Substance Abuse Treatment and Information Available at Your Fingertips

Substance Abuse Treatment and Information Available at Your Fingertips

Browsing the internet this week I ran across a few articles that I found interesting and thought I would share them with you. I know that finding treatment for substance use and addiction can be hard for people that are having financial problems right now. Hopefully some of the information below will help those in need of treatment but have few financial options find some form of inexpensive successful treatment through the link provided.

The use of alcohol today in our society by young and older adults is widespread and during the summer alcoholic beverages are a staple for some people grilling, boating, picnicking etc. The Labor Day weekend is coming up soon which is a big holiday for get-togethers, travelling, camping and other outdoor fun. Sadly it's also a big holiday for drinking and driving while intoxicated too. Way too many people have lost their lives or caused the loss of someone else's life due to drunken driving. Hopefully this year people will think before they drink and drive and have a designated sober driver behind the wheel planned in advance. There's also the option of taking a cab home and retrieving your vehicle later.

One poor choice like driving while intoxicated can be the last time you, someone you love, someone you know, or an innocent victim on the road sees their family ever again. Be smart this year and keep yourself and others safe so everyone can enjoy Labor Day next year too.

Payment Assistance Options for Substance Abuse

There are a lot of people young and older adults who really do want help for their drug or alcohol use because they're tired of feeling miserable. They're anxious and somewhat scared but at the same time, they really do want help. One of the biggest problems seems to be financial for people that really do want help but are unable to find some form of treatment because they can't afford it.

There's an enormous amount of people unemployed today some due to the economy and others partially due to their substance use. There are also a lot of people that need substance abuse treatment that work part time and don't have health insurance and others may work full time but their jobs don't offer health insurance.

I ran across The N-SSATS Report that you may find of interest, if you're looking for substance abuse treatment that offers some type of payment assistance like a 'sliding fee scale'. In the 'Discussion' section at the bottom of the page it reads "to locate facilities offering free or reduced cost services, select the Payment Assistance options when designing your search". You can start your search here at SAMHSA Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs nearest you. You would have to call the facilities that came up in the results of your search then to make sure that they still offer assistance and what the details are for sure because information could have changed since the last update. Hopefully affordable treatment assistance can be found here for people who "really are serious" about finding help for their alcohol or drug use but are financially strapped.

Alcohol Buzz iPhone App

Driving while under the influence of alcohol is very serious but it happens all the time. Many people have either lost their own life or caused the death or injury of someone else due to driving while intoxicated. When a person operates a motor vehicle while under the influence they aren't just a threat to themselves, they're a threat to everyone else on or off the road. Abusing drugs or alcohol doesn't just produce euphoria or mellow you out they impair your perception, coordination, attention, cognition (reasoning), balance and other brain functions that are extremely necessary and when it comes to safe driving.

The DrunkGuard is an iPhone App that estimates an individual's blood alcohol content allowing the person or people drinking to be responsible. This app also has several other really good features like a drunk dialing and drunk texting blocker along with an Auto Cab Call to help you, your family, friends and other innocent people on the road to get home safe.

I also ran across this article from KSDK this week about a new app that's free for the smartphone that can help a person calculate their blood alcohol concentration, the calculations will be estimated levels because there are many other factors that would need to be taken into consideration. This MoDOT App called "Show Me My Buzz" isn't available yet but when it is you won't have to look for another way to get home if you've possibly had one too many drinks, the app will provide a number to call to get a safe ride home.

Is It ADHD or Something Else?

ADHD which is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a neurobehavioral disorder that is quite commonly diagnosed during childhood and can continue into adulthood. Staying focused and maintaining attention is problematic for children who have ADHD. Not only can children with ADHD have problems listening but they have a hard time controlling compulsive behaviors, sitting still without fidgeting, and being forgetful. This many times affects a child academically, socially with friends, and some of the symptoms can also be problematic at home. I didn't realize that there were many other medical conditions that share some of the same symptoms as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder so it's very important to make sure your child is correctly diagnosed.

Electronic Cigarettes, How Safe Are They?

We all know the health risks that are associated with smoking tobacco including the secondhand smoking risks. There are thousands of people who have tried to stop smoking and have succeeded but there are still thousands more who still do. Some people have gone to great lengths to try and stop smoking including nicotine patches, nicotine gums, acupuncture, and hypnosis. Fortunately many people have found success with some of the stop smoking aids listed above.

The electronic cigarette or E-Cigarette is another product that's come out that to look at, is similar to a real cigarette and many people are trying to stop smoking with this product. Even though they're similar to a cigarette in looks they're not a cigarette and there is no tobacco in them. Replacement cartridges can be purchased as needed that contain 20mg of nicotine according to Science Daily. There is still controversy over their safety as far as nicotine is concerned and until we know more about the health risks involved, you may want to research these devices a little further.

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    This is very helpful.
    For many of us, the revelation of mistakes and shortcomings comes in that quiet time of meditation. Taking time to reflect upon the day and thank my God for another 24 hours of sobriety gives opportunity for honesty with myself. Only by candidly examining my own actions am I doing my part to keep the me in harmony with others.

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