Oxycontin Addiction, Abuse and Treatment

Oxycontin Addiction, Abuse and Treatment

General Principles

OxyContin is an opioid agonist first introduced in 1995. It is a Schedule 11 controlled drug used in the treatment of severe pain disorders. OxyContin is a long acting formulation of oxycodone, the medication's active ingredient. Today, various formulations of oxycontin are available.

The drug is a powerful pain killer and widely used in clinical medicine. However, because of its mood altering effects, Oxycontin, like morphine, can be abused and unlawful possession may be subject to criminal prosecution. Over the past decade, OxyContin has become a popular drug and its mood altering effects has led to a significant increase in illicit usage.


Besides pain, oxycontin can decrease anxiety, cause euphoria, mental relaxation, respiratory depression, constipation, meiosis (papillary constriction) and suppression of cough. Like all opioid analgesics, with increasing doses there is increasing pain relief. With oxycontin, like morphine, there is no definite maximum dose; the upper limit of pain control is controlled by side effects. The most dangerous side effect is respiratory depression. The precise mechanism of oxycontin is unknown. However, it may interact with opioid receptors located in the brain and spinal cord.

Therapeutic Uses

OxyContin can be used to treat moderate to severe pain associated with:

  • Trauma
  • Injuries
  • Muscle pain
  • Dislocations
  • Fractures
  • Neuralgia
  • Arthritis
  • Lower back pain
  • Pain associated with cancer

Due to the potency of oxycontin and potentially serious side effects, the drug has to be monitored. Treatment should be continuously assessed and adjusted based upon the patient's own reports of pain and side effects and the physician’s clinical judgment.

Since the drug is a controlled substance, a prescription is required to obtain it. Today, it is the most frequently prescribed opioid pain killer in North America.


OxyContin tablets are available as a controlled-release oral formulation of oxycodone hydrochloride and indicated for the management of moderate to severe pain when a continuous, daily analgesia is needed for a long period of time. The drug is always administered orally. The controlled-release product has a long duration of action (8-12 hours). It is recommended that OxyContin not be used for sporadic pain relief.

OxyContin tablets should be swallowed whole. It is recommended that the tablets not be broken, chewed or crushed, otherwise a rapid release of the drug can occur and lead to severe side effects.

The drug should always be started at the lowest dose in patients who have never been on opioids before or in those patients who are receiving concurrent treatment with muscle relaxants, sedatives, or other CNS depressants. Concomitant analgesia can be provided with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to minimize side effects. Patients should not receive any other type of opioid drugs while on Oxycontin.

Oxycontin Abuse and Withdrawal

Since the introduction of OxyContin in 1995, there has been a dramatic increase in abuse of this narcotic. Unlike hydrocodone and its derivatives, whose potential for abuse is limited by the presence of aspirin and paracetamol, OxyContin contains only oxycodone. This is an easy drug to abuse by simply crushing the tablet in which the abuser will then ingest, inject, inhale or place rectally. The drug can have serious side effects when injected as it has a prolonged extended action.

Oxycontin is frequently made more available by "doctor shopping," where individuals, who do not have a legitimate illness, repeatedly visit many doctors to acquire large amounts of controlled substances. Other methods of obtaining oxycontin include pharmacy persion, robbery, fake or stolen prescription, the internet and improper prescribing practices by physicians.

Recent reports indicate that non-medical use of Oxycontin is relatively high among teenagers. The increased misuse of the drug has led to numerous emergency admissions and even deaths. Many States have introduced legislation to decrease the illegal use of Oxycontin. Numerous States have also introduced prescription monitoring and banned the sale of the drug over the internet.

Despite all the increased efforts by the FDA, DEA, and state or local authorities, the illicit use of Oxycontin is at an all-time high. Over the last decade the increased illicit use of oxycontin has led to the manufacture of “fake” oxycontin pills all over North America.

Sudden stoppage of oxycontin can result in serious withdrawal symptoms. Some of the characters of withdrawal syndrome may include:

  • Restlessness
  • Lacrimation
  • Anxiety
  • Rhinorrhea
  • Yawning
  • Perspiration
  • Chills
  • Myalgia
  • Mydriasis

Other symptoms that might also develop include:

  • Irritability
  • Vague pain
  • Weakness
  • Abdominal cramps
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Anorexia
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Increased respiratory rate
  • Increased heart rate

Both physicians and pharmacies now maintain careful record-keeping of prescribing information including quantity, frequency, and renewal requests. Adequate evaluation of the patient, proper prescribing practices, frequent assessment of pain, proper dispensing and storage are recommended steps that may help limit the abuse of OxyContin.

Side Effects

Respiratory depression is a severe complication of oxycontin. Respiratory depression is a cause of concern in elderly or debilitated patients and usually follows after the use of large initial doses in non-tolerant patients or when other opioids are given concurrently. In the community the majority of OxyContin-related deaths have occurred in individuals who were ingesting large quantities of oxycontin in combination with either alcohol or benzodiazepines.

Oxycontin should be used with extreme caution in patients with significant lung disorders such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, heart failure or pre-existing respiratory depression. In such patients, even usual therapeutic doses of oxycontin may suppress the respiratory drive to the point of arrest.

OxyContin may cause severe hypotension. There is an added risk to individuals whose ability to maintain blood pressure has been compromised by a depleted blood volume, or after concurrent administration with drugs such as phenothiazines or other agents which compromise vasomotor tone. Oxycontin, should be administered with caution to patients in circulatory shock, since vasodilatation produced by the drug may further reduce cardiac output and blood pressure.

Like other opioid narcotics, oxycontin can be fatal at high doses or when combined with other brain depressants such as alcohol.


Oxycontin, like all opioid analgesics, has a narrow therapeutic index in certain patient populations, especially in those taking other CNS depressant drugs. Its use should be reserved for cases where the benefits of opioid analgesia outweigh the known risks of respiratory depression, altered mental state, and postural hypotension. The administration of oxycontin may obscure the diagnosis or clinical course in patients with acute abdominal conditions. Oxycontin may aggravate convulsions in patients with seizure disorders.


OxyContin is not indicated for use for intermittent or mild pain after surgery. It is not to be used in cases where the pain is not expected to last a prolonged period of time.



Use with CNS Depressants

OxyContin, like all opioid analgesics, should be used with caution in patients who are concurrently taking other CNS drugs like sedatives, anti-depressants, tranquilizers or alcohol. Combination of oxycontin with these drugs can lead to respiratory depression, hypotension, profound sedation, coma and even death. It is recommended that the smallest dose of oxycontin be used if required in these patients.


The drug should not be taken by pregnant females and nursing mothers. Neonates whose mothers have been taking oxycontin chronically may exhibit respiratory depression or withdrawal symptoms either at birth or in the nursery. Breast feeding should not be undertaken while a patient is receiving OxyContin because of the possibility of sedation or respiratory depression in the infant.

Pediatric and Elderly Patients

The safety and effectiveness of OxyContin has not been established in pediatric patients below the age of 18. As with all opioids, the starting dose should be reduced to 1/3 to 1/2 of the usual dosage in debilitated, non-tolerant patients. Respiratory depression is the chief hazard in elderly or debilitated patients.


It is highly recommended that patients receiving OxyContin tablets or their caregivers should be informed about the following:

  1. Oxycontin is a strong pain killer and similar to morphine.
  2. Oxycontin should be ingested whole and not broken, chewed, or crushed due to the risk of a fatal overdose.
  3. If pain persists despite oxycontin, patients should see their physicians to optimize therapy.
  4. The dose of oxycontin should not be changed unless recommended by the physician.
  5. Concerns about abuse and addiction should not deter proper pain management. The development of addiction to opioid analgesics in properly managed patients with pain is rare.


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Topic Discussion

  1. Addict

    Never take this drug! I have multiple friends and family members that have been addicted for years! Over 30 people that I can name right away! This is a horrible drug and it is ruining our lives! I am only 18 years old and I have been addicted for almost 2 years. I have been clean for only a week but I will NEVER look back! This needs to be taken off the market! One time is honestly too many! I was hooked the first time I tried it! Please never experiment with something so powerful, something so evil!


    • Addict

      VERY SMART young lady that Samantha! I was on 360mg. a day of this stuff for 6 years and very lucky I didn't lose my house, kids and job !! It did everything Samantha said and more I have only been off for 12 days now but I will never go back on and all I have to do is think of the way I felt at the worst and that is enough for me to stay off ! It doesn't matter who you are it is NOT CONTROLLABLE !!!

      • Addict

        12 step program AA will save your life go to meetings u can't do this on your own trust me self will run riot so many people with years in recovery can't be doing something wrong

    • Addict

      first off best of luck to all of you. But if you think your clear after a week of being clean you people are clueless. The psychological addiction will call ya back it's just a matter of time. Fortunately the new ops are out which suck. But I can assure you the only thing that works is SUBOXONE. It is the miracle drug. The only way to a clean future. Trust me.

      • Addict

        I see it has been a long time since you wrote this. However, I was wondering if you could answer some questions about suboxone. thank you.

        • Addict


          We can try our best to answer any questions you have. Just post a comment with your questions.

          I know you said your questions were about suboxone. I don't know if this may help but hopefully it will answer some of your questions.

          The link below is a new substance article that talks about what suboxone is, how suboxone is meant to be used, suboxone side effects and there are two videos. One video a doctor explains what Suboxone and Subutex are and the second video talks about both Methadone and Suboxone and compares the effects of both drugs.

          Suboxone Substance Abuse and Addiction

          Let us know if you still have questions and we will see if we can't get you answers.


      • Addict

        your absolutely right Chris. the confidence of the first week or even month sober is what causes a relapse. u gotta practice the recovery steps and everything along with it. i was only 2 months clean wen i relapsed and I'm going back again to rehab. i want to really do it this time. wish me luck.

    • Addict

      my partner went cold turkey of this 4 days ago me n my 6 year old boy r now living in hell hes been mentally abusive like a complete stranger im so angry with him and upset rite now that we hav 2 put up with his hallucinating shit he s acting like a junkie heroin addict,he thinkss all the worst things of me my boys upset im at a lose as to wat to do,he was on this crap for only 3 months but at 20mg doses does anyone think he may hav been taking more than the reccomended dose?he went to the doctors today not to his specialist who put him on it though as its a 3 week wait to c him,and they just told him 2 take take 2 valium tablets to help him sleep and he said its not working wat do we do??????????plz help need info

      • Addict

        after struggling with oc addiction for 2 years, i can tell you that if hes really acting like that im almost positive he was taking more than 20mg a day, if you were only four days into it hes probably alot better by now, but from experience the cravings will keep coming for anywhere from 1 to 6 months and maybe even randomly after that, hes gotta eat right sweat as much as possible, its really insane what doing a bit of a workout will do for your mood when coming off this shit, and if need be let him take other things like the valium or some xanax if you can get it prescribed and some ambien for sleep which isn't addictive, let him smoke weed if he has to, anything but the opiates. and just know his behavior isn't his fault, the shit makes you go crazy, but he'll come around.

      • Addict

        Hang in there and remember the things he says is not him its the drugs if you feel like you can't deal with it maybe take your kids and move out for awhile till he gets a grip on it kids shouldn't have to see what hes going through and it could cause hard feelings with your children. Having talked to a lot of addicts a lot of them say it was the hardest on the kids so i would either have him move out till hes better or you and the kids move because he may say or do something he may regret later but the damage could already be done.

    • Addict

      addicted to narcotics for more than 25 yrs, due to injury recieved in military. addicted to oxy for the last ten. just came off of doses of more than 700-1000 mg a day. left with no support by v.a. over my refusal to quit using marijuana for pain management, and refusing to lie about it to the v.a. docs. they have instituted a policy of drug screening ANY AND ALL WHO USE NACOTICS PRESCIBED BY V.A. immediately cold turkeyed by the docs and left at home to detox w/ absolutely no support!!! not even so much as a phone call to see if alive. knowing what i know now from first hand experience, i would never again use oxy for pain management. A SPECIAL WARNING TO VETS WHO RECIEVE PAIN MANAGEMENT, BEWARE, AS THE SALT LAKE CITY HOSPITAL/PAIN CLINIC IS I BELIEVE OVER PRESCIBING, NOT EVEN MONITORING THE PATIENTS, AND ENDANGERING LIVES WITH THEIR LACK OF UNDERSTANDING, COMPLETE FAILURE TO LISTEN TO PATIENTS, AND THEN THREATENING TO DO WHAT HAS BEEN DONE TO ME!!! BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID! I NO LONGER BELIEVE IN WESTERN MEDICINE AND WILL NEVER ALLOW A V.A. DOC TO TOUCH ME AS THEIR IS NO ACCOUNTABILTY OR RECOURSE WHEN THEY SCREW UP. THIS COUNTRY SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF HOW VETS ARE TREATED!!!

    • Addict

      My life has been complete hell after my boyfriend of 4 years has started doing oxycontin. It has gotten so bad that he is robbing his own girlfriends checks and frauding my banks.. it hurts when i gave my life for him and he does this to me . he says hes not on them anymore but when he is stealing money i know he is. He has taken everyone in my family and his family down and will not get help cuz he said he could do it on his own. no way. im not fooled anymore .

    • Addict

      Im 18 , My Whole Family Is Addicted To These.
      My Cousin Was Addicted For 5 Years And Quit Cold Turkey, He Had A Severe Seizure & Ended Up In The Hospital And Later Passed Away .
      Ive Never Even Tried The Drug..
      But Seeing What Happens To My Family From Taking It I Can Tell People Its The Wrong Way To Go. Even If Prescribed By A Doctor.
      Even Then You Will Get Addicted, And It's Crazy. Your Body Craves It. & Without It Your Withdrawls Are Horrible & Can Be Very Dangerous.

    • Addict

      How did you do it, get clean. I am trying to just stop ,cold turkey after taking this for about 6 months. I am up to 3 oc 30's at a time. twice a day. My doctor has me on xanix to sleep at night. I have chronic COPD (ON OXYGEN) and an terrified of withdrawal. My husband has a 16 pill a day habit and it is keeping us broke and things are falling apart. How did you do it?

      • Addict

        You HAVE TO contact someone who can detox you with suboxone, slowly. It is next to impossible to just quit, you physically cant just cut back, and it is extremely dangerous to detox, especially if you have any health problems. It will cost you, but it will save you money in the long run, and your life. Get your husband to detox also, or you will be right back at it. Get counseling with your detox treatment, this is the most serious addiction ever, far worse than heroin, and you will crave it for years after getting clean, you must get into a good 12 step program and support group after detox. It is worth it, after 2 years, you will be human again, and able to laugh, love, and pray. I know, i was there, its hard, but life is worth it...otherwise, you WILL DIE SOON!

    • Addict

      I need help. My mom, who is 77 and an alcoholic, has been prescribed Oxycontin and Oxycodone for some back pain she's been having. She told me that she told her doctor about her drinking, and that her doctor said that was no problem when taking this medication! She is also taking the Tylenol w/codeine that you buy in Canada. When I talk to her in the evening, she is incoherent. On Thanksgiving, she was at my house and she fell after having had much to drink that evening. Nobody in our family is willing to tell her she needs to stop drinking (we've tried this before.....it gets really ugly); I don't know what to do, she is killing herself. Can someone help me??!

      • Addict

        Hi there--
        I hope this reply isn't too late. what you can do is find out who is prescribing this medication for her or go to her pharmacy....that info would be right on the bottles!!! Report her as an addict/alcoholic and they can have her drug tested to see is she is abusing the drug, which I believe, includes taking one's dose with another unprescribed or dangerous substance. No doctor or pharmacist would say it was ever okay to DRINK when taking oxy!!! It's clearly on the oxy warning label NOT TO DRINK ALCOHOL!!! She can be forced into detox if she's killing herself... Falling down drunk/on oxy is not acceptable. When someone we care for is in trouble, WE WHO LOVE THEM SOMETIMES HAVE TO TAKE ACTION TO SAVE THEIR LIFE!!! She needs to detox off anything and everything that's harming her. I know. I know. People will say: IF SOMEONE IS NOT READY, THEN DETOXING THEM WON'T WORK. BUT: IF THEY ARE DEAD, THEY WON'T AT LEAST GET THE CHANCE...AND SOME PEOPLE FORCED INTO DETOX DO RECOVER. She can also be court ordered into detox/continued counseling and drug testing if you get her declared incompetent....THAT'S WHAT I WOULD DO. This is your mother. She took care of you...well, I hope she did...NOW, IT'S YOUR TURN. DON'T BE SCARED. GO TO AN ATTORNEY IF NECESSARY FOR ADVICE RE GAINING CUSTODY OF HER HEALTH WISE only. You don't have to gain custody of her in all aspects of her life... DO WHATEVER IT TAKES, BUT AT THE VERY LEAST REPORT HER BEHAVIOR TO HER DOCTOR AND/OR PHARMACY. AS BOTH CAN BE IN TROUBLE IF SHE HARMS HERSELF ON THE OXY THEY PRESCRIBE/DISPENSE TO HER!!!

        Do not look back!!! Help someone you love before they destroy themselves!!! Oxy is particularly dangerous in our elders!!! She can be detoxed safely on Suboxone and the booze detox is the really dangerous thing...that everyone who drinks heavily needs professional help with.

        Best regards!!!

        • Addict

          My daughter is in severe trouble hooked on Oxycontin. Denial is big with her and she is ruining her marriage and children. I got a hold of some paper work where her Dr has been way over prescribing her pain drugs especially Oxycontin. She spouts off to me there is a hippa law that keeps me from talking or contacting her Dr. Do you know if this is true? We live in Texas. She refuses any help due to denial. Please respond

          • Addict

            You forgot to say how old your daughter is. If she's a minor and you're her parent, HIPPA doesn't apply. Look up and read the federal HIPPA law, it's not that long or complicated on this point. It's not Texas law, it's federal (United States Code) HIPPA applies to medical professionals and staff, not to you, her mother. It prohibits the medical personnel from discussing or giving out info about patients unless they have the patient's permission, but it doesn't prevent YOU from gong to see her doctor or sending him a letter and telling him what's going on with your daughter. He won't be able to discuss it with you or give you info about her, but he can LISTEN to what you have to say. You can also tell him that you aren't threatening him but that if something happens to her, he's is leaving himself open to a lawsuit since he's prescribing it, (look at what happened to Michael Jackson's lawyer).

          • Addict

            i don`t know about any of the laws, yet one thing i do know...the only one who can help her is herself. if she is in denial, something bad has to happen to open her eyes. you can only hope and pray it will be nothing serious. i was hooked 9 years ago for 3 months due to a short term illness...did the cold turkey thing. i now have been hooked for the last 2 years due to a bout with cancer. after talking with my doctor, we both agreed that i would have to stop eventually and pursue other avenues of pain management. i woke up 3 days ago and decided it was time to try. the pain level was only about a 3...something i can learn to live with. i still have several days of misery ahead, yet once that monkey jumps off my back, he is gone for good. it worked 9 years ago, and it will work now. i wish i had some magic wand that could help her situation...but again, if one does not want to help themselves, how can anyone else help. i wish you both a happy outcome.

          • Addict

            You need to stick up for your grandchildren's lives and go straight to the husband. Tell him to take the children and leave, or have her stay in an apartment until she is clean. This is no way to live. You need to speak up and take husband's side (as long as he has no serious habits- alcohol/drugs that would endanger the children). See a family law attorney in you area and save the kids. This is not a way for them to grow up- and her addiction endangers their lives. She is protecting herself and not telling truth. I know you don't want to believe that she is a liar- but I'm experienced in this and know that this is what they do. Don't back up- don't be friends- go forward with a plan to protect the children. See a family law attorney right away.

    • Addict

      Your a smart girl. My grandson is 18 and has been hooked on these for a while. He quit once but started again. I keep hoping he will stop. He got on the suboxone but that didn't stop him from going back to taking those again.
      Good luck. I hope you never take those pills again.

    • Addict

      It's very bad ,,,I've been through 3back surgeries and I am weening myself off my meds ,,,the drs don't care they want you to be hooked ,,get your last prescription of this meds and ween every three days until finished and it's not that bad just feel like you have the flu and never take this crap ever again ,,,,it will kill you I know several people whom have died from this devil drug and we know where this drug came from ,,,,we need the government to stop these drugs from being disbursed the way they are ,,,,cancer yes you need pain med please find another way to stop pain pharmaceutical companies ,,,,maybe make something that helps are bodies produce more dopamine or something ,,all our tax money we should be able to figure something out here ,,,,

  2. Addict

    HI, i agree with you a hundred percent. my sister is addicted, and i just dropped her off at an inpatient treatment center. what do you recomend for keeping her off this. please give me your opinion. thanks samantha

  3. Addict

    It's a catch 22, The GOOD: I'm middle aged with severe arthritis and I take oxy AS PRESCRIBED, it allows me to function and be mobile. My Dr and I meet monthly to discuss my pain control etc. and my Rx for another month. My Dr adhere's to a strict rule of not over 120mg a day.
    The BAD: My daughter has a fool for a Dr that has overprescribed oxy to her, she unknowingly started taking a "half" etc. My daughter is now an addict struggling to get off this stuff with the same arrogant ass that over prescribed it to her pontifficating to her that it's "all her fault"! This jackass at one point was prescribing OVER 180mg PLUS, A DAY TO A 105 LBS WOMAN!

    • Addict

      I hope and pray that this drug will be taken off the market and never manufactured again. My brother lay dying on a bed bc of his addiction to this drug. We are extremely fortunate that we just happened to find him in time to call for help. They estimated that he had ten more minutes left to live. I cannot express the extreme trauma that this has caused my family and the fear that we have for him. He does not want this addiction. He did not intend for this to happen. And unfortunately,the medical field just doesn't know how to deal with this problem that they have created. The treatment that we have been given in hospitals is despicable! We are an honest, hardworking, God-loving family who have seen him negelected and treated like scum in the hospital setting. I pray that someone out there has the answer to help end this misery that so many poor people are experiencing! I keep all of you in my prayers.

  4. Addict

    I heartily agree with you. Some doctors are more interersted in the number of patients they can see in a day. My doc comes in and asks how I am and if anything has changed. If not he says," I 'll see you next month", and away he goes. I, too, take 4-30mg tablets per day and no more. I have had experiences where my daughter has stolen some of my meds and I have been short at the end of the month. When I call to tell them that I have been ripped-off, they say there is nothing that can be done because of the Fereral regs ( I am glad that there are regs concerning these drugs). When that happens, I have to "short dose" so I don't have withdrawal symptoms. It is so disheartening when your own blood does something like that to her own dad. It is indicatative of how this drug is abused in today's society and to what lengths people will go to to secure this dangerous drug. I take it as per doctor's instructions and no more. I worked as an orderly in a local hospital and I know first-hand how destructive drugs can be to families. Be just as diligent as you can possibly be with the daily use of this drug, and lockup your "Stash" . Remember, you too are responsible for the accidental proliferation of the use of this drug and lives could be at stake.

    • Addict

      Your doctor could have done something IF you'd have chosen to file a police report on your daughter. It has happened to me as well and i too, had to suffer through withdrawal because all of mine were taken then. I would not turn my own son in. He eventually ended up in jail more than once on his own in addition to rehab 4 times? Yes we are responsible to "hide" our meds, but damn it's a shame now to blame her. Yes it's a powerful addiction that sneaks up on you and you don't even get it when a doc may say "this can be addictive" as I take Klonopin and that too is addictive yet I don't even take the prescribed dosage and been on for umpteen years so because of that, I thought this could never get me. Now I NEED my meds and not just because of pain, because of the withdrawal from hell. Donít know how long u have been on, but you must be a miracle person because I don't know many who after say 2 yrs. on it take only prescribed dose. Good luck to you and your family and all of us.

  5. Addict

    I suffered a partial Spinal Cord Injury in January 2009. I live with chronic, severe neuropathy from my injury site C-6 to T-1down my entire body. My feet often feel like the Mafia has tortured me with hammers and I have every sort of pain imaginable in my legs middle area with only burning in my chest and back, thank God. I can't sit for more than 5 minutes without getting severe leg spasms, and have these all night as well. I use a walker to walk. Had a double level fusion at the SCI site as well as another in my lumbar spine 4 mos. ago. I am aljergic to many meds that might help me so Ozycontin is a miracle for me. I take it as prescribed. It has never made me feel "high" and side effects are minimal. For those of us to REAL and serious pain, that is not going to go away (my condition will worsen over time due to severe arthritis) this drug feels like a miracle. My dose takes away 50 percent of my pain. Just enough so I can volunteer several hours a week and do short, simple tasks. I am 54 and worked all my life. I was an avid athlete. I need this drug to get out of bed. I hope I never abuse it and I think when you REALLY need it you respect the dangers. It is sad that it is so addictive, i agree but for some it is a wise choice. my friend who has to take Morphine sleeps all day but his insurance will not pay for the ozy. I feel grateful and do respect the dangers of this drug.

    • Addict

      I'm with you Patrick. There is a difference in using a chemical as a drug to abuse and one taken as a
      needed medication.

      • Addict

        my son is in detox for oxys and percs hes beeen sick all day going through withdrawel cant keep anything down how long will this last?

        • Addict

          It will be over in about 4 days. He will begin to feel much better. Get him some Imodium, FLUID -Gatorade, EMERGENC powder with the bcomplex mix in with his Gatorade or better in orange juice. Look up the "Thomas recipe" online - all at home otc remedy. If u can get him to take nice hot baths with Epsom salt to help with the restless leg misery and I'd get him some Ambien and maybe Xanax or Valium because he needs to sleep. In short-it's the worst flu but with the flu, you can sleep. In withdrawal you just can't sleep and I think that's what makes it hell. It would be nice to sleep through the withdrawal. It will pass, I promise and by day 5 he will be "OK" but out of withdrawal. Remember though, he may want to go back and you don't want him resorting to heroin next. If he goes back to it after the withdrawal, get him into a rehab; one you ask questions that they diminish withdrawal not just ease. Make sure they give Suboxone along with other things for sleep during withdrawal. NOBODY deserves to suffer. Good Luck and God bless.

          • Addict

            I just wanted to say thank you for the withdrawal info....I overdosed on this stuff with as well as another med called Baclofan witch is very similar to Soma. I was in the hospital for 4 days, police report about attempted suicide, which it wasn't. But while I was in the hospital, they continued giving me oxy and baclofan???? Anyway, I was released from the hospital yesterday and went to my first N/A. I'm starting to have the withdrawal symptoms described here. Thank you for giving a broken girl some hope.

    • Addict

      I'm with you - as someone who lives with chronic pain and as a nurse who sees patients in chronic pain, Oxycontin should NEVER be taken off the market. It helps so many people live a normal life. My thoughts are, that if it were not OC's, an addict would choose something else in its place. Don't blame the drug, blame the genes that cause the disease.

      As someone who has taken Oxycontin & oxycodone IR's for most of the last 6-7 years for multiple disc herniation's and nerve damage in my feet (I'm on my feet all day taking care of patients with trachs/ventilators, most of whom cannot move on their own), I could not have the quality of life that I do have without it. I do not have side effects and never take more than I'm prescribed. So for a bunch of you to come on here and say it needs to be taken off the market is crazy. I think it should ONLY be prescribed by certified pain management doctors (like mine!), however, and in acute or long-term healthcare settings, but it should never be taken off the market. They need to focus on the dirty docs who prescribe it for money and the dealers who seek out such dirty docs.

      An addict will almost always find something to which he or she will be addicted - usually it's whatever is readily available. And, unfortunately, the abusers are making it very difficult for the patients who really need it!

      • Addict

        Alissa, I have seen many wonderful people (non addicts) come out of trauma situations and illnesses. (Never addicted to anything). With a dependence on this drug doctors are now cutting many very seriously sick people off this stuff cold turkey. People here are committing suicide for the inhumane treatment of the sick and dying. This is serious. Can you imagine going off your meds now cold turkey? Trust me I know anyone on any amount of this med for 6 years is going to go through some serious withdrawal. Yes you. I am sorry we all have pain and am glad you can function through yours. We do not all have the luxury of the medical care of a nurse or Doctor. I think we need to lawsuits against the drug companies for pushing their drugs on our good American people. The drug companies are killing too many people....they push push push!

  6. Addict

    It's been 5days since I last took this evil oxy drug but
    The bad thing is by Monday my dr will
    prescribe me more I feel like s#*t am so
    weak pls when does it go away I've
    done it before using methadone under
    supervision but this time its cold turkey
    any thoughts on this????? Btw I've never
    touched hard drugs in my life the reason
    I was on Meth was just for pain I've had 2 ops on l4
    L5 and still have a disc pressing on my exiting
    nerve root but now I just dint kn wht to do
    I knew I had to face my demons sooner
    Or later today or 2nar

    I still feel stronge as here in Yorkshire 
    u just can't buy any off streets thk god

  7. Addict

    they have pulled the original OC version from the shelves. A new, near abuse proof, OP version is here. Makes it impossible to snort or shoot. You can still swallow them whole (cutting does nothing) but they are time released. You can't get that euphoric feeling anymore. Basically what Purdue (company that makes Oxy) did was put a shield over the time release molecules. Studies are too early to prove results but it definetly works. It is the company's way of recognizing and fixing the problem that has ruined countless lives and ended many others. However, a true addict will move on to the next high. Counseling is always needed to truly combat addiction. Good luck to those battling the demon.

    • Addict

      Unfortunately, there is still Roxycodone blues. Most popular. Until they make those like the OP's, then most of the people, sadly, will turn to H. =(

  8. Addict

    When I started using Purity12 I become healthier and active, giving me a brighter outlook on life. Now I can have fun while working and working while having fun and earning money. It kind of sounds really surreal but you know, not everything in this world is out there to make our lives negative. This one really helped me out and brightened up my life. Iâ??m sharing this with you guys because I want you to experience it too. If youâ??re ready to turn your life around, go to their website and they have really nice representatives who can help you. http://if1s.com?116

  9. Addict

    I'm sitting here in shock. I was just told an hour ago that my 17 year old son is strung out on oxycotin, and has been for a year and a half . I'm reading all of these comments, that people have left, and i'm totally in shock. I don't know how to process this, or how i can help him. He doesn't know that i know, yet.. A family member of ours, that my son confided in , stopped by an hour ago and told me. A year ago he moved out of his dad's house, and in with his girlfriend, and her mom. Well i guess the girlfriends mom, is the one that got my son hooked on these, I was also told, he is out, doing crimes, to support this habit. I can only assume, that this is the reason why, this woman has done this to my baby. So he can support her habit to. I'm scared that if i approach this in the wrong manner, that i will lose him forever. If i go there with the cops. they are not going to do anything that's going to solve the issue. Anywhere they try to put him, I feel at this point, He would run away from. and hide from me as if I was his enemy. I don't want my son to die. i feel i only have one shot at this to save his life. oh, and i guess his dad, has known about this the whole time, but never thought to let me know. So maybe something could of been done about this a long time ago. I never knew anything about this pill until now and i'm scared any advice or suggestions would be helpful thanks

    Sitting Helpless In Oregon

    • Addict

      Staci, I found out last wedneday that my son has been hooked on oxy for two years. He finally asked for help. I immediately called a local hospital that has drug detox and took him there for a 5 day stay. He is still there going thru withdrawal. Your child has to want to stop for you to do anything. I am afraid we have a long journey ahead of us. My son's biggest fear was that we would hate him. I told him I loved him for making the choice to get better and that we would not look back and go forward from this day and we would support him. Hopefully you can get him help right away. You are not the only family going thru this. I wish your and your child the best and hope he will ask you for help. Wendy

    • Addict

      My son was/is addicted to oxy for a couple of years. The first time he tried to get off Oxy we used suboxone for several months. Basically you are trading one addictive drug for another. More recently he has been attending a Christian in patient rehab program. No suboxone, no drugs, no nicotine, etc. He has been clean for over 8 months now and will graduate from the program in a few months. There are a number of other young men that are in the program that were addicted to oxy, crack and meth. These programs last from 9 to 18 months but provide the individual with a better chance of long term success without relapse. As mentioned by others, the individual has to want help for anything to be successful. If you would like to know more about these programs please feel free to contact me. I believe that doctors that prescribe more than a 3-4 day prescriptionat a time for most operations need to be held accountible for patients becoming addicted to this drug. When the doctors start losing theirlicenses and ability to practice, losing their lifestyles will result in more control over this drug.

      • Addict

        Hi Rob,

        I'm glad to hear your son is on his way to recovery. I would like to get more info on these programs, if possible. My sister in law is addicted to meds and alcohol. It started with doctors giving her prescriptions by the dozen and eventually she already knew her way around the system. It's sad because you can't help someone who doesn't want the help. And furthermore, it's difficult finding an affordable treatment facility. I like the idea of a Christian based program so please share. Thanks and best of luck! -J

      • Addict

        how does one get into this treatment center?

      • Addict

        Can you tell me the name of the Christian in patient program. I have a nephew who we are having problems with. Thank you

        • Addict

          There is an excellent faith based substance abuse rehab center in Georgia - they actually have two locations now and we know from first-hand experience how good the program is. You can look it up online at No Longer Bound. Best of luck!

  10. Addict

    SUBOXONE is the only answer to this drug. I swear to all of you. And those who think they are clear after two week are officially crazy. The psychological addiction calls u back. It's not the physical. Hospital detox is also a waste of time Wendy. you have to find your son a doctor who will put him on a suboxone program. Good luck..god bless

    • Addict

      You obviously do not know much about Suboxone. It is JUST as addictive. I have been on Suboxone for two years and try to stop, I withdraw just as bad as I do with Oxy's possibly worse. When the Subs get out of your system is the only time in my life I have felt the need so bad to get fucked up that I tried Heroin. You go from one day thinking drugs are bad, I'll never do them again to withdrawing so bad you'll take anything to feel better. I never in my life thought I'd take Heroin, but I did and it was withdrawing off Suboxone. Both drugs are equally as bad, people just think Suboxone isn't because it doesn't mess you up as much. Take enough of it and it does. For get all drugs!!! Opioids are the DEVIL so are opiate blockers!!! The best way is to detox and be officially clean for life. But you have to want to be clean. Man,.... For get it all.

  11. Addict

    I understand suboxone is the only viable medication to treat the withdrawl symptoms caused by the opiates? I just discovered my husband has a seriouse problem and that he and his best friend have been stealing my meds for thier use. I am just sill over it. I am devistated because this guy was treated like part of our family and was deeply cared for. It is my meds that were stolen and I would really like to hear an apology from him but no. I had a 3 level spinal fusion and it was shortly after that I began to notice they were gone. I knew that I was taking as perscribed cause I know this is a medication you do not want to run out of. Do you believe someone can just quit this addiction cold turkeY

  12. Addict

    Hello there everyone I am from small town Pembroke Ontario and I am sure there is more oxy prescriptions here than in the whole province .This problem is far more serious than any police or nurse will ever know and it is because of the doctors bottom line they are ALL benefitting from this epidemic while watching our loved ones die WE as a society must get together and help everyone realize it is the doctors not the poor patients that develop the quick tolerance to this med and become addicted as quick as a few days.Lets stop watching our loved ones die while the docs get richer.WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING.I myself know of about twelve loved ones this year.How sick is that.

    • Addict

      I agree! We must do something. I know these drugs help some people but destroy many more than they help. My son is also struggling with this and I also know many friends with young ones helplessly addicted. We need to start a new movement MADDD (mothers against drug dealing doctors). We need to have a class action suit against some of these docs who prescribe this stuff with no monitoring for signs of addiction and prescribing without counseling for rehab. It is out of control! We MUST unite. We need to organize a walk on Washington.

    • Addict

      My young relative died because of this drug. I agree this drug needs to be banned, and stopped from production.

  13. Addict

    First day clean.....horrible. I have detoxed twice at home already.....and relapsed. This is the third, and hopefully, the final time. I can't afford to go to my doctor for Suboxone because this pissant doctor charges $250.00 a visit plus the cost of Suboxone, which is anywhere between 4 and 8 dollars a pill at ANY pharmacy. I cannot afford this. My muscles ache, the hot/cold chills are the WORST, and I am very depressed. I have no money at all. I wish everyone the best of luck and.....

    To the parents, please be supportive. Detoxing is the worst, they are getting punished enough by being as ill as they are while detoxing. I do suggest taking cell phones, encouraging them not to leave home, and sending away anyone coming to your door to see your son/daughter. Any of these may cause relapse. But please be supportive and loving. They did not mean for this to happen. I didn't either.


  14. Addict

    Hello everyone I have been reading all thse comments i am very sad to hear families having to go through the horrible disease of addiciton. however, i disagree with a lot of comments about not being able to go cold turkey. i have used opiates occasionally since highschool and i am 23. you have to bieleve in ur loved one give him strength and in turn he will believe in himself. although i am not an addict and do not have an addictive personality i bieleve that it is still possible, am friends with many sober recovering drug addicts...some sober for 5 years. you have to bieleve in yourself. Godbless.

  15. Addict

    Oxycontin is a really good medicine when used properly. I have been taking it for 7 months straight and abused it before I was prescribed it. The Dr's only prescribe this drug because every time you come back each month he gets more money. The more patients the more money. They know damn well this drug is very addictive. I have to get off oxy once before, I used methadone first, high dose then lower it over five days. Then I used suboxone because it's not physically addictive at all. Exercise helps, it makes you feel really healthy, trust me I joined the marines with withdrawals. I recommend suboxone 100% over any other pain medicine.

    • Addict

      Around here, suboxone is just as much of a problem as the oxys are. The addicts buy suboxone off the street for when they run out of the oxys. Then they use the suboxone to curb the withdrawal symptoms long enough to score on more oxys again.

      My best friend needs pain meds for a condition she's dealt with for 30 years now. In the last two years though, she's definitely become addicted. She falls asleep during conversations, slurs worse than a drunk, and now it's affecting her breathing. She lies to all of us about what she's doing, then will sit there and do more pills in front of us!!

      I think if a doctor is going to take the responsibility of prescribing these to their patients, then they should be prepared to accept the responsibility for monitoring that patient VERY CAREFULLY. Make the patient come in every month before a script is renewed. They're supposed to be trained professionals. I'm not but I can look an addict in the eye and tell they're addicted, no matter what lies they're spewing out of their mouths.

  16. Addict

    I was taking up to 90 mg of oxycontin daily and also using oxycodone 5 and 10mg as breakthrough for what began as horrible back pain and spinal stenosis and progress to Oxycontin addiction and the pain of the additction. I began using it 10 mg once a day and over time progressed to 20 mg 4 times a day and also the oxy 5 or 10 IR. When My Dr told me i had to get clean I had lost 30 LB or 1/5 of my body weight and by then could not eat more than a half sandwich a day as the pain was so severe. The pain is the pain one feels and it is caused by the pills themselves. I got into the Bupe Program too but I had an adverse reaction to Suboxone and was hospitalized twice taking the Suboxone. The Oxycontin I was taking when addicted and right before I got clean I was always chewing the pills. I would chew up 20 mg and also take an oxy 5 or 10 It with it. Usually 4 times a day. Sometimes five. They put me back in the hospital after the reaction to the Bupe and I was in a week. When I went home the second day the Suboxone wore off and The second night home I had such cramps in my muscles I had to take a Vicodin and it did not work so I took another Oxycodone 5 mg to relieve the cramping. And that night and the next also when I took the same short acting stuff for cramps I went into Full Blown Withdrawal. That is - I had full blown withdrawal off oxycontin while still taking 10 mg oxycodone/hydrocodone for the cramps. I went back to the Suboxone Clinic and I cut the Bupe to less than 1/2 or a 1/4 or even 1/8 of a 2 mg pill for stabilization. I had cramps for weeks and withdrawal still. To get clean off the Oxycontin is not at all like getting off a short acting Narcotic. It takes up to 3 months. I spoke to a couple of heroin addicts and they told me they went cold turkey and clean in a week physically. The mental aspect of this is another book altogether. But the long acting effects of Oxycontin are perhaps more insidious than short acting Narcotics. If you can tolerate the Bupe use it but you got to get off that crap too because it is highly addicting itself. Suboxone is 15 to 40 times as potent as the Narcotics you are getting off of and it binds to the receptors that the Narcotics bind to 1000 more potent than the Narcotics. Do Not Ever Take Suboxone except under the supervision of a Certified Suboxone Doctor. I don't know if could be done without the Suboxone for stabilization. I had crippling pain for 5 weeks even after getting clean from the Narcotics and while taking a tiny amount of Suboxone daily. The pain was so crippling I wanted to end it all. It takes at least the full 5 weeks or more and up to the full 3 months I am guestimating to kick. It is not going to happen fast. And the cravings are bad. The truth is that Purdue knew all this. They know and they knew this drug was as addicting as it was and they covered it all up. I only first heard they reformulated to eliminate the abuse but I do not care. They are no better than the Drug Cartels in their approach and every bit as criminal in their actions in perpetrating this fraud and peddling Oxycontin. I tried it a few times snorting it for the intense pain but i immediately recognized the abuse and the addictive effects of snorting. I knew if I snorted the stuff just a few times I would or could be addicted. so I just used it as directed orally. But I did not realize the addicting potential of it orally. It was and is highly addictive any way you use it. And you have to progress to a higher dose over time as it is the natural progression of this drug. Good luck to all here. and after you get off the Narcs get off of the awful Suboxone too. A good tool to use but an awful awful medication in and of itself and much more constipating than the narcotics. I hate the Suboxone and you should too. You can kick the Oxycontin in a few to 5 days but the Crutch of a substitute such as Bupe is so helpful. Do not give up. Use any and all resources you have available. And if you speak to another and they tell you they use oxycontin daily just for pain relief and have been doing it for more than a week be assured they are addicted and just do not realize it. But they and you can get clean. Keep Hope Alive. Just For Today!

  17. Addict

    So... I need some good advice. My son is 22 and lives at home-he is in college and has a part time job. He is snorting oxycontin.He was willing to go to re-hab and seemed to to fine for a while- He would not follow up with the meetings--he said he did not want to hear everyone's sad stories-- He is now stealing from his friends and family. I really want to kick him out of the house and so does my husband, but we are afraid he will get worse-- what should we do?

  18. Addict

    I'm sorry but i take this as prescribed and it's increased my quality of life a huge amount. This drug should not be pulled off the shelves at all, if people want to abuse it and take it when it's not been prescribed to them how is that the manufacturers fault? It's because of these idiots that do abuse it that it's come under strict controls. If someone is using it without a prescription from a doctor that's thier own fault and the ONLY person responsible for this is THEM! I live in the UK and we don't have a massive problem with oxy addiction because people over here take it because the doctor has prescribed it and take it how it was prescribed without crushing it etc. Maybe that's the reason we haven't been forced to have anti abuse ops? You Americans seriously need to get over your love affair with prescription drugs and only take them when a doctor has prescribed them and in the way the doctor has prescribed them. You want to read through some of your responses and realise just how ridiculous you sound. Instead of worrying about who you can sue next you should concentrate on living a good life i'm sooooo glad i don't live in your country

  19. Addict

    where is this place? how does one get in there?

  20. Addict

    I was prescribed 125mg of OXY daily for 5 yrs. Four months ago I demanded to get off of this terrible drug and was given Suboxone. SUBOXONE IS MORE ADDICTIVE THAN OXYCONTIN. Because suboxone's half live is 3 to 4 times longer than Oxy, it is nearly impossible to get of off. Please detox before you ever try suboxone. It is not a miracle drug. It is a death sentence of a life of opiates. You will not abuse suboxone. You will not get off of it either. If you think getting off of Oxy is hard, you haven't experienced suboxone. The suboxone detox is much worse and less successful than Oxycontin.

  21. Addict

    This has been a very interesting discussion, but nobody has mentioned exactly what the symptoms are of oxycontin use. Since so many of you are surprised to find that a loved one has been addicted for years, I'm guessing that the symptoms aren't too obvious. A friend of mine who was a meth addict ten years ago and then was sober for nine years after a prison term has now started using drugs again. This is obvious because she is always flat broke, has committed lots of crimes to get money including identity theft and stealing from friends, and has sold everything of value that she owns. I think it is oxycontin that she is using now, but I'd like to be sure. When this started she occasionally got sick and had difficulty breathing, which I understand is a side effect especially in new users of the drug. Her 20-year-old son is also doing drugs, and I have seen him -- and friends of his -- simply sitting and staring into space without moving or speaking for long periods of time, almost as if they are in a trance. Are these symptoms of oxycontin abuse? What other symptoms should I look for? It is very important for me to figure out what is going on because she has a 7-year-old son whom I love dearly, and I am afraid he may be in some danger from neglect, from being in the company of some dangerous associates of hers, from the possibility of finding her dead from overdose, or even from the possibility of physical abuse during a come-down period. Are these valid fears?

    • Addict


      There is a new substance abuse section under resources. This section talks about different drugs, the side effects, warnings, withdrawals and much more. One of the drugs included is Oxycontin and you may find the information helpful. The link has been provided below.

      Oxycontin Addiction

  22. Addict

    I'm trying to kick a 3 year addiction from Oxycodone.Me and my fiance we have legit reasons to be on it but soon became to lose it and was a slave to the drug.My prays and heart goes out to the ones trying to do the right thing.

  23. Addict

    Part of me died on August 29,2010. My son 25 years old, started taking them because he couldn't get his Loratab. He had a woman that was pushing them on him and he was so desperate to have something for his pain he started taking them. not everyday but when they would come around maybe a couple of times a week. I guess He totally changed we lost him he wasn't himself anymore and seemed to be really ill and agitated. On august 28,2010 between the hours from 8 to 10 the little girl seen a woman pass him one. The next day on the 29 he put a gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger supposedly.Now he is gone and the pain is unbearable, this is one drug that needs to be outlawed for sure. I have talked to lots of people and I hear story after story that they were addicted to them and couldn't get one and they would kill themselves. I would just really like to know do they really push you that far because I still suspect murder not suicide. He was left handed and he sat on the toilet put the gun in his mouth and fell to the left into the bathtub I still think that if a left handed person does this they would fall to the right or forward or backward it just seemed to be to convenient. Also 3 weeks prior a 26 year old had left the same apartment walking and he jumps out in front of a car now if this drug is this powerful it needs to be taken off of the street ASAP.....

  24. Addict

    I have been on 320 mg oxy for a couple years. I want to find a place to detox but can't. The only thing that my claims manager was able to find was another pain center to get more. My old Dr. is in an office that just went through a major change and they now have a PA in charge and she isn't allowed to prescribe what I was getting. I really would rather just take the new Oxy that can't be abused and not have to worry every month if a generic is available. That is another story, just trying to get a pharmacy to fill it. The insurance will only allow one script per month even if the pharmacy doesn't have enough to fill it. Can't get the rest later when they are in. That is the main reason I want off, the fear of not getting them. As someone else mentioned Suboxone is just trading one addiction for another but around here even that is hard to get in to. I have to have more before I run out and it would take more time to get Suboxone than I have anyway regardless of the fact I don't want it. They say I have to be going through w/d for 48 hours before taking a chance on Suboxone or worse w/d can happen than would going cold turkey. I can't believe they do not have inpatient detox close to Seattle. Well, they do have it but the reason I need pain meds is because of a disability that I got a retirement for but not enough to even live on let alone paying for an inpatient program. I have been working on finding a solution for about a week now and am not even sure if I can get through all the hoops to see a new doc just to get more oxy's. They work great for pain and I prefer having one that cannot be abused. I wish they would have started with something like that. Perdue should be sued for putting this stuff on the market with such an easy way to abuse it. If no one ever abused it, I wouldn't have a problem getting them to take as they are meant to be. It is a wonderful drug for people who need it. When you need it and can't get more than the amount you need until your next prescription, you don't abuse it. I can't understand the person who abused it and had to go through w/d until the next script. Can you imagine going through that every month?

    Sorry this is so much rambling but I am writing things as they come to mind. I am half crazy with all the searching for what to do since receiving the letter telling me about the change at the doc's office. He has been my doc most of the years since 1976 so I have never gotten any oxy's from any other doc. He is the one who first told me about them and how wonderful they were. I had a driving job and could not have it in my system at the time but a few years later as the pain grew worse, as it will continue to do, I went to him to get them. At first it was real easy to get, just like any other drug and then it seems like about every other month either the insurance would change its requirements or the government would change something.

    I am scared right now that I will not be able to get more before it is too late. I can honestly tell a hospital that I am thinking of suicide after a few days of w/d. That should make it so I can eat and stay alive while I am thinking that way. It is the worst w/d imaginable. I told a lady at a rehab place that it was like heroin w/d and she agreed then said "maybe even worse". I sure wish I would have had more information before I started taking these. I certainly would never have done it. If you have never tried them, please don't. Something will eventually happen to force you into w/d. Even getting old and having breathing problems is a reason for them to stop giving you the oxy's cause they slow your breathing.

    Good luck to everyone still having problems. God bless you, each and every one.

  25. Addict

    I've been on oxycontin for many 3 years now. It was prescribed by my pain doctor along with percocet for break through pain. I take 10 mg every 2 hours.. period. I don't feel it's an evil drug when used in the correct manner. I take it just like the doctor prescribed, nothing more, nothing less...period. The side effects suck but I am not addicted , do not craved it, and if i didn't have severe back and leg pain, I would flush it down the toilet. This month I will talk to my doctor about correcting the damage done to my back and getting off pain meds all together.
    I'm not making light of anyone's addiction, I understand it can be a monster in your life...but this medication took my pain level from 9 to a 5 and I can now function so much better and actually take care of my family. I wish you all luck

    • Addict

      People need to remember being physically dependent on Oxycontin is not the same as being addicted to it.

      I am curious Berry when you say 10 mg every 2 hours is that a typo and should read 12 hours, because Oxycontin is supposed to last 12 hours(time released, for me it was 8 hours), percocet has 5mg oxycodone(same drug no delays). I took 60mg Oxycontin 3 times a day for almost 6 years, started in 1997, no problem thought it was a wonder drug and it was, but then it hit the news, Hillbilly Heroin, on every cop show, Law and Order etc, and I decided to crush and snort a 20mg pill to see what the fuss was about and I opened Pandora's box, as it kills emotional pain as well, the brain actually does not differentiate, pain is pain, the loss of a loved one does really hurt, the brain thinks so even. I knew I was physically addicted that is impossible to avoid, but addiction is defined by behavior. That's why drug companies are getting sued by Anti-Depressant users as they are told it is non-addictive, but they feel because some have horrible withdrawal effects, they are addictive, you still need to be weaned off most meds if long term, but it is the increasing the dose to get same relief, drugs seeking, cravings etc. It then took me years to get into a treatment program as they all required total abstinence which was not an option for me and luckily my G.P. realized that, he ended up prescribing to a sporadic binge abuser(all abuse was surrounding one person) I never abused it to feel good but to not feel, and somehow managed to not become psychologically addicted to it, manage my pain that's all I needed.

      Story of my life, I had a 3rd party (ex-mental health case manager make a referral for me to see the addictions people when I was snorting 20-40-mg 2-3 times week (I was prescribed 180mg/day) a few weeks after my first snort, 6 weeks to the appointment, I fill a prescription but don't tell the doc about the problem, not out of fear but shame at breaking his trust, just my luck for the 1st time they did'nt ask me how I wanted it, monthly what and I arrived home to find they filled the whole 3 months (810 20mg oxycontin) my life crashed and I now had 4 weeks to the specialist, I managed to reach 400-500mg day snorting, then a week before the appointment dumped all but enough to get to that appointment. Even if I had of been able to stop the oxy I always wondered how they would have dealt with the 4 2mg Clonazepam or the 4 20mg SR Ritalin I was taking for other problems as those if abused would constitute a serious addiction problem, so my doc kept prescribing for another 3 1/2 years (I would go 6 months at least ok then a certain female would make me messed up) and I would binge a bit (remember I could snort 9 20mg pills a day just based on my script) What most people, professionals in particular are surprised by is the fact I batted 1.000 when it came to walk-in clinics, I could always get 18 20'smin every time, because I told the truth. I brought in the empty bottle explained I was schizophrenic and a chronic pain sufferer and the reason I ran out was I had an abuse problem my doc is aware of it and we are working on it, I need enough to get to Monday, no is he a drug seeker he just told me he is, but not my prob. he can see his doc Monday. Except for that first script when I had an appointment to see the specialist in 10 years I never filled a script without the doctor knowing I had an addiction problem, it also meant I knew nowhere else to get it, and getting a weeks script on Friday and showing up at the doc's early was not pleasant at all.

      Finally we both thought the answer to our prayers had arrived a doc using methadone to treat pain in addicts, but he decided to try boosting my oxy to 80mg 3 times a day (3 pills/day not 9) and to ensure my pain was managed, but while he was a great guy, top guy in Canada probably, he wrote the Methadone prescribing guidelines, and I had 6 months to Google him he was an as**ole, and made my life a hell, before I went cold turkey of 50mg of Methadone 3 times a day(addiction is once a day for pain TID like most narcotics) not something I recommend, finally I was given my walking papers and told I had to find a non-opiate treatment for my pain, I said I have a small window to find something and decided to give Medical Marijuana a try, never dreaming it would do anything but buy me some time, but it worked and now I am a licensed Medical. Marijuana User and even found someone to grow it for me cheap (they have to be cleared by the gov.) Yes you do get stoned sometimes, but at least I have a life, it is a real science to use cannabis medically, and if not for a Compassion Club (known to cops but still sell Marijuana illegally, don't give us a reason to knock on the door and we wont, besides all members have doctors notes, just can't jump the legal hoops)

      Berry you say you are not addicted, not mentally, but try going a few days without any and you will experience withdrawal as your body needs it.

      I think that the fact it is a prescription drug is part of the problem, how many oxy addicts would have become heroin addicts, probably very few, but crush an oxy it's 1:1 heroin, oxy is 2 times stronger than morphine. snort 1 80mg tab is like taking 16 percocet instantly, actually heroin is much cheaper I've been told.

      stay safe and stay as clean as you can, harm reduction is viable option

  26. Addict

    I have been reading what people have said. I just got out on an impatient treatment rehab for OC's. I was doing roughly 15 40's a day. Yes the real ones, not the OPs. If I couldn't find the real ones, then 20 roxy 30's.
    I have been clean 18 days. There are no severe health risks coming off of opiates. You can not die coming off opiates, but I must say it is one living hell of a week with the withdrawals: cold sweats, irritable, aches, diarrhea, and much more. But coming off of OC's is not like alcohol and xanax. Coming off of alcohol and xanax you can have seizures and could slip into psychosis.

  27. Addict

    There are over-the-counter alternatives to the harsh, prescription pain killers. At various times my mother was on Oxycontin, morphine, etc. for her degenerative disc disease and arthritis. she has found an OTC pain relief cream that has allowed her to go off the hard, pain drugs.

    • Addict

      I was doing 10 80mg oc a day . I mixed them with benzos . Started with a surgery the progression from 98 to 2003 was insane . I have been clean for over 5 years. No substitutes. A.A saved me. New friends and lifestyle. Sobers better

      • Addict

        God bless you.. my son has the same problem 23 yrs. old. he is in a rehab in New Jersey 6 months to date 2 more to go... there is hope it seems.. he will go on to a halfway house in Mn. or Calif. then maybe return and go to meetings for sure. What are you doing to change people, places and things for a productive life?

  28. Addict


    • Addict

      Going through the worst hell of my life right now because of these little pills. I am so sorry for your loss. No one can get you off the oxy but YOU! They can lesson the severity of withdrawal, I suppose, don't know, doing it cold turkey. There are constant thoughts of suicide but I don't have the "luxury" of that option, I have a 13 year old depending on me and I would never do that to her! Healing and getting back to the person you should be is slow and excruciatingly painful, but consider that alternative - death. That's it. Get off or you will join your husband. Wallowing in self pity is yet another enabler. I divorced, plowed through my savings and came to the point of financial ruin, before I woke up and started smelling the coffee. As I could no longer afford and was killing myself slowly (135 down to 90lbs!) I had no choice. When once again I do have a choice, I will never go back! Your husband took the easy way out, so deal - you don't have a choice!

  29. Addict

    I'm 17 years old, and quite the stoner. I've experimented with a lot of drugs and just started doing oxys. I've done them 3 times, by simply splitting a 20mg in half. The high is enjoyable, even if it only lasts for 2-3 hours for me. I'm not addicted, and won't become addicted either. Half of you are retarded for saying it's an uncontrollable drug and there's no turning back once you've started. All drugs are controllable. I'm an all county varsity baseball player and i smoke daily, and i do oxy's about once to twice a week. You can enjoy life, be successful and still enjoy a nice high every now and then.. You just have to have your priorities straightened out. If you let drugs take over your life, then yeah, you're screwed, but if you have a descent amount of common sense, you'll realize that "addiction" is all in your head. This will probably get reported because i'm calling half of you pathetic, but seriously.. It's your own fault you became addicted. If half of your had some type of common sense you wouldn't have let this drug take over your lives in the first place. And for the people who've blogged on this and lost loved ones or friends, this does not pertain to you. My prayers go out to you and your families. I understand what it's like to lose people close to you, so that does touch home. But seriously, if you have your priorities set straight, and drugs come last in those set of priorities, then you should have no problem in life.

    • Addict

      Your 17 and still and immature idiot come back and talk to us when you're 21 and all messed up!! By the way don't look forward to a basketball scholarship as you won't get that far in life if you keep killing your brain cells one by one smartass.

      Reality Will Sneak Up and Bite You

    • Addict

      I don't believe you are taking REAL Oxycontin if you think you are not addicted. The very first one you take makes you addicted, it is written in text books. What everyone here has said is the real deal. I have never taken them and I never would, even if in the severest pain. This drug is evil. I have lost a childhood friend to this drug because she "thought she was in pain." I have lost my husband (he didn't die, just not together anymore) from the abuse of narcotics and then on to Oxycontin, the Mother Of Them All (this was after he left us). He lost his business, sold his truck, and was a junkie on the street. I say junkie because he shot it up. He lost his whole life over this stuff. Oxycontin is what I call "the rich man's heroin." You need big bucks to get this crap. Kid, you would be better off just to stop taking it NOW if you think you are not going to be addicted. YOU WILL NOT BE PLAYING BASEBALL FOR LONG, I can guarantee it.

    • Addict

      kid u have no idea what u are talking about i was the same denying it saying i wasn't hooked but u will realize after doing them a couple more time your addicted and there's no turning back you can say what ever you want but its just the way this drug is its the devil it controls you!!!

    • Addict

      My son started taking oxy every once in a while has a "fun" high. That was 6 years ago. One day the "fun" turned into need. He is a very smart young man, but this drug took over him. He now lives in our 5th wheel, has a hard time holding a job and has been to detox/rehab 3 times. He cries about what his life has turned into but the drug is stronger than him. He has resorted at times to heroin, as oxy is just synthetic heroin and it's cheaper. It kills our family but we can't make him stop. Soon he will lose all of us too. So if you don't really think it's an addictive drug, you are fooling yourself, that is til your body hurts so bad that the only thing that keeps that pain away is more oxy. You are a 17 year old fool. Take advice from the others that know, stop while you "don't" think you're addicted. It's a very ugly addiction.

  30. Addict

    Seriously "bob marley" wake the heck up and face reality! Take it from someone who was addicted to oxy's for 3 years and heroin for 2. I was just like you active in all sports senior in high school thought i was invisible and i wouldn't get addicted. Just wait till that one week you don't do it, u will realize how quick your addicted! I cant believe how cocky and naive you are being. Some of these people posting have been through the hardest and trying time of their lives and your spitting in their faces. I have been on Methadone maintenance for 2 years and am now decreasing, suboxone didn't work for me but MMT did i have never relapsed so i think Methadone is a wonder drug. The key to your success addiction wise is YOU have to want it, you cannot get sober for anyone but yourself it wont work. I am soo proud of all who have posted about their success! Keep going keep trying and bob marley have you ever thought to yourself "why am i drinking and doing oxy's 2 times a week at 17?" I'm sorry but you have some issues only you can work out. Please get help if you truly want to be successful you wont be if you continue using!

  31. Addict

    I like your blog! When you see addicted people than you will see they mostly use pain killers for addiction. As you say Oxycontin is very powerful pain killer.If Peoples take these type of drugs without precaution than it may be resulting to addiction.
    If you or your loved once suffers from addiction than you have to overcome on your problem with going to 'Drug Rehab center'. You can make it easily. Good Luck.

  32. Addict

    I'm 18 years old i have been doing them for 3 years and my boyfriend really wants me to quit and i wanna quit for myself too not just for him ......i hate it i cant stop its so hard its all i think about I'm always in pain....i am tired of wasting my money but i just cant stop i get chills n vomit n sweats n my muscles n back and knees hurt so much it makes me wanna do one i need sum advice come ppl thanx : )

    • Addict

      Please do stop. Many people who have graduated from college and have gotten good jobs are loosing their jobs and everything due to their addiction. If you have parents , and you want your boyfriend to get you help, you should do it immediately. This is not a thing that you ignore. I attend a support group for suicide and you wouldn't believe how many kids are dying from this drug.

  33. Addict

    My heart goes out to all of you--- My daughter is 25 yrs old and has 2 beautiful little girls---3 and 5 yrs old---about 2 months ago, she came to me and said that she had an addiction to Oxycontin (for the past 5 years)---and was using suboxone(?)---at the time. She was married in November to a man who had a "legitimate prescription" to the medication---she was taking up to 6-8 pills a day (don't know the dosage)- i have no idea what drug addiction does to you and no idea about the repercussions--- so i thought the best place to go is to those who KNOW and have experienced and can possibly help me---My daughter has been in an outpatient facility for 2 months now, took 6 days of the suboxone(?) and hasn't had anything except ibuprophen since the last pill---
    She seems so distance and "mean"--- although focused on not wanting to fall back into the "tempters" again---her mindset worries me, she was once a very affectionate and attentive mommy--- although she loves her children, it's like she's become a different person---we have always been a very loving/affectionate family---and I'm the goofiest loving mimi to my granddaughters in the world---my daughter is no longer that person--- I know she's JUST coming off this and I can imagine her mind is reeling--- but i don't understand it---
    I would appreciate ANY advice or information anyone can give me on what to do to support her---but mostly to understand her---
    thank you and may God bless all your efforts in overcoming this---

  34. Addict

    I just found out my 19 year old daughter has been smoking oxy since Feb or March (4-5 mos). I do not know how much or how often. She left my house but wants to come back. I want to help her so need advise of what to do. Can she kick the habit herself cold turkey or does she need a detox place ? We are both unemployed now (no medical coverage) so are there free clinics if she needs detox. Also I have a concern she is not telling me the truth about not doing it anymore. Any idea's or suggestions would be great.

    • Addict

      I can tell you many young people are addicted and some are committing suicide on the step down medications. Read the posts's on this web site. That is why I am on this web site. The use of this drug is extremely serious and you are a smart parent to be getting on this web site. I don't know how your child is getting the money for these Oxys as they are expensive. Some one close to me is dead because of addiction that started the same way-smoking it. The kids tell me that they wake up every day wanting the drug. They will lie and steal from you if they stay on it for a couple of years. You need to get yourself and your husband to a narcotics anonymous meeting in your area. your child will not want to go to it, but make sure you attend so you can know the signs. There is no tell tale drug use symptoms (they don't exhibit signs of being high) so you wont know when they become addicted. If your child is telling you that she is using that stuff- she is telling you that she needs HELP. feel free to contact me on my email. You sound like you are a smart person who cares. read what these people are saying on this web site.

  35. Addict

    My wife and I started doing them about four years ago, started with 5mg percs and moved up to crushing and snorting 30mg oxy's four to five times a day. Well in March we decided to quit buying suboxone on the street without getting in some sort of counseling, That lasted till our anniversary July 7th. My wife weaned herself down off the suboxone in about four months never talking about the addiction. I was still taking the subs. I began getting really emotional and asking for her love. She could not give it to me, It got worse and worse building to a head, She told me she quit and wanted me to wean myself down as fast as she did. Her reason for the rapid detox was she had to get a colonoscopy done and was scared to tell anyone she was on subs and was an addict. She was hospitalized over the winter for 9 days because she was so constipated from doing oxys. She almost died. On our anniversary, we went to the casino, She had 6-7 drinks and was falling all over the place. Took her back to the hotel where she vomited on the night that was supposed to be magical cause we were both off pills and it was our anniversary , Don't think she was though. I was attacked by her later that evening in some kind of alcoholic/pill rage. She beat me to the point of black out. I woke up to both of us bleeding. She put a six inch gash in the top of my head from the diamond on her wedding ring. I must have hit her as well but do not remember much except I was hit so hard something in my brain snapped from the blow and put me in survival mode. I immediately began professional suboxone treatment and counseling the following Monday, She has since left me and has not gotten help for herself. She will not even admit she ever had a pill problem when just 4 or 5 months ago we were using 120 - 180mgs a day. These dreaded pills ruined my life even after quitting. My wife is in denial and now using benzos and drinking. I have tried everything to get her to see the light including telling her boss she had been stealing to fuel our drug habit, She told them she was not on drugs but rather stealing to fuel my addiction. My kids hate her. They catch her lying all the time. My 10 year old even asked her to get help. She won't listen and says she is clean. My finances are shot. We owe money to doctors ,car loan(2mths late),daycare, I mean everything, After 5month of being sober you would think the bills would of been payed. I lost my wife and my best friend. I have begged her to get help. to no avail. Does anyone know what that type of rapid detox can and will do to the brain? Short of calling Dr. Phil I am hopeless. My wife needs help and I can't do a thing. She won't listen to me, my kids or anyone for that matter. DO NOT TAKE THESE GODFORSAKEN PILLS!!! THEY RUIN LIVES!!!!! If any has any suggestion on how to save my wife ...PLEASE HELP,

  36. Addict

    what amount of milligrams of Oxycontin and Percocet a person can take a day before it is considered his ability to make rational statements is in serious question please leave comments please please please leave comments!!!!!!!!!!! this is a very serious question

    • Addict

      Don't take it period... my son is on his way to detox at this very moment. He is drooling, his eyes are rolling in his head and his speech is unintelligible. I am on this site trying to find out how else I can help him. His father is with him now... My heart was broken when he knocked on my door today... I could see clearly that he wasn't my son, he was taken by this drug... don't touch Oxycontin in any way, shape or form.

  37. Addict

    Everyone here is talking about how bad Oxycontin is. It is just an extended release form of Oxycodone. When people crush, chew, snort or inject these high doses, they risk addiction or death by abusing their medication.
    I suffer from SEVERE back pain.(stenosis, Herniated disk , bone spurs) and if I didn'y have Oxycontin my life would be hell, Oxycontin has brought my pain level down, and my quality of life way up. I know I am not addicted to Oxycontin, but I am dependent on it.

  38. Addict

    i have a brother in law who is popping oxys left and right he is only prescribed 3 a day. he pops 10 or 11,, he sleeps all day,, when he is awake however, he is cussing and yelling at his wife for no apparent reason, he ignores his 5 year old son,, and doesn't help around the house,, or with the animals either. We are at a loss and don't know what to do, he says he isn't addicted, we know he is. he wont get help either,, we have suggested rehab. Now, his wife and son live with me and his brother. we don't want the son around him but at the same time don't want to deny him,, but after doing a drug deal in his house in front of his child,, we prefer not to let him see the boy. what can we do ?? even his doctor will NOT listen when we try to say he is addicted! he blew off two life saving appointments ,, just to get his oxys instead!!!! he has a bad liver, and needs a transplant. But he is taking the oxys for his""back"". and skips out on saving his life for them... am at a loss, no where to turn, no one to call for help... ugggghhhh!

  39. Addict

    I had a C4 / C5 spine fusion with bone taken from my hip. Took this for literally one day and threw away something like 200 pills. Nasty stuff.

  40. Addict

    Hooray! Finally a decent comment. It's like everyone wants to blame the FDA and doctors for their family's addictions and I empathize as I went through it with my son stealing mine. Guess what? HEROIN people. It's been around for a long time and it's been back since our government began with the Iraq and Afghanistan WHERE IT GROWS how amazing-the timing in which it flooded the suburbs and hit our teens. Well oxy is like heroin. SO PLEASE EVERYONE go ahead and pray they just "take it away" and watch and see everyone turn to heroin. Yes it needs to be monitored, but here's the difference; we didn't have internet to post about these issues years back with the "scum of the earth" as most saw heroin addicts-remember? Well now "our" own families being affected and it's someone's fault and seems it has hit our homes. IF THEY TAKE IT OFF MAKET AND EVEN with THE NEW "OP"-TRUST ME, many drug dealers of heroin are going to be filthy rich. WE BECOME DEPENDENT YES - and for anyone to lie and say you don't take more if on for long period - sorry impossible. Doctors know this too and I don't think should be just taken off but meds should be re-adjusted and put on something to AVOID withdrawal and keep out of pain and then put back on-that's how it should be regulated, NOT punishment and just thrown off like an animal junkie. People think about what you are asking for b4. I wish everyone the best of luck with their situations and good luck. Some of us NEED it and don't want to be off it because it works for us. Don't ruin it for us and there are many of us but we don't post because we don't have to.

  41. Addict

    There are many drugs that are addictive in the market moreover those drugs are not natural, so it has some side effects. The reason why medical cannabis cannot be eradicated in the list of alternative healing it's because its medical uses. Patients are testifying that it does work and that it has improved their lives in so many ways.

  42. Addict

    I had back surgery due to an injury at work and was put on Oxycontin and like all the story's here I was addicted and didn't even know until I realized I was taking well over 300mgs a day. This was 4 years ago, I've just returned from a 3 month rehab to be clean which I am clean but I have not one friend in the world anymore, a hell of a lot of bills, its completely ruined me and I don't even know why I bother anymore the cravings are just so damn powerful its sending me mad. I'm really struggling to stay clean. It's a shit drug and ruins lives!!!!!! I just want to be normal again which I can't see happening ever!!

  43. Addict

    Because of daily use of steroids for my asthma, COPD for the past 20 plus years, I have severe osteoporosis, also deal with spinal stenosis, and bridle bones. Anyway, I have severe pain, nonstop 24 hours a day. Even with the use of any kind of strong pain killer, I still have pain that can't deal with. I have been on almost all but Methadone, Opana, and now Oxycontin are the ones that actually help me some. Opana was working well until it got too expensive. Methadone was okay but a lot of times it would not work at all and when I had an infection which I get a lot of, then they don't work. The past year or more I been taking Oxycontin and it gets me comfortable for couple of hours, not the 8 to 12 they are suppose to work but with my kind of pain, even that is okay. Again because of the end of the year insurance crap, I am paying a lot of money for it. So usually since I can't afford it I go back to Methadone. One thing for me though and I am not picking on anyone, is that I don't get hooked to any of these. I change from one to the other and I stop because of surgery for couple of days, I do get the side effects but I have not been addicted to none yet as far as I know. But I also take too many other meds. About 20 plus a day. Most because of the side effects of Steroids. People like me with lots of pain and suffering need them and I hope other learn to not to start these strong meds for wrong reasons. You can't take all these meds off market because the weak will always find something else to abuse, there will always be something. Good luck to all, life is not so bad to be high in order to deal with it. If you try to be normal and just enjoy spending time with loved ones and go out, enjoy the nature, you will be amazed that it is not worth it to be high or drunk all the time.

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