Are All Drug Addicts The Same?

Are All Drug Addicts The Same?

I don't think so, the end results for many drug addicts are similar but every individual is different and unique. The emotional and physical symptoms of drug abuse are similar but every person has their own story, their own unique personalities and their own way of coping with life, success and stress.

We all have our own strengths and weaknesses and for the most part, make our own choices in life. The reasons addicts may have started out using illegal drugs, prescription drugs, alcohol or other substances in the first place may be quite different.

Many adolescents and teens start out experimenting with drugs when they're young trying to fit in with their friends and are completely unaware of the fact that this very poor choice they made that day would be the start of an ugly drug addiction. For many young people as well as adults, one poor choice of drug use leads them not only to experimenting with other drugs and substances like alcohol, illegal drugs, prescription drugs and for some inhalant abuse, but a life of isolation, misery, and pain.

There are thousands of people who legitimately were prescribed medication like pain killers from their physicians and unintentionally became addicted to prescription drugs. There are just as many individuals who have made the choice to abuse these same drugs for non-medical reasons and who have become addicted to prescription drugs.

There are also many children that have grown up watching their parent, parents, sibling or relative abuse drugs and unless they have experienced extreme tragedies associated with drug abuse in their early childhood many tend to repeat what they have seen and lived with. They may grow up not having the fear of drug abuse like many others do.

Major Depression can also play a key role in drug dependence. This is a medical illness that affects millions of people of all ages. Once thought of as a weakness is known now to be a chronic illness which has led many individuals to experiment with drugs of all kinds including alcohol. Many are looking for anything to make them feel normal and better and they make the poor choice of self-medicating themselves.

Behaviors That Are Shared by Most Drug Addicts

The one thing that all drug addicts do share is the compulsive need for the drug or drugs, the destruction of their own lives mentally and physically, and their drug addictions take a toll on family, friends and relationships. Whether you're in school or college, drug addiction destroys your ability to succeed to your highest potential and for many individuals, leads to dropping out before they ever give their education a chance. The addiction to drugs is so mentally and physically consuming that everything else in life has to take a back-seat.

Drug addiction also takes a toll in the workplace when addicted to drugs. You may think that you have it all under control and that you can separate the two but it is impossible to give 100% to your job when at least 70% of your mind is focused on your next fix. Those that abuse drugs before work, definitely aren't mentally there doing the job they were hired to do. Many eventually lose their jobs and are no longer financially capable of caring for themselves let alone their families.

Some drug addicts start selling illegal drugs or prescription drugs in order to financially support their own drug addictions. To support their own drug habits, no matter what the age some choose to steal. The loss of self-control, self-esteem and self-worth is also shared by most drug addicts. Life has spiraled so out-of-control that the abused substance or drug is the only thing that matters anymore.

Drug Addiction Reality Check

There is one more thing that many drug addicts have had in common. Sadly they didn't go for help and overdosed. An accidental drug overdose death has got to be one of the hardest things a parent, loved one, family member and friend could ever accept. The death of their loved one didn't have to be. Don't let this happen to you!

It Didn't Have To Be

It started out as innocent fun
Just trying to fit in
It didn't take long to lose control
And addiction began to set in

I thought I could control it, I'm not weak
I can stop anytime I want to
But it didn't take long to lose control
And my addiction grew and grew

I wish I knew then what I know now
Those drugs are stronger than me
I lost all self-control and it didn't take long
And now I'm no longer free

I remember we partied all through the night
I don't remember with who or where
I overdosed that night you see
Now my loved ones only have memories to share

No matter what the reason was in the beginning for using drugs, no matter how old you or someone you know is, no matter what drug of choice you or they are addicted to; the drug abuse doesn't have to continue. Will it be easy? Absolutely not but you are worth it, you are not alone, there is help available, and there are people out there who care about you even though you may have given up on yourself. It doesn't matter what poor choice you made yesterday, make the right choice today for yourself or someone you care about.

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