Why is Oxycontin Dangerous?

Why is Oxycontin Dangerous?

Oxycontin is a type of opioid drug that is supposed to be used to treat different types of severe pain. In situations where someone is dealing with extreme or chronic pain, this type of drug is the preferred medication of choice because there is not a threshold where the effect of the drug is going to cease to increase.

The only upper limit that exists is one that is created by side effects over time. This is a powerful pain killing drug that offers mood altering effects. These mood altering effects are unfortunately quite capable of creating an abuse problem over time. The effects that Oxycontin creates are similar in nature to those of heroin, which is another type of opiate drug. For this reason, heroin and Oxycontin often appeal to the same types of abusers. Oxycontin is capable of causing feelings of relaxation and euphoria as well as pain relief which is what leads so many people to use it.

Unfortunately, if you are using Oxycontin in any manner that goes against the prescription recommendations, you are playing a dangerous game. Oxycontin addiction and abuse is serious business. If you do not get help for this problem sooner rather than later, then the odds are good that you are going to cause serious harm to your body and potentially even death.

Using Oxycontin on the Street

Oxycontin is a relatively easy drug to use and abuse. The pills themselves are designed to be taken orally, and they are formulated for time release which means that they are meant to work over time rather than all at once. Despite this, there are abuse methods that people can take advantage of in order to get stronger effects as well as more immediate effects from the drugs. Some of these include chewing the tablets up rather than swallowing them, snorting the ground up tablets, using the pills through rectal insertion and dissolving the pills in water and then injecting them directly into the blood stream.

The frequent use of this drug is going to eventually result in a tolerance to the drug's effects. What this is going to mean is that higher dosages are going to be required in order for abusers to continue experiencing the same effects that they were receiving before. The popularity of Oxycontin use for illicit purpose has been growing by leaps and bounds recently. It has recently been disclosed that as many as one in every 20 high school students has abused Oxycontin in an off label manner.

Many people who use and abuse Oxycontin do so by visiting multiple hospitals and doctors feigning pain or illness in order to get a prescription. There are many other extremes that people will go to in order to acquire the drug, including falsifying prescriptions, robbing pharmacies and even using the Internet in order to obtain the drug illegally. When people have health insurance it can be relatively easy to afford the drug, but people who cannot afford this drug often turn to heroin because the street value is a lot lower than the street value of Oxy.

When taken properly, this controlled substance can be used without any ill side effects. It requires a prescription in order to be obtained. Unfortunately, people often believe that the drug is safe when used in any manner simply because it is available with a prescription. As such, people experiment with the dosage amounts and the method of taking the drug, not realizing that they are developing a substance abuse problem in the process.

There are actually a number of symptoms associated with withdrawal from taking Oxycontin, including but not limited to increased heart rate, increased respiration, chills, weakness, cramps, pain, anxiety and restlessness.

left quoteThis drug can do a number on your body if you allow it to, which is why getting help is so vitally important.right quote

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