cell number: 817-269-4080

    • Addict

      Please call me soon Chelsea. I haven't got long.

  3. Addict

    We are looking for a family member that may be in a treatment program we have not heard from him since he was in jail. is there anyway we can contact him we are a good support team none of us use drugs except 2 brothers who we are trying to help as we speak its overwhelming, we just need to see if he is there and is OK and if he may email us.
    thank you
    kellie gregory

  4. Addict

    I went to Pine Street last year, this was my 3rd attempt to go to rehab.And have never made it though the 1st week..I believe that Pine Street is blessed with GOD's LOVE and Forgiveness.The staff was amazing, they truly care about you.And if I'm not mistaken just about all of them had been where we are {addicts in recovery} So not only do they understand and not judge anyone but will hold your hand and give you the support you need to stand on your own feet and trust yourself to keep moving forward. I truly can not say enough about the staff.And the program works if you let go and trust it.You do have to do the work even after you get out. I know people that went to a rehab and paid over 10,000.00 to stay there a month and they say Pine Street has them beat in all eara's. GOD HAS BLESSED THIS PLACE and they do save LIFE's FAMILY's!!!!

  5. Addict

    I went to pine st on June 23,2011 when i got there I thought oh man there's no helping me this isn't gonna work little did I know i was in for a life changing spiritual growth in which I needed more than I knew the whole 28 day stay I didn't think about drugs not one time and I was the kinda dope pheine who cried if I didn't have it or not be able to motivate, operate with out the use of drugs since that first day in pine street not only did they make me feel like a human again they gave me back my life and my kids and my health and my well being not to mention my christian life with the God of my understandings which I was not looking for that type of outcome all I'm saying is if your life is unmanageable or your sick in tired of being sick and tired do your self a favor and do an inpatient treatment its a life chaining thing that you might feel like your not ready but you'll be so thankful you did good luck and god bless.

  6. Addict

    I am writing you in the hope that you can help me to turn my daughters life around. She has been a drug addicted person for so many years but the last two months she has really hit her bottom. She has witnessed so many things and lost both of her children because of the drugs and people she hangs out with.
    I am her last resort and I know if she gets the help she needs I will be there to walk the path with her. It is killing me to see how badly she looks and I fear that the drugs are going to kill her before she can get clean. She has pretty much been living in the streets for the last 2 months . I am the only one in the family that is left to help her. .I am raising her teen age daughter here in my home so having her around her sick mom is not a healthy environment . I just don't know where or what to do.. I have her signed up to come into rehab but I don't know when that will be.. I do not have the funds to set her up in a motel and she won't agree to go to a shelter. Please is there anything you can do to help me. She is a IV user and while she has been here she is getting clean but I can't handle the mood swings around her daughter. I think if it were just her and I maybe I could handle it but I can't leave my home. I was recently in a bad car accident and am still recovering from the physical injuries..Can you please help me.

  7. Addict

    I have a grandson who insists he is only using pot. He has been arrested for theft. Periodically he leaves the home to "hang out" with his friends. I have not seen him in almost 2 weeks. We know he was using K2 and triple C. I suspect he is into much more. He wanted to come home yesterday, but I would not allow it unless he were professionally evaluated and receiving some treatment. He claims he can walk away from his "friends", life style, get a job, and pay me back all the money he has stolen, but he has shown he cannot do it on his own. He claims he can, but he and his "friends" came by my home last Saturday and stole a PS2 and hedge clippers to "buy medicine for his friend's sick horse." They got $15 at the pawn shop. I have filed a robbery charge against them all on this. Is there no way short of arrest for him to get help? It would probably not benefit him until he is ready for help, I understand. I am just devastated. He has destroyed me financially, but I can work to get that back. He has turned his siblings against him and that will be much harder to reclaim. He had such a promising future. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  8. Addict

    Get with a prayer group, god is your only help, I have 3 children all addicts, never stole from me, but have department stores.my 22 yr. old is in jail I help with her child, I know it is a disease , mental health can help, my daughter will be going to rehab soon .mental health ordered by judge. They are mentally ill.it is not always inherited. But when the lord frees them from their addition, they will be free indeed, they need the help of a staff that has been where they are. Parents are not good at understanding and helping with their problems, we are helpless, so put this in the hands of the lord, he is our strength, our healer, he loves us all, what he will do for one, he will do for us all. You all are in my prayers. God works in mysterious ways. His timing is not ours. Praying is your only resource to help your children, and bring peace to you.

  9. Addict

    Art, Sunday, Renee, Brandi, mike, drew, Belinda (?) and Naomi, thanks for all you do. There are no words. I am pleased with our state for doing what they can (with our tax dollars) to help people! Extremely compassionate group!! Let's not forget Ms. Caroline. You all are precious, blessed and highly favored!!

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