Alcohol and Substance Abuse Facts - How Much Do You Know?

Alcohol and Substance Abuse Facts - How Much Do You Know?

Alcohol and Drug Use List of Facts

Did you know that men and women who have a problem with alcohol are eighteen times more likely to use prescription drugs for non-medical reasons than those that don't use alcohol at all?

Two different studies were done by the National Institute on Drug Abuse and they also found that young people under the age of 25 were much more likely to abuse alcohol and prescription drugs at the same time. Unfortunately when an individual uses prescription drugs and drinks at the same time they are at risk of severe medical consequences. These include alcohol poisoning, becoming unconscious, respiratory depression and can result in death.


Did you know that one of the serious effects caused from drinking alcohol during pregnancy is facial anomalies?

When a woman drinks alcohol during her pregnancy she is risking her unborn child's health in many ways. Consuming alcohol during pregnancy can cause birth defects that are labeled Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD). Exposing your unborn baby to alcohol during pregnancy can cause physical and mental disabilities. The most critical and severe form is FASD and effects include:

  1. Deficiencies in growth
  2. A unique cluster of minor facial anomalies like small eyes
  3. Smooth philtrum
  4. A thin upper lip

Central nervous syst damage can occur also, structural, neurological and possibly functional impairment. It's extremely sad to think that about 40,000 babies a years are born with FASD and it's TOTALLY PREVENTABLE.


Did you know that a more aggressive form of Testicular Cancer may be linked to Marijuana use?

According to NIDA marijuana use by men may increase their chances of developing testicular cancer. There was a study done recently of several hundred men from Washington State that had testicular cancer. There was an association between current use of marijuana and the more aggressive form of the disease. This was especially true among the men who had a long history of using marijuana on a regular basis. Further studies need to be done in order to firmly link marijuana use and cancer.


Did you know that many people are abusing a substance called 'blizzard' and it doesn't come from Dairy Queen?

That's right, according to a Drug Alert Watch there are several products marketed throughout the United States that can be purchased on the Internet. The abuse of these substances is steadily increasing in use. Those that appear to be abusing bath salts range in age from teens up to people in their 40s that have a history for abusing drugs. These products are marketed as bath crystals, plant food, and herbal incense.

There is a substance in central Pennsylvania that's been offered for sale and the brand name is 'blizzard'. This is a powder that resbles baby powder or flour that is unscented and white in color. Many of the other brands are a powdery brown or tan substance. It seems as though people are abusing bath salts and other substances that are similar during this past year. These bath salts are used as recreational drugs and are abused by injecting, smoking, and snorting them. Not very often but some use an atomizer (turns liquids into a mist), somehow they use this as a way of abusing this substance.

There are many brand names associated with these bath salts and they include:

  • Purple Wave
  • Ocean Burst
  • White Knight
  • Snow Leopard
  • White Lightening
  • Ivory Snow
  • Ivory Wave
  • Pure ivory
  • Vanilla Sky
  • Charge+
  • Star Dust
  • Blue Silk
  • White Dove


The effects an individual experiences during abuse of this substance are; feelings of agitation, extreme high's, euphoria, intense energy, hallucinations, and problems falling asleep such as insomnia. Those that abuse this substance can also become easily angered.


Did you know there's talk of women using tampons to become inebriated?

Unfortunately there is always going to someone out there looking for new ways to get high or drunk. Hopefully this form of abusing alcohol doesn't catch on but there are young people soaking tampons in vodka and inserting them into their vagina because they can become intoxicated quicker. Men are inserting them into their rectums for the same purpose, the alcohol gets into the bloodstream much faster this way so they become high or intoxicated much sooner. This form of alcohol abuse can destroy a woman vaginally and equally the same for men rectally. Anal beer bongs are said to be another form of alcohol use among some people.

This Video explains how dangerous it is for women soaking tampons in vodka and explains what Anal beer bong is.


Did you know that Columbian Cocaine contains a substance that could cause a fatal blood disorder?

It's true, almost 71% of the cocaine samples that were tested by 2009 contained levamisole. Columbian traffickers add levamisole while making cocaine probably to make the effects of cocaine more intense. The problem is that levamisole can be extremely dangerous to people. Anyone suffering from a weak immune system is especially at risk. If a person ingests levamisole it can cause them to develop agranulocytosis, this is a blood disorder that can be fatal.

There have been at least 20 confirmed cases of agranulocytosis which include 2 deaths that are linked to cocaine tainted with levamisole. Levamisole is used to de-worm livestock and is used in the veterinary field; it also causes serious and dangerous side effects in humans.


Did you know that drug abuse every year is the cause of around 40 million very serious illnesses and injuries in the United States?

According to The National Institute on Drug Abuse the numbers are that high from people abusing drugs in the U.S. Drugs that fall under the categories of Amphetamines, Anabolic Steroids, Club Drugs, Cocaine, Heroin, Inhalants, Marijuana and Prescription drugs are all drugs of abuse and contribute to the serious illnesses and injuries suffered by those that abuse them.

Abusing drugs also is the cause of violence, drugged driving, stress and child abuse. This doesn't even account for the deaths that are related to drug abuse.


Did you know you can experience 'flashbacks' even if you stop abusing LSD?

LSD is a synthetic drug that produces hallucinogenic effects when abused. Those who use LDS experience delusions and hallucinations causing them to see and hear things that aren't really there. Many people experience terrifying and fearful episodes while under the influence of LSD and 'tripping' on this drug isn't a fun experience. LSD is a man-made drug so you can never be sure what dangerous substances are in it. Each time an individual abuses LSD their experience is different partially because of this.

It's not uncommon for people to experience 'flashbacks' even though they don't use LSD anymore. They can experience the same distorted feelings and fears they had when using LSD and they haven't touched the drug in years. This could happen for the rest of the person's life especially if they were chronic users. Those who use LSD can also develop psychoses that can last a long time; this includes schizophrenia or severe depression.


Do you know how to properly dispose of prescription drugs? Do you know what drugs should be flushed?

Mix your prescriptions drugs that are to be disposed of with an undesirable substance like used coffee grounds or kitty litter. Next put the prescription drugs in empty cans or preferably sealable bags like a baggie. Make sure to seal the baggie then put it in a small paper bag and toss it in the trash can. This keeps the discarded prescription drugs from being abused.

Due to the dangers involved to a child or pet there are some drugs that need to be flushed down the sink or toilet. The dangers of a child or pet getting hold of these medications can lead to breathing difficulties, heart problems and possibly 'Death'.

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Topic Discussion

  1. Addict

    Reading this post brought out a thought about gateway drugs. Smoking and drinking alcohol are often considered &"gateways". However your readers should understand that it is not about the fact that your teen is out drinking or smoking. It is about who they are out drinking and smoking with.

    The "real gateway" is in the people. It is the group of people that turn an activity into a gateway. Today is about getting a drink. Someone introduces a thought or even a substance that your teen was not even thinking about. This accelerates the process.
    If your teen is out buying weed for example, how long do you think it will take for the drug dealer to say "if you like that, you should try"??

    It's the people that are the danger. The people and their influence are the "real gateway".

  2. Addict

    Scott, you're right about them being gateway drugs. Even if they are not, they are bad in and of themselves. If we all pull together and help our family and friends before it's too late we can be successful. Btw, the bath salts are already banned in some countries. I'm guessing the ingredients will just change in the states.

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