How Would You React?

How Would You React?

We've covered the subject of drug assisted assaults in the past and I think most young and older adults today are more aware of how easily a person's drink could be tampered with if they're not careful. Unfortunately sometimes we let our guard down when we meet someone that's attractive and interesting and become much too trusting.

Most people probably think men are the only ones capable of drugging a person for illicit intentions but that's simply not true. Women are just as capable of spiking a man's drink with the intention of robbing them or even for intended sexual assault. The truth is, both men and women have been drugged, sexually assaulted, or robbed and even killed.

After watching a show on TV not long ago, I realized we have to be even more cautious than I once thought, both men and women. The TV show 'What Would You Do' is about realistic situations that are set up and played out with actors to see what ordinary people would do or what their reactions would be if an outrageous and shocking situation took place. Some of their realistic scenarios are eye opening and really make you think.

A couple of episodes 'What Would You Do' has done, shows just how easy a person's drink can be tampered with in plain sight of others and not everyone that observes this taking place, does anything about it. People also reacted differently depending on whether it was a man or a woman's drink being spiked. We all would like to think that if we were sitting at a bar whether we were with a date or not and someone dumped a substance in our beverage and others saw it, they would not think twice about letting us know before we took a drink.

Women Drugging Men Happens More Often Than You May Think

It's also amazing to me that if a woman is seen tampering with a man's drink even though others see this taking place, they may be less likely to let them know. In one episode, a young and innocent looking woman (actress) is seen putting a powdered substance into her wealthy dates (actor) drink twice, while sitting at the bar after he goes to the restroom. Even though the barmaid and other men sitting at the bar are aware of what the woman has done, nothing is said to the man after returning from the restroom and they even watch him take a drink. Eventually the man pretends to feel sick and his date excuses her-self and walks away for a few moments.

The actor not only pretends to be sick in front of the men sitting at the bar but also complains to the barmaid about his drink possibly having soap or something in his glass. Believe it or not, even though he looks as though he could pass out, no one tells him they saw his date dump something in his drink. Eventually the couple leaves the bar to continue their date even though the man still appears to be ill, without anyone saying something to the man or woman about what happened.

What's shocking is that after the couple leave, the men sitting at the bar immediately start talking about what the heard and saw even joking about the man (actor) possibly ending up in the emergency ward. Fortunately this was a setup scenario to see how others would react and we all would like to think that whether you're a man or a woman, people would let you know if they saw someone trying to drug you by spiking your drink.

Clearly some people would step up and let someone know what they saw but not everyone would and for various reasons. It also appears that the more innocent a person looks, especially a woman, the more apt someone may let them know but if they're appearance is less than conservative looking, people may be less likely to step in and say something. I would like to think that most people would step up and let a person know that someone just spiked their drink and that it also wouldn't make a difference if it was a man or a woman, innocent looking or not.

This is something we don't think about ahead of time but after watching both videos I'm just curious, 'how would you react'?

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