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  • Alcohol Abuse Intervention

    Alcohol Abuse Intervention

    Alcohol abuse is tough on the addict. It causes a number of physical and mental changes and as addiction is a progressive, chronic disease, these changes grow more and more terrible as time passes by. But, the alcoholic isn't the only one suffering. His or her friends and family are also reeling from the impact of the addiction.
    No one wants to stand by and witness suffering. The problem is...

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  • How Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings Help Problem Drinkers

    How Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings Help Problem Drinkers

    Even if you have never struggled with the problem of alcohol addiction before, chances are you have heard of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). AA has been around since the 1930s, and during the intervening decade the group and others like it has helped millions of alcoholics and problem drinkers recover from their issues and live a life of sobriety.
    If you or someone you care about has been...

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  • Facts About Alcohol

    Facts About Alcohol

    The type of alcohol that is consumed in beverages such as beer, wine, and liquor (sometimes referred to as "spirits") comes from the fermentation of different ingredients. The fermentation process produces but the chemical composition of ethanol is different than that of other types, including isopropyl, the ingredient found in common rubbing alcohol or methanol, which is found in such products...

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  • Is Alcohol Addiction Treatment Necessary?

    Is Alcohol Addiction Treatment Necessary?

    According to the NLM, "alcohol abuse is on the rise." If a person is abusing alcohol, he or she has a chance of becoming addicted, and "in the U.S., about 3 out of 10 people drink at the level that puts them at risk for alcoholism." Because many people see alcoholism as a form of addiction that is not as intense as other drug addiction, they do not always seek treatment when trying to quit. Read Full Article

  • Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome Symptoms

    Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome Symptoms

    Individuals who have been drinking alcohol excessively for a long period of time and decide to suddenly stop drinking; they may experience a variety of moderate to severe symptoms which are directly related to alcohol withdrawal. Any time someone quits a substance such as alcohol cold turkey without first gradually minimizing the amount of alcohol they consume, they will go through alcohol...

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  • Five Determining Signs and Symptoms Associated with Alcohol Addiction

    Five Determining Signs and Symptoms Associated with Alcohol Addiction

    There are many different signs and symptoms associated with alcoholism which involves alcohol abuse, physical dependence, tolerance and withdrawal according to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD). The following factors listed below can help to determine if a person's an alcoholic.
    Tolerance takes place first, this occurs when a person's reaction to alcohol...

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  • Supporting Friends and Family During Addiction Recovery

    Supporting Friends and Family During Addiction Recovery

    How can one go about supporting a loved one or friend in their recovery from alcohol dependence or drug addiction? It's important to understand that addiction is a disease that can affect anyone. A person doesn't have to be genetically predisposed or have grown up in a risky unhealthy environment to become dependent on alcohol or addicted to drugs.
    Potentially anyone can struggle with...

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  • How to Determine if Someone's an Alcoholic?

    How to Determine if Someone's an Alcoholic?

    Alcohol can be very destructive it affects every organ in the body and can lead to alcoholism which is a long-term chronic disease. Also referred to as alcohol addiction or alcohol dependence, alcoholism is a pattern of heavy drinking that can lead to serious life-threatening illnesses, relationship problems, career problems, legal problems, and preventable injuries and deaths caused by vehicle...

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  • Alcohol Recovery Programs for Treating Alcohol Use Disorders

    Alcohol Recovery Programs for Treating Alcohol Use Disorders

    In the United States there are around eighteen million people suffering from an alcohol use disorder which includes alcoholism (alcohol dependence) and alcohol abuse. When a person's drinking causes distress or harm in their life, it's diagnosed as an alcohol use disorder. Many people with a drinking problem in the U.S. fall into the category of either alcohol abuse or alcohol dependence and...

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  • Drinking Responsible - The Facts About Alcohol

    Drinking Responsible - The Facts About Alcohol

    Most people that consume alcohol drink responsibly and in moderation but unfortunately not everyone does. Alcohol is one of the most commonly used substances in the world but it's also one of the most abused substances in the United States and not only by legal aged adults, underage drinking is a major concern nationwide.
    Alcohol is a depressant and when consumed gets absorbed into the...

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