Commonly Abused Designer Drugs Include Mephedrone and Synthetic Marijuana

Commonly Abused Designer Drugs Include Mephedrone and Synthetic Marijuana

We have all heard of designer drugs and how commonly abused some of them are like Ecstasy, ketamine, GHB, LSD and methamphetamine. Many designer drugs are produced in illegal labs and are developed by changing or modifying the chemical structure of another drug like marijuana, cocaine and morphine.

By taking a drug for example like cocaine and changing the properties, illegal labs are able to come up with another form of the drug that affects the brain a little differently as well as the individual's behaviors. Designer drugs are especially dangerous because you really never know how potent they are and exactly what's in them.

Mephedrone is another designer drug that's abused by some people and use can be deadly. According to the Office of Diversion Control the abuse of mephedrone was increasing in 2009 and 2010. This was especially true in the United Kingdom and other European countries. Mephedrone is an ingredient in the designer drug bath salts and is referred to on the streets as miaow miaow, meow meow, bounce, bath salts, mad cow, and bubbles.

It's unclear just how prevalent the use of mephedrone is and exactly how the drug affects a person's behavior. Kingston University experts according to Science News have devised a questionnaire recently to help determine how widespread designer drugs like mephedrone are and how they affect the users.

A person doesn't have to frequently abuse designer drugs like mephedrone before they risk death, it can take place the first time a person uses the drug. Don't let this happen to you or someone you know.

Designer drugs are often used recreationally while partying, clubbing, and during concerts and commonly used by young people because of the intense effects they experience. Most young people don't realize how dangerous these drugs are and because their legal, they think they're safe. Hopefully the loss of one young person experimenting with designer drugs like meow meow will save the lives of others such as a young lady named Stephanie who was only 20 years old. Her death resulted from experimenting with mephedrone and that was the first time Stephanie had ever tried the drug.

Bath salts are another designer drug that's been produced illegally and is responsible for serious illness and suicides among many users. The affects experienced are very similar to methamphetamine or cocaine use but it even gets more serious than that. When most people abuse this designer drug they become delusional and extremely paranoid, because of the psychosis they experience this has led to suicide. Designer drugs like this pop up overnight and unfortunately drug users and sometimes young people just starting out experimenting with substances don't even think about possible consequences until it's too late.

Some of these designer drugs like bath salts, marijuana and cocaine are addictive too, some more than others and this just makes these drugs all the more dangerous. Stimulants are very dangerous to abuse because they raise your blood pressure, your heart rate speeds up and can cause a heart attack or even a stroke. It doesn't seem to matter how much effort and money is spent on prevention, there are going to be young people and adults experimenting with designer drugs as their illegally produced and their lives are going to be ruined if not lost.

Adolescents and teens aren't the only ones that experiment with drug use, young and older adults do too. It's so sad that we have to lose precious lives before people begin to listen but unfortunately not everyone believes the use of designer drugs can be lethal. The effects and consequences of substance use goes way beyond the user, not only can the substance user lose their life abusing drugs, due to their loss, a part of a parent or loved one dies too. There's a void in their life that can never be filled again.

Synthetic Marijuana (K2) is another designer drug that has become popular and like many other synthetic drugs, they're marketed in such a way that they're able to be legal. Synthetic marijuana is marketed as incense in order to keep this illicit lab produced drug legal. In reality their consumers are usually young people who smoke or snort the substance to get high. Substance abusers and experimental users try this stuff and are unaware of the fact that it causes your heart rate to increase, seizures are possible, and intense hallucinations can occur. Unfortunately death has too.

Like bath salts, synthetic marijuana is marketed with labels that protect the manufacturer by stating the products aren't meant for human consumption knowing full well that's what's going to take place, they're banking on it. The THC in synthetic marijuana is usually very high which makes the drug much more potent, dangerous, and addictive. "Preliminary studies indicate that synthetic marijuana substances like K2 are three to 100 times more potent than THC, the active ingredient found in marijuana".

Some synthetic marijuana is marketed as potpourri and equally as dangerous. Not only can the user experience anxiety, hallucinations and panic attacks they risk death if they smoke synthetic marijuana and get behind the wheel.

The sooner a person receives help for the use of designer drugs, alcohol or any other substance of abuse the better. There are many forms of treatment available throughout the United States for overcoming addiction that include detoxification, individual assessments, individualized treatment, behavioral therapies, and education for understanding addiction and preventing relapse. Recovering from addiction isn't always easy but with the right treatment and support, you can overcome addiction and lead a normal happy life.

If you or someone you know are abusing designer drugs like bath salts, ecstasy, mephedrone or any other substance, seek help. If you're unsure where to turn, call 1-800-559-9503 because you're not alone and we can help.

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