Reducing Your Chnaces of a Drug-Assisted Assault

Reducing Your Chnaces of a Drug-Assisted Assault

We know we have to be extra careful today whether you're a woman or a man when it comes to leaving drinks unattended unless you're in your own home or in an environment you trust a hundred percent. Many people have been sexually assaulted or even robbed after having a drug slipped in their drink so we know to use extra precaution in situations like parties or gatherings where alcoholic beverages can be tampered with.

We forget that there are other situations besides partying or enjoying a night out at a nightclub or bar that we have to be just as aware and careful about.

If you're one of the many teens or young adult women that have dreams of breaking into the modeling business someday you may want to do your homework before you commit to showing up for a photo shoot. Young women who aspire to be models someday often browse modeling sites on the internet because of their passion and the web is a perfect way to find agencies in the fashion industry. Aspiring models aren't the only ones browsing modeling sites on the internet, illegitimate talent scouts sometimes do too.

Recently I ran across a news story on that made me realize how easily young woman are still being taken advantage of today by another individual using alcohol and date rape drugs in order to commit sexual assault. Two men used modeling sites on the internet as "hunting grounds" to find young women that were aspiring models, who were then "drugged and raped on camera" and then the internet was used to sell the videos.

According to the story "a former police officer" and a "self-described porn star" were responsible for luring young women into thinking they were auditioning for a liquor commercial for a well-known company. During test shoots the women drank alcohol that had been laced with a date rape drug. Many women had no memory of what had taken place until they saw videos shown to them later by authorities. These men were slick enough to have the young women "sign model release forms" while under the influence of date rape drugs in case they were ever caught. Fortunately the disturbing videos showed that the "women were drugged and often barely conscious" and this year the two men were "sentenced to 12 consecutive life terms in prison".

Common Drugs Used in Drug Assisted Assaults

Drugs like GHB, Ketamine and Rohypnol have been commonly used in sexual assaults on men and women because they're easily disguised in alcohol and other beverages and leave unsuspecting victims powerless and incapacitated so they're easily taken advantage of. Date rape drugs are sedating and keep an innocent person from being able to resist a sexual attack and it's not uncommon for the victim to have no memory of what even took place.

  1. GHB - In high doses can result in sleep, coma or death.

  2. Rohypnol - Produces effects causing the individual not to remember things while under the influence of the drug.

  3. Ketamine - Distorts perceptions of sight, sounds and feelings of detachment.

These same drugs, GHB, Ketamine and Rohypnol (roofies) are also considered 'club drugs' which often circulate on college campuses, at parties, sometimes at concerts and in other recreational settings. It's scary to think many young people may be at risk and don't even realize it today because drugs like GHB and Rohypnol are common party drugs today. Unfortunately there are plenty of people in our society today that use sedative drugs to commit sexual assaults which is also referred to as date rape, drug rape, acquaintance rape, or drug assisted assault which has happened to individuals young and older.

Young people aren't the only ones at risk when it comes to getting their drinks spiked with date rape drugs and there are possibly even more victims that just haven't come forward. These innocent women woke up in their cars after the drugs wore off and realized they had been raped.

College Campus and Date Rape Drugs

College is going to be starting up again soon and sexual assaults using date rape drugs is unfortunately a concern for students living on campus today. Date rape drugs are so easy to conceal in drinks whether it comes in pill, powder or liquid form. You can never be too careful either. According to women have been "given drugs by someone they thought they knew" and trusted.

There are steps you can take to reduce your chances of having a date rape drug slipped into your drink.

  1. Watch how much you drink so you always know what's going on around you
  2. Keep your eye on the bartender or person that makes your alcoholic beverage
  3. It's safer to drink from bottles with small openings and cans because they're safer and somewhat tamper proof.
  4. Never let anyone else touch your drink
  5. Never let your drink out of your sight whether it's alcohol or any other beverage
  6. Use the buddy system so you and your friend can look out for each other at all times
  7. Be extremely cautious about accepting alcoholic beverages from people you don't know or completely trust.
  8. Never share drinks
  9. Don't drink from open containers
  10. Be leery of beverages in punch bowls

We don't have to be paranoid and fearful all the time but we have to be smart, proactive and aware when we're in social settings around people we don't know or individuals we hardly know. You can still enjoy yourself but we have to be careful and take steps to ensure our safety and well-being. It's also important to make sure our teenagers understand that drug assisted assaults take place quite often to men and women, young and older.

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