Eliminating Fear from Alcohol and Drug Treatment

Eliminating Fear from Alcohol and Drug Treatment

For anyone who has never experimented with alcohol and drugs or abused them, it would be hard for them to understand the fears an alcoholic or drug addict would have regarding detoxification and substance abuse treatment. For them, the fear of abusing drugs or addiction would keep them from ever needing treatment in the first place.

The benefits associated with drug treatment therapy are remarkable. Just the fact that drug treatment treats the whole individual makes a huge difference in recovery, and the chance of relapse is greatly reduced. The other wonderful thing about drug treatment and drug rehabilitation is that it focuses on the individual’s addiction as well as their emotional dependence. Many times just getting to the core of the addiction and why it started in the first place is all the individual needs to start working towards a drug free life. Families as well as the alcohol or drug addict benefit from this type of therapy. This makes a huge positive difference in society as well. The negativity associated with alcohol and drug abuse affects the whole community in one way or another. When professional and successful drug treatment enters the picture, the addict benefits, families and friends benefit, health care benefits, employers benefit and the community heals as well.

Addiction treatment also decreases health care cost, alcohol dependency leads to illnesses that are included in the top three causes of death; heart disease, cancer and stroke. Asthma is very prominent in our society; drug abuse such as cocaine causes asthma to get worse and many times is misdiagnosed. Physical and emotional illness is associated with alcohol and drug abuse and successful drug treatment and rehabilitation reduces those risks immensely. Hospital costs, emergency room visits and hospital stays have been remarkably reduced due to addiction treatment centers.

There are thousands of individuals who have formed drug addictions and alcohol dependencies throughout the world but are afraid of the treatment process needed to successfully treat their addictions. One of the biggest fears shared by many addicted to drugs and alcohol are the withdrawal symptoms that are associated with their addiction. Depending upon the substance and the duration of addiction, their fears are totally understandable. That’s why it’s so important to understand what drug and alcohol addiction treatment consists of, what the benefits are to the addict and loved ones, and how much safer and successful professional substance abuse treatment can be.

Remember, we are all unique; the drugs of choice are different as well as use and duration of abuse. Therefore, withdrawal symptoms, detoxification treatment, drug treatment, drug rehabilitation programs, and counseling and therapy are all different and designed to help the individual in need. What is needed for successful drug and alcohol addiction recovery for one person isn’t always what’s needed for another individual. That’s why professional and experienced addiction treatment is so important and critical for an individual’s recovery.

Detoxification Withdrawal Treatment and Rehabilitation

Alcohol and drug detox isn’t a cure for dependency and addiction. This is simply the first stage an individual goes through in order to safely release the toxins in the body and throughout the bloodstream that have built up and taken over due to alcohol or drug abuse. This process may be done with or without medications depending upon the individual, type of substance abuse and duration of abuse. A professional who is experienced with the detoxification process will be able to decide if medication is appropriate and what kind depending on the individual’s addiction. Going through this process alone without professional help can be extremely dangerous as well as deadly, so choosing an experienced detox center is imperative.

Detoxification Facilities


The duration and severity of withdrawal symptoms are different for each individual. Each drug or substance is different, and there are many factors to take into consideration depending on the drug that has been abused. The individual’s age, physical health, choice of drug or substance, how it was abused, how often and how long are all important factors that determine withdrawal symptoms and the detoxification process. It is extremely important to understand that detox treatment only deals with the physical dependency of alcohol and drug addiction. Once this process is successfully completed, drug treatment rehabilitation programs are essential for treating the psychological needs.

There are a variety of drug and alcohol treatment centers and programs available for treating drug and alcohol addiction. Most people are unsure of where to even start when looking for a professional qualified treatment program. That’s one reason many individuals suffering from alcohol and drug addictions go untreated. This toll free number is available 24 hours a day for anyone in need, call 1-800-559-9503 for professional guidance.

Residential Treatment Programs

An inpatient treatment facility is also referred to as residential treatment. This treatment approach has been extremely effective in treating addictions to drug and alcohol abuse and dependency for thousands of people. Residential treatment centers many times are necessary for those with severe drug addiction problems. Residential Treatment involves extended care and can range from several weeks to several months depending on the person and their essential needs. These programs are designed not only to help the individual stay a safe distance from drugs and temptation, but offer stability, education, meetings, therapy and behavior modification. These tools are necessary for anyone addicted to drugs or alcohol in order to live a drug free life. Short Term Residential treatment is also available for those with much less severe drug and alcohol addiction abuse needs.

Outpatient Treatment Programs

Depending upon the severity of drug and alcohol addiction, outpatient treatment programs have proven to be very successful for individuals with less severe addictions and dependency. They offer the same tools that are necessary in treating addiction such as behavior modification, therapy, meetings and education but the individual lives at home. Outpatient treatment programs are less expensive than inpatient treatment programs but offer the same professional experienced treatment and therapy designed toward the individual’s needs.

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Behavior Modification

Behavior modification is an important tool for success in drug and alcohol abuse treatment and recovery. Remember detoxing from drugs and alcohol is just the beginning of the treatment process. If the drug addiction isn’t treated both physically (detoxification) and psychologically (emotionally), drug and alcohol relapse is inevitable. The individual needs to get to the root of the problem as to why the addiction took place to begin with as well as their negative way of thinking and behavior during the addiction.

Taking accountability and modifying attitudes, behaviors and learning new ways to handle stress and negativity is critical in the recovery process. Professional drug addiction counseling, therapy and 12 step programs are beneficial for learning and understanding new approaches and better ways of thinking.

The wonderful thing about behavior modification and therapy is that the tools you learn not only help in alcohol and drug addiction and recovery, but are beneficial in other areas of your life also. Learning positive approaches dealing with stress can strengthen your work performance, relationships with family and friends along with your mental and physical health.

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Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment is a small step to take towards freedom and happiness

Topic Discussion

  1. Addict

    i got addicted to heroin and cocaine ,after 25 years of addiction losing everything and every one i now know how inexpensive i gave my life away drugs will lower you down to nothing selling your body even your children and finally with a sick and worn out body with HIV have to die all alone in an ale dark cold.it is not worth it methadone can help if you have found out that addiction with no doubt will kill you like a sick street animal no worst than that.

  2. Addict

    I am a nurse who became addicted to narcotics. Going through physical withdrawal from narcotic addiction was bad, but I never could have done it without going to an inpatient treatment facility. They help both the physical and mental withdrawal. I struggled to find the right inpatient treatment facility.

  3. Addict

    I need to find some medical connection between alcohol addiction and drug addiction. It is my understanding that the drug of choice has little to do with the disease and that once you have the disease you may no longer use the drug or drink alcohol because the disease cannot differentiate the two? Is this true or have I been misinformed for years? I don't know where to look for the comparison so that I can convey it to some people I know. I was always told that once you have an addictive disease you would not be able to take any mind altering substances including alcohol. Can you help me?

  4. Addict

    I need help!!!! I don't know what to do!! I was addicted to pain pills at a very young age due to an injury. I was addicted to them for 13 years, half of my life. I've been clean and sober for two years now, being on Suboxone. My pain has gotten a lot worse, I don't and can't get out of bed most of the time. Plus, my depression had gotten so bad; I don't want to do anything and can't do anything. I've tried all the alternatives pretty much available. What's your suggestion?

  5. Addict

    The advantages related with medication treatment are amazing. Simply the way that medication treatment treats the entire individual has a tremendous effect in recuperation, and the possibility of backslide is significantly lessened. The other awesome thing about medication treatment and medication recovery is that it concentrates on the individual's fixation and also their enthusiastic reliance.

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