Alcohol Dependency and Abuse Throughout the Holiday's

Alcohol Dependency and Abuse Throughout the Holiday's

A New Year's Prediction That Never Fails

Holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years can bring out the best in us and unfortunately the worst in us. Alcohol use throughout the holiday season sky-rockets for several reasons.

Many people don't even consume alcohol any other time of the year but enjoy beverages containing alcohol while celebrating the Holidays with family and friends. There are also thousands of individuals that abuse alcohol daily and the holidays are no exception.

Individuals that don't normally drink enjoy beer, wine and alcohol beverages during the holidays with family and friends. It's very easy to become intoxicated without knowing what hit you. It's also very easy for the individual who has consumed too much alcohol to convince themselves that they're OK to drive. They may have stopped drinking 2 hours before they are ready to leave and feel they're in control now.

Alcohol affects the body and mind very fast and the effects last a long time. The part of our brain that makes decisions along with our ability to react is unable to function and starts to diminish before we ever become totally intoxicated. You have to understand that at first, alcohol acts as a stimulant and we are upbeat and energized but this is temporary. In a very short period of time the alcohol affects our judgment and it's not even noticeable to the person doing the drinking. Before long if enough alcohol is consumed our decisions become reckless, we have poor judgment and our reaction time decreases. Many accidents have occurred and the intoxicated driver wasn't completely drunk.

As stated above, alcohol at first acts as a stimulant when we have our first drink or two and shortly after acts as a depressant. The more alcohol that's consumed the more our coordination decreases, speech becomes slurred; our ability to process thoughts and decisions is definitely affected because our thought process slows down. Because of the depressant-reaction a person becomes sleepy, sluggish and many times will pass out. This has happened to intoxicated individuals when they are behind the wheel every day and during holidays especially New Year's Eve the numbers sky-rocket.

Most alcoholics don't need a reason to drink but feel holidays and celebrations go hand-and-hand. Alcohol use increases during this time and those who already abuse it and are alcohol dependent tend to abuse it even more during the holiday season.

Holidays can be very stressful and emotional grief like the loss of a loved one or friend, broken relationships, and financial trouble just tends to emotionally be too much and the alcoholic spirals out of control.

Underage drinking is a problem throughout the year also. Holiday time and especially New Year's Eve teens, young people and adults ring in the New Year well over the legal limit and heavily intoxicated. It doesn't stop there they drink, their drunk, and they drive. What starts out as a Festive Holiday turns into a Tragic Holiday for many people. Their Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's will never be the same because of one tragic moment that could have been avoided.

Alcohol related traffic accidents are a sure-fire prediction during the Holiday Season but most especially on New Year's Eve. Sadly there are actually numbers and statistics to back this up. Did you know that more people stand a chance of dying in an alcohol related crash on New Year's Eve than on any other mid-week evening in the winter?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics showed that by the time we rang in the New Year in 2008 59 people died in alcohol related traffic accidents. This was during a 12 hour time frame between 6 p.m. on New Year's Eve and 5:59 a.m. the next day. On the same night of the week just 2 weeks later the deaths dropped to 13.

No one sets out to intentionally hurt someone else due to their poor judgment and irresponsible drinking but it happens over and over again. Not only will your life never be the same but you're changing the lives of other innocent people when you get behind the wheel and drive intoxicated. Remember it only takes 1 split second of poor judgment when driving intoxicated to have an accident and take another person's life and that's a prediction that 'never fails'.

Death of an Innocent

I went to a party, Mom,
I remembered what you said.
You told me not to drink, Mom,
So I drank soda instead.
I really felt proud inside, Mom,
The way you said I would.
I didn't drink and drive, Mom,
Even though the others said I should.
I know I did the right thing, Mom,
I know you are always right.
Now the party is finally ending, Mom,
As everyone is driving out of sight.
As I got into my car, Mom,
I knew I'd get home in one piece.
Because of the way you raised me,
So responsible and sweet.
I started to drive away, Mom,
But as I pulled out into the road,
The other car didn't see me, Mom,
And hit me like a load.
As I lay there on the pavement, Mom,
I hear the policeman say,
"The other guy is drunk," Mom,
And now I'm the one who will pay.
I'm lying here dying, Mom...
I wish you'd get here soon.
How could this happen to me, Mom?
My life just burst like a balloon.
There is blood all around me, Mom,
And most of it is mine.
I hear the medic say, Mom,
I'll die in a short time.
I just wanted to tell you, Mom,
I swear I didn't drink.
It was the others, Mom.
The others didn't think.
He was probably at the same party as I.
The only difference is, he drank
And I will die.
Why do people drink, Mom?
It can ruin your whole life.
I'm feeling sharp pains now.
Pains just like a knife.
The guy who hit me is walking, Mom,
And I don't think it's fair.
I'm lying here dying
And all he can do is stare.
Tell my brother not to cry, Mom.
Tell Daddy to be brave.
And when I go to heaven, Mom,
Put "Daddy's Girl" on my grave.
Someone should have told him, Mom,
Not to drink and drive.
If only they had told him, Mom,
I would still be alive.
My breath is getting shorter, Mom.
I'm becoming very scared.
Please don't cry for me, Mom.
When I needed you,
you were always there.
I have one last question, Mom.
Before I say goodbye.
I didn't drink and drive,
So why am I the one to die?

If you or someone you know already has an alcohol problem it's time to get help. There are 12 step programs out there like Alcohol Anonymous, detox centers and substance abuse centers that will help you get your life back and possibly save someone else's before it's too late.

For those who occasionally drink and consume alcohol during the holidays remember you don't have to be an alcoholic to drive intoxicated and harm someone else. Consume alcohol sensibly and don't Drink and Drive!

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  1. Addict

    Holidays certainly can be stressful and I agree people tend to drink more than there normal. It seems the holidays are also very depressing for some. They tend to use to "forget" their troubles. No matter what, using substances, if not in moderation will cause problems. I was addicted to narcotics and it devastated my life. There is hope and there is help out there.

  2. Addict

    With holidays comes bad weather and more driving. So adding anything to those two can only lead to more accidents. Hopefully people can realize this and plan on staying where they are drinking or have a designated driver to get them home safer for everyone.

  3. Addict



    • Addict


      Alcohol and drug abuse was a major factor on my dad's side of the family. During most of my childhood I had to deal my mental and physical abuse due to the substance abuse.

      I have to say it was really refreshing when my mom met my step father as I finally got to see how fun and exciting life could be.

      Congrats on the 23 years of sobriety I think it's great and congrats on being cancer free. I wish you a long, healthy and happy life.


  4. Addict

    Very informative article.

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