Drug Paraphernalia, What Every Parent Should Know

Drug Paraphernalia, What Every Parent Should Know

Staying a Step Ahead of a Drug User Isn't All That Easy To Do!

This article will be the 1st of 2 articles pertaining to Drug Paraphernalia. There are so many different and unique ways people conceal and stash their pills and substances it's understandable that it goes un-noticed by parents, teachers and caregivers. Hopefully the information in these articles will help parents to stay one step ahead of their children when it comes to drug use.

Because drug use continually rises among our youth and young adults it's important for parents and care givers to be aware of the drug use trends as they change. Unfortunately this happens quite frequently. Many parents don't even know what to look for besides changes in behavior in their children. Most of the time, those signs are quite evident when a person is using drugs. Sometimes there is evidence of drug use lying around and we don't even know it.

It's hard to keep up with the new trends in Drug Abuse anymore. People are always looking for another way to abuse a substance to get 'high'. Many parents are unfamiliar with the street terms that reference the drugs that are abused now-a-days let alone the paraphernalia that's associated with them. There are 2 categories that drug paraphernalia falls into, user-specific products and dealer-specific products.

User specific products are marketed to those that use drugs in order to help them hide and conceal the illegal drug or substance. Other user products can be obtained for use when abusing substances in order to get high.

Dealer specific products are items that are used by drug traffickers. They use this paraphernalia when they prepare their illegal drugs that they sell on the streets. Items that are traditionally used with tobacco like pipes and rolling papers are not considered drug paraphernalia.

The equipment that is used when producing, concealing or consuming illegal drugs is called Drug Paraphernalia. Under Federal Law the definition of drug paraphernalia is "any equipment, product or material of any kind which is primarily intended or designed for use in manufacturing, compounding, converting, concealing, producing, processing, preparing, injecting, ingesting, inhaling, or introducing into the human body a controlled substance".

Unfortunately drug paraphernalia is usually marketed towards the youth. In a way to make the drugs appear harmless and not so dangerous this paraphernalia many times is designed with; colorful logos on them, celebrity pictures, and also cartoonish designs like smiley faces are on these products.

Drug Paraphernalia Establishments

In the 60s and 70s throughout the United States drug use began to rise, because of this 'head shops' began to pop up. These head shops are stores that sell a large variety of drug paraphernalia. Today paraphernalia associated with drugs is easy to obtain. Some of the ways include:

  1. Online stores
  2. Mail order businesses
  3. Tobacco shops
  4. Some popular and trendy gift and novelty stores
  5. Gas stations
  6. Convenience stores

A lot of the drug paraphernalia can be somewhat hard to recognize because when these products are marketed they appear to be sold for legitimate reasons. An example of this are bongs and pipes, these are quite often purchased for marijuana use. Many times these items have a misleading disclaimer that indicates they are being sold for the use of tobacco products.

Remember that a lot of the drug paraphernalia that's manufactured is geared toward the younger generation. You can find bongs, pipes and a wide assortment of other drug paraphernalia in bright and sometimes fashionable colors. Some of this paraphernalia have designs on them like skulls, devils, dragons, and wizards. This is definitely a way of getting the teens and young adults interested in their products.

Examples of Drug Paraphernalia

Pipes (metal, wooden acrylic, glass, stone, plastic and ceramic) and other different types are used when smoking marijuana (cannabis), crack cocaine and methamphetamine as well as various other illegal substances.

glass blown pipes metal pipes wooden pipes


Clothing pipes are also available for those who smoke illicit substances; this belt buckle conceals a pipe inside.

belt buckle pipe


Game Console Pipes look like an authentic Nintendo 64 game controller but has been converted to a pipe for smoking marijuana (cannabis) and other illicit substances.

nintendo64 handset pipe


Gas Mask-Pipes have been converted to drug pipes for smoking cannabis and other substances through.

gas mask bong gas mask pipe marijuana gas mask


Jewelry Pipes can be found as necklaces and pendants that have pipes concealed inside.

hemp necklace hemp necklace glass pipe mushroom pendant pipe


Key Ring Pipes come in the shapes of bullets, flash lights that really work, whistle's and mini pipes for smoking marijuana and other substances.

bullet pipe key ring flash light pipe key ring pipe key ring whistle key ring pipe


Lighter Pipes that are authentic looking but have a pipe hidden inside for smoking marijuana or other illicit substances.

lighter pipe


Makeup Pipes like lipstick dispensers are authentic looking tubes of lipstick but when opened have a pipe hidden inside.

lipstick pipe


Magic Markers and Highlighter Pipes look like the real thing but when opened, there is a pipe concealed inside.

highlighter pipes marker pipes marijuana marker pipe


One Hitter is a small miniature pipe that is used for a single (one) inhalation or hit of marijuana (cannabis).

chillum one hitter glass blown one hitter cigarette one hitter


Stealth Pipes come in a variety of ways; there are cell phone, magnet, and zippo lighters that have a pipe hidden inside for smoking substances through.

zippo pipe cell phone pipe magnet pipe


Meth Pipes used specifically for smoking methamphetamine.

glass meth pipe rosey meth pipe meth vape pipe


Bongs are used to smoke tobacco, cannabis (marijuana), and other substances through. These are also manufactured in a variety of ways. Statues, ceramic Grim Reaper, and glass Red Apples are some of the ways bongs are manufactured and sold for the purpose of substance abuse.

vodka bong acrylic alien headshop bong man smoking bong


Dugouts are small wooden cases that typically have 2 compartments. One of the compartments stores the substance like marijuana and the other holds a hollowed out 'bat' or 'pipe' that looks like an actual cigarette. This is used to take 'one hit' or inhalation of the substance. There are more modern versions of dugouts available today, they're colorful aluminum cylinder shaped and contain grinders and lighter storage.

dugout metal dugout wooden dugout


Chillums are cone shaped pipes that are used to smoke marijuana (cannabis) or hash.

solid color chillums glass chillums clay chillums


Grinders are also called bud grinders and they're used in grinding marijuana that's being prepared for smoking.

herb grinder micro grinder pot grinder


Roach clips are primarily used when smoking a marijuana joint, this device is used so the smoker doesn't burn their fingers while smoking it. Roach clips are manufactured in many ways including earrings, bracelets, wires and key rings.

bracelet roach clip earings roach clip keyring roach clip wires roach clip


Marijuana plants produce cannabis that's sold illegally on the streets or grown for an individual's own personal use.

pot marijuana cannabis mary jane


Marijuana grow kits include everything a person needs to grow cannabis (marijuana) in their home. Many of these kits also include the lighting necessary for growing their own marijuana plants.

led plant grow lights marijuana hydroponic kit marijuana vaporizer


Postage scales like this one is used by many individuals when weighing drugs and other illegal substances with the intentions of selling them.

drug paraphernalia scale marijuana scale


Hidden Scales can be found in a variety of ways, when opened up there is a scale concealed inside; computer mouse scale, IPhone drug scale and a spoon scales are used for weighing out illegal substances.

iphone scale computer mouse scale spoon scale


Hookahs were originally used for smoking tobacco but today they are also used for smoking marijuana or also referred to as cannabis. Some individuals also use hookahs to smoke hashish.

hookah nammor hookahs khalil mamoon hookahs


Hookah Jewelry can also be found that's manufactured as necklaces and pendants, when opened or taken apart can be used as a hookah to smoke substances from.

hookah bracelet shhmokewear original wrist hookah bracelet pipe hookah necklace


Cocaine Freebase Kits contain a small spoon, a lighter to heat and liquefy the substance and cocaine. Other paraphernalia used for cocaine abuse includes; mirrors, razor blades, rolled up money or paper, cut up straws, spoons, needles, syringes, belts or items used that can be tied around the user to constrict the vein intended for abuse.

crack pipe cocaine freebase kit


Syringes are used when injecting illegal drugs intravenously such as; morphine, heroin, cocaine, amphetamine, and methamphetamine.

syringes omnican syringe colorful syringes


Baggies are used when selling or concealing drugs and substances, these are common baggies sold in grocery stores.

baggies drug paraphernalia bags plastic baggies


Huffing Paraphernalia

Some substance abusers choose huffing in order to get high, intoxicated, and achieve euphoria. Huffing also causes hallucinations when certain chemicals are inhaled. Vapors are inhaled from a variety of toxic chemicals that are found in common household products. These include; volatile solvents like correction fluid, nail polish and remover and glue; Sprays and aerosols which include; paint, cooking products, and hair products; Gases that include; butane lighters, air conditioning gas, propane tank gas, and nitrous oxide which is called laughing gas; and Nitrates which are found in some room deodorizers. Open containers like plastic soda bottles or cans, rags, cotton and paper or plastic bags are also used by those who huff to get high.

cans spray paint huffing paraphernalia substances used for inhalant abuse


Drug abuse is extremely widespread and affects people of all ages. Many times our young people that experiment with drug use have paraphernalia lying around the house or in their possession and unless a parent has seen them before, they would never know some of these items are associated with drug use.

Not only do drug users come up with their own ways of concealing drugs and substances, those that manufacture products meant for drug paraphernalia use come up with something new all the time. It's important for parents, teachers and caregivers to stay informed so never stop researching drug use and drug paraphernalia because it changes all the time.

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