Teens Drinking at Home Under Parental Supervision - What's Your Opinion?

Teens Drinking at Home Under Parental Supervision - What's Your Opinion?

Here's a controversial subject that brings on heated opinions among a lot of people today, do you think that parents should let their teenagers drink at home with them or at least under their watchful eye? Most parents today worry about their children binge drinking with their friends during their teenage years or when they're young adults which they should be.

Drinking with friends is a very big part of many teens social life anymore and very common among college age students under the legal age of 21. Many parents feel very strongly against letting their under aged kids drink at home with them or anywhere else and feel parents that do are being irresponsible which could lead to problem drinking later on.

Some parents believe if they let their teens drink responsibly at home under their supervision they are more likely to avoid irresponsible drinking behavior in their future. They are trying to teach their under aged kids to drink responsibly and to respect alcohol and not to abuse it.

While many other parents feel by law you have to be 21 in order to legally consume alcohol in this country and that allowing under aged kids to drink at home would be 'breaking the law'.

It's not that most parents let their under aged children drink all of the time at home. They would let their teens have a glass of wine with dinner, on special occasions or an occasional drink at home in hopes of teaching them responsibility.

Again many parents that are against letting their teens drink at home feel the younger a child is introduced to alcohol the higher their chances are of having a drinking problem in the future.

This isn't to say that parents who let their teens drink at home under their supervision are just irresponsible parents who don't care about their children. These parents do care and worry about their child's future and want them to learn responsibility in hopes of avoiding irresponsible drinking in their future.

Some parents believe that by allowing their teenager to drink at home they can teach them to respect alcohol, about the dangers of alcohol and how to be responsible when it comes to drinking. Teens drink and drive so some parents believe that by allowing their child to drink at home under their supervision they don't have to work about their child getting behind the wheel of a vehicle and possible killing themselves or another innocent person. Most teens don't really understand the dangers of drinking too much alcohol to fast therefore dying from alcohol poisoning. Parents believe by allowing their child to drink at home with them they can monitor how much their child consumes and make them more aware of the dangers of alcohol. Aydin Salek was only 17 when he died from alcohol poisoning after a party at his friends house where there was no parental supervision. The video below shows Aydin's parents telling the story of what happened to their son.

Let me give you some facts that have to do with underage drinking, this has nothing to do with young people that are allowed to drink at home under their parents supervision. These are facts about our youth in the United States today when it comes to alcohol consumption.

Underage Drinking Facts

  1. 11% of the alcohol consumed in the U.S. is by people aged 12 to 20 years old.
  2. Over 90% of the alcohol above (the 11%) is consumed by binge drinking.
  3. Adult drinkers consume fewer drinks per drinking occasion than under aged drinkers.
  4. The use of alcohol by teens takes the lives of around 6000 people every year
  5. Youths who start drinking before they're 15 years old are 5 times more likely to abuse alcohol or develop dependence later on in life compared to individuals who began their drinking at the age of 21 or older.

A survey that was done in 2009 showed that; (In the past 30 days prior to the survey).

  1. 42 percent of high school students drank alcohol
  2. 24 percent binge drank
  3. 10 percent drove after drinking
  4. 28 percent rode with a driver that had been drinking

According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)

  1. If a kid starts drinking at a young age they are 7 times more apt to be in an alcohol related crash.
  2. For teens, car crashes are the leading cause of death and 1 out of 3 of the deaths are alcohol related.
  3. The use of alcohol by teens kills around 6 thousand people every year (more than all illegal drugs combined).

When it comes to letting your teens drink at home under parental supervisionand parents that are totally against it, I think I understand both points of view. This is definitely a subject that is controversial and both sides just want to teach their children responsibility when it comes to alcohol and keep them safe. What do you think? What is your opinion on Teenagers Drnking at Home Under Parental Supervision?


Topic Discussion

  1. Addict

    Teens drinking at home under parental supervision is a sticky subject and I see both points of view. We were all teenagers at one point in time and I was one of those teens sneaking to parties and drinking underage. I saw so much irresponsibility as a teenager when it came to alcohol consumption from teens passing out, throwing up, sleeping with anyone and everyone, drinking and driving. My friends were partiers and I saw it all.

    At that time I was not even thinking of the dangers of alcohol poisoning, possible taking my life or an innocent person's life because of drinking or driving and I am not proud of that. However, when you are young your just thinking about enjoying life with your friends, no worries, and no cares, just living life for the moment.

    Knowing what I know and from my own experiences I would be ok with allowing my teenager to have an occasional drink at home so I could personally talk to my child about alcohol and it's dangers. I feel it would also allow me to teach my teen to be responsible when it comes to alcohol.

    And to be honest I would rather have my kid at home where I can monitor them than to have them at a party with their friend's sneaking booze and possibly dying from alcohol poisoning, being raped because they drank too much and passed out or having them kill themselves or an innocent person because they were drinking and driving.

    I believe you have a better chance of teaching your child to respect alcohol if they are allowed to have an occasional drink at home with their parents from time to time. Don't read into this. I wouldn't allow my child to throw a party at my home where teens are drinking nor would I allow my child to have a friend over to drink. That is contributing to the delinquency of a minor and that would not happen. Even if the other child's parent had my belief I would not allow their child to drink in my home.

    I respect that every parent looks at things differently and raise their child differently and that's OK.

    I do have to say if my child, niece or nephew are ever at a party and they even have 1 drink of alcohol I want them to know they can call me to come and pick them up and bring them home safe. I WILL NOT QUESTION THEM AND I WILL NOT LECTURE THEM. Even if they only have 1 drink I better never find them behind the wheel of a vehicle. If they have friends whom have been drinking I would also be willing to take them home safely.

    Whether we all want to admit it or not no one is perfect. Your child is going to try a drink of alcohol sometime in their life while they are underage and I would rather my child have that drink at home safely.

  2. Addict

    We set the example as parents. If you don't want your kids to think its OMG epic fun time, you might not want to behave as though it's a big deal for you to get your drink on when the weekend comes. You know who I've noticed has a higher propensity for drinking and being irresponsible? Kids who watch their parents do it.

    Don't be a "do as I say, not as I do" parent. It's not a guaranteed safeguard, but your chances of success are higher. You don't even have to be a strict parent. Just an adult parent.

  3. Addict

    Alcohol is mood altering . Just like other mood altering substances,but it is legal for anyone over 21 to consume or buy.
    What are you really teaching your children?
    Why not teach them that you do not need alcohol or other substances to have a good time.

  4. Addict

    I support the right of parents to raise their children as they see fit. If they choose to allow their own children to drink it is within their responsibility as a parent to see that it is done in a responsible manner. To me, the issue is the same as spanking; up to each individual as a parent to decide the most appropriate way to raise their child. However, if they enable other children that are not theirs without prior parental contact and consent, that would be an offense punishable by law. It would also be bad judgement to allow their child to drink in the presence of another child who is not allowed to drink, but not illegal. That's my opinion.

  5. Addict

    To answer your question: my parents were responsible and allowed me to drink under the age of 21 once they felt I was mature enough. I turned out fine. I drank under age as a student in college but I surrounded myself with people I could trust and I didn't lose my head about it. Conclusion: be a good parent and make responsible judgements. and be a mature young person who takes responsibility for their actions.

  6. Addict

    Letting your children drink at home is a good thing. If you look at countries where the drinking age is very low they have far less problems with teenage binge drinking. Children in those countries learn how to drink responsibly from a young age from, say, having a glass of wine or beer with their meals. Part of the attraction of alcohol to teenagers is that it is forbidden and they are trying to rebel.

    In my own country (UK) when I was growing up it was easy to buy alcohol as young as 16, I even knew people who worked in pubs when they were 16 even though you needed to be 18 to be in them. In an effort to combat teenage drinking the government made it so that if you are under 21 you need to provide identification or not get served, and this has now been increased to 25 (even though the drinking age is still 18). This has not solved teenage drinking but made things worse. I see more teenagers walking around drunk now than I ever did when I was that age and they are not even trying to be subtle about what they are doing.

    The same thing applies to other drugs like cannabis. Cannabis is readily available in the Netherlands and as a result hardly any youths in that country are interested in smoking it, they just view it as being "boring". The only people smoking it in the Netherlands are foreigners getting a kick off smoking drugs in public with no comeback. You can see it in Portugal as well, where the decriminalization of drugs lead to a dramatic drop in drug use. Prohibition and strict controls of vices always result in people doing them more.

  7. Addict

    I have three children oldest now is 24 she is a great wife and mother of two. I have a 21 year old son father of 1 I have a 16 year old son father of none. I allowed my children to have occasional drinks when we went camping and bonfires. There was no age I set to allot his it was different for each child. My husband and I are not big drinkers so we never had booze in the home unless it was a special occasion. My daughter would have wine coolers at age15 but she was very mature and to this day she does not drink much. It only took her one bad hangover and she learned. She has never drank and drove a vehicle she will never drink with her children in her care not even one. My middle son he was almost 17 because his maturity level was a little behind but he will be 21 in a week and he don't want to go get drunk he wants to go somewhere an order a drink so he can present his ID. But he is light weight and does not like to be around a bunch of idiots in public. My youngest son is 16 he does not care for beer he will do shots with chaser or crown but once he gets a small buzz he stops or sips the drink. He doesn't really like controversy so he refuses to drink with people who like to get mean. My children know when I say enough your done do not ask again. That is a privilege and I'd you can't do it responsibly then you should not do it at all. I do not do keg stands or line up the shots to see if we can out drink one another that's not teaching them a damn thing

  8. Addict

    YES ! They should allow underage drinking with parents consents or with legal guardian! (:

  9. Addict

    i think it would be ok to drink with your kid that's 18 or older because you also gota think their going to experiment with or with out you, would you want your kid outside getting drunk and doing something stupid and getting locked up or would you rather have them drink with you im and not getting in trouble for doing something stupid with out your supervision im not saying get blacked out drunk with them im just saying a couple drinks wouldn't hurt nothing it mite even save your kids life think about it

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