Methadone Addiction, Detox, Treatment and Withdrawal

Methadone Addiction, Detox, Treatment and Withdrawal

Methadone is a synthetic opioid with potent analgesic effects. Although commonly associated with the treatment of opioid addiction, analgesia may also be prescribed for various pain syndromes. It may also be an appropriate replacement for morphine, when side effects limit dosage increases. Methadone toxicity is not always apparent in the first few days after initiating therapy and so careful follow up of all patients is mandatory.

Any other medications that the inpidual is taking may interfere with methadone so careful dosing is required. Methadone treatment for pain is a lot cheaper than other long acting morphine formulations

With methadone maintenance, addicts take regular doses of methadone to decrease the withdrawal and cravings that are associated with opioids. It is one of the most successful treatments for heroin addiction. The treatment is also highly cost effective, costing about $5000 per patient, compared to nearly $25,000 to look after a patient with AIDs.

Methadone Classification

Methadone is classified as a schedule II of the Controlled Substances Act. Initially, its use was limited to "detoxification treatment” or "maintenance treatment” within U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved narcotic addiction programs.

Because of its potency as a pain killer, the DEA has allowed physicians to prescribe it for pain control. However, most states require that a physician document in the chart that methadone is being prescribed for pain control and not treatment of drug addiction. Many hospitals, however, do not have methadone supplies in their pharmacies. All physicians with appropriate Drug Enforcement Agency registration may prescribe methadone for analgesia.

Methadone Prescription Difficulties

Methadone prescriptions for the treatment of drug addiction are not easily available. The prescriptive authority by physicians is highly controlled and monitored. Only a few selected registered physicians have the ability to prescribe the drug and physicians have to make a special application to the FDA and the Drug Enforcement Agency.

The Department of Health & Human Services and the FDA also decide dosage regimens and how, and under what circumstances, methadone maintenance may be used to treat opiate addiction. Most methadone clinics must obtain an extra license and comply with extra set of both federal and state regulations.

All this has made it difficult for opioid addicts to get methadone. Although there are over 700 active methadone clinics in the Nation, many states don’t allow methadone clinics, forcing some patients to drive hundreds of miles each day to get their required daily dosage. Clinics in states that do allow methadone often have strict morning hours that make it difficult for patients to stick to the regimen.


Methadone has been studied as a therapy for cancer pain and other chronic pain. It is an appropriate replacement for opioid when pain remains poorly controlled or when side effects of other opioids limit dosage escalation. Available data suggest that methadone is effective in relieving cancer pain and has a similar analgesic efficacy and side effect profile to morphine.

Methadone Dosing

Methadone can be administered both orally and via injection. When administered for pain control, the onset of analgesia is approximately three to six hours. When methadone therapy is initiated, then this duration typically extends eight to twelve hours with repeated dosing.

When methadone is administered for drug addiction, its slower onset of action and long half-life helps in decreasing the incidence of withdrawal symptoms. In the outpatient setting, methadone dose is slowly increased over 5-7 days, depending on the patient's response. In some opioid tolerant patients, higher doses of methadone may be required over a shorter time.

During the titration phase, daily telephone progress reports by the patient, family members, home health nurses, or hospice personnel are recommended. Patients should be informed that several titrations might be necessary to reach optimal pain control.

In all patients continuous monitoring is required to ensure that withdrawal to opioids is not occurring. The dose can be safely increased in small increments while the patient is in hospital. Transition from high-dosage opioids may have to be completed in an inpatient setting with assistance from a pain specialist.

Side Effects
  • Side effects associated with methadone include:
  • Pruritus
  • Nausea
  • Constipation
  • Confusion
  • Sedation
  • Respiratory Depression

Excess sweating and flushing are common with oral methadone dosing. Caution should be taken with initiation of therapy and dosage increases because severe toxicities may not become apparent for two to five days. Side effects such as sedation and respiratory depression are increased when methadone is combined with alcohol or other drugs.


Methadone offers a cost savings over standard morphine preparations when used to treat pain. Legislation is being considered to reduce or even eliminate some regulations on methadone providers to make treatment more widely available.


The recent availability of buprenorphine for opioid addiction treatment has brought more optimism to the field of drug addiction. Like methadone, buprenorphine is a replacement therapy. It is easier to withdraw from than methadone however; the risk of it being perted illegally is even lower than for methadone. If it is injected by a would-be abuser (rather than being taken by mouth, as it is intended to be used therapeutically); it causes withdrawal symptoms and not a "high."

Topic Discussion

  1. Addict

    People buy and sell suboxone (buprenorphine) more than methadone especailly since most methadone treatment is much closely monitored and people (addicts) are never given a months supply of methodone in advance. The most they are given at a clinic is week long take homes and to get them you must pass months of drug tests and go to mandatory therapy to even get one week. With suboxone addicts often get their month supply sell all but one and take the one a day before their doctors appt. so it shows up on a drug test. Methadone clinics at least use random drug testing so addicts can't prepare for them as they do with suboxone, and many addicts do inject the drug to get high and it works. Also the long term side effects are not known as they are with methodone and if it so safe why do women who become pregnant while on suboxone are switched directly to methadone (they are told not advised told and alot forced to not detox while they are pregnant because it harms the baby more than being on a cosistant supply of methodone) there are no quick fixes it is a long and painful journey no matter where you begin it at a clinic, a detox, or a doctors office it is HELL but the rewards far out wiegh the suffering involved to detox. i should know I have been sober for one year on the methadone clinic and two years off but it was an extremely difficult detox because I did it rapidly I went for 100-0 miligrams in less than a month.

    • Addict

      Lisa and Dena, are you taking it in pill form or liquid? I know if you go to a clinic they give you liquid. Janet, my opinion is that the length of time all depends on each individual, his or her doctor, and the support from family and friends! I will say that unless a person has been addicted to heroin for many, many years and don't think they can live sober that there is no reason to be on methadone for five years. I would encourage him to think about slowly coming off. I don't understand why most doctors let there patients have so much say in how long and how much there going to take! Michele, I understand what your going through. My girlfriend is on methadone and it has only been a year and I'm tired of dealing with the ups and downs. I'm a recovering junk yard. I used heroin, meth, and cocaine intravenously, as well as every other drug on the street. Shooting up heroin is no joke I had the monkey on my back for 7 years & have 3 clean. My best friend died of an overdose not even a year ago, Im not sure but I think it was one of the first times he used a needle. Sorry this is so long and I have more to say but Ill say buy for now. If anyone has any questions about anything I would be happy to talk. I have tried getting sober every way I could think of and I can tell you methadone is only for the most extreme cases and there are other options. Ill be praying for Michele and your brother, as well as Janet/son, Lisa and Dena!

      • Addict

        Hi Drew,

        I just wanted to commend you for getting off the methadone and staying clean! I've been on it for 7 years and have been decreasing very slowly; my counselor said if I decrease more than 10% I will be considered A.M.A. I went from 130 MGs to my current 50MGs but the withdrawals are pretty bad in the mornings. Is there any advice you can give me for this? Take care, Tom.

        • Addict


          A little background...I was on 80mg. methadone daily. My decrease regiment when my wife lost her job was 15mg once a week. However this was against my counselor’s advice not because of the rapid detox but because I decided to do my 15mg. decreases 1 time per week (lump sum) instead of her recommended 2mg. per day. I decided this because my wife, being a nurse had advised me that a (lump sum) or once per week would give my body 6 days to adjust and stabilize. Now let me tell you the results however probably hard to believe. Also keep in mind that I was at a point after a year and a half at the clinic that I despised the notion that I was on the shit anyways and I was disgusted at the way the clinic is so unregulated or how they always wanted me to go up instead of down. With that being said, my 15mg. once per week decrease from 80 mg. went flawless. I felt no symptoms whatsoever during the taper. As a matter of fact I had never felt better. I noticed that 50mg then more at 30mg. that I had an increase in energy and no more sleeping all day or "dozing". At the end, I was not on any medication until 2 days after my very last dose. I kept a positive attitude which I think helped the most during the decrease. But yea no sleepless nights, no cold sweating etc. etc. Like I said, I was ready for it and hated our clinic. HOWEVER!!! After my last dose I felt the symptoms in which I self-medicated with 2 days of Adderall which helped my cold sweating symptoms. (This is due to the fact that artificial stimulants reduce adrenal function in the brain which reduces the symptom of (cold sweating). And after the initial first two days my family doctor put me on a medication regimen of [trazadone] for sleep, [neurontin] for pain and RLS, and [Vistaril] for my moodiness but I think I might need something more for that. Anyways I am 15 days clean from methadone and I have never had more energy and I feel great. I hope that you will too and good luck.

          • Addict

            I cannot agree with you more! I am one week off methadone, came down 5mg daily, vs the clinics 1mg a week, almost 3 years times $80. Get my point? Money racket! Iweighed 115, and they showed me to go up to 140mgs, ask the while I'm asking them... What is the correct it average dose! I also got adds to help, along with melatonin at night, and on my worst couple nights pieces of zans... Although I wish I had what you had above...RSL is the worst. I'm a little weak, but getting better. I was hoping I would have more energy by now, but no turning back!!! I also had the same experience... Clinics making heroes put of patients who earned 30 take homes!!!! They wil unfortunately end up to be what they call LIFERS!(on methadone)

            • Addict

              I'm on 108 today and am dropping 6 mg daily until I'm at 0, which will be February 12. I'm nervous bc I can't stop life from continuing like being a mom, wife, & having a career. However, I'm almost excited! I have this strange feeling ill be ok..maybe I'm nuts but I'm not terrified, I know I'll be uncomfortable. I accept that. But I feel like it's not gonna be to bad.Ppl think I'm bonkers bc of all the war stories that mdone takes 6 mos to detox off of. You & the person above have give. Me more hope than u can imagine, THANK YOU. you don't understand how much you just helped. Good luck!

          • Addict

            hi, so this is 2017, have you been sober now, I'm on methadone for 7 years, wanna quit but just cant, I'm at 45mg but haven't gone down lately, plus I work and I feel if I quit I wont be able to work for month at least, wats you think

        • Addict

          I am being PRESSURED by the insurance pain management dr., who doesn't even know me, ( I have been seeing my back dr. for 13 years since I've had 2 back surgeries, the second one unsuccessful, although I do move now, and I was IMMOBLE before surgeries. After having epidurals, morphine, demoral, every kind of pain treatment imaginable, oxycontin came on the market. Since I developed colitis, probably due to the anti-inflammatories and Tylenol that WERE present in all pain medications before oxycontin, I was happy to find something that helped me lead a somewhat normal life. I am still in constant pain, mainly referred pain, sciatic, and now herniated disks in my neck. I have been the sole caregiver to my grandson since he was 1 1/2 and he is now 9. I take a huge dose of oxycontin, but have actually gone down over the years, since more doesn't work better. Now my insurance company is pressuring me, in the worst way to go onto methadone. I mean for life. My pain is not getting better, only worse over the last 13 yrs. My daughter is a methadone and heroin addict, with no pain to begin with, and EVERYONE I know who is on or has been on, (Only my aunt got off on her own), has been a horror story. The doctor conveniently leaves out the heart issues, which run in my family, and I have already, and the fact I have high blood pressure, and am on medication for lowering it. These problems alone should keep me from even considering it. I WILL NOT TAKE IT! It is as cheap as DIRT and the new dr. finally admitted that is the ONLY reason they want to switch me. What happened to the Hippocratic Oath. FIRST doctor, do no harm. My doctor, who has BEEN my doctor for 20+ years, says that the switchover will, he thinks, literally kill me, due to the fact they can't judge or regulate someone who is on high doses of oxycontin. The half-life is different and I swear I am having a nervous breakdown, with even being bullied. I could get as much methadone as I want, I know this because I watched my daughter, and she would simply TELL them she needed a LOT! I think it is a CRIME and the withdrawal from methadone is NOT a myth. I have witnessed it and I will not go on something, even if they intend to KEEP me on it, when all the doctors lie that it is so wonderful! IT IS SO CHEAP! This last insurance Dr. actually got the calculator ought to show me the savings! It is my BODY not the finances I am thinking of. He actually remarked, "If you had a blue chip insurance company you wouldn't even be here!" Meaning his appt. to switch. I am so disgusted, and I just found out my sister in Kentucky was put on methadone because she gets headaches! I think methadone is THE drug from hell and I have done a lot of research. Teresa

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          • Addict

            I suffered a spinal cord injury Jan 2008 C3/4 Central cord Syndrome incomplete. I took Demerol for 3 years without a problem. Ten they sent me to a Pain Mngmt clinic. They took me off the Demerol put me on Oxycontin for 6 months when my neuropathy was flaring up changed me to morphine extended neuropathy still worse, put me on Methadone now 6 months and twice went to ER thinking I was dyeing. Google Methadone detox and you will see all these drugs increase sensitivity to pain. They convinced me to take Lyrica and increased the dose until I had what I call Drunk legs. Amen Teresa I am looking at getting off this junk now. They should not be practicing.

        • Addict

          You are saying you have withdrawal at 50mg? I am on day 11 off methadone, and was on for over half my life. Something to think about, I detoxed down to 4 mg. My withdrawal is about the same as day 2 off methadone. I am hoping this gets better soon. Some will live the rest of their lives on methadone, and there is nothing wrong with that. I, being female, do better, off methadone. The changes are unbelievable in such a short time. All good, but still so sick it's hard to appreciate.

          Good luck

    • Addict

      I would be interested in more information on how you detoxed from the methadone. I am on 75mgs and I want to wean off maybe not quite as fast as you did. How did you manage to drop so rapidly? Also, how did you keep from getting extremely sick? Were you working at the time?Is there any advice you could offer that would make my detox any easier? Thanks in advance

      • Addict

        hi sammy, i was on 200mgs of methadone for 5 years and really didn't think there was any way to get off. and would most likely still be on it if my mother hadn't died. i was taking care of her so when she died, i didn't the money for methadone and my bills living somewhere else. all i knew was anytime i didn't have it , it was awful. i would get sooo sick. so when she passed away, the same month which was very hard. my aunt found a place called the serenity house in abilene tx. no one but them was willing to help me because it was methadone and such a high dose i was on. thank God they took me. they had a medication , that helped with the withdrawals but it was still bad but nothing like it was when i just ran out of methadone. i was in detox for about 4 or 5 days and weaned off of their medication. i was very shaky and couldn't sleep for several weeks but not violently sick. i was actually supposed to stay for the 30 days of treatment. lectures. a.a. ect. but was so homesick i left after detox. still shaky but wide awake i returned to my family. and boy do i mean AWAKE! i felt like i had been sleepy for 5 yrs. the past 5 yrs seemed hazy. i have never thought of wanting methadone again and i have been off for 3 yrs. i guess it repulses me when i realize how much i missed out with my kids from being in a daze all the time. I'm not saying that it does that to you but i was on a very high dose. when i came back home everyone kept commenting on how great it was to have the real April back and that i was so different. i am so grateful to be off of it and i hope you find your answers. but no i don't think you would be able to go to work and detox at the same time. plan to take at least a week or two off. god bless you in your journey.-April

        • Addict

          I don't know if you are still reading these post but I am hoping that you are and can offer me some advice. I have been in a methadone maintenance program for almost three years now. About 2 weeks ago my sister ( who also has been attending the clinic for two years ) was accused of selling her take home dose. They punished her with a rapid detox which ended for her on Saturday. I was right behind her being falsely accused of selling my take homes as well. The clinic did an immediate call back and when they saw that everything was OK, I had the right amount of bottles and my urine test was good , they let me go home with my doses. I was at a 105 split dose. The next day I got called to see the doctor who told me I was again accused of selling my dose and they took my phase and split dose away from me. Two days later I was called at home and told that someone wrote a letter accusing me of selling my dose. (mind you I hadn't had a take home dose because they took it away.) I am now being rapidly detoxed at 5 mg a day, and I am oeterfied!! I would love to know what the drug was that helped you with your methadone withdrawal so I can tell my doctor and hopefully get the help I so need. I know what you mean about your family wanting the real you back, because my family says it all the time. I want my life back. While I am aware that my rites have been violated I would not turn back to methadone i I had a choice. I never would have began this program if I knew then what I know now. I am going to post my number, if anyone has suggestions please help. My phone is off until Wednesday, you can also e mail me. I am desperate for help!!

          • Addict

            I know the meds you need if you are still on this post. Have your Dr. give you three things something for sleep,Xanax and subutex and I swear you will be out of the hell your in. With the subutex all you need is 21 that's how much mine gave me and I was on 120mg on a 21 day detox,and did it without any with drawls at all. Unfortunately my story didn't work out because three years later I relapsed on heroin and like a dummy got back on methadone now I have been on 70mgs for the past three years and today they just took my carries for missing an appointment with my counselor. I want off and am thinking of a 21 day detox but my clinic wont because that's for people in trouble. I feel I am in trouble with these dam liquid handcuffs. I don't like going to the clinic never have. My family wants me off tomorrow. So my Dr (a new Dr) wrote me for what I needed but she didn't have the special number it takes for me to get the subutex the most important one. So I am waiting for her to get it then I am detoxing and if the clinic refuses to give me a 21 day I will walk off the clinic. Been there done that too. Oh and lastly the subutex is kind of expensive but very worth it. Cost-co has it for the cheapest,. Good luck and god bless

          • Addict

            Hi there I went cold turkey off of meth (medically prescribed) I told my doctor the next day and he would not wean me off he's an idiot. I called every detox center in our small town and they wouldn't take me because it was medically prescribed DAH. I am on day 30 and still sick. I took 10 mgs/day for 5 years and I will never go back to my doctor again. The meth clinic would not take me either because I wasn't a street addict. Figure that one out. Good luck, write back if you wish.

        • Addict

          Where in Abline, Texas I live in mesquite can you help me? I am on 80m a day i want out of the haze I want to see clearly now.

          • Addict

            I am taking 85 mg and I want out of this hell hoe I can't stand being on this methadone because I've had suicidal thoughts, and I don't like thinking about that because I have a BIG life ahead of me of course I have my mom brother, sister and a little bit of support from my step dad but any how I like the fact that I have some one that cares about me. so I just want to know what is the best thing for me to do if I want out of this hell hoe please write back A.S.A.P THANK YOU AND MAY GOD BLESS YOU!!......

            • Addict


        • Addict

          What did you think of Serenity House? I can't find reviews.
          I'm thinking of sending my son there. He's been taking
          methadone for 4 years and can't seem to get off it. He's
          willing to go to a detox rehab center, but I'm overwhelmed
          by all of the information and choices.


      • Addict

        I've been on methadone for 3years i got up to 360mg a day got my monthly take homes I'm down to 160 a day know and because i had to much water in my drug test I'm down to a week of take homes so I'm considering quitting its just starting to be a hassle i work out of town a lot and it scares me to think of the withdrawals but i know I'm gonna have to go through it one day and the clinics don't really seem to want u to ever leave it seems.

        • Addict

          This is late because of the reply date, but I am interested in what scares you? You can reduce the dosage by milligrams and even half milligrams so that the dosage deficit and withdrawal symptoms will be negligible. Or, are there other reasons that you would prefer to keep private. Whatever the fear, you should understand that keeping a positive attitude and a routine will assist greatly. This is your not let others dictate your outcome or how you should feel without counted-on support, encouragement, and a continue aggressiveness.

      • Addict

        I only have personal experience from my detox of methadone. I did it slow......I was on 90 mgs and dropped every week 5 mg until I got to 20 mg. I stayed at 20 for two weeks. Then I started dropping 2.5 mg each week. Once I got to 2.5mg, I went and dosed every other day for ten days. After that tenth day I took my last dose and I got up the next day and went to college and NA meetings and didn't suffer from the dreaded withdrawal.

      • Addict

        I just wanted to give my input too because I have just weaned from 110mg to 80mg then lost my job and my wife could not afford to support my methadone habit. I took my dose at the clinic and went home with 2 take homes which I made last 6 days and now going cold turkey (I guess). Not to bad so far and I don't expect it be to hard because i would go 2 to 3 days without just so my body would be ready. I will keep posting if anyone is curious on how bad the withdrawal is. for the record I was only on oxycodone for 1 year and the methadone for 6 months.

        • Addict

          i don't even think they should of gave you methadone. I know you thought you needed it but really I did heroin for 3 years and I did a lot until I found out I was pregnant with my now 10 year old son , but I needed it at the time but they don't tell you when you get on how much hell you will go through coming off and that you should go through the withdraw from oxycodone than methadone because coming off of oxycodone is like having a cold compared to coming off of methadone. No one told me that after taking methadone for years that my teeth will just start breaking off and if you don't have the money to fix them it is like a domino affect they all go and how bad your bones get because it is all you calcium out of your body and you don't know what your going to feel when you come off because it has been covering up all your pain. I had an ovarian cyst and I couldn't feel the pain but when one of the methadone clinic's started to give me a rapid detox I was in double pain, the pain from the withdraw and from finally feeling the pain from the cyst. Now the program I am in now is done took me from 155 to 110mg in 2 days and I am sick, these methadone programs don't care about you or me all they want is the money either from you paying out of pocket or from your insurance it is a racket they can care less because they know they will have a 100 more people wanting to take are spot in the program when were gone. But people who are just hooked on oxycodone just go through the withdraw from them because you don't know what your getting yourself into when you start methadone.

    • Addict

      Me and my fiance have been attending the methadone clinic and are currently getting assistance from our bishop and will not be able to pay much longer. I am about to have to go through a withdrawals and have not been able to find someone that has been in my position to talk about this with. Would you mind writing me and explaining what it may be like or what I can expect? My email is [email protected] I'm honestly terrified of this and would like to at least know what I'm facing. It would be much appreciated. Thank you.

      • Addict

        its really nasty, u can expect hot and cold flashes from HELL , diarrhea, vomiting, cant sleep, its a very ugly thing to go through, it sucks very badly. i pray for you and your fiance, please pray for me, i hope u get better

    • Addict

      how did u do it? i am trying 2 come off 150 mlgs the best and least painful way, but i need to do it in about the time u did. any help would be greatly appreciated, i desperately want off this and will not be able 2 pay for it much longer i have 2 start 2 come down on my dose asap, but i am soooo scared as i know what withdraws from the methadone feel like and i fear i will not be able 2 do it. i have decreased from 150 2 130 but i can't seem 2 get over this small hump 2 get to 25. i don't know anyone else who has come off it and any advice u can give is needed. thanx!

      • Addict

        I have been off methadone for 6 years and off dope/booze 7 1/2 years. And, as much as I effing hate Methadone, the clinic setting, and the side effects, it DID work for me! But it was a process. And, I had to push back a little in regards to the clinic's recommendations. Here's a little background: I was a pill addict for 10 years, then I turned to heroin because it was cheaper and easier to obtain. I knew it was time to get serious about kicking when I started to consider selling my body for dope and when I began scouting for a place to sleep in a wooded area in a fairly urban area (I'd moved there from a beautiful mountain town where I'd lived previously so I could more easily buy heroin and have access to a needle exchange). Prior to that I was a college-educated published author with consistent work, a nice car, a nice home, a loving husband, and a group of amazing friends--basically, I had the world at my fingertips. I stayed on Methadone for a year a half, starting at 80mg. Yes, they always pushed for me to go higher and stay on it longer than I did, but I never let them. But, I understood their reasoning. Studies DO indicate higher success rates for those who stick with it for at least 3-4 years and stay on relatively high maintenance doses--which, of course, differs with each individual. But I weighed this information out with the fact that the clinic setting was grim and uninspiring and no place for someone looking to better their life. It's there that you see your old drug dealers and other users--the people you need to stay away from. With drug deals going down in the parking lot, it takes some serious effort to tell yourself, "I am on a path of improvement." In fact, I'm sure these factors fed into the horribly deep depression I experienced during that time. Ironically, my depression was the reason why the clinic always wanted me to increase my dose. But I resisted, since I had a convincingly strong gut-feeling that that a lot of the unhappiness was due to the Methadone and all that comes with it. I also resisted the suggested increases because I recognized that it indeed was in the best financial interest of the clinic to keep me coming--so I had to question their motives. With all this in mind, at 14 months I demanded a slow and steady drop-down: 5 mg every other week until 10 mg. Then I went down .25 every other week until I was done. During the titration, I began exercising because I knew it would be my saving grace at the zero hour. I started with Zumba as it seemed less like exercise than other options. To my surprise, I began to experience joy again--the joy that methadone robs its patients of. The pounds I'd gained since being on M began to melt off. By the time I hit zero, I began spinning classes every morning. Yes, there was a lot of sleeplessness, but an Rx of Trazadone helped. I also suffered from a lot of anxiety. But this was the price to pay for sobriety, and I knew it was temporary and It was worth it. Antidepressants helped. I'm happy to report that I am free and clear of everything except the antidepressant, which helps with the chronic depression that originally led me to using. I am continuing to rebuild my life. I lean into 12-step programs as insurance that I hopefully won't ever have to repeat those miserable years as a practicing addict or ever again need to see the inside of a Methadone clinic. My suggestion to anyone reading this who seeks a life beyond drugs and Methadone: There is no simple, painless way through this. It's a far out of the woods as it is into the woods ... meaning: We spent many years getting deeper and deeper into our addiction, so we can expect a similarly long path away from it. Use whatever you can to help get through the Methadone years--don't sit on your ass bemoaning your situation for too long. That is the trap to avoid. Methadone provides the time and space for you to rebuild--that is, make cognitive behavioral changes in your life to make it different from when you were using. Theses changes can be as simple as going to bed at a different time, making your bed, eating meals at the same time every day, showing up daily for work. If you are anything like me, you need rituals and repetitions that are opposite of those of an active drug addict. You probably won't be motivated (damn that Methadone!) to do so, but if you are desperate enough for a new life, you will try to make a series of gentle, slow, and steady changes during this time. Get a job, get a purpose, start exercising regularly, get a routine, become accountable, join a meditation group, start playing a musical instrument, volunteer somewhere--this is your opportunity. It may not come again. To deal with the anxiety and get help with the cognitive behavioral changes that need to occur, form a working relationship with a therapist to whom you TELL EVERYTHING. Work this Methadone tangle out one knot at a time. Be patient but persistent. Every little change helps, and with every little victory comes the self confidence that you can do a little more. Good luck to you all; it's a difficult path, but so worth the effort. You can rebuild!

      • Addict

        I'm replying years later so I hope I'm a help. I've been on Methadone off & on since 1972. This time it's a 15 year run. I stay clean on it. I get tablets and two weeks take home. When I worked out of town I got 28 day take outs. I've detoxed many times in my life. I've even used Heroin for 2 months then kicked heroin using 3 days methadone. So much is in our heads. I do know every time I detox off methadone I start using again. So for me I accept my lot in life. I'm an opiate addict. Better on methadone because I function. Own a home, car, Harley, pay bills just like my neighbors. I'm 62 and at my age I feel like why try now? Just stay on Methadone and live out my life. I did a 5 day detox once. After 18 days of NO sleep, vomiting,diarreah, and feeling like I'd rather die I used dope. We know how that went. Good luck too you and all my brothers and sisters who have got trapped in this life of hell.

    • Addict

      i've been on methadone for 5 years have been coming off for almost 2 i get two week bottles i hate methadone while i believe they put you on too much i was on 125 and am 5'4" woman whom is 120 pounds i wish they didn't force me up but when going on i didn't know any better i have suffered from drug addiction for 8 years on and off even sent to prison for 18 months at 19 all because of heroin i'd been given methadone many times prior at detoxing facilities and they start at 25 and go down 5 a day so why do people on maintenance need such massive doses it's the government making a ton off of drug addiction, and making it impossible to just walk away. I wish i never went on my daughter was born addicted and while she's only 2 and i've seen no residual side effects, i do not want her to know her mother as a junkie who couldn't stay clean i'm now on 17 mg and go to 14 next week I'm 28 years old and if i knew now what I knew at 23 I would of never went on. BUT i have been able to keep jobs and go to college and have a 3.7 GPA also i'm trying to have my criminal record expunged i only have one felony, and am trying to get into nursing school and do not want my past following me i was 16 when i started heroin i was raised in an upper middle class family who did no drugs or drinking, and should of known better. I have been not feeling well coming down by 10 until i got to 40 then 5 until i got to 20 then 3 until i get to 2 mg i only pick up every other week so i go down then. i didn't notice until i went form 25-20 and now i'm fine just not 100% i want to be clean luckily i'm on Xanax to help with the withdrawal. I will try to come off that when i am completely off methadone for a month or two. i have been prescribed benzo's and anti-depressants since i was a teen and now that i'm not on such high doses of methadone either it's just the withdrawal symptoms or maybe just problems i've dealt with my whole life.

      • Addict

        Nobody forces you to go. On the contrary, in most clinics it's hard to go up. nobody can force you to take medication you don't want too,. Your kid should know you were a junkie because you went and got help! I've been on methadone 30 years and on for the past 24 straight. Wouldn't change it for the world. It gave me my health back, my family, and self respect. People have complaints about clinics and so do I sometime but the hell with that. The goal is to go get your methadone, take it and get better. What goes on there or what their silly rules are is no concern of mine. Only my sobriety is

        • Addict

          NOBODY CAN FORCE YOU TO GO ON METHADONE? I BEG TO DIFFER! My new insurance pain management doctor, who was told to see me and put me ON methadone, admitted it to me! He admitted he is hired by the insurance companies to tout the wonders of methadone, And boy did he! I heard the history of its inception, as if that mattered, and was told, when I protested, FURIOUSLY, that I refused to go on Methadone. Forget the fact my 32 yr. old daughter has been on methadone, and heroin, when she can get, it for 10 yrs, and I now have legal custody of my grandson when she went to the methadone clinic when he was 5 days old, to REQUEST her dose! She simply said she had a huge problem with addiction, and they complied. She was completely drug-free at this time, and it didn't even concern them. I watched her "RAISE" my grandson while going through red lights, never bathing the baby or herself, (I didn't know yet WHAT she was on). He began banging his fist into his face and head and didn't talk or eat by 1 1/2. I had to go to court and fight for legal guardianship, which I won, who had failure to thrive by 1 1/2 yrs. She has spiraled downhill, had another little boy, which she kept away from me, fearing the same thing would happen to him. It did, only a much worse outcome. He was born on methadone and heroin and has Tetralogy of Fallot...aka "blue baby with 4 heart defects. He has recently been taken away and they are taking away ALL parental rights. He is being put up for adoption if possible. Now I was asked to adopt, but I am disabled, and has been so hard to raise my now wonderful grandson. He is 9. Now I come to the issue of MY insurance dr. wanting to put me on massive doses of methadone for my pain control. I have managed to live a relatively normal life after they developed oxycontin, but it is merely the cost that is making them pressure me to change. I know lots of people on methadone, not for pain control, but their doses are nothing compared to the doses he is considering. He has no intention of ever getting me OFF, at least, he hasn't mentioned it, and he is a talker. I am NOT in a fog now, but EVERYTHING I have read, regarding the doses I would need, not to mention my REGULAR back surgeon refuses to switch me over. He has known me for 30 yrs. and he says I will die during the transition. When this was mentioned to the insurance Dr. He called MY regular doctor "OLD SCHOOL!" If that means cautious, give me old school any day. I have high blood pressure, am on blood pressure medicine, have heart problems, and heart disease killed my father early. These issues alone would preclude me from methadone, but once the doctor pulled out his calculator; he thought it was a done deal. I have refused for a total of 7 doctor's hours! He isn't stopping. I don't think he can make me take anything, but as my youngest daughter pointed out, "no Mom, but he can probably deny you your regular medicine." So I am waiting for my next appt., surely a badgering to take methadone. I think the methadone clinics are a disgrace to everyone, it's just a money-making operation and used mainly for people who THINK they will get a cheap high. Then they are stuck on methadone. The rights to methadone were sold to the U.S. by Germany for ONE DOLLAR! That sums it up. OH, forgot to mention have had 2 back surgeries, and now 2 bulging disks in my neck, arthritis, could be from the back and neck injuries. I remain in constant dull, deep pain, but have lived with it since 1995. I don't expect to ever be pain free- but I have an abiding belief methadone WILL kill me very soon if I let them try to switch me. I would have to be hospitalized due to the different half-life of oxycontin and methadone. The statistics bear out the fact most deaths are during your transition, so why would I take the chance, also he doesn't mention I will have LESS pain!

      • Addict

        I am not trying to burst your bubble, but just trying to save you time and money. I am a registered nurse and an addict. I did some research and there is no state, in the United States that allows a person to have a nursing license with a felony. It does not matter what the felony is for, it is a federal and state mandate that individuals that apply for nursing licensure not have ANY felonies. They will work with you, in 5 states, if you have a misdemeanor. It would be best to try either to have your felony reduced to a misdemeanor, which is also very difficult, I also researched expunging felonies and it is never done if you committed a crime that resulted in a felony conviction. States will expunge misdemeanors, however the cost involved is several thousand dollars. I do not mean to sound negative, I just do not want anyone wasting their time on a career that will never be able to be obtained. Also, since you are a benzo addict, nursing school will prove very difficult. Your poor brain has been on really horrible substances for so long that there is a lot of damage done to your brain. Who knows what you could have been, if only you would have never had all of these things happen. You need to be off of all mood altering substances for a minimum of 3 years before your body starts to stabilize and function properly. I wish you the best. As addicts we are all fighting, what seems like, an uphill battle.

    • Addict

      I have been off methadone for 2 months. Before that I had tried everything to detox off it but couldn't handle it. The only thing those pathetic counselors got right was that you have to be ready, determined, and take it slow. Try to be as healthy as possible- eat right, take supplements, exercise of any kind when you can to get your brain firing again on its own, drag yourself into the tub or shower when you can, nap when possible because sleep doesn't last long. It takes months. Surround yourself with compassionate people who don't expect you to be funny or energetic. All the shortcuts through other prescriptions will help side effects, but... Weed is helpful occasionally and is the only thing non OTC that you won't have to withdraw from later. I don't know if I will succeed, or even know what success really is in this battle. I try to find inspiration and strength anywhere I can. Just get through the day and live to fight again. Bless you all.

      • Addict

        Excellent comment. "Just get through the day and live to fight again." Perfect. :)

    • Addict

      I disagree, I get it two weeks at a time and when needed I got 28 days take home. Yes I've been clean for years and been on methadone for years. It works.

    • Addict

      I am so thankful I came upon this story of yours and I have so many questions and hopefully you will see this sooner than later. I have been at the methadone clinic for months and only went up to 60.. I do not
      Consider myself a hardcore drug addict .. I met a guy he said hydrocodone would relax me and I would feel fine .. Had I known his intention to get me hooked so I would depend on him or had I known that the pills were so addicting I NEVER would have tried it and yes , I was that naive to believe him. Anyway that's been a long time ago but the effects stayed with me as I continued to take pills after I had dumped Satan! Anyway.. I have since met my husband and he helped me into the clinic but the thing is they won't let me detox. I had a test done when I went down in dose and shockingly it's came back as
      Being pregnant. And they have stopped my decrease and caused me many problems and I have had atleast 15 drug tests all came back clean but suddenly I was trying to buy urine from someone.. I his salty
      Think that was my counselors doing .. IMO.. But they will not let
      Me continue to detox and I was wondering if they can do that legally? They say let's wait until you see an obgyn.. It should be my choice right? I told my
      Counselor okay.. So apparently I was outside asking for urine oh and pregnant urine on top of that? Something isn't right and I want something
      Done I just
      Don't know who to talk to that won't feed
      Me crap! Any advice would be great or if you know what I can do! Thank you!

      • Addict

        Hello, my name is Amy as well and I am blown away by your story! It is the EXACT to a T same story that happened to me! Every single word of it! I don't know what we could do about it! I was accused of trying to buy urine outside while pregnant and I want some answers!! I wonder who else has been through this!

  2. Addict

    People will always have their opinions, but methadone saved my life. For years, my life was completely consumed with pills and how I would get them, no matter what the risk. The difference in my life is unbelievable, because I actually have a life. Anyone who does not understand has never been addicted to pills or has never known someone who is. Rehab and the traditional treatments were useless to me. If methadone treatment were available to more people and paid for by state agencies, the cost of addiction would be greatly reduced. If it were not for methadone, I would most likely be in jail, or worse. People should be educated on just how beneficial methadone treatment is as opposed to incarceration and long term treatment because IT SAVES LIVES!!! Don't presume to judge what you don't understand. If you have not walked in the shoes of an addict, or know someone who has, than you can't possibly understand the benefits of methadone treatment.

    • Addict

      Yes thats right! I am just as one as you from those who found life after being treated by M.
      If I would not get it most probably I would be dead right now.
      So any more question after this fact?

      • Addict

        My life was saved by the methadone clinic. I was addicted to pain pills (Percocet and then Oxycontin) for over 20 years. I lost my career as an RN, my home, my husband, the respect of my family, and almost my life before I found methadone. I spent my entire life trying to feel "normal". I have been on methadone for6 years 100 mg a day. I have not relapsed on pills but once in those 6 years. Daily clinic visits are a hassle but nothing compared to the panic I woke with every morning trying to find the pills and the money to buy them so that I could go to work to get the money to buy the pills so I could go to work. I now have a normal life. The clinic trip is as much a part of my morning routine as brushing my teeth. All addicts make tradeoffs to get and remain clean. This was mine. And although it certainly doesn't work for everyone, it saved me.

    • Addict

      please tell me how i shve my baby then/// he is nineteen and im losing him this drug

      • Addict

        What drug are u losing him to? Methadone, get him into inpatient for at least ninety days.If you cannot afford it then call the show Intervention,they will pay to fly him out of state and get him into a state of the art inpatient program specifically designed for his drugs of choice. Any less then three months is not long enough no matter what he tells you. You can get a hold of them by going to A&E's website"the channel" and find the show intervention, it will tell u what to do. If u have medical insurance you can call them and see what they cover, a lot of them are starting to cover this stuff. If he is addicted to heroin or Oxycontin or any other opiate besides methadone, get him into a methadone maintenance program,they have them all across the country, some take insurance some don't. but it's a lot cheaper than whatever he is spending to get drugs at street price even if you have to pay cash to get him in. methadone saved my life. even if he loves getting and being high i can say that he is not happy, he is very scared and he doesn't need judgment, pain,shame and stress are all triggers that make an addict need to use. he needs love, understanding and treatment. do not give him money for anything he needs, go and pay for it yourself. i used to go as far as becoming a pro at making receipts to give my parents.get him help now! If he doesn't get the chemicals his body now needs, he feels like he is dying. it is so painful, you cannot think about anything else let alone function. Plus every time he uses could be the time his body can't take anymore and he dies. It is a very dangerous balancing act. why would someone want to get clean and look forward to starting a family,having fun,getting a career if they believe no one will ever forgive them or truly love them like before. And thinking no matter what they do everyone they respect and love is so ashamed of them that no matter what they do everyone will still be ashamed at what they did. it is for sure that he is more ashamed of himself inside then you cold ever be. forgiving and learning to love yourself again is harder than anyone knows. i relapsed many many times when i felt like no matter what i did i would never be able to crawl out of the hole that i had dug for myself. I absolutely hated myself and the only time i didn't think about that was when i was high. Good Luck. remember patience love and understanding will go a lot farther than yelling,blaming and guilt.

    • Addict

      I will be starting methadone and to me it seems the only way out of my active addiction with pills. so I am hoping that it workd so i don't end up losing my husband a kids to my addiction. I have already decieded that i have lost to much

      • Addict

        I have been in the methadone program for almost a year now, and its the only thing that has worked for my pill addiction of 10 years. I am now able to work, go to school, and maintain relationships. I wasn't able to do anything but search for pills everyday before starting the program. I think it saves lives and I am very thankful for it! Good Luck to you & to all addicts don't give up until you have tried this type of treatment.

      • Addict

        It will work for you, if you work the program, you really should get educated about the effects of drugs on you frontal lobes. get into group therapy at least 2 times a day, if you can, you do not have to use to relapse, buy not progressing in your life ,and just on methadone maintenance alone ,will not fix the problems. Stress is one big trigger, that makes addicts want to use, if you continue to crave, opiates, you need to go up in your methadone,

    • Addict

      I here you. I'm so sick of beign looked down on for being on the meth program.I live on the reservation here and pretty much everyone is on suboxen or meth.Every one sells it and still manage to pass the ua's dah we all have holes!!!!!!!!!!!! Ya I would be dead or jail and the system would still have my children. so I guess untill they walked in out shoes they can go to hell, and for overdosses they all know the consiquince,do mix methadone. 3 years sober thanks to all .. mn

    • Addict

      Hi Leah,
      I am from Seattle and i was addicted to oxy for eight years and it got so expensive at the end of my use that i switched to smoking heroin. My experience with opiate abuse was exactly the same as you describe ur addiction. I was on a county list for a low income program for just under a year and i finally got help from my fiance's family and they just paid cash for us to get into a methadone program . It has saved our lives. It makes me so angry that people say shit like "oh well addicts are scum and they did it to them selves". First of all everyone has their own story and circumstances, all addicts aren't the same. and second if the government put more money and effort into making treatment and education available, it would get rid of a huge percentage of crime rates. my entire criminal record is because of my use addiction. i love crime shows and i don't understand how people don't see how many people on drugs hurt or kill innocent people because they are sick and need or want drugs. these people are evil but the drugs are the main motivation to break into someone's house and hurt them for some random small amount of money. it's disgusting,get these people help not only for them but also for the safety and well being of the community. I totally agree with everything u said. Methadone has saved me and my fiance not to mention several of my friends and people i love. we are good people who made bad decisions, but we deserve a second chance. Our government has no problem spending billions of dollars to start a war in another country but they are not willing to spend even twenty percent of that on rehab programs for people who can't come up with the money or are so sick they could die at any moment, and can't afford to wait to years for some bullshit program to have the funds to get them help. Good Luck!

    • Addict

      hi i just wanted to say i agree that methadone can save lives. I was on methadone previously for years and I wasn't really to serious about quitting at first. I was snorting heroin on top of being on methadone and stayed on a lower dose so I could get high. Then I got on a real high dose and couldn't function right. I eventually got off it and started shooting heroin for almost 3 years, before I snorted it for 7 years. Well I actually had pretty much lost everything at that point. Before I had a job,house, went through 9 brand new cars, to being out on the streets, sleeping on subway trains, I actually had the police take me to the hospital because I was so weak. When I went to the hospital I was going through severe withdrawal, but I actually was sicker from having abscesses in my legs from injected and I found out i was iron deficient so bad that I had to get 4 pints of blood transfused. The dr's were amazed I was alive. I could have lost my legs and before I had left the hospital because I was so sick from withdrawals. Well my Dr. made an agreement to make sure I got the proper amount of methadone and back into a program when I get out that I stay in the hospital until the infection is going away and that I don't go back on the streets. Well my grandma and my mom got me back into the methadone clinic and I have been back on it for 4 months now. During that time I tried to switch to suboxone because my mom thought that might work. Well I was excited and looking forward to it to and I was sooo disappointed. I had to wait 3 days from my last dose of methadone, so I was not feeling good at all, and this dr appointment and suboxone was very expensive, but it did not work at all. I even tried to the next day and still didn't work. So I just went back to the clinic. I am on a comfortable dose of methadone now and I have been clean. I am so proud of myself compared to where I was at. I am happy and finally getting my life together. I hate having to go everyday, but it isn't that bad to having to worry about getting money for dope. I am from the Chicago area and we used to have a lot of state funded methadone programs, but of course since Obama came in office that all changed. He cut tons of funding for drug treatment. I am so angry at how the government is handling funding on drug treatment. The system is designed for failure. If I didn't have my parents helping me pay $60 a week then I would be screwed. I used to pay $2 a week before on a state program but good ol Obama really messed that up. Now I look at it as I was paying about $600 a week on dope compared to $60 a day so I can't complain too much since it is helping. To all of you who don't like methadone, I understand your opinion but it really has saved my life. That suboxone did not work at all for me, I was really disappointed. I just don't like people saying methadone is bad. I really am lucky that I am on methadone. There is hope for people on methadone, so I hope people that are considering getting on it look at my statement and see that it is positive and not negative like these other people make it out to be.

  3. Addict

    I agree anyone who hasnt been on drugs thinks that they cant see how bad the methadone is for them...i see it and i know its not good for me, but beleive me i know its better than out on the streets...i know the methadone program is something the goverment has hatched for the public to keep us hooked and paying them instead of drug dealers but when you weigh out the imortance of family knowing you again, living in a house instead of the street, living 2 weeks ahead, the finding the getting the using of drugs and wiether you care what control your under by the goverment and how addicted you still are to methadone, the answer is easy, having a life wins

  4. Addict

    just wondering how i get the treatment for methadone i am an addict and im sick and tired of playing this game i just want to have my life back so any information would be appreciated
    Thank you-

    • Addict

      Pompano Methadone Research & Education Center Inc
      380 SW 12th Ave
      Pompano Beach, FL 33069-3502
      (954) 782-9774

    • Addict

      Hi Ryne
      The first thing to do is go to your local hospital and ask where they have a government run methadone program. You could also go to your local gp and find out which docs in your area prescribe methadone. I wholly recommend starting the program asap as it has changed my life for the better. I no longer crave to use and I hold down a job, have a loving partner and live like anyone else in society. Good luck Nadine

    • Addict

      Ifound the local clinic on the web i start dosing tuesday i am so scared good luck i hope u find what u need

  5. Addict

    Man, where to begin, just like so many of us addicts I walked thru those clinic doors and when I left I thought that I had found the answer to all my prayers. No more waitn on the dope man, no more days of searchn for my pills. The truth is methadone did for a time help me stabalize what was a downward cycle gettn deeper daily. BUT methadone is a drug, plain and simple, you do have to raise your dose to maintain . You do get tied to that clininc and the relief the methadone brings to you. I have been off methadon for thirty days. I was dosing at one hundred mgs, for two years. Just like any drug we put in our bodies there are side effects. I would wake up at 4 a.m. in sweats , my body craving the methadone, drive to the clinn at five and start over the next day. We methadone users are the walkn dead, thats just the truth. Another truth is that kickn methadone has almost ended my life. I havnt slept in a month more than an hour at a ime, you willl have restlesss leg , basically restless body, I have lost ten pounds and never can keep from the vomiting and chronic diarhea. I have dehydrated twice and been to the e.r. twice for fluids. I have awful anxety and the depression sucks. All this afer a month. But I am clean and I know that this will pass. There are days I wanta pull out my hair and I still want the methadone . Just a warning to you all if you are an opiate addict, heroine, your detox is nothn compared to methadone detox. I came off oxys and k4s and it didnt even come close to this pain. Again, just never walk thru those doors.

    • Addict

      CHRISB~Hey man i feel you,i am on day 11 of my cold turkey methadone detox...i was takeing 150mgs for 3 years...ur story hit me,cuz everything you jus said,it sounds just like my story...addicted to pills for about 3 years and then just so sos so sick of chasein the pills every single day even on christmas morning...but that what ya gotta do to feel just normal,shoot as u know it wasnt even bout the high anymore after that long on them thangs...anyways someone was like why dont ya go to the Methadone Clinic blah blah as stupid as i was,i did,thinkin holy shyt this is awesome i dont have to chase pilld anymore ,i dont ever have to have a sick day ever again! NOT! i will from the rest od my days tell anyone thats thinkin bout gettin on that Clinic NOT TO! IT will be 1,000 times worse when they decide you havent done the rite thing or when they decide taht since you raised ur voice to a couinselor or when they decide you havent been to enuff meetings,cuz they need to open up spots,that you will be kiked out on the streets dieng cuz now you gotta detox from the methadone...and let me tell yall out there if i woulda known then what i know now! I would have just dealt with the 2weeks off detoxin from pills,much much easier! And i wanted off the pills,its not like i was drug seeking when i was tryin to get cklean i was really trying,i mean i knew about 60 peeps tryin to come swoop me up and feed me pills,but i was done! I didnt want to take anymore,,,thats another difference,you have to want to be rid of them,you have to want to be sick and go thru the hellasious withdrawls...anyways i totally lost where i was now,my damn brain is complete mush,as you can see from my spelling etc...i am on day 11 and since you goin thru it the same,can i ask ya,im on day 11 days it get better or just plain worse from here??i been to the hosp once cuz i was dehdrated and BP was hella low,so im tryin to drink more water,they even gave me lorazapams(which aint shyt)to help me sleep and with anxiety,but as you know NOTHING works...i even took two trazadone @the same time just to try and get some sleep,NOPE! I think if i coulld just effin sleep,i mite be ok,but omg this no sleep thing,is the WORST! ANd im wonderin if i go to the hosp again if they willprescribe me somethin for RLS? my legs i am really ready to effin chop off! ANyways i know i rambled my ass off,but i would love to hook up wit you and get any advice...i do not want to go back on anything man,but its just getting so effin hard!Thanks for listenin and i apologize to yall rite now,my spelling sucks cuz im havein a hard time rite now even concentrating on these letters,lol...peace

      • Addict

        Wow, you guys are scaring the living daylights out of me. Although I am not quitting cold turkey, I have come down from 86 mgs to 22 mgs since March (been in the clinic 9 yrs). Reading your posts just reminded me of the old days. Oh dear God how I NEVER want to feel like that again! I also have noticed my mood has changed and I get upset and stressed a lot easier than I used to. I think this is related to the methadone detox. Has anyone else noticed anything like that with themselves? Does anyone have any advice on how to ease the detox. I am truly a big sissy and don't think I can handle all the pain that comes with detox. I also am a single mom, have a full time job and take care of my father so I HAVE to find a way to get through this! I felt like you Chrisb about walking through those doors and thinking I found a miracle. Now I am sick and tired of being a slave to the f'ing methadone clinic!!! I never would have went knowing what I know now!

        • Addict

          Well it will always be shitty and somewhat painful. I have detoxed so many times off of methadone and gradually made it longer and longer in between. For many months I could barely hit days 3 and 4 off of dones. I am a single mother as well who was very successful prior to methadone. I had actually lost my good job do to all of my trying to detox. I just couldn't take it anymore. I would be crying at work because I just couldn't physically do it, yet I had to make myself anyways. My kids depend on me. Anyways now I am on day 14 and its def not over yet, but my head is where it needs to be. I have good days and bad days and my body still just feels so dang weak. I have days where I still get diarrhea like crazy and days where I still cant sleep but I have days that aren't as bad too. All in all I have discovered that my depressed days are way more demobilizing and start to break my head (strength), than my days that I'm focused ahead... Its all hard and I cant wait to have my strength back but its def easier to remind myself constantly how I DO wanna have my life back and how I DO wanna be able to find another job. I have posted stick its throughout my house reminding me of a happy memory or dream or goal I have. Lol. Sounds crazy I know, but when my head is focused in the right direction and when I'm positive in thoughts I can actually get up and slowly do little tasks at a time and when I'm completely depressed I cant do a damn thing but sit and cry and think of how messed up Ive become... Its a hard road, but all of us can make it if its really what we want. P.S. I have heard the suboxine and actual meth are the only things that will actually help during detox, but your head has to be in the right place or you'll just end up addicted to something else...

      • Addict

        Hey everyone. I read all the posts on this site sounded familiar.
        I've been on methadone for 5 years now, i went up as high as 100mg, and one day i decided it was time to get off this crap. i would go in once a week to get a weeks worth of carries and it was always hard for me to get because of my job. I drive for a living so it was hard for me to get back into the city to get it, but managed to work around it and made it work. this is what i did to get off the methadone.
        was as high as 100mg
        went down 10mg per week till i got to 40mg
        then went down 2mg a week till i got to 30
        stabilized at 30 for a couple months then went down 2mg a week again
        till i got to 10mg
        then went 1mg a week till i got off.
        this is my 7th day with nothing, i did not have any withdrawals at all coming off the methadone this way no RLS, but my sleep is pretty crappy im always up at 3am and falling in and out of sleep for the rest of the night. But i'm noticing something really weird still no withdrawals but feeling anxious when i go out of the house and constantly sweating in my underarms. it doesnt stink almost like its water and my shirts get soaked, just in the underarms though. no antiperspirant works, just when i get anxious. im hoping it will pass but we will see. so just to show you people that if i can do it anyone else can. you have to put your mind in the state that you wanna get off the shyt. and you will be fine.
        good luck everyone hope this method works for the people who try it.

    • Addict

      You said it my friend! I recently went on methadone due to having my daughter and have never in my life been so messed up on a medication. I wish I wouldnt have started the drug. It is a drug. I am an addict and I began to like it so much I was just wasting everyday just going to clinic and back. sleep all day and get up and do it again. That lasted bout 1 and half years. Im just now off it for just bout 3 days. I asked to be put on an administrative detox and that helped. I was at 125mg. and for 21 days they took me down 6mg daily. I have headache and stomach cramps but know this to shall pass. I can start going to my meetings again cuz when I went back to the tables I was on methadone and I just didnt feel I was clean and sober even tho the medicine was prescribed. Forget it ......Im done with it and glad to hear you are too.

      • Addict

        Hello, Your blog was written about a year ago, your story is the most similar to mine so I'm interested in knowing how you are today? I was at 125mg, I've done the administrative detox, 5mg a day, till I got to bout 30 or something, then its been a few mgs a day, I'm down to 13mgs this morning, its Tuesday, ill take 10 mgs on Friday then I'm done. My strength has been sapped. But on a good note I feel like I've been "waking up from a dream" like others have expressed. So I was wondering if you were still off the methadone, and what the first 30-60 days was like? Does going to meetings help? And when did you finally start to feel normal and sleep again? I have been on about 2 years and I'm getting off this stuff

    • Addict

      Dear Chris, Although I'm not an addict, I feel your pain. MY son is addicted to methadone and has been on it for five years now. I have watched him go down a downward spiral for the past five years. Hes not he person I once knew. Its like the methadone has stolen his soul. He started out getting the methadone from a government run clinic. then he starting going to a privately owed facility. now he gets it from a so-called pain specialist doctor. I've heard that methadone is a miracle drug. I haven't only seen any miracles in the past five years, just a lot of pain and sorrow. As a parent it is killing me inside to watch the methadone destroy the life that God gave him. its like the devil has stolen his soul. Methadone was never intended to be used more than a week or two. and was used to get people off heroin. it was never intend for long term care. the truth of the matter is your really just replacing one drug for another. How did you get off the methadone? did you go to a clinic or get off of methadone on your own? would like to know how you escaped the madness. hope that you will contact me. I admire your courage and your strength. thanks for sharing your story. hope you will continue to keep telling people your story! GOD BLESS. Annette

      • Addict

        first of all if you son has been on methadone for five years he is doing it to get high and is obviously using way to much.if you go to a clinic and only get dosed at a level to get rid of the withdrawals u don't get high or tired,secondly if u are at a clinic u get a medical detox that can safely be done over months.and methadone was never and is not meant for only two weeks.getting clean is a long term process and if u truly want to get clean you don't lie so u can get enough to get high, you also don't quit the clinic. your son obviously never asked to be detoxed since he has been on it for five years, and he also switched to a doctor because they are more likely to give you to much and they don't monitor you a clinic you have to go to meetings, you get random drug tests and they match u up with a counselor who personalizes ur treatment.all these other people who are giving methadone a bad name are theone's who don't want to go to meetings, they relapse and fail dug test and if they are sick they obviously got kicked out because they were there for the drugs and that's it. if go on methadone to switch drugs and that it u r not going to succeed.methadone saved my life because i actually participated in my recovery and i wanted my life back, i used the methadone as a tool to get through the withdrawals of eight years of heroin use.I'm sick of hearing these people with their bullshit excuses,buck up and take responsibility for yourself you shouldn't be coming off methadone cold turkey unless u made decisions that got u there. at my clinic you have to relapse over three times,be violent with staff or refuse to actually receive drug treatment. if u only come to get dosed and u don't put ur heart into it what the fuck are you expecting? do any of these people plan on growing up,all of these things are told to you in the beginning when you sign up so if u knew the whole time that u were going to give it less than ten percent. didn't u say ur son was seeing a pain specialist to get his methadone? REALLY THEN WHY HAVEN'T U NOTIFIED HIS DOCTOR THAT HE HAS BEEN USING IT FOR FIVE YEARS AND HE IS KILLING HIMSELF?YOU DON'T GO TO A PAIN SPECIALIST FOR RECOVERY THIS IS RIDICULOUS!talk to a certified drug counselor and they will tell you that no one will get clean until they are ready to. they have 21 day detox,they have two year programs and everything in can be very personalized and it does work for many people.the only person that should be on methadone for five years is a chronic IV user of opiates for years and years and the only reason is that some people cannot stat clean off heroin without heroin,but they should only be taking enough to feel normal.if they are sleeping all day,not working not showing any interest in having a life obviously their dose is way too high and they are drug seeking again.

    • Addict

      I feel you Chris, I am at day 23 after tapering to 5mg. You know that this methadone business will play with one's head and make the detoxee think that there is no way out. Just an illusion though in my way of thinking. Yes, the withdrawals are challenging. It will hit you below the belt with not allowing one to sleep. Personally I could care less, I don't want any cheese, I just want out of the trap. Yea, that restless leg business is really unusual. I can't help but wonder if the pharmaceutical companies and the government included these withdrawal symptoms to ensure their slaves participation. There is no doubt that it is a government conspiracy. What I question the most is, what if, for some reason there is a disaster and the methadone clinics (some or all) get shut down?? Or you piss someone off and you get kicked off unexpectedly? I certainly do not want to be in a position where I need to be functioning and instead I am flouncing around in a daze. No, I will stick it out and accept my punishment for being so ignorant. It is a predatory world and there are many who will sell another down the river for a buck. The way that the world and this country are in a state of unrest, all I want is to be able to watch comfortably everyone squirm when Armageddon arrives.. The way that it is looking it could 2012. We will see.

    • Addict

      Methadone detox is the real deal.. but it can be accomplished..

  6. Addict

    been on methadone for 10 years, last 2 years reduced to 7.5mg, then had to go back up again to 30mg. I have rosecea and now I have been flushing 'badly" on my face and different areas of my body. My rosecea is the worst it has ever been! Will this settle down? My last increase was 20 September (nearly 4 weeks aga). By the way I do have a slow metabolism if that means anything. Please help, I am freaking out.

  7. Addict

    what is the average amount of time people should be in methadone treatment program. my family menber has been going for five years....shouldn't they have weaned him off long before now ?

  8. Addict

    My Brother has been on methadone for over 9 yrs. now, and while it has stopped him from popping pills and running the streets looking for drugs I can honestly say that since he has started treatment with the Methadone his life has not proceeded any further than when he was doped out of his mind 9 yrs. ago. He cannot or will not keep a job and barely comes out of my basement "this is where his bedroom is" . His motivation to continue on with his life in a productive manner is all but gone. The only time we see him is on dosing day, he up at 6am back home by 7am and happy as a clam for the next 2 days, can't shut him up sometimes. Then after Tuesday is over our family will hardly see him at all. This is not the way someone should live.

    • Addict

      Just an opinion...I wouldn't blame your brother's lack of progress on the methadone alone. Personality has a lot to do with whether or not a person progresses or regresses, and possibly he is depressed or just plain unmotivated and content with where he is. Or maybe he just doesn't know what else to do. Everyone's situation varies...some get off and continue to have "normal, successful" lives, and others stay behind. It's ultimately up to him to make the decision of where he goes in life. And it's also up to him to decide when he wants to get off of methadone...some detox within 6 months others are on it indefinitely...again his life is in his own hands.

    • Addict

      I have been a patiant for many years, I know all the tricks, your basement dweller is most likely smoking weed,eating xanax maybe,most likely what we call doubling up his dose of meth getting real nice talking alot, then he only has a bit of juice left for 3 days and he does not want to be around family,job etc. He needs support meetings all that good stuff,god bless

  9. Addict

    I've been taking methadone for 6 years. Never take more than 25 m per day (well maybe a couple of times but not often)and mostly just 10 cause I have to ration it out. I live in a weird place and we don't have m clinics here. So after 6 years and lots of encouragement from friends I am getting off. I cut down to 5 m a day for 9 days then cut it off completely 3 days ago and through the whole process haven't had 1 good day I have to go to work everyday and that has been a nightmare. I have to smile and be polite in between my trips to the bathrooms where i vomit or the other and then come back out and try to smile and feel okay. I am depressed, can't sleep and over all feel like shyt. No energy and the restless leg thing which until I read the posts thought it was just me. I have to function. no choice. I can't think too well and it is effecting my job. Bottom line I am not sure i will make it. My brain says "if one tiny pill can make you feel so much better why not." I know that's the addict in me but at least I am not doing heroin or smokin c. I have come this far and don't want it to be in vain. Anything that will make me feel better?

    • Addict

      This is for Dena.. I am going throught the same thing. I thought because I was on a low dose I would not have such strong withdrawel symptoms..oops! jokes on me! What I had to do was take it slower. I am on 8 m's at the present and intend to stay on it for a least a couple more weeks. Then I will go down to 6 then maybe 4...whatever I am comfortable with. I also have to be able to function. unfortunately i don't have the luxury of laying in bed feeling like crap every day for the next month or so. So my advice to you is thus...SLOW IT DOWN LADY!!! you will be fine. I don't feel great, my legs hurt, my head aches, my eyes are kind of gummy, my sleep is pretty poor...however! I am not crapping my pants or vomitting every so often. Also, I have found that taking a couple advil work ok for the headaches and I know drinking isn't a grat idea but a couple cocktails really can take the edge off. ( sorry, I know some reading this will find that to be terrible advice but sometimes a girl's gotta sleep! it really helps!) Dena, try and keep a positive attitude. I know that sounds trite but that really makes ALL the difference. Your life will be so much better when you are no longer a slave to some stupid chemical. I have been on this crap for almost 8 years now and cannot wait for it to be over. It took me that long to decide I no longer wanted to use my arms as pincushions, you know? I wouldn't have been able to do what I am doing today even two years ago. I still had that much of the junkie mentality left in me. Best of luck to you!!!

      • Addict

        I'm not sure but I dont think my comments so I'm going to try one more time before log off my computer.

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      Tell him to ask clinic for administrative detox. I just went from 125mg to 0 in 21 days. Thats only 6mg daily and I still alive.

  11. Addict

    hello everyone. just wanted to share my story with you. i have been on methadone for over 6 years. i started taking it because i was addicted to vicoden. i was taking 10 to 15 a day at 10 mg. so needless to say, i was addicted. if i went just 2 or 3 hours with out it i couldnt function. i wasnt gettting high off of it anymore, just needed it to survive. anyway, one of my so called friends told me about a methadone clinic and how it helped her, so i figured i would try it. i started off on 30 mg and in 6 years i got myself all the way up to 190mg. i would never have let it get that far if the doctors didnt let me up my dose whenever i wanted. i was in a comotose all the time. one time i recall falling asleep or passing out at the wheel of my car and driving into a ditch. i got lucky that day that there was noone else on the road. any way, 6 months ago, my wonderful fiance talked me int getting off of it. he gave me an altimatum that either i get off or he will leave. i woke up real quick. anyway, i talked to my doctor, the methadone nurse, and my counselor and agreed to do a detox that i got to control. i was able to take home 2 weeks at a time since i had no positive drug tests for like 3 years. so the first drop i had went from 190 to 150. stayed at 150 for 2 weeks. no withdrawels at all, but i wasnt sleeping my life away. my next drop was 2 weeks later from 150 to 100. i stayed at 100 for about a month but still no withdrawels. i guess alot of it was in my head. then i dropped 10 mg every 2 weeks till i got to 30 mg. then i decided i wanted to try 5 mg. a week. its been ok untill i hit 20 mg. then it got bad. there was times that the restless leg got soo bad that i practically had a nervous breakdown. i talked to my doctor when i first started my detox and she perscribed me trazadone for sleep and celexa to help with the withdrawels. it wored till 15 mg. then it got unbearable. especially the rls. a week ago i called my doctor one night when i couldnt handle it anymore and she pretty much told me to deal with it or go into the hospital or call the clinic. so the next day i went to the hospital after almost 3 daya of np sleep. they gave me a perscription for miralex. it is used for parkensons desease, but it has really helped with the rls. i am now at 5 mg and i have 1 day left and then im done for good. i may be going through more than anyone can imagine, but it is worth it. i want to help whoevr i can, to get off this. another good thing to do at night is take a quick walk, and right before bed, take a bath as hot as you can take it a nd sit there for atleast 20 minutes. and then lay straight down while your legs are relaxed. it helps to have support from freinds and family too. my fiance, my dad, my mom, and a few friends are soo proud of me and this is my biggest accomplishment in my life. so, please dont quit detoxing no matter how hard it gets. it will get better. i promise. it may take a month or two or even 6 months, to get completely back to normal, but what is 6 months compared to not being normal for as many years as we have been addicted to methadone and other drugs. and by the way for those of you who have the restless leg, do not drink alchohol, it will make it worse. aqnd try to keep away from caffine cause the is a problem to for rls. if anyone needs advise or wants to talk, my email is [email protected] good luck everyone and i hope this helps.

  12. Addict

    Hi everyone...thanks for sharing your stories. Here is my story. I have been on Methadone for 4 years now. The highest I have been is 60mg, but I can assure you that I have wanted to go much higher than that over the years. I resisted the temptation thanks to the voice of Jeff, a member of my group therapy session, who used to say "...what goes up must come down...". So 60mg's was my highest dose. Through the years I have relapsed (slipped) a few times but for the vast majority of the time, I have been well behaved. I started my descent from 60mg in May 2010 and today 11/1/2010 I am down to 15mg. As you can see I have been taking my time and going slowly. Two mg's a week in the beginning and lately about 1mg a week. I can honestly say, the lower I go the better I feel. The mornings are kind of rough for me but I have hope and faith that that too shall pass.

    Everyone is different but for me my life HAS gotten worse on this drug. I am not trying to make controversy but I have seen so many people come into my program over the years and only 1 person ever leave (properly that is). While we are in group therapy, half of the group is in a "nod", a quarter are all hopped up with racing speech and the rest (2-4 patient's) functional. Like I said, everyone is different, and I hear from people all the time, that it has improved their lives and to those people, I do not judge. However, I just wonder if the fear of withdrawal is doing the talking.

    For the first 3 years on Methadone I convinced myself, my wife and everyone else that my life was improving. That without methadone, I might be dead. etc... But I failed to do one thing. Be honest with myself. Take an honest inventory of whether my life truly was better or worse. After doing that, it was one of those aha moments when I realized methadone was not serving me anymore. I gained a lot (50 lbs) of weight, and lost passion for everything that I loved, snowboarding, friends, family and my career (which I lost).

    I know I am not in the clear, yet since I am still on 15mg's and I am fearful about coming down, but I remind myself of something else I heard in the rooms, "..when climbing a mountain, you can quit as many times as you want, as long as you keep moving your feet..."

    Thanks for letting me post on this board and I will send my prayers to everyone, with the strength to keep climbing the mountain.

    • Addict

      thanks for the mountain analogy.

      • Addict

        Just to update, I am on 12mg's this week and 11 next week. I feel great physically except for a little RLS at night. However, the time which the RLS begins has been coming earlier and earlier. I cannot wait to be free from opiods.... finally. I realize it might take quite a while for my natural endorphins to bring me to a comfortable state but I am willing to do whatever it takes to try. Good luck to everyone trying and feel free to email me for support [email protected]

  13. Addict

    was on 100 now on 50 over 4 day time frame knees are hurting dont know whats next got kicked out of clinick this morning we will see how it gos

  14. Addict

    Well, I'm still alive after starting my self detox in mid October. I had cut down to 5mg then went cold turkey after about 9 days and nearly killed myself. Mentally and physically. I was just about ready to say screw it I can't do this because I have to work and blah blah just a bunch of addictive shyt. Then I read a few posts and decided take the few pills that I had left and crunch them a little and put a pinch in my mouth just before I go to work. Might be about 1 or 2 mg and it got me through the day (week) then I just took it easy on the weekend. I will see how I feel this weekend with nothing since I don't have any committments and can chill. (lots of water, potassium, hot showers etc.) and hopefully I won't need anything next week. I want off of this and am gonna make it. I have gone way too far now to let it slip away. And I say its a choice for people and if it's what you gotta do to make it - rock on - just know that if you do decide to kick there are lots of ways to do it. Thanks Lisa - I might have been pushing a little too fast.

  15. Addict

    To all you beautifull people out there who took the time to express their stories or experiences with prolonged use of methodone.. i am in tears, because i never new about the strugle or fully understood it untill i met someone who has been on it for a long period of time. I am truley humbled by everyones journey in overcoming. The world is full of struggles, to you it might be meth, to someone else it might be depression, but today, i am blessed and i have learned somthing new by everyones stories, im a better person because im not ignorant to the fact and to those who struggle.............Thank you all.....Love you.......And dont ever give up!

  16. Addict

    I have been on methadone many years since1998, came off one time because I had some misunderstandinga of policy of clinac. Was on 60 mg for 6 years,disaplinary detox was 5mg aweek,down to o. I picked up when I hit 15,any way when I got off I really was ready,12 step groups ,one on one thearapy,lots of books na,aa,etc. No detox problems except did not sleep a min for 34 days, I went to see the doc in charge of the clinic ,I told him I did not want rx drugs,however I asked him if I was in danger with the no sleep, he smiled and said " no one ever died of lack of sleep" I wrote him a check and went on my way.Thank god I was not working at the time ,so no sleep was o.k. no energy was o.k. after 43 days I finaly got a few mins of sleep, I felt so dam good ,I forgot all about the last 43 days,made the mistake of buying one bag of dope,not to do right away,just to have, Well it stayed in my wallet all of maybe 45 min, then I said to my sick self do just half ,that was friday night,half turned into a whole. Did not go to my reg.NA meeting that night or the next day.a year and half later ,and about 9000 dollars I got back on the juice...This time around will be different, remember you can learn from your mistakes, anything worthwile in life takes some pain, get to meetings work the program,without good support and the right reason for getting off the juice, its almost impossible. you must really want to be clean, a job a spouse, a fam, money all these things mean nothing unless you want it ,you have to really really want to be clean God bless

  17. Addict

    Been goin to a clinic for about 2 1/2 years now. I started at 40 and went to 70, and now for the past 6 months or so I have been detoxing. Hasn't been to bad except for the restless leg syndrome ( which can be real bad, sounds strange but sometimes I punch my thighs to make them feel better, no bruises and it seems to work). I take vitamins (l-tyrosine, one-a-day energy, mag. iron) and Ibuprofen. On top of that I do smoke a lil weed to get a lil more sleep but no opiates. Anyway, I'm at 4 mg even though I was supposed to be at 2 mg for the last week. This happened because my nurse is oblivious and I guess she confused "good morning" with putting me on hold( I dunno but I was pissed). I don't have money to go another week taking 2 mg a day and I was wondering if anyone else has had to deal with a drop like that. Honestly I think I'll be fine but if it really makes a big difference I wanna stay (even though I know I can't do opiates again). Should I try to come up with money or should I just roll with it? Any opinions? Thanks!

    • Addict

      Hi Victor: The short answer to your question is that in my experience, you will not notice it any more than you would have noticed the transition from 2mg to 0mg. It is all relative. I would think for someone who has been taking 4mg for several months or years, for them it might be more painful but in my experience, since you have come down from 70mg you have already entered into that uncomfortable mode. And based on your post, you have. (I also, punch, massage, slap and shake the muscle tissue in my quads and calves all night long). It really works temporarily. Hot baths and showers and anti-inflam's too.

      So I think going from 4mg to 0mg will feel exactly the same as going from 2mg to 0mg in someone in your situation. I am going down to 5mg myself (today at 14mg) and then stopping.

      Please let me know how it goes. Post or feel free to email me at [email protected]

    • Addict

      i HAVE BEEN ON FOR 3 long years and still up there at 140mgs Ive tryied to go down but cant deal with it. any sug.

      • Addict

        Hi Tanya:
        My life continued to spiral downhill even on the methadone. I was nodding, sleeping all day, eating non-stop and even if I would diet, it wouldn't matter because the metabolism is just crawling. Anyway, in my experience, coming down from 140mg is VERY possible. Just have to have time on your side. Come down about 5% of your dose once a week all the way to 40mg and see how you feel. Once you get adjusted and comfortable at 40mg (might take a couple weeks) I would start going down 2mg a week until 20. Then 1mg a week thereafter. I am doing it myself and am so pleasantly surprised by how much easier it is than I imagined. Isn't that usually the case....we build these walls for ourselves and then realize that they are more like manageable hurdles.
        I am not saying that it is easy, but if you are sick and tired like I am of all of the garbage that comes along with putting another opiate in your system, you can do it. I was so sick of trying to convince everyone in my life how methadone is different and it is being prescribed by a doctor. While I am sure if I was moving forward, making progress and looking like myself again, loved ones wouldn't have been giving me a hard time to begin with.
        I am on 12mg today and feel great physically but the depression HURTS. I just keep telling myself that this too shall pass.

  18. Addict

    I have been drug free for 18 months because of the methadone maintenance program I am in and I have never been happier w/ myself and my life and probably couldnn't have got to this point with out that program, but I am to the point where I am ready to start detoxing from the program and just wanted to know the easiest and safest way to do so. I was on a 70mg dose and now I am down to 42. I came down 2 mg a week and was wondering if it would be hard going from 2-5 a week or what is an average weekly detox amount and what are the most common side affects from detox? I've had lots of stomache/nausea issues and a little bit of joint pain and that's about it. I just want to prepare myself for what is to come because I think I'm completely ready to be drug free and my primary care doctor is completely on board and has prescribed me some Omeprazole and Phenergan for my stomache issues and just want to know if there is anything anyone would recommend to help me get through the last couple of weeks. The program that I'm in is such a huge commitment and like I said I don't know if I could have done it w/out the methadone and my counselor but I'm ready to move on with my life and can't imagine going back to the hell I went through for over a decade but I know because of this program that will never be an issue again and would HIGHLY recommend it for anyone that is suffering from opiate and even in some cases alcohol addiction.

  19. Addict

    I have only been on methadone for 2 months and the highest I went up was to 55 and it killed me, completely sedated me, I lost my bad ass job everything. So now I am at 30 and after reading all this horror I can honestly say I am so thankful I never went passed 55, me and my fiance missed Sat so we automatically missed Sun and since I just came down to 30 from 35 after two days of nothing then going to the clinic this morning and now I feel like I am going to die if I doesn't say 5 am, after reading all this I hope once I get stable and slowly start coming down that it won't be as bad as everyone says, I actually am lucky and am extremely blessed to be in the position I am in with my job it allows me to deal with feeling like shit and going crazy. I can't imagine those who aren't and I will get off this shit asap whatever it takes.

    • Addict

      Well I'm gutted I've been coming down 4ml a wk and had 2 go to my own doctors 2 day as i kept feeling faint 7 i was in hospital wk be last same thing my blood pressure was really low so they have told me 2 reduce myself slowly of the meth I'm down to 25 from 45ml., i was hoping 2 be off it for xmas has any 1 else had this problem or is it normal as my the clinic is crap its like I'm doing it all on my own with no guidance.

  20. Addict

    Why does everyone stay on Methadone for so long? they have a 21 day detox so there is no need to be on methadone for more than 1 month. It seems like all the horror stories are from people who have been on methadone for 1 year or longer. I was on suboxone for 1 year and it was horrible to get off too. I truly believe that if you are going to get onto methadone then get on as low of a dose as possible and then taper down and get off asap!

    We get on methadone because we want to quit Oxy or norco or heroin right? Then why do people get on methadone so they can become addicted to methadone? Use it for tapering off of drugs then stop using it!

    • Addict

      WHY? b/c the 21 day detox often leaves you SICK.

      I had been using for a few years and then decided i was done w/ it. (ha!)

      I went down to the county methadone-detox clinic - didn't use after day 2, the dose didn't 'hold me' until day 2 - Then for the rest of that time, 18m, 19 days i didn't use and the detox ended on Easter. I thought "Now that's a Good Sign!".

      But then a day or so later it started. The sickness came. By 21 day detox + day 5 I couldn't work, I could barely drive, barely sit, barely do anything. I Was Sick and getting sicker.

      I went back to the clinic - twice - and told each time that NO Way! I Must have used!

      So what did I do? - I used of course.

      I had no idea how long this was gonna last - and they lied to me about lying to them - or the 'doctor' and nurses were just that stupid. I'll never know.

      I used heroin to get well from the methadone - and my run went on - and on - then began the crimes - the jails - the probation - more jail - etc etc etc

      And then i got physically sick.

      I was clean a year, but at my HMO they all knew my drug-history. I didn't want to get high, but the pain (turned out to be a leaking gallbladder) they said "you just want pain meds" and/or "the pains just in yer head" here's Ativan for you.

      I took the Ativan now and I was in so much pain - I went on Methadone - yup. B/c that was the Only Place I KNEW I'd get pain relief from a pain med every day.

      I cried that day knowing that my only option sucked... and when I gave a clean-urine (i didn't think of that) the counselor said and I quote: "Ah we know you here, we know that's Gotta be a mistake." I started low - and now..
      I13 days later - my dose is 170mg.

      Life my friends. you just never know.
      I saw no other option then.
      Peace people.
      no need to judge one another here - that'd be like calling the chicken scratchy.. (< get it?)
      stupid joke. :)

      - J.

  21. Addict

    i just started an i at 120. i really scared. don't no what 2 do.. They told me it would take longer 2 stop but what i read just now scared me.i had a pretty terrible episode the other night wen my heart was racing an i felt like i had a truck on my chest. its only been 3 weeks. r they killing me?

  22. Addict

    My problem with methadone and my addiction recovery was that I am a nurse who became addicted to narcotics. I had to get involved with my state's nurse assistance program. I had tried to quit on my own and couldn't do it. I needed that program to monitor me closely. But, it is an abstinence based program, so you could not be on methadone and work as a nurse. So, I never used methadone as part of my treatment. And, the detox was awful. But, it is also something I will never forget and something I never want to go through again. I focused on helping others in my situation and it was a great thing to get my mind off my troubles.

    God Bless.

  23. Addict

    To She:
    I would relax if I were you. I have gone as high as 400mg. Nobody ever believes it, but it's true. I worked my maintenance does down to about 235mg. It's not a perfect solution, but methadone programs have a hell of a lot higher success rates than 12-Step or other "treatments" for heroin addiction. It's something. If you want to stay off heroin for good, it seems to me to be your best bet. You know how they say it takes, on average, about half the time of a relationship to get over it when you break up? I think we should all be a little kinder to ourselves. My advice: if you were a user for 5 years, take 2 1/2 years to be on whatever does you feel you need to and focus on getting your life back. Then you can worry about how & when to get off of it. Good luck. They say God looks over drunks and kids. I think us addicts fit into the drunk category just fine. If we ask God, I think He'll help. And, living in the US, the most successful help available is methadone. We all need to stop worrying so much about what other people think. Myself included. Happy Holidays.

  24. Addict

    I am serbian. I live in England. Heroin and then Methadone + Heroin was my nightmare for 6 years. I tried 2 rehabs in UK, 12step program. The longest pause was 3 weeks. In my home town Belgrade I found russian drug clinic Dr. Vorobiev. Some guys advised me that. I went to their website and few day after I decided to take a chance one more time. I passed detox and got 3month Naltrexone implant. One year passed since . I upgraded the implant blockade 3 times. I cant say it was easy year. It was tough indeed. Now it is a bit easier. But I am still afraid of the idea to left without Naltrexone. Anyway so far so good.

  25. Addict

    I agree with the poster that stated you get out of methadone programs what you put into them. 99% of them tailor the program to your individual needs. I really would only recommend methadone for hardcore opiate abusers who have failed at other treatment programs. If you're only going to the clinic to get a legal high then you should be kicked out on your ass to open up a spot for someone who will be at the smallest effective dose, go to the meetings and work in unison with the doctors and counselors at your disposal. Methadone is meant to stave off withdrawal symptoms while you mentally recover from addiction and re-enter society. Without this drug, i would never have been able to do that.

  26. Addict

    It is easy to give advice, make claims, good or bad. I'm bothered by absolutes, with no reference to any personal experience. I ended up with a severe addiction to narcotics, first brought on by back pain. I went on methadone to quit being dope sick, and to deal with the pain. Luckily for me, our clinic was quite liberal, years ago. You didn't get phases for being dirty, but you didn't get kicked off. I never did narcotics after getting on the program, but I used benzos, coke, booze, and pot. Long story short, after being on for 5 1/2 years,, I started going to NA meetings, and have been clean for 12 1/2 years. I settled on 90mg, at Phase 5 [13 take homes] and for years improved my life. I have bought a home, I'm on SS Disability, but maintain a part time job, my health is good, I am an avid bicyclist. Well last June, my funding was cut, I was paying a co-pay of $35, now would have to pay over $400 a month. I took it as my HP's way of saying it is time. Went down 5mg a week, to 45mg, down 56mg every to weeks since. I set up the schedule, unfortunately my counselor and the head Dr don't seem to have a clue. I blame myself, for not doing more research, before setting this schedule. Anyway, I'm at 10mg, in three days, I get 14 days at 5mg, and then 0mg. It is in liquid form, and so small, I can't see a way to meter it down, or the last 7 bottles I would stretch down to 4, 3, 2, 1mg.
    The symptoms started at 15mg, the body aches, and sleep problems. I got my GP to prescribe Clonidine , my BP is up. It helps, but a detox doses, I hate the way it feels. As others say, the lack of sleep is the worst. !0 days after hitting 10mg I slept well for the first time. I know I'll get through this, but I'd appreciate any ideas on that final week. Any way to drop it down more slowly.

    I know Methadone saved my life. In my worst period, spending $100 a day on a crack habit, if I had not been on the Meth, I would have been buying heroin, it was showing up at that time, so, easy to cope. Never bothered, with it. I hated coke, but loved narcotics. I'm an addict, I got clean, when I finally wanted to not use, more than use. That took 25 years from, when I started using. Methadone at the doses I took, does not get you high, but it helps get you through the day, with a chance for the future. It's not for everyone, trouble is, we are at our worst, when making that decision. I don't regret it. I will survive this detox.

    • Addict

      Hang in there man.I was on 120 mg for 6 years and came down slowly(about a 2 year detox)and what helped me the most were two things.Take hot baths for aches and try walking or jogging as soon as you can because the quicker you get your body to making its on endorphins again the better.Exercise will speed that process up greatly!!!!I know that cant put one foot in front of the other feeling,but fight it as hard as you can and make yourself get exercise....I swear to you it'll help.The main thing my friend is DO NOT take any more opiates to help with the withdrawal pain....prayer is very useful too.Good luck and just think you will soon be free!!

  27. Addict

    Spelling errors on above post. I apologize, I had to get going, and didn't proof read.

    "Went down 5mg a week, to 45mg, down 56mg every to weeks" Should be 5mg every two weeks.

    I think, for me the lack of sleep is the worst. My GP won't prescribe anything for sleep, while on methadone.
    I used to sleep like a baby, now, I can't get comfortable. I feel every wrinkle in the bed.

    Any positive suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  28. Addict

    Update, after being lead to believe, I would get my 13 bottles at 5mg, I was informed to to the financial, they were going to give me 2 days of window dose at 5mg, and out. The "decision maker" wasn't there, but apparently, without hearing the facts, called in and said have the doctor talk patient and determine final detox. I tried to tell her that arbitrary hold, at 45mg, put me behind. It was like talking to a brick wall. This is a CRC clinic, for profit. They wanted me to pay for 5 bottles I got last time and any future bottles, at $13.50 per day. I can't afford that. I might have paid for 5 more, but not the past 5.
    So, starting Saturday, I go from, 2 days of 5mg to nothing. I can't wait for that, should be interesting.

  29. Addict

    I didn't read all the comments, but I do have several questions.

    1) How do you find a doctor who will use Methadone as a alternative to oxycontin/morphine??
    2) How do you find a doctor who will use methadone as a way of treatment if you are in recovery?

    Most doctors turn my wife away as soon as she is honest about her being a alcoholic (she is in recovery, manages a 3/4 house and is trying to do this properly because she dose suffer from chronic pain). I mean, alcoholics and addicts do have pain too, and

    3) What is the best form to get it in? pill or liquid? When you first start??

    • Addict

      I don't think a doctor will prescribe methadone to someone who is abusing alcohol or benzos such as xanax. because it will kill you maybe not first time nor second time but it will. you got to think about it logically. the methadone itself is already very potent it slows your system down already by itself such as breathing, heart, body function, so if you throw another central nervous system depressant in there guess what no more heart beat no more breathing... i'm just saying it may not happen to your wife but it can and has happened it slows down the body so much the heart will stop so think about it before you get your wife on methadone. if you care about your wife don't look anymore.. just do a Google search on mixing methadone and alcohol or more commonly mixing methadone with xanax....if she doesn't wanna use the morphine and stuff any more due to addiction and not pain management then do a search for methadone treatment centers it will tell you the nearest methadone clinic to get her off of drugs but not for pain management plus she can be monitored by the clinic so she doesn't drink... best advice don't do it unless she kicks the alcohol habit. plus i wouldn't get on methadone unless its a last resort you are going to be homeless you steal for a fix u do anything for a fix to where you will end up on streets or jail. if you can avoid methadone then do it........ you will only get liquid if you are going to a clinic for drug recovery or methadone maintenance treatment...... do Google searches for your questions though i'm sure you will still try despite others recommendation just read up on mixing methadone with alcohol.. keep her on the o.c.'s and morphine... keep in mind methadone doesn't give you a high it may for a few days but it goes away when used for maintenance...

    • Addict

      it really depends where you live.i go to East Indiana Treatment center it has gave me a new life.I'm on my way down.If you want anymore details just e-mail [email protected]

  30. Addict

    Pat, See a pain and/or addiction specialist and come over for an education.

  31. Addict

    Hey guys! If you consider going to Methadone program from heroin, please, think about it carefully. You have to know that Methadone despite some positive moments is a very addictive substance. It creates much more severe physical dependence than heroin does. And eventually it doesn't solve your problem at all,on contrary making it even more complicated. My advice is go to fast detox ( it's quick, reliable, and with a full painkiller protection is quite comfortable) and then try naltrexone program for a few months. It is effective! In our Belgrade Clinic Dr.Vorobiev we do that with a great success for four years. visit our sites for full information.

  32. Addict

    I need advice because I have used H last summer and to come off it I have bought Methadone (Heptanon) from a guy that wasn't using it, so I have been taking 10mg a day for a couple of months, and the last month and a half 40mg. Last two weeks I took it down to 15, and yesterday 10. (That's 2 pills.) I no longer have any means to get anything to help me with the withdrawals, only the 4mg of suboxone in my system and 2mg of suboxone for tomorrow. I can't go to a clinic because we don't have them here and I am scared that I would loose my job if anyone finds out. I feel as though I am coming down with a flu, all depressed, my head is like on some kind of pressure, my whole body aches and I am sweating all the time. I would like to know how long it will take and weather I will be able to go to work next week? Will helex (xanax) help or pain killers or anything??? Greetings from Croatia

    • Addict

      Deal with it. Methadone withdrawal builds character. The old cliche', " what does not kill you only makes one stronger", is what you need to keep in mind. You are a short timer and should be to start feeling better in 10 days. PS.. Forget about doing any more opiates.

  33. Addict

    Hey ye guy's,firstly i would like 2 say well done 2 everyone on here 4 finally seeing d light lol
    Me n my partner have been on with our clinic 4 over 13yrs now(yeah i know,it's a bloody joke) we started on 50mls,done great for yrs but then had slip's n between while still on n d clinic.....Anyway's we were on 20mls for yrs n we finally said enough's enough,so from 20mls we dropped to 15mls then by some miracle we was given a measure that was off,so we was really taking 10mls which was brilliant for us as we didn't even notice it tbh.... we have been dropping 1ml every 2week now n are on 7mls,but we're dropping to 6mls on Wednesday...Now for d women who have wrote...I've had a change n my cycle,i was getting bleed's n between,this was happening for 5months but this is d 1st month where there back 2 normal....D blokes will c changes as well.... sleeping alright,thought it would've been worse,but i myself have bad sweats,horrible,very cold,oh n ye get a bit emotional (i did on d 10ml,not all d time though), n like short tempered (still happineng) sometimes a bit shaky like,,,,Ye feel like u've loadsa nrg (in d head not d body) a little achy late at night...But 4 d last 2 day's my other half has gotten a nose bleed,so i was wondering if anyone out there can relate 2 this.....Look 4 ward 2 any reply....n good luck 2 u all,keep up d good work <3 hug's<3

  34. Addict

    Folks, you have to do a revolution in USA!!!!!
    In EU all detox treatments, included clinic treatments like the rock stars one, fast detox ect. is all, absolutely, FREE( not only for EU citizen,but for any person: come in Italy for the sun and for free detox ;)
    The social services find you a work after the treatment too.
    Drugs abuse is a disease, a social disease too, the state have to attend.
    Your country is only able to do "War on drugs", with the achievement: increase the world intake of many times ( see the statistics on world drug use).
    Many European countries are going on legalization and depersonalization, with astounding results.


  35. Addict

    Looking for answers.... Due to severe chronic pain, I was placed on methadone as a pain management med about four years ago. I had no idea what they were giving me. I hated the side effects and begged for an alternative medication...long story short, I finally had enough. I attempted to taper down from 60mg to 15 mg...I was so sick, I finally just quit taking it all together and decided if I was going to be sick, I might as well just be sick! I have not taken any methadone for 44 days. I STILL have NO energy. Can anyone tell me when I might start feeling better. I don't want to sound discouraging...that BAD withdrawals are long gone...however, I was a very active all I can do is sit in my recliner all day. I try to push myself to take walks...but I still feel like crap! Is it ever going to get better? I feel like giving up.

  36. Addict

    I am on day 6 of methadone detox, but I'm not having many issues at all. I'm tired, but I'm able to sleep thanks to klonopin. I decreased all the way to 2 mgs of methadone and then just stopped. It's a slow and irritating process but a taper as low as you can go is so much easier than jumping off at a higher dose. Day 3 was the hardest but past that I've been functioning normally. It's totally possible to kick methadone and not suffer.

    • Addict

      I have been on methadone for 5 years and life did get better at first (140mgs) per day. I have been weaning myself. I now can 52.18 hours before things get really bad (10mg). Going to start half that now every 48 hours down to 5mgs. I pray a lot, listen to music and just try of think about the good things in my life. Now I know the days ahead will be a nightmare but will be better than the life I have. May God be with everyone who is on Methadone and if you haven't started it THEN DON'T. You will want off it in time just as I do and I will be clean very soon.

      Bless you all,

  37. Addict

    I have been on methadone for 11 years now and I have tried to quit in so many ways. I recently had a baby who is now 19 months and the light of my life I thought that once I had her I would be able to nip it in the butt. But I only felt I needed it more to be able to cope through the day and to enjoy myself with her rather then be laid out screaming at her because I was sick. I was hoping someone could give me some answers on how to ween myself down and by the way my husband is an addict to with methadone so this is for the both of us. I don't get on this page often so if you could please email me at [email protected] with some answers for me it would be much appreciated. I am 30 years old and this is to much for me I want to start enjoying my life and get past this now before my daughter get to big. I am doing this for myself but mostly for her.

  38. Addict


    • Addict

      One of the side effects of methadone when used in treatment is numbness. Methadone Side Effects

      Undiagnosed Symptoms Community - Methadone and Numbness
      These symptoms could be from something more serious though ya never's a definite sign to stop using methadone and seek medical advice in case there is something more serious going on.

  39. Addict

    I have been in the methadone maintenance(sp?) for a little over 3 years now. I went there right after going to rehab for 4 weeks. I was on 90mgs for 2 1/2 of those 3 years. I'm detoxing right now. I started coming down at 1 mg every 3 days and I couldn't even tell that I was taking any lesser of a dose than when I was on 90. Then when I got down to about 45 it started taking affect. So, I stopped at 44 for about 2 months. Now, i'm on 20 mgs and i'm coming down at 5 mgs a week. It's not been too bad so far....... I mean my muscles ache, I get allot of headaches but other than that it's not been too bad. I'm thinking about just stopping right now but I know that even though I'm not feeling bad right now that the lower I go the worse it'll get and it will be worse just quitting cold turkey. I have 2 girls, 8 and 6. Their birthday's and school is coming up fast and don't know if i'll be able to handle all that coming down. Would it be better to just stop now and be done with it before that stuff comes up?

  40. Addict

    I have been on methadone for 3 years now at 70 mgs. I want off real bad. Does anybody have a suggestion of how I can get off this as fast as 3 months. The clinic isn't wanting me off period. They call me a lifer. I don't want to be on for life. Dam How can I do it myself? Can I do a 7 day with the weeks worth they give me?

  41. Addict

    Okay so I told my counselor at the clinic that I wasn't going to come anymore. I was on 15 mgs. Today is bad......but not too bad. My muscles are starting to ache, my body is feeling any shaky, is it going to get worse?........

  42. Addict

    I have been on methadone for 5 yrs.When i first went in i thought it was the best thing in the world.well as it turns out it isn't i have a high metabolism ...for 3 of the five yrs i was at 295 mgs.anybody that has been on methadone knows you do not go there to get high cause after 3 to 4 months you don't get high you think u feel normal and you cant get lie to get a high dose you i think like after 100 to 150 they take your blood before you dose and then after 3 hrs they take it again to see how fast u metabolism it every 15 to 10 mgs. today I'm at twenty mgs tomorrow I'm at 15 mgs and so on. for me the side affects are so bad every day by 12n i start rapidly declining sweats if i stand to quick mass of weight gain went in to clinic at 155 lb i weigh 235 now. I've just said enough is enough i rather die than be on this shit the rest of my life so i asked to detox they recommended 1 mg a week. Well at a $105.00 a week. I've chosen to do the rapid detox at 5mgs a day I've gone from 295ms to 20 mgs in a couple months hell well it hurts so bad that my wife and i try to laugh about it all i can say from my exp is try to only go as high a dose as u need to go to work and remember that what goes up must come down and try everything else first. that's about 1 tenth of the hell of methadone .I've talked to hundreds of methadone users in the thousands of hours I've spent in line everyday at 630 am every body that's been more than a year or 2. seems to feel the same rather than have been on pills or iv user that's my experience.......

  43. Addict

    I'm on 100mg of methadone a day and want to know when a good time to start decreasing my dosage would be with the goal of getting off methadone completely? How long should the process of decreasing to 0mg take? I started taking methadone 5/5/11 and haven't taken any other opiate since. Basically, methadone got me off pills (I was taking around 90 to 250mg of oxycodone a day...we call em roxy's where I'm from). I never have urges to take roxy's anymore and just the idea of going back to that life makes me sick. I haven't brought this up with my counselor yet but I will be soon and would love some add'l feed back from anybody who has good advise. I'm thinking once I hit 6 months, which would be November 5th, 2011, I'll start decreasing my dosage by 5 mg a week. Does that sound like a smart plan? That would mean I would have started and stopped methadone treatment in just under 1 year. Please...give me feedback.

  44. Addict

    I've been on methadone for a little over a year an am very knowledgeable when it comes to methadone maintenance. only 68% of people who get off methadone in a year or less do not succeed , also is up to you an how you feel . a couple factors to consider are do you have a good support system , have you dealt with some of your issues , are you at a stable dose , the length of time you've been clean an are you still involved in the "drug world" in any way at all.

    Those are all good an important things to consider before opting to taper off.also make sure you are ready an willing to feel some discomfort. make sure you decrease your dose slowly if you don't want to get really sick.

    In my personal opinion i don't think that you've been at a stable dose to start getting off.the average addict on maintenance is on from 5-10 years.before you make any decisions really think it through , make sure yours absolutely positive your ready because if your not you have a greater chance to relapse

    Good Luck Hunni

  45. Addict

    For the families out there. I have a sister, A twin sister who has been addicted to methadone for ten years. It is not a treatment plan for her and hasn't been for eight of those years. It has been hell on our family watching her make the dumbest and selfish decisions she has made and to top it all off she has had five children all under the influence of drugs. Two to heroin and three to methadone. She lived out of state for all of these children's births and we had no idea what was going on until she finally moved home. She is homeless and will not move in with any of us NOR will she even listen to our advice. I feel for her but the real victims are the kids. She has made every selfish stupid and irresponsible decision out there that a mother can make and she just wont give up or even try to give up her "TREATMENT" I just don't understand this. I myself have been addicted to cocaine for years but when it comes to your family and your health, you have to make the right choices. I do not have the control to make her decisions for her but I wish I had. What do I do now. She has been in "treatment" for so long, where is the treatment for the treatment? For all of those people who are seriously wanting to quit drugs, any drugs, hooray for you. God bless you. But stick with it. Its a prison. And you are not the only ones going through it. Your family may not understand what your going through but it is OK to talk to them. It is OK. As disappointed and angry as I am with my sister at times, I will always love her all of the time and will do anything for her. But it is a long road she has to travel down by herself for a while. Just for a while.

    • Addict

      I understand your frustration but methadone doesn't affect everyone like it has your sister. I've been on and off methadone since 1975 with bouts of sobriety in between, once for 5 years and another time for 13 years. I've been back on it for 10 years this time. This time it was for chronic pain. I haven't shot heroin since 1986. I was on 120 mgs for about 5 years and then started a slow detox down to 45 over the next 4 years and remained there until Feb. of this year. I am required to detox in order to get my grandchildren out of foster care and adopt them. I've been detoxing at a rate of 3mgs a week and did well until I hit 12mgs. I will be off completely in a few weeks. The point is, methadone works if the person is ready to quit abusing other opiates. I know people that have been on methadone consistently for 30 years and function very well considering. Many of these people would either be dead or in prison if it weren't for methadone. There is a lot of misconception about methadone. Granted it isn't easy to detox from, but if you do it right and do it for the right reasons it can definitely be done. The methadone isn't what is making your sister selfish and irresponsible. Your sister will be this way with or without the methadone until she decides to change. I have a 35 year old daughter that is the same way. She walked away from her 2 children so she could get high and not have to deal with them. I've made many mistakes in my life especially when I was using street drugs but on my worst day I took better care of my home and my daughter than she did on her best day. Addicts are selfish by nature but many of them actually are able to change that with the help of methadone. It allows a heroin addict to not only be safe and legal but it also allows them to work and become productive members of society. When you're addicted to opiates and are chasing them on a daily basis it's very difficult to function properly. However, I do think a lot of people are getting on methadone for the wrong reasons. Unless a person is a hardcore heroin, oxy or other high powered opiate addict I don't recommend it. It is much harder to detox from. I definitely don't recommend it for Vicodin or Percocet addicts unless they are using in excess of 30 pills a day for an extended period of time. Methadone is extremely good for pain control. My late husband's doctor prescribed it for pain when he was dying from colon cancer. We couldn't afford on going use of the other pain meds. We were spending between 500 and 700 a month on prescriptions at the time. His methadone prescription was 30 dollars a month.

      I truly hope your sister finds peace and gets the help she needs. Some people never get there but the way I feel about my daughter is that as long as there is life there is hope. I'm very angry with her for what she's done to her kids but understanding drug addiction as I do I realize she isn't ready to get the help she needs and I know she's miserable. I'm 56 years old and I can tell you that I am done. I will never turn to opiates again unless I'm terminal. My grandchildren need me and I'm determined to be there for them. It's taken a lot of painful years and experiences to get here. I wish you and your family all the luck in the world. Same to the rest of you out there that's fighting this monkey on their back. God bless.

  46. Addict

    man I've been on and off methadone for the past 5 years and every time i stop using methadone or i should say every time i get kicked outta the methadone clinics for not having the money every week to pay for it it sucks sooooo bad..methadone has and did save my life! the only problem I'm constantly having is every time i start to do good being on a stable dose something happens and my money situation gets f*cked up and bam I'm on a 7-10 day rapid detox and it SUCKS!! anyways the longest I've went without methadone or anything else was 32 days cold turkey and i can honestly say I'm surprised i survived it..all i wanted was to sleep and the restless leg shit to go away.its even worse when EVERYONE in my family thinks I'm lacking will power and etc..they have no one else in my family has ever been addicted to drugs of any type so they have no idea what this is like to experience.i went from stealing,hustling anyone i could to get heroin and then i started methadone 5 years ago and my life changed for the better and like i said every time i start doing good on methadone my money situation gets messed up and I'm on detox AGAIN and I'm tired of doing this to myself but i just wanna go down on my dose slowly and finally get off this stuff but i have no choice at the moment.I'm @ 44 mgs today and my normal usual dose was 89mgs.i went down 9 mg a day and the first 3-4 days i wasn't able to even notice the difference but today after i dosed i can totally tell I'm about to go through hell AGAIN..i just want to tell people out there that if your only taking Vicodin,percocets etc and not shooting heroin or smoking it then methadone isn't the way to go.i WISH WISH WISH i only had a Vicodin addiction, ha i could do that standing on my head.i know to the people that are on vics and perks it seems bad but its NOTHING compared to a heroin addiction.and i will and have to agree methadone withdrawal is way worse then heroin or anything for that matter.the withdrawals are way longer lasting.just not as intense.I don't know I'm kinda sick from being detoxed right now and my family is not trying to hear it and I'm venting..sorry...i just want to be normal and not sick.and i know that i can go buy 10 worth of heroin and it'll be fine for a few hours.that's where the devil in disguise is at for the back of my head i know that i can get dope super fast without even having to look for when I'm sick its the first thing that pops into my head.f*ck feeling this way I'm going to shoot dope.but i know if i shoot up again or whatever I'm going to fall back into what i was 5=6 years ago and I'm most def not trying to go through that again.but the withdrawals are so bad its almost hard not to.well I don't know I'll keep posting my updates on here because even though I'm not talking to someone in person i still feel some what of a release or venting by being able to type out what I'm going through and know that someone is reading this..hopefully ill be able to endure this detox without using...

  47. Addict

    I like the valuable info you provide in your articles. I will bookmark your weblog and check again here regularly. I’m quite sure I’ll learn many new stuff right here! Best of luck for the next!

  48. Addict

    i was taking roxys for like threes years like a 300 a dollars a day n more habit right so I have a baby n I just had enough of taking pills like I'm only 24 it's so pathetic so my asshole doctor put me on methadone anyways I came to find out it's for heroin not pills so I was on it for two months on 100 mg and I went to detox I got off in 9 days I been home about 14 days plus the 9 in detox and still I can't walk I'm very dizzy and weak the pain finally went away about four days ago now it's just weakness n complete loss of breath. do not do what I did I did it because I just needed to do a quick abrupt stupid detox to prove thyself I was strong enough I didn't think I can do it but. I did and I took OG my 14 month old terror son the whole time it sucked but I'm telling u I still don't feel good but I feel like a person seriously it's crazy after years of drugs I can finally say I'm free!

  49. Addict

    I've been researching Methadone for the past 4 plus hours. I have read most of these comments. My story is a little different . I have a 32 year old daughter that was diagnosed with a severe bladder and pelvic disorder. This is well documented. She has been in severe chronic pain for nearly 9 years now and has seen many Doctors. The Dr's pumped her with antibiotics year after year. Through the years she received many different treatments including bladder instillations, which sometimes helped. She has cried and cried but no one has been able to really help. The Dr's refused to give her and narcotics to take the pain away. I can understand their concern. She began buying street drugs to help relieve the pain. It did not totally take the pain away but helped take the edge off. She heard about Methadone and spoke to her Dr's about it. They also refused to have her assessed in a Methadone management program. I feel she has really been neglected by their lack of concern. Another words, they rather see her continue suffering. She then found someone who new someone else that worked in a Meth. Clinic. She finally got an appointment and was seen. Here's the thing, she couldn't tell the Meth. Dr that she wanted Meth for pain. She had to say she was addicted to pills. Not a good thing. This was the only way she was able to get treated. Well, at first it seemed like a Savior to her. The pain was finally gone and she felt relieved. She has been on Methadone for approx. a year .and taking about 92mg a day. For the last 6 months or so, she has been having some serious side effects. It began with a hoarse voice, very irritable, fatigue, swelling of most of her body, excessive weight gain - 25 lbs in 2 weeks, stiff hurting joints, gurgling in the lungs etc. It's scarey to she her. At her request the Clinic has been weaning her off slowly. Started at 2mg every other week. Tomorrow 4mg every other week. My opinion that's not fast enough. I think they need to step it up a bit. Maybe try 6 or 8 mg a week. This has been a nightmare. So, although Methadone is a great source of help for many Heroin addicts, someone who has an addiction to pills or even severe pain. You must research Methadone and be aware of all the serious side effects and long term effects. It may be fine for some but can be devastating to others. It can even cause death. My prays goes out to all of you. Those who conquered their addiction, those of you trying to succeed and for those family members who have to watch their love ones suffer. Support of friends and family is a key factor for success. Hope this New Year finds you all well and keeps you safe.

  50. Addict

    I have been on methadone for 15 years off and on , I got on and decided to detox and went right back to using , then found myself back on methadone . I went back and fourth like that for 10 years , now I am on methadone and on regularly for 5 years or so give or take a year , Ive lost track . I was going to a clinic but now I get it from my Doctor ,I couldn't afford the clinic any longer. I do have a chronic problem that causes me a great deal of pain so the Methadone that I take I take it mainly for the pain , I am on a hundred milligrams a day.I figure what is the difference , because I do need pain meds so I either take methadone or something stronger.I will most likely be on it for the rest of my life I am 57 years old.I have fought with addiction all of my life first pills then heroin now methadone. My life has not changed at all since I have been on methadone unless you want to count changing for the good. I do work , I work part time as a server in a very busy restaurant , I am raising my 12 year old grandson . I am very active , I have all of my teeth the only time you loose your teeth is when you don't take care of them or they get knocked out , its not because of methadone use. Think about it you do need to see a dentist on a reg bases. you need your teeth cleaned every 6 months these are things that you need to take care of . Do you blame your high blood pressure med if your teeth fall out? This is common sense , I'm not sure about methadone eating up your calcium , you should take extra calcium anyway. All I can say is if I weren't on methadone I would be on some other pain relief so I think methadone is the safer one to use . I don't think that anyone needs to be on 250 milligrams a day that's way too much , I could probably drop my dosage down to 60 or even 50 ,right now 100 milligrams is working for me. Oh and I'm not walking around in a daze I'm quite aware of whats going on around me I have too I have a teenager at home you cant hide nothing from them , if I started nodding off he would start asking a lot of questions, sometimes its hard for me to read a book without falling asleep but that's natural. If you have to take anything I think that methadone is the safest way to go, of course it is better if you didn't need to take anything just don't start getting high in the first place and never hurt yourself to where you need to take a pain RELIEF FOR A LONG PERIOD OF TIME AND YOU WOULD BE OK .

  51. Addict

    Methadone treatment saved my life... not that I was going to die from using pills.... but I would not have a job or my kids if it was not for the clinic. I feel great every day. I am on 85 mg and I feel fine every day and have no need to up my dose. I would recommend it to anyone. Also, anybody who is in a "nod" all day or not functional is not taking it properly. They are either mixing it with other drugs, doubling their dose, or just plain depressed or lazy. I take just my proper dose every day, and I feel great. I feel the way I felt before I started using drugs, and my whole family is happy to have the old me back. The person who cares about how they look, who is a good mother, who has some meat on their bones, not all pale and scabbed up. The only difference I notice from the methadone is that around 11pm I get pretty tired. But I'll take it over being a junkie mess.

  52. Addict

    I do need pain meds so I either take methadone or something stronger.I will most likely be on it for the rest of my life I am 57 years old.I have fought with addiction all of my life first pills then heroin now methadone. My life has not changed at all since I have been on methadone unless you want to count changing for the good. I do work

  53. Addict

    I used to go as far as becoming a pro at making receipts to give my parents. Get him help now! If he doesn't get the chemicals his body now needs, he feels like he is dying. It is so painful; you cannot think about anything else let alone function. Plus every time he uses could be the time his body can't take anymore and he dies. It is a very dangerous balancing act.

  54. Addict

    Hi, I've been on Liquid Handcuffs for 8 yrs and I am getting off it. Are there any suggestions about what to do for these terrible withdrawal symptoms? Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated!! Thank you, and good luck!

    • Addict

      I've been using Benadryl and it works pretty well. One of the clinics in the Midwest that I was on always said that if you missed any doses and was having detox symptoms that Benadryl was the best thing to use. I also know of people that have used the blood pressure med clonidine, some people like to use benzos but it can be dangerous to mix methadone and benzos at any dose. I've known many people that have overdosed trying this combo. Alcohol is another one that is dangerous. I've always been a stone cold opiate user and never mixed anything with methadone except in my wilder days when I was shooting heroin and cocaine while on methadone. Stupid but that is the nature of the addiction. Good luck and god bless.

      • Addict

        I am on methadone and I take Xanax. I only get 15 O.5's a month and I take one quarter of a pill daily with my 48 mg of methadone for anxiety. I have for ten years and never had a problem. It is these people eating pills by the handfuls. I've seen them eat them by the handfuls. I let a guy named Steve sleep on my floor one night and he opened his bottle and took about 7 or 8 pills. Those are the people that die. Needless to say, he never stayed at my house again. I didn't need methadone when I got on it. I was stupid and did it because my friends were. Yeah, I was taking a low dosage of pain pills and cough syrups, but I wasn't a heroin addict. I did find that methadone medicated my anxiety disorder and PTSD. It made me feel relaxed and calm. Well, I'm ashamed to say that 30 years later I'm still on it. I'm only on 43 milligrams now and am detoxing slowly, one a week. I'm afraid of that "a wakefulness" people talk about. That makes me remember the rapes and pain and that I can't have children and on and on. Plus now I have serious pain issues. So methadone is good for some people who really need it. They should be much stricter in who they give it to. At least look for track marks or something, something I don't have.

  55. Addict

    Hi, You post an important treatment article. I also need your treatment immediately.
    Aliza Brienty

  56. Addict

    Hello, my 27 year old son is addicted to methadone and is currently using 60 milligrams. I'm considering sending him to a detox recovery center and am wondering if anyone has an opinion on Serenity House in Fredericksburg, TX? He's been at this dosing clinic for 4 years and is not getting better. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


  57. Addict

    Hello, I am 30 years old and have been on Methadone for the past 6 years. I am just starting my detox journey. Because of my inability to pay anymore the clinic is dropping me from 150 mgs down 10 mgs per day till I hit 0. I am only on my 2nd day and I am still feeling fine however I do know what I am about to face and I am dreading it. I am reading up on any suggestions that may ease my withdrawal symptoms. If anyone has any suggestions of words of wisdom I would love the advice. I know I can make it but I do have to face my fears of withdrawal pains which I put off for the past 6 years using methadone to keep me from feeling withdrawals.

  58. Addict

    I am really Impressed with the article, actually it happens with me and the treatment help me to get back to me from the bad times..3 years ago and my life changed for the better and like I said every time I start doing good on methadone my money situation gets messed up and I'm on detox AGAIN and I'm tired of doing this to myself but I just want to go down on my dose slowly and finally get off this stuff but I have no choice at the moment. Thanks

  59. Addict

    Hi, I have been addicted methadone since 10 yrs., I am looking for help, but I really appreciate this article and to giving the classification and detox, and how to withdraw , I am really impressed with the all positive comments by user, thanks to them to share their views, which is very helpful to me...

  60. Addict

    I just got out of jail, after spending 9 days kicking a 6+ year Methadone w/a double habit of Heroin and some Meth usage mixed in. My husband got the pad raided. Some things happen for a reason, I guess. Because, I was tripping on going through that withdrawal but I survived it, and bailed out, and haven't gone back to that place yet. Trying to hold on, and deal with everything was on 45mgs for 3 years and I live in Southern California, where the Heroin is crappy Black Tar, I swear there must be less than .5 of a .5% of actual trace of purity. The veteranos speak about the old days, when the "head of a match" was all you needed gente "go out" on cottons. Those days are gone and a palazzo of that mierda costs the same as an ounce of gold but Methadone treatment will be like an ancient relic someday in the future, still f-ing here with its damn, dreaded fee detox like William Burroughs wrote: "Room for one more inside, Sir. "Thanks Santa Barbara County jail...guess you were good for something, and also to La Virgen la Guadalupe, for helping me with the antsias......calo for that feeling when your central nervous system is writhing, and feels like your skin is being pulled off....enough said.......Charlene M.J., California

  61. Addict

    I go to the Mcleod Center for methadone treatment and I am about to be on level three. (I will only have to go 4 days a week). I was wondering if anyone knew what days I would have to go?

  62. Addict

    Hi everyone....I just wanted to let you all know that my best friend has been on the Methadone Program for 13 years at 190 mil per day. She is 5 feet tall and weighs 100 pounds. Last Saturday she was drinking Vodka (while on her methadone), Sunday she had three seizures and the hospital sent her home. Twenty minutes later she had a major seizure that she never came out of. My friend, Sara, is now lying in a hospital bed. She is completely brain dead and she will die anytime. Please, please, please, don't use alcohol while using methadone. Sara is 45 years old and she wasn't dumb, she did not drink much but the doctors said it doesn't take much----also the doctor said that there was no reason she was on the program that long----except that she had great insurance and the clinic wanted her money----my best friend is, or will be dead very soon (they took her off life support already) because of this drug. I know it's a good program when used right...but please also use your heads--don't let a clinic use you. The Methadone Program is really only meant for a two year program.....the start of the second year is the time that your clinic SHOULD be starting to wean you down and by the end of the second year you SHOULD be off of it. Please people don't let this happen to you. And please keep my friend Sara, her three children and her elderly father in your prayers, as I will keep all of you in my prayers. Many Blessing to all of you.

  63. Addict

    Hi everyone! I would like to tell my story. First I want to say if I knew then... I was addicted to prescription pain medicine. I have a back problem and somehow I became addicted to Vicodin. My highest dose was 40mg. Now I am on 22.5. I started going to the clinic October, 2012. The fog has lifted recently and I started to see what this clinic is really all about. It's not about caring. It's about making them money. Especially the people that have state insurance. They will give you an increase in a second but try asking for a decrease and they say, "YOU AREN'T READY." I go to group twice a week also. Now a couple of weeks ago I noticed some growths on my face. I did some research and suspected skin cancer. The clinic always told us if we want to see the doctor just ask. Well, I went to the window at the clinic to get my ID card and asked to see the doctor. They page my counselor instead. My counselor asked me why I wanted to see the doctor. I told her and she said Oh I thought you wanted to ask for a decrease. So she laughed at me thinking I have skin cancer and tells me oh its new makeup and I am not using the right stuff to clean my face. I was not allowed to see the doctor. I made an appointment with my own doctor but in the mean time I had an appointment with my counselor at the clinic. Her office is dimly lit and she laughed and said that she didn't see those things on my face anymore. I told her they are still there but this room is dark. So, I went to my doctor and he suspects I have basal cell carcinoma. (Skin cancer) and he told me I was correct in suspecting it. So I called my counselor but had to leave a message. She never called back. I ran into her at a local store and asked her if she got my message. She said no. So I started telling her and she said oh yeah I got that one. Then she said she had to take off. I have group with her and she has not once asked me how I feel or talked about it in any way. So, now I have to see her tomorrow and I am going to tell her, not ask her, I want a 21 day detox off this stuff now. I know she will say I'm not ready and try her hardest to talk me out of it but I am done kissing her butt. She used to be a client there and she has a criminal sheet a mile long cause I looked it up online and I think what happened is the clinic helped her out of a situation and now she owes them so she basically sold her soul to the devil. Instead of her scamming other people she scams the addicts at the clinic for the clinic. I refuse to be a cash cow any longer for these people. If I have to I will fight for them to detox me but I will be detoxed one way or another. I'll become one heck of a thorn in their side till they want to get rid of me.

  64. Addict

    I empathize with you. Please keep telling yourself the truth! THIS DRUG IS TOXIC THIS DRUG IS FROM HELL! DON'T EVER TAKE IT! ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. YOU LIVE WITH YOU 24/7. Nobody KNOWS WHAT YOU FEEL BUT YOU. Here is a big tip, save a couple hundred bucks (it will be very well invested). Go to a reputable pain specialist with your records in hand (or sent- sign the release papers and request them forwarded).They will NOT give you a script. But they will tell your primary what you should/should not be taking and/or doing. IF YOUR PRIMARY does not follow the advice of a reputable pain SPECIALIST (MAJOR KEY WORD), you have one hell of a good reason to change and/or file complaints against your primary for GOING AGAINST A SPECIALIST (KEY WORD AGAIN) orders/recommendations. This is speaking from 15+ years of personal experience!!! GOOD LUCK! And stay strong. You NEVER want to go down the Methadone road...TRUST ME!

  65. Addict

    I've been on METH since 1987, it's helped me with my HEROIN ADDICTION, got into the meth program because I started a family and had a great job, but as the years went, it became part of my life. THIS STUFF is the DEVIL, IT KILLED MY brother, cousin, it a short term fix that it, all these program are about THE GOD ALMIGHTY DOLLAR very few counselor I've met over the yrs. really understood the program, stay away , at my height I was on a 80 mil, 27 yrs. later been clean, except the med, IM now a grandfather getting ready to retire, the detox done on my own is at 3.5mil a day now, staying on that for 3 months, trust me being a heroin add kicking that was easy, kicking meth is been a whole life journey, stay positive and active and keep the faith GOOD LUCK

  66. Addict

    It's really unfortunate that u all have had such terrible experiences with METHADONE not METH! It has saved my life! I was addicted to Oxycontin for 11 yrs. I was 7 months pregnant hadn't been to the doctor once. I was prostituting myself. I was homeless, smoking crack as well. I got n 2 the methadone program because I was pregnant. My clinic's protocol for pregnant women u go to 10 day detox. To detox you from illicit drugs and get u started on methadone. From there I went to a 30 day inpatient rehab. After completing that I began actually dosing at the clinic. Getting n this program has saved my and my children's lives. I have 2 babies while on MMT both perfectly healthy they r now 3 and 4. I now have a home, car, job and a life. I am involved with my family. I used 2 steal from them now I would never dream of taking anything. I seen where some of u said 5 yrs. and whoever is still there. Methadone is a maintenance drug not a cure. Some people may never "get off" some may the important thing is if it's helping. If they r still illicitly using drugs then it's not helping!! The goal for methadone maintenance isn't to hurry up and wean off. It's to stop craving drugs so u can clean up the mess of your life u have made. If u can stop taking it successfully then congratulations. U shouldn't put someone else down that hasn't made the same choice!! I may never stop taking this medication or I might but as long as I'm raising my kids, contributing to society and not breaking any laws then I don't see the problem! If I had any other disease people would think I was crazy to not take medicine for it or "Pray it away"!!! So if anyone reads this don't feel like u have to detox do it if and when you're ready.

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