Motivation: What Is It Exactly?

Motivation: What Is It Exactly?

Motivation is defined as the reason(s) for a person to act or behave a certain way. In other words, motivation is the reason we do what we do. A common myth is motivation is tied to one achieving grand things or accomplishing some big task.

Every person has motivation to do something, whether that is to lose weight or start a business.

On the other side some are motivated to drop out of school or be overweight. Motivation does not always result in positive results. The key to success and accomplishing anything you want is to be motivated about the things that will make you successful and help improve your life. By focusing on the things that advance triumph in your life, you will not only become the person you need to be, you will become the person that you want to be. You will become someone that shines in a world of dullness.

How to Stay Motivated

Staying motivated for many people sounds like a daunting task. In reality we all stay motivated all the time. The key to success is to stay motivated on the right things. Too often we start something with the best intentions in mind, but lose focus and never accomplish our goals. Our motivation switches from what we NEED to do to what we WANT to do. Unfortunately, the need/want dynamic does not always match and we fall short of objectives. The best way to stay motivated on the behaviors that will help you reach success is to set a goal. This is the end game; what you ultimately want to achieve. This can be anything from saving a certain amount of money, becoming debt free, losing weight, starting a business, or getting your degree. In anything you do, you need to set a goal and work towards accomplishing it. Every successful person in life will tell you that without a goal in mind you are doomed for failure. Setting a goal is like putting an address in your GPS and then following it to get where you want to go. Without doing this you will wonder aimlessly and get lost.

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How to Reach Your Goal

The first step in achieving your goal is to write it down and be as specific as possible. Instead of saying I want to lose weight, you would say I want to lose 50 pounds in 12 months. Without a clearly defined goal you will not know what you are working towards. Next you need to develop a clear and precise plan that will provide you with the actions you need to perform in order to achieve success.

This plan should include both daily and short-term objectives that are clearly defined and achievable. Be realistic when developing your plan. Don't include something that you know you can't do, for example go to the gym every day for 2 hours if you only have 4-5 hours free time a day. If you are consistently not completing your short term objectives you will get discouraged and your motivation will switch to things that take away from your vision. During your journey you should routinely measure where you are at and adjust your plan as needed. One common mistake people make is that they get so focused on the plan they lose sight of the goal. You will have setbacks and your plan may not always work. The key is to recognize when something is not working and make the changes needed, but with your sights always on your objective.

Oh No, it's Getting Hard. With anything worth achieving there are going to challenges and obstacles. If there were not everyone would be successful in whatever they wanted to do. The question is what do you do when obstacles arise? The primary reason obstacles set us back and cause failure is that we do not think about what might stand in our way ahead of time.

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When developing your plan think about what may cause you problems and develop strategies that will assist you in breaking through these barriers. If you are aware that there are going to be things that stand in your way you will be prepared for them when they arise.

Since you have thought about it and wrote down a clear plan for success, when an obstacle bears its ugly face you can go back and look at how to overcome it.

Another crucial component to overcoming challenges is your attitude. Negative thoughts breed negative results. Keep your thoughts positive and replace negative feelings with ones that are geared towards achieving success. Every day you should audibly speak words of affirmation like "I will reach my goal" or "I am on the right track. I am achieving success." Lastly, when you reach an objective or overcome a barrier be sure to reward yourself. Rewards can come in many forms, but should be something that makes you feel positive and tells your mind that you did something good.

Accomplishing What You Invision

In life we all want to be able to feel the joy of accomplishing what we envision. Through goal setting, developing a plan, overcoming obstacles, and measuring success you can truly accomplish anything you set your mind to.

left quoteStay motivated on the behaviors that will steer you towards the objective you want to reach.right quote

Routinely revisit your plan and make adjustments as needed. Minimum effort in the beginning results in minimum success at the end. Maximum effort in the beginning results in maximum success at the end.

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