Smoking 'Fake Pot' Can Destroy Your Life

Smoking 'Fake Pot' Can Destroy Your Life

Meth isn't the only dangerous synthetic (man-made) drug abused today that can lead to hallucinations and psychotic delusional behavior, fake weed also known as synthetic marijuana can too. Synthetic marijuana can cause serious side effects and is extremely dangerous to a person's emotional and physical health.

Even though the effects of synthetic marijuana use are very serious, an alarming amount of people are using the substance, especially adolescents and young adults.

Back in 2010 there were 4.9 million drug related visits to the emergency department and 11,406 of them were linked to "synthetic marijuana" according to a 2012 SAMHSA news release. Synthetic cannabis, also known as bath salts, K2 or Spice is so dangerous many states throughout the U.S. have banned the sale of synthetic cannabinoids.

Synthetic cannabinoids have been linked to the following symptoms according to the news report from SAMHSA.

  • Agitation
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Tremors
  • Seizures
  • Hallucinations
  • Paranoid behaviors
  • Non-responsiveness

Dangerous Synthetic Cannabis Products

Synthetic marijuana is commonly marketed as potpourri, herbal incense, bath salts and plant food under hundreds of different brand names including; No More Mr. Nice Guy, K2, Spice, bath salts, Yucatan Fire, Skunk, Moon Rocks, Kush and fake weed. Because synthetic cannabinoids are illegal to sell in many states, manufactures keep changing the packaging names to elude the authorities.

Synthetic cannabis isn't hard for young people to obtain either because these products are still being sold in states where it's illegal, often behind the counter, on the internet, in various smoke shops, gas stations and convenience type stores throughout the U.S. Synthetic marijuana products appear to be harmless, some are even packaged to look as though they contain candy in an attempt to attract young users.

One of the reasons many young people smoke fake weed is because it's much cheaper than marijuana and some users think it's a much safer alternative. They couldn't be more wrong though. Synthetic cannabis is up to 100 times worse.

Synthetic Marijuana Use and Kidney Damage

The use of synthetic marijuana damages the kidneys according to a news report found on Research done by University of Alabama doctors determined after analyzing case studies that synthetic marijuana known as Spice or K2 had a direct link to "serious kidney damage."

It doesn't take repeated use of synthetic marijuana to cause serious harm.

Emily Bauer was only 16 when she almost died after smoking synthetic marijuana in December of last year. The synthetic product Emily smoked had "potpourri" on the package which she and friends purchased at a gas station in Texas CNN reported. Even though Emily only smoked one, she ended up in ICU and wasn't expected to live, her condition was so serious that her "breathing tube" was removed, and other forms of life support were discontinued.

Thankfully Emily survived and is getting better, but she did suffer severe strokes and has brain damage so young people need to know that synthetic marijuana is far from a safe alternative no matter how cheap it is. Sadly some people don't survive and their families are deeply suffering from the loss of a loved one that used synthetic marijuana.

There are many varieties of synthetic marijuana, but even though they're sold under different names and the harmful chemical contents vary, they're all extremely dangerous. Sadly a person can become addicted to synthetic marijuana and it can end up costing them their life because of the toll the drug takes on their health.

Synthetic Marijuana's Dangerous Effects on the Heart

Devon, like many young people didn't think smoking the synthetic drug was any more dangerous than marijuana. Sadly, Devon Young was only 23 years old when he died in April within hours of smoking synthetic marijuana. This young man had been addicted to synthetic marijuana for almost two years according to a report found on Fox 4 News. Devon had the heart of an eighty year old man when he died of cardiac arrest according to the report. Even though K2 and its "chemical cousins are banned in Kansas, it's still illegally obtainable in some places.

Child Thrown Away After Parent Uses Synthetic Marijuana

A story like this just breaks your heart. After a mother in Live Oak used synthetic marijuana, she threw her child in the garbage in St. Louis recently reported. This poor child was only four years old, I can't even begin to imagine how devastating and frightening this must have been for this little boy. According to the report the little boy was found by a man inside a plastic garbage can screaming and crying.

Sadly the little four year old boy told the authorities "his mommy threw him away" according to the report. The twenty one year old mother told the authorities synthetic marijuana made her do what she did. The mother of the little boy was arrested and charged with child abandonment.

Unfortunately even though the use of man-made drugs like synthetic marijuana can lead to serious bizarre delusional behavior like tossing your child in the trash, extremely serious health problems or even death, it's not going to stop young people from trying it. Some young people will even sadly get hooked on synthetic marijuana like Devon did. Kids think it's safe and I'm sure many young people have never even seen reports like the ones listed above so unfortunately, they have no clue how dangerous synthetic marijuana really is.

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