What Is Darvocet?

What Is Darvocet?

Darvocet is in the class of medications considered to be a synthetic narcotic; it is an opiate. Ultimately, it is a combination drug containing both Acetaminophens with the Propoxyphene component. Propoxyphene, the actual narcotic in Darvocet, is generally considered to be a weak narcotic. It is structured chemically like methadone only not as strong. Darvocet should not be looked at as a harmless drug because abuse of the drug is a very common problem.

Why Is Darvocet Prescribed?

Darvocet is a medication usually prescribed for mild to moderate pain relief. It may also be prescribed to treat a high fever. The Propoxyphene found in Darvocet works like an opiate, it clings to the receptors in the brain that sense pain thus reducing the sensation of pain. The Acetaminophen found in Darvocet greatly reduces and can even stop the production of prostaglandins. Prostaglandins act as 'messengers' to other cells that actually cause a person to feel pain.

Statistics Relating To Darvocet

Darvocet is a prescription medication that comes in pill form. These pills are usually either pink or white. Although there are no differences in the pills besides the color, pink is the preferred color because of its higher "street value" than the white. Darvocet is a medication taken orally. This medicine is to be taken every four hours or as needed. Darvocet tablets should be stored at room temperature, away from moisture and heat.

Darvocet tablets are available in the following strengths: 50, 100 and 500. The directions given on the prescription must always be followed completely. Darvocet can be habit forming especially when taken over long periods of time. Oftentimes, patients tend to misuse this drug because they build up a tolerance for it.

The United States Department of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) withdrew all medications containing Propoxyphene from the market in November of 2010. It was then determined that the risks of serious changes in heart rhythm outweighed any possible benefits this drug may have on patients. Pharmacies are no longer selling this medication and anyone who is still taking this medicine should stop taking it and ask their physician for a safer pain medication.

How Is Darvocet Abused?

A person who abuses Darvocet will usually ingest this drug orally by swallowing the pill or chewing the pill. It is also commonly abused by crushing it into a powder and snorting it through the nose like cocaine. Some abusers may even go to the lengths of dissolving this pill in water and injecting the solution intravenously. It is very easy for a person who is abusing Darvocet to overdose from this drug.

Because Darvocet is an opiate-based drug it works to get a person "high" by altering the basic programming of the brain. Over long periods of time Darvocet can make a person unable to distinguish right from wrong. It can take away a person's control over regular everyday situations and will disable a person's ability to apply good judgment. A new abuser of the drug will soon develop a dependency to the drug and will no longer have the power to stop taking it because it is highly addictive. Long term abusers will damage the natural reinforcers in the brain that enable a person to have a sense of well-being or happiness naturally. The abuser will feel like they always need to have this drug in their system just to feel normal.

The physical effect on the body for a person addicted to Darvocet can be extremely dangerous and sometimes even deadly.

left quoteTaking Darvocet in high doses will result in respiratory problems, extreme drowsiness, coma and possible death. A Darvocet overdose can be deadly within just minutes of taking the increased dose of the prescription drug. There's is also a risk of serious changes in heart rhythm and taking high doses of Acetaminophen can cause liver failure.right quote

Darvocet Addiction Treatment Options

If a person suffering from addiction to Darvocet wants to seek treatment, the best way to start is by seeing their primary physician. He or she should be able to help a person deal with their addiction problem in a non-judgmental way.

A person should never stop taking Darvocet abruptly as severe withdrawal symptoms may occur. Some people may choose to go to a treatment facility or rehabilitation center in order to detox from this drug safely. The counseling and therapeutic benefits of these treatment centers will also help to provide a more stable recovery.

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