Illegal Online Pharmacies

Illegal Online Pharmacies

What can be easier than this, everything you need at your fingertips with the click of a mouse. Can't get any easier than that! There are plenty of legitimate legal pharmacies online to shop from but like everything else, illegal ones are all over the net too. They have one goal in mind, and that's to make money no matter who may suffer in the end.

The legal online pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies follow all the rules and regulations that are set in place and the safety of their customers comes first. Many of the legitimate online pharmacies are also certified by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy. Some of the larger legitimate pharmacies may not be certified because they are already well known and have recognized names. There are ways a person can tell if the pharmacy is legitimate or not.

  1. They will always require a prescription from your licensed doctor by mail or fax.
    • A call will be made to your doctor to verify the prescription as well

  2. They will require that a medical detailed history is submitted.

  3. The pharmacies shipping fees, privacy and payment options will be clearly stated on their site.

  4. Their websites will always have secure and encrypted connections for the safety of all transactions that are made.

There are many pharmacies online that are not legitimate. The use of non-medical prescription drugs is increasing throughout the United States. In 2006, a national survey showed that seven million Americans used psychotherapeutic drugs for non-medical reasons. A total of 5.2 million people reported abuse of pain relievers. These drugs are manufactured legitimately so many people aren't worried about being judged for their habit. They tend to justify this behavior because they believe the drugs aren't harmful to their health when compared to street drugs like heroin or cocaine. If only people understood that not only are these drugs extremely dangerous but they can also be lethal.

Adults are not the only ones purchasing prescription drugs online from shady pharmacies, teens are as well. Teens seem to be turning away from street drugs and that's good news. The bad news is that they are turning to prescription drugs instead. Some of these drugs are just as addictive and can be just as deadly when abused. Not only are they ordering them online because it's easy, but their lack of knowledge mixing drugs could end tragically. Imagine purchasing drugs from these illegal pharmacies online and they're tainted or because of lack of knowledge, not what you thought they were. Many people have found this out the hard way.

Teens are abusing some prescription and over-the-counter drugs just to get high. Studies show that every day, 2,500 youth's from 12 to 17 years of age abuse pain relievers for the first time. More teens abuse prescription drugs than any illegal drug except for marijuana. Illegal online pharmacy shopping, how much more convenient can it get! Many adults are doing the same thing so they are readily available in medicine cabinets for young people to get hold of.

There are a variety of ways that prescription drugs can be obtained depending on the type of drug. Anti-anxiety medications, hydrocodone combination products and anabolic steroids are very accessible and illegally purchased online. Illegal internet sales of controlled substances very often involve 100 or more high-potency pills. This type of sale happens hundreds of times a day. This is one of the fastest methods of perting controlled pharmaceuticals.

There are honest legitimate pharmacies online, and many good reasons people use them. The legitimate ones are safe and easy to access. They allow people with valid prescriptions to have their medications filled over the internet for convenience and also to help those inpiduals in some remote areas with limited mobility an easier way to access their medications. Do your homework and find out as much as you can before you pick up that mouse. The NABP (National Association of Boards of Pharmacy) is a good place to start.

In 2008 President Bush urged Congress to pass legislation to halt illegal sales of highly addictive prescription drugs on the internet as part of the national drug control strategy. At that time, Internet Pharmacies were selling addictive painkillers without a prescription and this was a major factor pertaining to the increase in prescription drug overdoses. An example that President Bush used was about an 18 year old teenager from California who had overdosed on painkillers he had purchased illegally online. On October 15th President Bush signed into law the Ryan Haight Online Pharmacy Consumer Protection Act of 2008. This new law took effect in April of 2009.

Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Bing are helping to protect the public from buying fake medication by adopting a new policy. It's very easy for a person to end up at a website that is unregulated and not even know it. The policy prohibits online pharmacies that are not certified as Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites (VIPPS) from advertising in the “sponsored links” on search engines. I find this very commendable on their part. This doesn't protect the public completely though. Unverified online pharmacies sometimes still show up in the regular search results.

If things aren't bad enough, the FDA put a warning out for immediate release on December 29, 2009. This warning was to make the public aware of an international extortion scam. Criminals were posing as FDA special agents and other law enforcement personnel when calling victims who in most cases had previously purchased drugs over the internet or via ‘Tele-pharmacies'. They inform the victims that purchasing drugs over the internet or the telephone is illegal and that action will be pursued unless a fine or fee is paid. The fee ranges from $100 to $250,000. Some victims even had fraudulent transactions placed against their credit cards. This money was to be wired to a designated location, usually in the Dominican Republic. If the victim refused, they were often threatened with a search of their property, arrest, deportation, physical harm, and incarceration.

There are excellent reputable online pharmacies that legitimate. To help protect yourself the FDA has a helpful website with tips for your online safety.

For those who are seeking out these illegal online pharmacies to purchase their prescription drugs illegally, I hope you understand just how dangerous this can be. The consequences could be deadly. GET HELP NOW!!

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