Ketamine Abuse Can Cause Schizophrenia and Hallucinations

Ketamine Abuse Can Cause Schizophrenia and Hallucinations

Ketamine is a medical drug used both for human medicine and veterinary medicine as well. Unfortunately it is also a medication that carries a certain potential for abuse. Ketamine is most commonly used as an anesthetic medication in veterinary medicine, primarily for when an animal is going to undergo surgery.

This medical drug is also often used in human beings for anesthetic purposes, though it was used more in the past than in present day. The most common reason why Ketamine is used by humans in present day is specifically to become high from the drug.


For legitimate purposes, Ketamine is a liquid solution. When it is used illicitly on the other hand, Ketamine is regularly converted into a powder form. Ketamine is also often mixed in with a wide variety of other drugs, such as marijuana. One common combination is to mix marijuana with Ketamine and then to smoke the laced marijuana for a more potent effect.


Ketamine Abuse

The reason why Ketamine is abused is because it has hallucinogenic properties. It is an anesthetic medication. Abuse of this particular drug began to gain popularity during a time when users were realizing that it produced some of the same effects that PCP has been known to create. Some people also utilize Ketamine for predatory means, incapacitating an intended victim because they will not taste or see the dissolved drug in a drink.

The majority of people who are abusing Ketamine are teenagers as well as young adults. The Drug Abuse Warning Network says that 74 percent of the people who are using Ketamine are aged between 12 and 25. This is based on statistics from people ending up in the emergency room for Ketamine related reasons.

Short and Long Term Ketamine Abuse Effects

People who use Ketamine for recreational purposes can have a wide variety of different reactions to the drug. People who take Ketamine generally have a distorted perception of things like sound and sight, and it causes them to feel as if they are disconnected or as if they are out of control. Someone who takes Ketamine for recreational purposes can have their judgment, senses and their coordination impaired for as long as 24 hours following taking the drug. The hallucinogenic effects that are associated with Ketamine use are only going to last from between 45 to 90 minutes, and yet the other negative effects can last for a whole lot longer.

Using Ketamine over long periods of time, or using the drug in large dosages has been linked with a number of additional problems. Ketamine has been known to cause physical problems as well as mental problems. Some of the side effects associated with long time use of Ketamine include but are not limited to:

  1. Depression
  2. Schizophrenia
  3. Amnesia
  4. High Blood Pressure
  5. Impaired Motor Function
  6. Fatal Respiratory Problems
  7. Delirium

These are the more serious side effects associated with Ketamine abuse. Both schizophrenia and hallucinations can appear as a result of Ketamine use. These are serious side effects that should indicate why Ketamine is such a harmful drug for you to take or use.

Getting Help for Ketamine Abuse

If you are abusing Ketamine and you are beginning to experience the onset of symptoms like hallucinations and schizophrenia, then you absolutely cannot hesitate to get help now. There are a number of solutions available in the terms of drug rehab facilities in your area. Make sure that you put some effort and time into finding the right solution for your substance abuse problem. You should look for a drug rehabilitation program that is designed specifically to suit people who are addicted to Ketamine or other prescription drugs. This will help to make sure that your drug rehab program is custom tailored to meet your individual needs.

You need to be prepared to go through detox and rehab, addressing both the physical and the emotional sides of a substance abuse problem or addiction. A long term, in-house or residential treatment program is going to be the best course of action if you are trying to overcome a serious addiction. Remember that it can take some time for you to get over all of the physical impacts of the drug, but getting the right help is going to play a profoundly positive role in helping you to get the assistance that you need.

You can get the ball rolling on your recovery today; you simply have to find the right drug rehab program in your local area.

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