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The drug situation in Alabama is widespread and growing partially due to the illegal drugs coming in from outside their state. Homegrown Marijuana and local manufacturing of methamphetamine and designer drugs is a problem also. A large portion of the drugs that are arriving in and shipped through Alabama are cocaine, methamphetamine, and marijuana.


This is the most abused and widely available drug in Alabama. This substance is produced from a Cannabis Sativa plant. It is also referred to as:

  • Pot
  • Weed
  • Grass
  • Mary Jane

Just to name a few. Usually marijuana is smoked as a cigarette called a joint, or in a pipe or bong. Some people mix it with foods or brew it in tea. Withdrawal symptoms can occur when an inpidual stops using. The symptoms depend on a person’s level of use. If a person smokes quite heavily, they are much more likely to experience psychological withdrawal. Some of the other symptoms associated with the quitting marijuana are as follows:

  • Restlessness
  • Irritability
  • Headaches
  • Craving
  • Loss of appetite

Have also been associated with stopping the use of this drug. A person may also suffer from depression.


The abuse of this drug has also increased. This drug has been brought into Alabama by way of private and commercial vehicles. Heroin is an extremely addictive opiate that is extracted from the opium poppy. This drug can be snorted, sniffed, smoked, or injected. Street names for Heroin include:

  • Big H
  • Junk
  • Skag
  • Smack

The result of this addiction can lead to Hepatitis, HIV, and death.


This drug is also widely available. Most of the cocaine is transported from Houston, Texas or Atlanta Georgia. This powerful highly addictive stimulant is derived from the leaves of the coca bush. Cocaine comes in two forms, powder and crystalline. Out of all the illegal drugs, cocaine abuse causes more deaths than any other illegal drug. This drug can be snorted, injected with a needle, or smoked. Crack cocaine is most commonly smoked.

Club Drugs

Club Drugs are also a problem among the young people. Overdoses, seizures and arrests have increased due to increased availability and trafficking of Ecstasy, LSD, and Ketamine.


Ecstasy is a hallucinogenic drug and is also known as E, X, and MDMA. This drug is commonly known as a party drug and is also used at all night Raves.


LSD is also a hallucinogenic drug that’s a man-made synthetic. Large doses of this drug will distort a person’s senses and can produce delusions.


Ketamine is a hallucinogenic drug as well. It is legitimately used as an anesthetic in a veterinary hospital or clinic.

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