Digital Drugs and I-Dosing

Digital Drugs and I-Dosing

I haven't heard about this before and possibly parents haven't either, 'digital drugs' and 'i-dosing' which involves an "online dealer" and digital drugs that "induce a state of ecstasy" through MP3s. According to, there's a possibility that this could be a gateway drug that could lead teenagers to "real-world narcotics.

Somehow these digital drugs can possibly get a person high through their headphones with effects that are experienced similar to cocaine, opium, peyote, and marijuana.

Marijuana Abuse

Marijuana has been considered a gateway drug for quite some time. Many people who start out experimenting with substance abuse looking for a 'high' choose marijuana or also referred to as pot in the beginning. Depending on the person, smoking pot can lead to using other drugs or substances down the road and I guess there's a possibility that listening to MP3s that are considered digital drugs could too.

Not everyone chooses to smokes marijuana which is also referred to as pot, a joint, grass, weed, reefer, gangster, skunk, chronic, and ganja. Sometimes people brew it as a tea or combine it as an ingredient in brownies or other foods. People who smoke pot roll it into a cigarette form (joint or nail), smoke marijuana through a water pipe that's referred to as a bong, or actually take cigars and hollow them out then fill the hollowed area with marijuana.


When a person smokes marijuana they begin to experience pleasant feelings, the individual begins to experience a high but it doesn't last very long. Some people repeat their use to continue the pleasurable feelings as well as the high. When a person continues to repeat their use of marijuana they can become addicted to the drug. Not everyone becomes addicted to marijuana but many people do, it just depends on the individual.


There are many people today that start their day off smoking pot the minute they get out of bed, repeat their use during the day whenever they can, and it's the last thing they do before they end their day. Unfortunately smoking marijuana doesn't just create pleasurable feelings and a high, it can also affect a person's coordination, perception, judgment, and memory too. Many people also use other substances along with smoking pot like alcohol, prescription drugs, or other street drugs which just increases not only their high but other physical and mental health risks.


Peyote Abuse

Peyote is actually a small cactus plant that's been around for years and years and has been used by natives as part of their religious ceremonies. Peyote has an active ingredient called mescaline which produces hallucinogenic effects when a person chews the drug or swallows the juice when soaked in water. Sometimes the effects from using peyote can last for about twelve hours depending on the dose and the effects can vary from person to person.


They say that the effects a person experiences when using peyote are quite similar to LSDs effects which includes an increase in blood pressure, heart rate, decreased or loss of appetite, extreme sweating, and un-coordination.

Opium Abuse

Opium is derived from the opium poppy plant (sap inside the seedpod) that's found in dry, warm climates such as Turkey, South and Central Asia, and South America too. Many people smoke opium and the effects are very closely related to what a person experiences when they abuse heroin or morphine. The effects of opium use include a very relaxed feeling overall but the drug also decreases a person's breathing, alertness, coordination and can cause nausea and constipation.


The effects from opium use can last anywhere from a couple of hours to possibly 6 hours depending on the dose and the person. Opium is addictive and withdrawal symptoms can take place in as little as 12 hours after a person stops using the drug if they're addicted. Opium is a drug that a person could overdose on easily and the results could lead to coma or death.


Cocaine Abuse

Cocaine is another drug that's abused by people for the purpose of getting high. It depends on how a person administers the drug when it comes to negative adverse effects associated with repeated or long term use. When a person starts out experimenting with cocaine they're seeking euphoria and it depends on how heavy the dose is and how a person administers the drug as to the intensity of their high.


Repeated cocaine use can lead to addiction which leads to withdrawal symptoms when a person is unable to use again or they choose to stop. It doesn't matter how a person administers cocaine, all routs can lead to a heart attack, stroke or death.


I know people are always looking for new ways to experiment with substances in order to get high and sometimes escape from reality, especially our younger generation. I don't know if digital drugs are something we need to worry about or not.

left quoteBut if they do or can come close to altering a person's sense of reality or state of mind, it's definitely worth continued research.right quote


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