Jimson Weed Addiction Highs are Not So Pleasant!

Jimson Weed Addiction Highs are Not So Pleasant!

Cheap Jimson Weed High comes with a Price

What is Jimson Weed?

Jimson Weed is a herb type plant that is extremely poisonous if the juice or seeds are eaten. Jimson Weed is also known as Datura Stramonium and is from the plant family Solanacea.

For many years Jimson Weed has been used as an intoxicant and also used in herbal medicine in North and South America, Europe, and Asia. Jimson weed can also be found In the North Eastern part of the United States to Texas.

When abused, Jimson Weed is considered a hallucinogenic drug and young people have used it because it's free and because of the hallucinogenic delirious high it produces. Jimsonweed normally was mixed into herbal teas but can also be smoked. The seeds and leaves can be eaten, as well as the nectar of the flower. Jimsonweed is a wild plant that can be found everywhere in the continental U.S. so it's very easy to find.

Legitimate Jimson Weed Medical Use

There are quite a few uses for Jimson Weed pertaining to traditional medicine; it's used to treat several illnesses like epilepsy, depression and psychosis. Extracts from the Jimson Weed plant are still used for the treatment of bed wetting, diarrhea, intestinal cramps, and asthma.

Jimson Weed Street Terms

There are names given to Jimson Weed that are used when referring to this hallucinogenic plant on the streets which includes:

  • Thornapple
  • Stinkweed
  • Locoweed
  • Augushka
  • Ditch weed
  • Devil's snare
  • Devil's seed
  • Devil's trumpet
  • Korean morning glory
  • Jamestown weed
  • Angel's trumpet
  • Beelzebub's Twinkie
  • Madhatter
  • Crazy tea

Jimsonweed was somewhat popular around 1994 but due to the harmful effects the use of this hallucinogenic plant began to decline. When people abused Jimson Weed they became confused, agitated, their vision became blurry and their behavior was aggressive. When people ingested Jimson Weed many experienced seizures, comas and some died.

Three documented cases of Jimson Weed use shows that this hallucinogenic drug was intentionally misused in more than one state from June to November of 1994. In Texas on June 19th there were two young teen boys aged 16 and 17 who died from abusing Jimson Weed. The day before the 2 boys and a couple of their friends drank tea that was prepared from the plants roots and drank alcohol. They were in the desert and after they consumed the beverages they fell asleep. The 2 young boys that drank the most tea died. The other two friends only had a small amount of the tea ended up being ok.

In New York on October 9th there was an 18 year old boy that was taken by his mother to the emergency room because she found her son hallucinating while unclothed. He became extremely sick but fortunately ended up being ok.

In California on October 22nd 2 boys and 4 girls that were between the ages of 15 and 17 years old drank Jimson weed tea and ended up in the emergency room. Four of them were admitted into ICU because of the serious and potentially dangerous effects they were suffering from due to the misuse of this plant.

In Maryland on July 9th 2008 6 adults went to the emergency department and were admitted due to symptoms from ingesting jimson weed. They were between the ages of 38 and 80 years old. The family members had all eaten homemade stew and bread 4 or 5 hours before they went to the emergency room. When they got to the hospital 2 of the 6 people were unconscious. It was finally determined that the stew contained jimsonweed and thankfully all of the adults fully recovered.

In Madison, Wisconsin in 2002, a total of 5 teenagers, all boys went to the emergency room at different times for eating jimson weed. One of the boys went twice within a month. A physician at the hospital said they have actually had people try to fly and crawl in the middle of the streets and intersections when high and hallucinating on jimson weed.

Jimson Weed Poisoning

Jimson Weed toxicity usually takes place within 30 to 60 minutes after a person ingests Jimson weed. The most poisonous parts of the Jimson weed plant are the seeds and leaves. The symptoms of Jimson Weed poisoning include the following:

  1. Problems with urination (little or none)
  2. Vision becomes fuzzy and hazy
  3. Pupils become dilated
  4. Mouth becomes dry
  5. Queasiness
  6. Vomiting
  7. Increased blood pressure
  8. Fast pulse
  9. Coma
  10. Seizures
  11. Hallucinations
  12. May become light-headed and dizzy
  13. Death

Do NOT make a person try to throw up, this is very important to remember if someone has ingested jimson weed and you suspect poisoning. Call poison control or a health care professional first!

It's important to remember that the sooner the individual receives medical help the better. The symptoms of jimson weed poisoning could last up to 3 days. The intensity of the symptoms depends on how much of the jimson weed plant was consumed.

Jimson weed is misused mainly by young people but because of the extremely unpleasant affects most usually only try it once. Unfortunately young teens are curious by nature and I'm sure some have tried Jimson Weed out of curiosity. This hallucinogenic herb type plant has sent many young people to the emergency room in the past and some never came out. There are probably young people today that have never heard of Jimson Weed and how dangerous this hallucinogen can be so make sure you let the young people in your life know that even though it's a 'cheap high', it comes with a price.

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Topic Discussion

  1. Addict

    Jimson is not so bad as long as you do just enough. I myself did about a cup for my first time and it was that bad .At first I didn't feel anything from the tea for I used only one flower so I then used two or three the memory gets blurry but it did work and I did feel a different high that I was looking for. I don't recommend it for it is deadly and I didn't know this when I was trying it but I did know of it after effects.

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