Warning Signs of Ecstasy Addiction

Warning Signs of Ecstasy Addiction

Dependence - Is described by the NIDA Teen as "continued use despite understanding the harm it can cause." Over time, a person will begin to not feel normal unless they are on ecstasy.

This is what causes dependence which, in the case of ecstasy, goes hand-in-hand with addiction.

Tolerance - When you take ecstasy, if you begin to notice that the same amount of the drug does not cause the same effects for you that it once did, this is a warning sign of addiction, especially if you begin to take more of the drug each time afterward.

Ecstasy Overdose - A person can overdose on ecstasy the first time they take it. But if you are constantly skirting heat exhaustion, heart problems, and severe dehydration every time you use, you likely experiencing addiction because you are not stopping even though the drug is harmful to you.

Withdrawal - Experiencing ecstasy withdrawal symptoms when you are suddenly unable to obtain it, "such as:

  • Fatigue
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Depression
  • Trouble Concentrating

You are already extremely dependent on the drug and likely addicted as well.

Psychological Issues - According to the NCBI, "Chronic ecstasy use can result in psychosis." If you are experiencing feelings of paranoia, hostility, aggression, and even hallucinations that you never have before, these are signs of drug-induced psychosis which point to chronic use of ecstasy which has likely led to addiction if you have been using it long enough.

Depression - Can occur as a withdrawal symptom of ecstasy abuse, but even someone who abuses ecstasy every day can become depressed. "Suicidal ideation" becomes possible, and if you continue to take ecstasy after this has begun to occur, you are unable to stop on your own.

Relationship Issues - Many individuals do things they would not normally do on ecstasy, making the chronic abuse of this drug difficult for relationships. When several relationships of yours have fallen apart and your partners have cited your drug use as the reason why, it is time to consider ecstasy addiction treatment 800-839-1663.

Cravings - Thinking about ecstasy constantly, even when you are not on the drug, and craving it intensely are strong signs of addiction. Someone who uses a drug chronically and is not addicted will not experience this issue, so if you do, you know it must be addiction.

Apathy - Apathy toward the other aspects of your life is a sign of severe addiction. When your responsibilities and activities that you used to care deeply about seem extremely unimportant in the face of your drug use, you are experiencing addiction, which takes over your whole life.

An Inability to Quit - The ultimate warning sign of addiction is an inability to quit abusing a drug, even if you know it is doing you harm.

left quoteEcstasy can cause harm in many ways, from its likeliness to cause users to engage in unsafe sex to its potential of causing dehydration, heat exhaustion, and heart failure.right quote

If you cannot stop abusing ecstasy, even if something very harmful has happened to you as a result of your drug abuse, you are addicted and must seek treatment 800-947-5219 in order to get better.

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