Oxycodone Addiction

Oxycodone Addiction

Oxycodone is a strong opioid analgesic (pain killer) drug with a high potential to cause physical and psychological dependence. Oxycodone is a semi-synthetic opioid made from the alkaloid, thebaine. It is very similar to codeine in structure and actions. The agent has been around for more than 70 years in Europe but because of the addiction and abuse potential, the drug never became popular until the late 1980s.

Once the addictive problems of heroin and morphine became well known, it was decided not to make pain killers using morphine substitutes.

The preparation of hydrocodone from thebaine was done to avoid the mood altering effects that were common with morphine and heroin. Oxycodone, like morphine, acts on the brain but does not show the full spectrum of mood altering effects seen with morphine or heroin, nor are the effects long lasting. However, the drug does have some euphoric effects, lessens anxiety and gives the user a pleasant experience. This plus the relatively easy availability of the drug has made it liable to abuse. Oxycodone and its derivatives have been illicitly abused in North America for the past 20-30 years.

Oxycodone is a Schedule II narcotic analgesic and is extensively used in clinical practice. In the last decade, Oxycodone has become of great concern to the DEA and numerous adverse health effect bulletins have been released. In 2004, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the marketing of generic forms of controlled release Oxycodone products (e.g. oxycontin).

Recently, the DEA increased regulations over the availability of oxycodone. Persons who try and obtain repeat oxycodone prescriptions and possess it for purpose of trafficking are guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment.

Therapeutic Use

In the United States, oxycodone is a Schedule II controlled drug and requires a prescription for use. Oxycodone is an excellent pain killer that can be taken orally. The drug is frequently used in clinical practice to manage pain after surgery. The drug is very effective for moderate to severe chronic pain (e.g. back pain). The drug is usually recommended for short term use not lasting more than a few weeks at a time. Generic forms like long term oxycontin are frequently administered to patients with terminal cancer.

Doses and Preparations

Oxycodone is a strong pain killer when taken orally and is prescribed in various formulations. It is often combined with aspirin (percodan, endodan, roxiprin), acetaminophen (percocet, roxicet, tylox), or ibuprofen ( combunox). Recently, a longer acting form of oxycodone, known as oxycontin, has been released.

Other long release preparations include:

  • Endone
  • OxyIR
  • OxyNorm
  • Percolone
  • OxyFAST
  • Roxicodone

All long release preparations are effective for 8-12 hours. Some of these long release preparations are also available in liquid form.

Oxycodone and all its generic formulations are available for oral, intravenous, intramuscular or intranasal use. Oral preparations are used most frequently, have a rapid onset of action and last 4-6 hours. In patients who become tolerant to the drug, higher doses of the drug are required to produce the same amount of pain relief. Unfortunately, tolerance to all side effects does not occur and there is always a risk of adverse reactions with high doses.

Side Effects

Like all opioids, side effects are common with oxycodone. Common side effects include:

  • Nausea
  • Constipation
  • Lightheadedness
  • Mental clouding
  • Blanking of emotions

In a few patients, allergic reactions may produce a skin rash. Other side effects seen after long term use include decreased levels of testosterone. This may result in impotence, which is reversible once the drug is stopped. Enlargement of the prostate has also been reported.

Acute overdose of Oxycodone can produce:

  • Life threatening respiratory depression
  • Skeletal muscle flaccidity
  • Cold and clammy skin
  • Low blood pressure and heart rate
  • Coma
  • Respiratory arrest
  • Death



Oxycodone and its derivatives should be used with great caution in inpiduals with head trauma and meningitis.


The major concern with the use of oxycodone and its derivatives is tolerance and physical dependence which can occur after several weeks to months of use. Oxycodone has almost similar effects to morphine, and thus appeals to the same community who abuse morphine and heroin. Reports of pharmacies being broken in for oxycodone are not uncommon.

Like all opioids, oxycodone use is regulated. Thus, when it is acquired illegally, the drug is expensive on the black market. Prices for black market oxycodone may range anywhere from $25 to 50 for a 50 mg tablet. With the availability of generic brands, the cost of a pill may range from $5-10.

To prevent abuse of oxycodone and its derivatives, newer formulations are being developed that will prevent excessive use and limit toxicity. Remoxy is a newer drug which is currently undergoing clinical trials.

The use of Oxycodone under the guidance of physicians is generally safe and rarely causes problems. When taken with due care for short term periods, the drug is a very effective pain killer.


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Topic Discussion

  1. Addict

    Quick question if anyone can answer me I was prescribed oxycodone 30mgs, about 4-5 months ago for a car accident I was in, causing a slip disk in my back. I find myself now addicted to the medicine. What's the best ways for me to quit?

    • Addict

      Hi Jayson, Im Sheila, & Ive never taken the 30 mg. , but have taken high doses of other narcotics, Befrore I waz put in a Morphine inter. Pain Pump made by Medtrinic. Jayson , I waz taken a day, 360 mg. of time release morphine,(MRI.Cotin) & 150 mg. Demoriol, 8 mg Dilaudid. & 20 mg. of Valuimn. Theres only 1 way to get off any type of Narcotic or any other medication as far as that goes. I never felt I waz addicted to it, I know I have Chronic neck,& back pain. I also have Fibro(Chronic) , You have to wing ur self off slowly.Keep taken a smaller dose (say each week , go to a lower dose untill u wing urself off. I fell ( My personal opinion) If u need something 4 pain , Theres a such thing as use & abuse, Jayson just because I waz precribed all these medications before the pain pump didnt mean that I came home & took them just as they were precribed , meaning , if I didnt need the extra medication, I simply didnt take it. Ive never taken meds. unless I needed them. Also Ive never had withdrawls either. Weaning urself off iz the only way I no... Hope this helps... :)

    • Addict

      try acupuncture or onset meaning take a pain reliever a half hour before your body recognize it s craving. this also works with smoking and any other habits including food; just eat before or smoke before the t body clock you have developed for the habit recognize it's getting what it want ,but not when it needs it ; confusing the habit clock and then the craving would be over (good Luck) .

    • Addict

      Hi Jason, I too take Oxycodone for Fibromyalgia as well as five ruptured discs in my lower back and three in my neck. I have taken most everything even was using the Fentanyl patches and one day I accidentally forgot to put a patch on and for the first time In my life I experienced physical withdrawals but because I'd never experienced that before I thought it was being caused from the nerve damage I have in my body but eventually told my husband to go home (we were at my moms) and get my patches I had forgotten at home. Once I got that on it took about four hours later before I was able to finally go to sleep and get some rest it was horrific It was only after it happened a second time that I realized it was a withdraw..it was also after that second time I decided that I wasn't about to allow myself to get addicted to ANY meds if I could help it so for the next three months I weaned myself off by using the ones I had for the rest of that month, then on the first of the following month I went down to the next dosage then again the same the following months till I was totally off of them. I was lucky enough to still have some of the old dosages left at home so i used them and soooooo glad I did. Now recently I ran out of my Oxycodone because I used more than supposed to (I have a ridiculously high tolerance to meds) and ran out, I experienced almost the same sensation that I had with the patches just not as intense, so now I'm thinking I'd rather go without them so I'm not having them refilled and going to try other methods of making it better. Here's hoping hu? lol Well I wish you the best of luck and hope that my experience can help you in some way.

      God Bless you,

  2. Addict

    I recently had surgery and was put on oxycodone and could not take it. Could use oxycontin. What drug is in oxycodone and is not in oxycontin.

    • Addict

      Hi Marge. Basically yes, if it doesnt contain any type of tyenol, & its syntheic, yes its basically the same thing, the reason they pulled the oxycotin off the market, waz on account of the kids ( abusein it ) evedently they were runnin it in there veins. So my understanding iz that they pulled it fromthe shelves, & re-placeed the name with oxcodone. Its still a synithic drug unless there is tynol in it.. Hope that helps anwser ur ?... :)

  3. Addict

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  4. Addict

    Hey jaysen... I too had surgerys. And also found myself addicted. Its a hard road but weaning your self off works.some docs prescribe soboxen which makes you sick if you take a narcotic with it.. also methadone to help get off it. I no longer take anything unless I'm injured and get a prescription. The withdrawls suck. Mood swings. Diarea and so on. Just kick it bro

  5. Addict

    If it wasn't for my new bf I don't know what I'd do. But I will say one thing that has worked for me in the past......ironically it's opium poppy tea made from the dried pods. Now you would think this has the opposit effect but once the poppie re ued up the withdrawals are gone!

  6. Addict

    Getting off Oxycontin is just as hard as quitting smoking. You have to have it in your mind that you are going to quit. I quit both! I was prescribed 2 20mg tabs three times a day. I cut that back to one 20mg tab once a day and just finally decided that that was ridiculous and just quit taking anything. I just quit the Oxycontin 7 days ago and have not had any withdrawals.

    • Addict

      that is amazing that you didn't have any withdrawls. I have been on oxycontin since summer of 2006 because of a back injury and failed surgery. My doctors have told me I will be on it the rest of my life. I don't take it unless I hurt, but I can't go completely without it because I do have withdrawl issues. I was on 9 different meds at one point, all pain related. fentanyl, oxycodone IR, oxycontin ER, gabapentin, and several others. I hate taking meds and felt like a zombie. I stopped them all at once but the oxy as it was the only one that really helped the back pain to begin with. I was sick for a week, thought I had the flu. I would like to stop all together but I hurt so bad. I also have myofascial pain syndrome and was just diagnosed with fibromyalgia as well. I just want to stop hurting. I would like to stop the oxy, but I need to function and while it doesn't help any of the other pain issues, it does help my back. I wish I could find something that would help all of my pain issues, but so far, no luck!

    • Addict

      sup dude i just wanna know if youre still clean??

      • Addict

        Been off of the Oxycontin for over a year now and feel a lot better. I still have the pain and am taking hydrocodone 10/325 maybe 1 to 2 pills per day. It all depends on how much activity and straining I do.

  7. Addict

    I've been on 15mg 5/day for over 6 years. I'm down do 3/day now. Reducing 1mg/day each 4 days is my plan.

    A benzo like klonopin from a Dr. may help. So far I'm not feeling any withdrawal, but my pain level has gone up from a 2 to about a four, I think I can live with that; if not at least clearing my system may let me use a lower dose for the pain than I was using before.

    • Addict

      how are you reducing by one miligram a day. Is your doctor giving you different scripts or are you cutting the pills? I am interested in this. I was on lyrica for fibromyalgia and myofascial pain for about 6 months, I got down to 2 pills a day (15mg) and didn't even realize I was doing it as I only take when I hurt. Well, I realized I had gained 35 pounds so I had to stop taking it. I had no idea how much it was helping until I had to stop. I was back up to 6 pills a day of oxy. Now, I am back down to 4-5 depending on the day. I know you can cut the pills, but it isn't possible for me to cut them down by 1mg unless you are crushing and measuring to get the right amount (not time release of course). Please let me know if you can as I am very interested. I would love to stop taking oxy and try something else if I could, but my body is dependent on it after 4 years. I have never had an addictive personality, even quit smoking cold turkey and never even had a craving, but I know my body is physically dependent after all of this time. Any thoughts would be appreciated. thanks.

  8. Addict

    I suffer from sever low back and leg pain to my feet. After 7 spine surgeries I have tried everything to ease the pain, its been almost 19 years. The only thing thats has helped is oxycodone but in high doses. I've taken oxycodone for 15 years. I had to change doctors because of insurance reasons only. When I did my new doctor started lowering the dose. Now I hurt so much more. The pain gets worse with activity so now that Im on 30mg not time released every 8 hours Im in bed 21 hours of the day. 11 months months with no life at all winter, spring, and summers gone. I think that if I went back to taking it every four hours I'd feel less pain. Its the quality of life that matters. I hurt so much I dont eat or sleep. I sleep 1 to 2 1/2 hours at a time on a good day. Ive lost 60 pounds in three months.The problem is the pain. I think the doctor is so scared of the DEA he doesn't want to give me more pain meds. I also think he is a fraud because I see him every two weeks. In 19 yrs. Ive only seen doctors every three to six months. In 11months Ive seen this new doctor more than Ive seen my family doctor in 10 years, and I see her every three months. This new doctor will only write scripts for two weeks, and in 19 yrs. Ive never had that happen its always been a month at a time. When writting scripts he has only got 2 scripts right in 11 eleven months, and thats writting one or two scripts every two weeks. I always have to have him fix them when I or the pharmacy finds something wrong. If i had my choice I'd never take pain meds again, but the pain is too great!!!!!!!!! I have never abued drugs either!!!! ANY IDEAS?????

    • Addict

      Jim, I really feel for you! Your story is almost the same as mine. I got injured 24 years ago, did 1& 1/2 years therapy which didn't work. Finally I had bi-level fusions at L2-L3,L3-L4. Then I began retraining, (I was a garbageman, and concrete worker), The problem was that my back never got better. 3 years later I got another fusion, with bone removed from my iliac crest (hip) but that didn't work well either. The 1st surgery was in 1989, the next in 1991. I just had my 3rd in 11/08 with 2rods and 6 bolts installed along with a circuit board and battery. It helped enough that I can walk now, but like you I spend many days in bed and never out of pain! The pain worsens as the day goes on. this injury cost me my marriage and thus not being a father to my 2 young sons. As far as getting off the oxycontin, I have not been too fortunate. However I still do get it, though I'd give anything to be off of it and pain free. I was taking 2 80mg 3 times a day! That is the equivalent of 96 percodan or percocet per day. I am now taking 1/2 that amount and still trying to get off totally. I don't have but 2 or 3 friends and no partner. I am 61 years old and find it very hard to tell acquaintances that I live on welfare! It is humiliating to me! I used to laugh at the expression "life's a bitch and then you die", but it seems that way. My workers comp., case is still in litigation because of a very strange deal that my lawyer told me to agree to.
      I just hope that what I've had to say may make you feel a bit better because I know how it is to be alone and afraid and in pain, like you for sooo damn long!
      Good luck to you, sincerely Randy

      • Addict

        Jim and Randy I know how you feel...I am afraid every day of my life. There is not a day that I am not crying. I always thought I was a tough person who could take just about anything even Cancer. I had stage 3 cervical cancer 12 years ago and I breezed right through the treatments. I got it when I 32 yrs old and beat the cancer but at a high price. I have radiation damage to my bladder and I suspect my colon. I take 2 20mgs of Oxycodone 3-4 times per day. I take more than what I was prescribed but its the only way I can control the pain and anxiety. I am afraid of what the pills are doing to me and I am afraid of the withdrawals if I stop taking them which I did cut down one time and I was in so much pain and I was clammy...it was rough. If I am not on a narcotic I am in so much pain that I cant move my skin even hurts...because its a nerve damage issue. I really hate my life and dont know what to do about it. I wish I had let the cancer take me because the radiation damage is so bad I cant see how Ill ever have any quality of life.

        Rick I think I agree with you...I rather be addicted than deal with the pain. Its like a catch 22...cause who knows what the pills will do to us in the long run. My cervical cancer treatments at the time were top of the line and suppose to be fairly safe....they stopped using those types of treatments 2 years later. I went from a healthy 43 years old woman to someone that feels 90 and ready for hospice in 9 mths time.

        • Addict

          In reply to all
          I wish more people read threads like this one and some others I've seen. I detected a lot of honesty and no poor me.I know I am one of ya'll. On money I do okay not great, but pretty much down hill from there. Can't say for sure but I think I know what being old is like, lost a wife,any recreation, most of my friends---ya'll know the drill
          Tough knowing that most think I got to retire 25 years early and my life is a picnic does encourage me to see others fighting the same fights,take care charlie

    • Addict

      I'm so sorry that you're going through that. I'm on high doses of oxy for the last year and a half after serious neck surgery. The pain never stops. I hope you can find a new doctor.

    • Addict

      So how are you currently doing now?? I am having problems with going through 15mg Oxcycodone and 1mg Xanax in 15 days instead of 30!!!!!

  9. Addict

    My feeling is if a doc perscribes Methadone to help you get off Oxycodone (Oxycontin is the same thing just generic) is a dumb thing to do. Withdrawls from Methadone can last up to 8 weeks, as where withdrawls from Oxy last up to 2 weeks. Go do the math! I take four 80 Mgs of Oxycodone for degenerative spine desease. A couple years ago I went cold turkey and withdrawls lasted about 10 days. It really sucks but I wanted to see how much pf the pain was for real and how much in my head. After 2 months of being totally clean, I told myself I'd rather have an addiction then have all the back pain. Weaning yourself off is the easiest way if you wanna get off them. Good luck to ya! You can do it though.

  10. Addict

    I just had spine surgery and so far I'm thrilled with the results after only 12 days! I want to get off the percoset 10 mgs., four times daily. I was addicted to it over 1 year ago and went cold turkey...was sooo sick for about 2 weeks and do not want to do it that way again. How is the best way to wean myself off them and how much at one time do I eliminate and for how long? If someone could give me a place to start that would be terrific! I'm so sorry to read so many of these posts to see the misery out there.

  11. Addict

    i think anyone who is giving this med is bound to become addicted to it ....my husband has been in an out of jail dealing with this shit .it is destroying our family our marriage.if you have love ones please think of there pain watching you slowly kill your self.long term use cause dementia.an ages your beyond your years .i watch my husband waste his life .lost the respect of his family .the only thing stopping you from putting an end to this jail Ceil is you .please think of your self as a child hold your self tell your self you will take good care of you.i know you wouldn't feed these pills to your kids your mom your dad ,why would you hurt yourself ? please make the right choice and live drug free no pain no gain.

  12. Addict

    I have been on Oxycontin for 2 years with the 3 years up to that I was on Vicodin. my neurologist has recently changed practices n moved to a different city at his new location they have a pain clinic on site so his contract with them excludes him from seeing patients for pain. Anyway I have several diagnosis of fybro, chronic pain, probable ms, arthritis on n on n on! Anyway my family Dr. is a do n is totally against pain meds. I just visited with a hematologist that says she doesn't be leave in them. Ok a few questions, 1st I'm on them already but who is going to take over my care in this area?? 2nd in all my charts I have been tried on everything under the stars cybalta, sevella, nurontin ect... None of which worked for one reason or the next. If I find a new Dr. am I going to have to kill my stomach n go through all these again.3rd how do I interview doctors to pick up where my Dr. left me without being blamed for doctor shopping! I have always stuck with one Dr.for meds n now look where it got me! I do the right thing n now I'm stuck! I would love to go off this medication it causes me so much stress where doctors r concerned n some of my appointments r wasted on the fact that I'm on it rather then trying to get solutions n answers to tests (labs,MRIs, etc) being abnormal but not being able to pin point why! So take me off! But my mobility already sucks so if my pain isn't covered I will be stuck in pain so if they don't want me on it, y can't they figure out how to take away my pain and then I wouldn't need it!!

  13. Addict

    I totally understand pain and wish that I was dead sometimes. Always in pain always a pill. I think it is in humane to let people suffer. Soooo much when given these pills to feel better puts all at risk. I don't understand if doctors know that they can ease a persons suffering by using these medications that are available for them to prescribe. I don't want to hurt myself because I still have a bit of hope left, not sure why. For Gods sake if there is a brave humane doctor out there then help your people. We all are humans and its so unfair to let all this suffering go on. Keep the faith and I wish you all the best.


  14. Addict

    Hi, guys!

    My name is Becca, I'm 24 years old, and I was hit by a drunk driver in September of 2010. She hit my car head on with her truck and my legs got demolished in the process. They flew me to the nearest hospital and put my legs back together with a bunch of metal. I have a rod in my left femur, pins and plates in my right tib-fib and pins and wires in my left kneecap. It's the wires that are currently giving me trouble. The surgeon twisted them together at the ends, just above my kneecap like twist ties. Only he left those twists sticking WAY out, so when I started bending my knee and putting weight on my leg, they started tearing me up on the inside. This is excruciating. The only thing I've found that helps is the Oxycodone that I've pretty much had to BEG for.
    After a few refills at the Orthopedic doc's office, they've cut me off and referred me to a pain management clinic. Upon looking at their site, particularly the narcotics agreement part, I'm scared to flippin' death of going to see these people. It seems like once you agree to accept narcotics from them, they own you and you have no patient rights anymore. I understand all too well the risk of addiction (having had friends and family who were addicted in the past) as well as the horrendous oversight of the DEA on most offices. I am tired of being treated like an addict though. I've gone out of my way, not only to be be more honest and disclosing than is truly my responsibility as a patient, but also to make sure that I'm not getting addicted. I take very small doses. Often I'll take half of a 5mg tab. I also put extra days in between when I run out of medication and requesting a refill to be sure I'm not having the DTs. I still get treated like an addict or a criminal. Which I am neither.
    Now, I feel I'm faced with either being treated like a druggie (random drug tests, pill counts, agreement not to see any other doctors, or to see a shrink if they tell me to, and to never be rude to any staff there, though that's really subjective) or take the pain. Is what I'm reading on this website really standard practice for pain management clinics? Or is it just there to scare the actual druggies off and keep the real victims like myself?
    I should say that I don't plan on being on these meds any longer than I have to. I and my doctor plan to get these wires out of my knee as soon as the patella heals enough that he's comfortable. Until then, though, I feel it's best for my progress (I'm a dancer) to be able to continue physical therapy to it's furthest extent as long as I'm not injuring myself, which I'm not. I'm just in intense and unnecessary pain.

    Please help!

    This is the site I'm referring to. It truly scares me. It makes me think that if I come in, sign their policy, and then get some ridiculously unhelpful dose that I'll have no choice but to sit in pain or risk being red flagged on VA's PMP database, which will keep me from ever getting relief again. :-/

    • Addict

      Becca i know the feeling of being treated like an addict. It is hard to deal with people acting like there is nothing wrong with you when you are in excruciating pain......I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and the only thing that helps relieve my pain for any amount of time is oxycodone............Remind you i ave never been in any trouble with the law.........Never had any prescriptions in the past for any of this crap and here i am almost having to beg for the one thing that allows me to hug my children without being in pain because i am hugging my kids..........So don't feel bad about needing medication to help you through this time in your life........I hope you can make enough of a recovery so you can stop taking these meds.....I look forward to the day when maybe i can "and not be in too much pain".......but for me ill keep doing what i have to to be able to be the best father i can be to my children and if that is taking oxycodone so be it............before i had them i was mean and grumpy cuz i was in so much pain now i am only mean if i forget to take them when i need them or i try and do to much in the course of the day and the pain takes over and i hate being that person.......well anyway good luck and god bless

  15. Addict

    i just moved out of state and away from everyone and everything that i knew and it is hard but what i am saying is i am on norcos for my pain and i didn't have them left them on the greyhound well my boyfriend had gotten a hold of sum Oxycontin and i took one and it took my pain away well the next day i took the other one well i had looked up the side effects and i had every last one of the severe side effects and i was scared cuz i have never had a allergic reaction to anything well now i have been sick for almost a week and puking my guts out i just want the symptoms to go away does anyone know how long i will have them?

  16. Addict

    On October 27, 2010 I wrote that I had quit Oxycontin 7 days ago, well I haven't taken any since then and I am off of them now for twenty two weeks this coming Friday. I still have had no withdrawal symptoms, thank GOD. This is not to say that I don't hurt because everyday I feel it, but I will not go back to the Oxycontin. I have had three back surgeries and yes they say that I still have another disc out. Have no fear doctors, you are not going to touch me again, just let me hurt. I am taking Hydrocodone 10/325 as needed, which I have to start the day off with one. I wait until I feel the pain is nearly intolerable before I take another tablet. I can get by with three to four/day. The pain management doctor told me that I can take up to two if the pain gets real bad. So far I have had to do this a couple of times. I can sympathize with each and everyone of you because I am going through the same thing. All I can say is just keep your head up high and pray that you will feel better throughout the day.

  17. Addict

    I really do feel sorry for everyone who lives in the USA who's in chronic pain cause it sounds like it's an uphill battle for you all. I live in the UK and suffer from a lot of stomach/bowel problems, I'm prescribed OxyNorm (Oxycodone IR in the USA) 10mg up to 6x daily and also Fentanyl 50ug per hour Durogesic Dtrans patches. I get these off my GP without the need to go to a pain doctor or clinic. There have been times when I've used a lot more than I'm prescribed and needed to get refills early which he always does because when I have taken more i just tell him rather than lie and say i lost them. Also i don't need to worry about medical insurance because everyone in the UK is entitled to free treatment by the NHS regardless of status. I've never paid a penny for my treatment and hope that 1 day the USA will follow suit and look after their peoples health instead of the medical industry just being there for Doctors and other health care professionals to get extremely rich.

  18. Addict

    i have a question my boyfriend of 2 years was recently in a really bad accident at work and was given Oxycodone 10mg he is also an recovered drug user he been sober for 1yr we been having problems he been really angry with me and things like that how can i tell or what are some of the side effects that i can know h0w is addicted to this medication he got a refill 0n 4/22/11 for #120 pills of Oxycodone and has to take them every six hours today is 5/12/11 and he has only three pills left is this normal can anyone please help me give me some information please help:(

    • Addict

      He's either addicted and taking more than prescribed, or he's selling them. Get him some professional help.

      • Addict

        HE should still have bout 60 left, he may be taking extra as the pain may be bad but the dumb ass doctor should have been told hes a recovering addict and gave him his doses every week. I pick a weeks worth up every Friday and have been slowly reducing them so by next month i should be taking none. My pain is not as bad as it was but i am having withdrawal symptoms. Good luck

  19. Addict

    What chemicals are in oxycodone???? Could taking this pain killer cause a person with slight MCS get it much worse, and would it help significantly to try to get off of this drug? Could someone with MCS do it by them selves and how? Thanks

  20. Addict

    I know someone who is abusing percocet 10 mil and is taking 120 to 140 mil. of percocet a day and she is 7 1/2 months pregnant. what will happen to the baby.

  21. Addict

    Oxycodone is considered to be similar to morphine, in all respects, including its abuse & dependence capabilities. Oxycodone in dosages of 5 to 10 mg in combination with acetaminophen or aspirin are abused orally.

  22. Addict

    Can someone tell me that doing a drug test and I have been on 30MG oxycodone for 7 years.. My family doctor is selling his practice/ I have a new doctor who prescribed 30MG 2 a day extended released and 3 (15MG) break thru tabs a day. I need to know if the oxy's will show up first on a drug test or will the morphine show first....please

  23. Addict

    I took a few 30 mg oxy's for about a year. I went to a rapid detox facility which just shoved you out the door with Suboxone. Then of course went right back to oxy's. Someone suggested methadone and taper down......BIG BIG BIG....HUGE MISTAKE. Anyone thinking of this route.....DON'T. I started at 30 mg of methadone tapered down to 23 mg (mind you this was a few months of tapering, went from a nice 130 pounds to 181, went from size 4-6 to 14!!! ) Couldn't take it anymore more so I did cold turkey at 23mg of methadone and it was pure HELL! It took at least 2months to feel somewhat normal. OMG, I couldn't stay out of the bathroom, the RLS was hell...I would soak my legs in a tub of ice water or put them in the pool in the middle of winter (in AZ) couldn't sleep, up for days....I seriously thought I was going crazy and was going to die. The list goes on in regards to the withdrawal symptoms. I can say for sure after going through that HELL....I have not touched a thing besides Tylenol....at all in a 1 1/2 yrs. now. . Don't even crave it, desire it or think of it.....nothing. Not worth the living hell. It seriously took a good 6+ months to even get rid of the "disconnected" feeling...the anxiety. I hope and pray those still trying to kick it....will do it! You are missing so much out of life, stuff I didn't even think twice about. I really never paid attention to the mountains just out my window, my cute, sweet little niece growing so fast....the amazing cactus flowers I had never even seen before, the stars at night or even blue sky during day....I didn't see anything except that next pill or that next dose of methadone the next morning. During this time of the addiction and recovery I know of 3 people that died while taking oxy and then mistakenly had an ice cold beer....don't be another statistic!!! I wish you all the best and you can do it.....do it for YOU!!

  24. Addict

    Hello, I am curious to hear other thoughts. My brother has been hooked on Oxy for approximately 3 years now. He was originally prescribed it and got hooked quickly. He went to rehab and only stayed off of it for barely two weeks once out. Complete waste of time. Now his behavior is slowly getting worse, he was diagnosed as being bipolar, and is not taking his medication for that. The oxy seems to have an effect on his emotions to the extreme, major mood swings to the point where he has threatened violence towards my mother. A side from calling 911 and his psychiatrist I wanted to see what legal steps I can take with his abuse, along with possibly getting his pain doctor in trouble. Here in NYC other doctors have gotten in trouble legally for Oxy prescriptions. Any advice is appreciated.

  25. Addict

    So my mom my brother and I have been on all different kinds of pills since I can remember. My mom was shoving them down my throat when I was 13. I have been hooked ever since. I'm now 33 my brother has been addicted to heroin, Oxy, Xanax, Soma I have also had a problem with all but heroin I get 120 15mg oxy and 60 soma a month they are gone within a week then the rest of the month I feel like I'm dying I'm scared because I don't even know what life would be like sober. I have 3 beautiful kids and I feel like I'm missing out on their whole life I have never tried rehab cause everyone I know who did it failed I'm so tired off all of it I have fibromyalgia and endometriosis which makes it ten times harder lost in this crazy addiction life.

  26. Addict

    I've been on oxys for 2 yrs. now. I've been wanting to quit for months now but don't. It's so hard not to think about taking a pill. I take about 270 mg at once every day. Today, Christmas, I only took one 30 mg oxy to help with the withdrawals. I hope on taking just one 30 every day this week and then finally kicking this awful habit. I don't wish this on anyone to go through. I really hope that mentally I could keep from taking any more than what I'm planning on taking. Wish me luck, I'll need it!!!

  27. Addict

    Going on second day and got little sleep. Sweats kept waking me up. Hope I get through this. Been on oxys for 2.5 yrs. at 270mgs a day. Feel like crap after first day only taking one 30 mg and today I took a 60. Let's see what happens.

  28. Addict

    I am 29 yrs. old and my whole family has very strong addictive personalities. I have never done drugs or abused prescription medication. About 1yr ago I was in a car accident that resulted in me needing a neck fusion. I do not have medical insurance so I have to wait for the settlement in order to get the neck surgery some. I have been on oxycontin 20mg twice a day with oxycodone 10mg for breakthrough. When the insurance company stopped paying medical I had to stop the oxycontin and just use the oxycodone 10mg. I am up to 120 pills per month and I don't feel like it's enough I'm constantly in pain and very angry every day. I am also a single mom of 3 boys so I don't get to rest or take it easy. The past couple months my prescription of 120 lasts me maybe 3 weeks. I just don't know what to do? I'm terrified that I'm addicted and the pain is in my head or do I really need them. I am so scared about addiction that I gave my mom my monthly prescription and she gives me 4 a day which is my prescribed dose but then I'm still in pain and feel like I need more than four a day. Is this addiction or normal for chronic pain? Herniated discs in neck C5C6 and C7. I just need to know what to do and I am uninsured at this time. Thank you for all of your help.

  29. Addict

    LISTEN TO ME, GET OFF OF OXYCONTIN NOW, YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE IN FOR. I had a serious car accident broke my neck and back in 6 places, and they put me on Oxycontin to deal with the pain. I have to say the pills WORKED GREAT, and I have been on them for 7 years, just with in the past 3 months, my skin started feeling weird, my face is going numb and tingling, I have a hard time hearing, and I am very dizzy, and my entire body feels cold and dead. IT IS SPREADING WORSE ACROSS MY BODY, NOW I am having a hard time breathing, my right hand is going numb and I have a hard time walking around. I have abused this medicine for seven years, I took what my doctors gave me, and over the years, and now I am up to 160 mg a day. I don't get out of bed, no doctors know what is wrong with me, but I KNOW IT IS FROM THE OXYCONTIN. THIS MEDICINE WILL TAKE YOUR LIFE, I AM SLOWLY DYING. I AM IN THE PROCESS OF TRYING TO WEANNING MYSELF OFF OF THE PILLS, BUT EACH WEEK IT IS SPREADING ALL OVER MY BODY. I KNOW I WILL SOON I WILL DIE IF I CAN'T GET OFF THESE PILLS. DO NOT TAKE THESE PILLS, GET OFF OF THEM. YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE DOING TO YOUR BODY. IF ANYONE READS THIS AND LISTENS TO MY WORDS I KNOW MY LIFE WILL HAVE MEANING. DO NOT GET MAD IF THEY TREAT YOU LIKE A DRUGGY, IF YOU ARE OFFENDED, THEN MOST LIKELY YOU ARE MIS USING THESE DRUGS, DON'T BE A FOOL, YOU DO NOT NEED OXYCONTIN, PEOPLE CAN LIVE WITHOUT THEM, YOU MIGHT NOT BE ABLE TO DO THE SAME THINGS YOU DID BEFORE, BUT IT WILL BE WORTH IT, UNLESS YOU ARE OKAY WITH DYING WITHIN 7 YEARS. I DON'T GET OUT OF BED ANYMORE.I AM READY TO DIE, I CAN'T BREATH, AND MY BODY FEELS COLD. GOD PLEASE TAKE ME SOON. OXYCONTIN IS EVIL, GET OFF NOW IF YOU CAN STILL CAN.

  30. Addict

    Hi I have someone very close to me who has been taking oxycodone / oxycontin for 9 years approx. after 2 car accidents. Do these drugs turn you psychotic to the point of lying and saying things have been said when they haven't? Please Help!!

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