Drug Paraphernalia II - Hidden Stashes

Drug Paraphernalia II - Hidden Stashes

Drug Paraphernalia and Hidden Stashes, Would You Be Able To Spot It?

As mentioned last week, there are many ways drug users conceal the substances they abuse and you can be sure drug paraphernalia will continually change. It's important that parents, teachers, and care givers understand just how widespread drug use is today and just how clever those who use drugs are.

Many Manufacturers work diligently coming up with new ways to conceal items and there are just as many drug users coming up with their own ways to hide their substance use. Not every item is manufactured for concealing substances but if it's out there and it works, someone's going to use it to hide their drugs.

It's important for parents to stay a step ahead of their children if at all possible today and that's not exactly easy anymore. Even though some of the illegal drugs that were abused in the past like LSD, mushrooms, heroin and cocaine aren't necessarily the drug of choice among teens as much anymore, they are still prevalent.

Other drugs like anabolic steroids, ecstasy (MDMA), other club drugs, marijuana, synthetic cannabis, stimulants, inhalants, and prescription drugs are still widespread and commonly abused by many young people. Recreational drug use is very popular among young people and many adults. Prescription painkillers, marijuana, synthetic marijuana like K2, club drugs used at raves and parties, and alcohol are very popular and commonly used for fun today.

Many adults can't grasp the severity and dangers of abusing substances so it's understandable that many of our young people don't get it. Our children and our young people are our future generation and we need to stay ahead of them if at all possible to insure their healthy and safe future. Hopefully understanding just how easy it is today for people to hide their drugs and substances they abuse will get more parents to be aware.

Because many of the substances our young people are abusing are synthetic and man-made like K2 these drugs are much more dangerous now. Some of the substances our young people are experimenting with are full of toxic chemicals which are dangerous enough; mixing them with alcohol and other substances has proven to be deadly for many young people.

Here is a list of drug paraphernalia that's designed to conceal or hide items. Many of these items are being used to stash substances and they are so close to the real thing, they would be hard to spot. We want to trust our young people but at the same time we want to protect them. The sooner we are aware that our children may need treatment or counseling for substance abuse the better their chances are of leading a healthy, clean, and happy life with a full future ahead of them.

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Stash Items That Could Be Used For Concealing Substances:

Authentic looking In-Ground Sprinkler Head looks like the real thing but it's hollow inside and is a convenient hiding spot for stashing a substance.

sprinkler head stash


Battery Stash Boxes can be found authentic looking but the bottom screws off and there is a secret safe inside where you can conceal items.

battery stash boxbattery stash safe


Book Stash Safes can either be bought or personally made by tearing out the inside pages for stashing substances inside.

book stashbook safehidden book


Bottle Openers can be purchased that are hollow inside and the bottom comes off.

bottle opener stash


Cigarette Lighters that are hollow indisde and the bottom comes off to conceal items.

cigarette lighter stashcigarette lighter safe


Car Cigarette Lighters that are hollow inside can be used for concealing substances.

car cigarette lighter stash


Cleaning Supplies like Ajax are hollow inside and the bottom comes off.

carpet cleaner stashall purpose cleaning stashajax stash


WD40 cans are also hollow inside and the bottom pops off.

wd 40 stash can


Food Stash Cans like Heinz baked beans and Delmonte peach slices are hollow inside for easy storage. There are other food stash cans available also.

delmonte peaches stash canpringles stash canmaxwell house coffee stash canCampbell Soup stash canheinz baked beans stash can


Food Stash Jars can be purchased for stashing or storing items.

food stash jarspeanut butter stash jar


Wax candle is a 6 inch genuine candle that works but opens at the bottom and there is a cylinder for concealing items. Other Candle Stash Safes are available also.

wax candle stash safecandle stash box


Shoes like Flip-Flops are used for storage, the heel opens up.

flip flop stash boxsandles stash boxshoes stash box


Laptop PCI Slots can also be found with storage inside.

laptop stash boxpci stash box


Computer Hardware Stash Boxes make hiding items harder to find.

usb stash boxcomputer hard drive stash box


Hollow Pager adapted to hide substances.

hollow pager stash box


Surge Protectors that actually work are designed for storage.

surge protector stash box


CD Cases that have been converted into stash safes. Looks like multiple cd's stacked up but when you open the top it's one thick CD with a hollow center for stashing items.

cd case stash box


Unique Dragon Skulls used for decoration opens with a concealed compartment inside.

dragon skull stash box


Flower Pot Stash Safe, flip the flower pot over and the center of the pot comes out. There is a hollow center in that piece so you can stash items.

flower pot stash box


Coffee Mugs, just take the top off of the coffee mug and the center is hollow.

coffee mug stash boxcoffee thermos stash box


Soda Stash Bottles are available for stashing items.

coke cola stash bottleroot beer stash bottlepepsi stash bottle


Soda Stash Cans can be found for concealing items.

sprite stash cancountry time stash cancoke cola stash candr. pepper stash canhawaiian punch stash canpepsi stash cancanada dry ginger ale stash can


Tea Cans are available for stashing items.

arizona tea stash can


Wall Outlet Stash Safes are another convenient way of concealing items and may be used to hide a substance.

wall outlet stash box


Hygiene Stash Cans are available for hiding items.

hair spray stash canshaving cream stash canhygiene stash canchapstick


Pet Food Stash Cans make good hiding spots.

pet food stash cans


Closet Light Stash Safes can be used for hiding items.

light stash box


Beer Can Stash Cans are available for hiding items.

bud light stash canbudweiser stash canmiller stash cancoors stash canold english stash can


Water Stash Bottles can be found for easy item storage.

water bottle stash box


Wall Clock Stash Safes also make good storage and hiding places.

wall clock stash box


2 Liter Soda Bottles are available for convenient storage.

2 liter soda bottle stash box2 liter bottle coke cola stash box


Energy Drink Stash Cans are quite convenient for hiding items.

monster energy drink stash canred bull energy drink stash canrockstar energy drink stash can


Fabric Protector Stash Cans are used for hiding items.

scotch guard stash canfabric protector stash can


Truck and Car Cleaner Stash Cans hide items.

vehicle cleaner stash cantruck cleaner stash cancar cleaner stash canvehicle fabric cleaner stash can


Bedding Stash Safes are convenient storage for items.

bedding stash safepillow stash safe


Keychain Stash Safes can conceal substances easily.

keychain stash box


Furniture Stash Drawers make good hiding places.

furniture stash drawertable stash drawer


Tool Box Stash Boxes conceal items easily.

tool box stash safe


Home Decor Stash Boxes could be used to stash or hide items.

picture frame stash box


Jewelry Box Stash Safes are convenient hiding spots.

jewelry box stash safe


Many of these items are also used for legitimate reasons in most homes but there are a lot of people purchasing them to conceal substances. Parents just need to be aware of just how easy it is today to conceal items like illegal drugs, prescription drugs, and substances like marijuana (cannabis).

These items could be inside your home or on your child and you would never even know it. It's just not that easy anymore staying one step ahead of our young people today.

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