Dangerous Ways Young People are Consuming Alcohol Today

Dangerous Ways Young People are Consuming Alcohol Today

It doesn't take long for a new fad to catch on today especially if the behavior is risky. These days' social media sites like You Tube make it very easy for a new fad to get started and before you know it, the risky behavior takes off. Often fads, old and new, include the use of alcohol, drugs and other dangerous behaviors and there's always going to be a portion of young people that are going to try it no matter how risky the behavior may be.

Alcohol is the most commonly used substance among young people and some teens and young adults are always looking for ways to obtain a high or buzz and will try new ways to become intoxicated even if the behavior is unsafe. Binge drinking isn't the only risky way people are consuming alcohol today. One fad that's been popular for quite some time involves inserting alcohol into the rectum via a tube or hose which is often termed alcohol enema or butt-chugging.

Anal Consumption of Alcohol

An alcohol enema is another unsafe form of binge drinking that leads to intoxication much faster than oral consumption does because the alcohol gets into the blood stream very fast. Along with the normal serious dangers and consequences associated with drinking, butt-chugging can lead to alcohol poisoning quickly and cause tissue damage, rectal bleeding, and other very serious complications as well. This fad may be popular but it's also a very dangerous way of getting drunk.

Vodka Eyeballing

Vodka Eyeballing is another trend that took off which involves vodka being poured directly into the eye. Pouring vodka into the eye doesn't get a person intoxicated but it can easily damage the eye possibly causing blindness. There are numerous videos on the internet showing people how this is done and sadly even though people that try it won't get drunk, they could damage their eyesight or lose their vision completely.

Tampons Soaked in Vodka

Soaking tampons in vodka and then inserting them into the vagina or rectum is another fad that a lot of young people are trying in order to get buzzed. Also referred to as "slimming", vodka soaked tampons are a way of getting alcohol into a person's blood stream quickly and prevents anyone from smelling alcohol on their breath as well. If enough alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream from using vodka soaked tampons vaginally or rectally, it can lead to alcohol poisoning which is very serious. People may think because tampons are used in this risky behavior, this is something only females are doing but boys do too by inserting them into the rectum.

Ingesting Hand Sanitizer

Even though most of us wouldn't even be able to imagine drinking hand sanitizer for any reason, this dangerous trend has been around for a while now. Many hand sanitizers contain a large amount of ethyl alcohol and some young people have intentionally ingested some of these products attempting to get buzzed. Hand sanitizers are easily purchased over the counter and they're inexpensive and parents may be totally unaware this trend even exists. There's even info that can be found online explaining how to separate the alcohol from hand sanitizing products so a person can get smashed. Swallowing hand sanitizer in an attempt to get drunk is a dangerous behavior that's actually been responsible for teens ending up in the ER.

Consuming Mouthwash

Some alcoholics drink mouthwash when they're unable to obtain alcohol but this is also something young people have done to catch a buzz. Some mouthwashes on the market contain a higher percent of ethanol alcohol than beer or wine according to the CADCA. Parents may not realize that some teens are drinking mouthwash after hearing about it through friends or seeing videos online but they can end up in the emergency room if they do. If a person drinks too much mouthwash it can lead to an overdose which is extremely serious and they would be in need of immediate medical treatment.

Boozy Bears

Another risky trend that seems to have caught on among teens in the past couple of years is eating gummy bears or gummy worms that are saturated with alcohol. Eating alcohol soaked gummy candies is a sneaky way for anyone underage to catch a buzz or get drunk without anyone knowing they're actually consuming liquor. Some teens are consuming alcohol this way at school or even at home and teachers and parents don't even realize that's what their kids are doing.

It's not easy to stay one step ahead of our kids today in order to prevent them from drinking, using drugs or participating in other dangerous activities and it's even harder now because fads get started and take off like a shot due to the internet. Kids that consume alcohol at an early age stand a greater chance of having a drinking problem later on in life. Some of the activities young people are participating in today that involve alcohol make it easier for their consumption to go unnoticed.

Parents have to do everything they can to stay a step ahead of their children today when it comes to adolescent substance abuse and risky behaviors kids are participating in. If it's a risky new fad you can be sure it's circulating on You Tube and other sites on the net.

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