Nembutal Abuse and Addiction

Nembutal Abuse and Addiction

Nembutal Sodium is the brand name for the drug pentobarbital. It is a controlled substance.

Because of its high potential for abuse and addiction, Nembutal is rarely prescribed; rather, it is more likely to be used in a controlled medical environment. Nembutal was a very popular drug in the 1950s and 1960s.

However, as reports began to surface about its potential for abuse as well as the fact that this was a highly addictive drug, the number of prescriptions issued began to decline sharply. Today, as mentioned earlier, it is rarely prescribed.

Nembutal is in the drug classification family of sedative or tranquilizing drugs, specifically those categorized as barbiturates. It is a short-acting drug, meaning it does not last for very long and is rapidly metabolized by the body. It comes in liquid or tablet form; the liquid form is often administered through intravenous methods, while the tablet is taken orally.

What Is Nembutal Prescribed?

If a prescription is written for Nembutal, it may be for a number of reasons. These include Insomnia and Seizures.

Insomnia is a condition in which a person has trouble falling asleep. In some instances of insomnia, sleep comes fairly rapidly, however, the person wakes up after having only been asleep a few hours and cannot go back to sleep. Insomnia can be caused by a number of things. These include stress, certain medications, and even certain chronic illnesses.

As mentioned earlier, though, Nembutal is rarely prescribed for this condition or for any other reason, because it is so addictive. There are so many medications, both prescription and over-the-counter, that there really is, or should rarely be, reasons for a health care professional to even consider Nembutal as a treatment option.

Nembutal is also sometimes prescribed for seizures; generally, those that are not caused by Epilepsy, although it is effective for seizure control in this condition. Rather, if it is deemed necessary by a health care professional to prescribe Nembutal, it may be for such relatively rare conditions as cholera or tetanus (sometimes referred to as "lockjaw").

In some instances, Nembutal may be prescribed for seizures that occur as a result of a pregnant woman suffering from eclampsia. This is a condition that occurs when a pregnant woman's blood pressure becomes elevated to a point that it is considered dangerous, possibly even life-threatening. Seizures can sometimes happen as a result of this, and Nembutal can help control them.

Statistics Relating To Nembutal

Besides being considered a tranquilizer or sedative, Nembutal is also considered to be a drug that can produce psychoactive effects; that is, those which affect the mind. Statistics show that abuse of prescription drugs (Nembutal is just one), including those that are known to cause these effects, is actually higher than that of cocaine. In fact, within the past year, it was discovered more than 14.5 million people had used prescription drugs without having a valid medical reason for doing so. Unfortunately, of this number, more than 2 million were in the adolescent age group (12-17).

The incidences of prescription drug abuse of any kind are rising, and it is believed that the fact that there are so many prescription drugs on the market, especially those which produce the same or similar effects as Nembutal and other sedatives, is one factor.

How Is Nembutal Abused?

When Nembutal has been prescribed, the methods of abuse are much like those employed with any other type of prescription drugs. A person may take too much of the drug, or may take the drug too often. The person taking the drug may not have a medical reason for the drug, but has managed to persuade a health care professional that it is needed, and thus manages to obtain a prescription.

In some of these incidences, the person receiving the prescription may not even take the drug. Rather, he supplies others who want to experience the psychoactive effects of such drugs with Nembutal. This is illegal, unethical, and unsafe, and any health care professional who suspects this may be occurring should immediately stop prescribing the drug.

Nembutal causes sedation that is, it "puts you to sleep". That is one reason why it is sometimes used in surgical procedures as an anesthetic. In this situation, it is important that a person's breathing be carefully monitored, as Nembutal can slow down breathing to the point that it may stop all together if breathing assistance is not being given.

Nembutal Abuse Treatment Options

If a person is found to be abusing or have an addiction to Nembutal, he or she should seek help at a drug rehab facility. These facilities offer in-patient and outpatient programs.


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