PCP Is Still A Drug Of Abuse In The U.S.

PCP Is Still A Drug Of Abuse In The U.S.

Even though we haven't heard much about the hallucinogenic drug called PCP circulating on the streets, it's still a synthetic drug that some people are using today. It's common for certain drugs like PCP to stop being popular among drug users for a while, especially when other synthetic drugs are constantly being illegally produced. Last year though, KMOX reported that substance abuse counselors in St. Louis were concerned about the increase of PCP in their area.

Drugs like PCP often reemerge after being dormant for several years. Eventually dangerous drugs like PCP resurface and people start abusing them again. PCP is a very dangerous illegal drug that affects the mind and body when it's taken orally, snorted, smoked or injected. Other hallucinogens that have a similar effect to PCP include peyote and mescaline.

PCP Abuse Survey Results

Even though PCP was developed in the 50s to be used as an IV anesthetic, human medical use was discontinued in the 60s due to the fact that the drug had very powerful harmful psychological effects on people. We may not hear a lot about people abusing PCP but the results of a 2009 survey show that the drug was still continuing to be abused. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIH), results show that 122,000 Americans twelve years of age and older had abused PCP at least one time in the year before they were surveyed.

Facts About PCP

  1. Phencyclidine is referred to as PCP
  2. PCP is a Schedule II Substance because it's addictive and has a high potential for abuse
  3. PCP is illegally sold in tablet form, capsule form, liquid form, or in power form which can be white or colored.
  4. PCP is illegally manufactured in illegal clandestine labs around the country
  5. PCP is also referred to as Angel Dust, Embalming Fluid, ozone, wack, animal tranquilizer and rocket fuel
  6. There are various ways PCP is abused which includes smoking, swallowing, snorting or injected
  7. PCP is addictive
  8. The use of PCP can lead to psychological dependence
  9. People abuse PCP because the synthetic drug produces hallucinogenic and mind altering effects
  10. PCP is extremely dangerous and high doses can result in a seizure, coma and death

Some people smoke cigarettes or marijuana that's been dipped in PCP first and there are actual terms given to this form of use which include illy, fry and wet. When PCP is combined with marijuana it's commonly referred to as Supergrass or Killer Joints among users.

PCP Effects

Since PCP is such a powerful and dangerous hallucinogenic drug it's hard to imagine why anyone would use it. People abuse PCP because of the effects the drug produces though. PCP users experience visual and auditory hallucinations and they feel detached from their surroundings. The effects of PCP can be very unpredictable and everyone's experience during a 'trip' isn't exactly the same. Some people become extremely paranoid, hostile and violent when they're under the influence of PCP.

The effects of PCP vary depending on the person and how much of the drug they abuse. Users that inject or smoke PCP begin to experience the affects much faster, within 5 minutes. Abusing PCP orally or by snorting the drug is slower and can take up to a half hour. PCP is a very powerful drug and it can take up to twenty four hours before a person may feel normal again.

Depending on the dose abused the effects of PCP may include calmness, lethargy, euphoria, distort a person's sensory perceptions and even make them feel invincible but there are also many unpleasant and even dangerous affects PCP users can experience as well. PCP distorts a person's thinking causing delusions and hallucinations that can be frightening and violent. Many people under the influence of PCP become extremely agitated, experience severe anxiety, become violent, tremendously aggressive and even suicidal.

PCP Overdose

Even though any amount of PCP can be dangerous when abused, a high dose can cause seizures, coma, an overdose and even lead to death. Because PCP produces sedative like symptoms an overdose or coma can occur very easily if combined with alcohol or other central nervous system like drugs such as benzodiazepines.

As hallucinogenic drugs like PCP begin to reemerge young people may begin to experiment with it because they're curious and don't realize how dangerous it is. PCP isn't a drug to mess with because it will definitely mess with you for a very long time. Symptoms of depression and paranoia brought on through PCP use can remain for years after long term abuse.

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