Dangerous Weight Loss Products

Dangerous Weight Loss Products

Stay Away From Harmful Weight Loss Products. Once the holidays are over and the New Year begins, many of us start focusing on losing weight and getting into shape. For some people, taking off the 5 to 10 pounds gained during the holidays which started with Thanksgiving, is a New Year's resolution top on their list. Many of us though, have accumulated extra pounds throughout the years and are determined to make 2013 the year we successfully 'take it off'.

This subject hits home for both men and women, young and older, and we place entirely too much pressure on ourselves wanting the extra pounds to come off overnight forgetting they didn't just suddenly appear. We often throw ourselves into an unrealistic exercise routine that's usually impossible to keep up with and start a 'strict diet' that we're totally unable to keep, long term. Not everyone, but some people turn to diet pills or other weight loss products to help them shed unwanted pounds.

There are many different weight loss products on the market to help people shed extra pounds, some are available over the counter and others require a prescription from a health care professional. I'm not promoting the use of diet pills or weight loss supplements as a way of losing weight but because so many people turn to them, especially this time of the year, it's important they know the facts.

Using Weight Loss Products

Be Careful and Stay Safe. Most people may think if a weight loss product is available online, in stores or even from a clinic it has to be safe as well as affective but this isn't true. Did you know that "dietary supplements in general are not FDA approved or evaluated by the FDA before they reach the market"? Also according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as of now, "there is no injectable product approved by the FDA to dissolve fat".

There are many different weight loss products on the market today and some of them may do more harm than good. Most consumers don't realize that there are some fraudulent weight loss products on the market that contain substances their unaware of such as medications for seizures, blood pressure and other drugs that aren't approved in the United States according to the FDA. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration found 69 tainted weight loss products that contained "controlled substances, seizure medications, prescription drugs, and drugs not even approved in the United States."

Avoiding Fraudulent Weight Loss Products

Most of us realize if something sounds too good to be true, it's probably just that but when it comes to losing weight, if a product claims to offer totally safe and fast results, some people are going to try it because they want the pounds off today. We all make decisions in life sometimes going against our better judgment but when it comes to our health, we need to be aware of the fact that there are weight loss products on the market that are dangerous. There is no magic weight loss pill but there are definitely dangerous products out there on the internet and on some store shelves that could affect your health and even lead to death. The FDA provides information to help consumers protect themselves and recognize "Weight Loss Fraud".

HCG Weight Loss Products

Consumers need to stay away from HCG "homeopathic" human chorionic gonadotropin over-the-counter weight loss products. HCG weight loss products are also sold online and available in some stores and according to the FDA, these products are illegal and consumers should stay clear of products that contain HCG. HCG is a hormone which is "produced in the placenta during pregnancy" and is FDA approved for treating female infertility and certain medical conditions, but HCG isn't approved for weight loss.

A diet that's dangerously low in calories is connected to HCG weight loss products, which consists of around 500 calories each day. Consumers may lose weight but it's from dangerously limiting calories not from the HCG product. According to the FDA, the risks associated with restrictive diets include the formation of gallstones, electrolyte imbalance and irregular heartbeat.

Let this year's weight loss resolution get off to a good start by choosing a healthy weight loss plan that offers realistic goals, plenty of physical activity and healthier food choices. Remember, the extra pounds we put on didn't just magically appear overnight so we can't expect them to safely come off that fast either.

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  1. Addict

    I'm just starting out, I recently had a death in the family, so everything surrounding the situation took its toll on me and I was very tired and had to motivation to go anywhere. So of course, during this time I gained about 20-25 lbs in less than a year (more like 6mths), any ideas how to lose this weight and what kinds of things to eat?

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